Note from JWR:

Do you have any favorite quotes that relate to preparedness, survival, self-sufficiency, self-defense, or hard money economics? If so, then please send them via e-mail, and I will likely post them as Quotes of the Day, if they haven’t been used before in SurvivalBlog. Please send only quotes that are properly attributed, and that you’ve checked for authenticity. Many Thanks!

Economics and Investing:

Trent sent us this: Gold is “fairly expensive” could fall to $800 if Fed moves Midas fund manager says. [JWR’s Comment: I’m dubious about a big correction in the near future. I don’t expect interest rates in the US to change radically anytime soon. If anything, they are headed lower, in a desperate attempt to turn the real estate market around, and boost equities. Also note that the funds have continued to be big gold buyers, even after gold topped $1,000 per ounce. There will be some dramatic dips, but gold is still in a bull market. You can quote …

Odds ‘n Sods:

Wisconsin Senate passes bill allowing people to can food without a license. Only high acid foods, and no more than $5,000 worth. (Thanks to GG for the link.)    o o o Reader Art A. wrote: “Some time ago you stated that people would use Google Earth to find things worth stealing. You were right Here is proof: high tech koi thieves.”    o o o A truncated version of my review of the movie “The Road” just ran in The Guardian newspaper in England: The Road to Ruin