The Editor’s Quote of the Day

“Gianforte is a westerner about my age. Growing up I learned that if someone got in your face they were asking for a quick shot in the face or to be picked up by the collar and shoved against the wall or the floor. We learned to be polite or else we spent time in the dentist chair. I am an Idahoan (for you easterners that is just west of Montana) and that is the culture I grew up in. Back then no one would have called for the police unless the person beat down was from California or the East coast, then the local sheriff would listen to the facts and decide it was justified and dismiss the whole thing. Gianforte was just doing what comes naturally and if you can’t respect it then stay out of the rural west. The reason he was even charged is that Gallatin County has been contaminated with hordes of Californians whom nobody wanted in the first place. When I went to the east coast for college I adjusted for the culture, and its time you adjusted to ours when you come here. If it had been me that he did that to, Jacobs would be getting fit for dentures.” – An Anonymous Commenter at Brietbart regarding Greg Gianforte’s winning  Montana’s only congressional seat, after allegedly assaulting a British reporter on the eve of the election.


  1. Here is the awesome libertarian conservative #StefanMolyneux’s take on the #FakeNews story manufactured by the Guardian reporter:

    “Montana Republican Greg Gianforte was elected to the U.S. House of Representative over Democrat country music singer Rob Quist – less than 24 hours after allegations that he “bodyslammed” Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs. What does the election of Gianforte and the response to these allegations mean for the future political climate in the United States of America? “

  2. At one time the same here in the South. If you wanted a knuckle sandwich it was not hard to find. Sadly, times have changed. Real men are disappearing.

  3. I had the pleasure of visiting family in Billings Montana during the election. This exposed me to much of the sentiment of the locals which sometimes was quite hilarious. Most liked the idea of renaming the local news hour to “Beat the Press”.

  4. And the anti-bully BS in the school system today is also something I find funny really funny. Back in the 50 and 60 it was dealt with on the playground or two blocks away from school. Current crop of Snowflakes shows you the results of reporting bullies to the teacher… Anyhow that is how it was done in the midwest 50 years or so back.

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