Influenza Pandemic Update:

Spike In Severe H1N1 in Memphis, Tennessee Children “…the traditional flu season is beginning, which will likely lead to emergence of a new swine H1N1 strain.”

H1N1 Fatality Rate in Memphis Children Raises Concern “The flu season in the US traditionally peaks in February or March, so the increases seen in Memphis may represent the start of a dramatic rise in severe and fatal cases. Seasonal H1N1 and H3N2 have virtually disappeared in much of the northern hemisphere including the United States, so pandemic H1N1 variants will likely emerge in the next few weeks.”

H1N1 School Closings in Donetsk, Ukraine “Of the 30 cases with D225G/N, 29 were from fatal cases. This high fatality rate raises concerns that an increase in D225G/N levels will lead to a pronounced increase in severe or fatal H1N1 cases and reports of school closings in Donetsk due to a rise in cases raises concerns that the number of fatalities will significantly increase in the near term.”

Initial H1N1 Attack Rate Raises Pandemic Concerns “In many areas which had two waves, the target population of the second wave was somewhat older, suggesting a high percentage of the under 65 population was infected with H1N1. This widespread immunity will put pressure on the virus to grow at higher levels or escape from the immune response, leading to concerns of a more severe upcoming wave.”

WHO slams swine flu critics as ‘irresponsible’

Swine flu still spreading in Ireland–but slowing

CDC Chart: Swine flu peak has passed. (BTW, the CDC Weekly updates are worth watching.)