Influenza Pandemic Update:

Reader D.P.D. mentioned: Signs of a H1N1 mutation? Something is up in Ukraine: “Viral pneumonia…”

Los Angeles County Free H1N1 Vaccination Clinics Overwhelmed

Swine flu prompts hundreds of schools to close

US Emergency Declaration Increases Concern. “…the CDC has reported a low reactor isolate, indicating the virus is evolving away from the vaccine.”

‘National emergency’ for H1N1 no cause for alarm, experts say. Oh, that makes me feel so much better.

Fight Erupts in Line at Nevada Swine Flu Clinic

CDC: 19 Children in US Died of Swine Flu Last Week

WHO Emergency Response Team to Ukraine

US: 10 Million More H1N1 Vaccines Due Next Week

Ukraine Deploys Mobile Military Hospitals in H1N1 Crisis

Claims of Many Flu Dead in Ukraine, Full Hospitals, Panic

Ukraine Schools Close, Travel Restricted After H1N1 Deaths