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Here are the latest items and commentary on current economics news, market trends, stocks, investing opportunities, and the precious metals markets. We also cover hedges, derivatives, and obscura. And it bears mention that most of these items are from the “tangibles heavy” contrarian perspective of JWR. (SurvivalBlog’s Founder and Senior Editor.) Today’s focus is on Higher Interest Rates.

Interest Rates:

Let’s start off with this important piece at Wolf Street: Markets Increasingly Sure: 4 Rate Hikes in 2018Plan accordingly!  I believe that the Federal Reserve’s continuing interest rate increases will slow if not collapse the stock market, automobile sales, and the real estate market. Debt–especially credit card debt–will not be your friend, with higher interest rates. If you are paying attention to the Big Picture, then you’ll see that it is time to pay off your consumer debt, folks!

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You might have missed this piece when it was posted back in mid-August:  Trump might get his slowdown in rate hikes, but for the wrong reason

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Here’s what J.P. Morgan says could cause the next financial crisis




Paxos Unveils Dollar-Backed Stablecoin Approved by New York Regulator

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Bets Against Ether’s Price Hit All-Time High JWR’s Comments:  A lot of crypto investors are still hoping to see the usual seasonal swing in cryptos. If that doesn’t materialize in November and early December, then It is easy to foresee a massive selloff, across the board.


Economy & Finance:

Reader H.L. suggested this piece by John Rubino: From Buenos Aires To Nashville: The Emerging Market Crisis Spreads From Periphery To Core

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Implosion of China’s P2P Lending Boom Hits Consumer Spending

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America moves closer to being a cashless society



In Argentina, Stronger Peso Is Only Temporary As Recession Looms. JWR Adds: Argentine Peso inflation now running 30% annually. Interest rates are around 60%.

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Case for dollar bulls intact ahead of central bank meetings



How Much Longer Can The Saudis Suppress Oil Prices?  JWR’s Comment:  It is probably a good idea to top off your storage tanks before the November midterm election!

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Grain market week in review – Aug. 10, 2018



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  1. The perfect storm model is progressing nicely. Better start buying seed now if you don’t have a stockpile. Food prices should skyrocket once the trigger is pulled on all these markets. Arable land is going to be a premium, unless you have cash.

  2. “From Buenos Aires To Nashville”
    Chasing yield is dumb. Its a very basic premise of investing. These Money “Managers” should know better. One thing is for sure, they got paid regardless.

  3. “cashless society”

    stopped by a “micro-mini mart” at work, stood there with money in my hand and tried to buy a sandwich. the machine wouldn’t take money, wouldn’t respond at all. a bystander explained to me that I had to sign up and register my account and get my picture taken, and then the machine would recognize my face and whatever I picked up and charge my account accordingly.

    tried to wash my hands in a bathroom, the faucet was on some kind of infra-red switch – wave your hand under it, the water turns on. couldn’t get it to work. I stood there dancing in front of the switch trying to get it to turn on the water – no water.

    tried to get gas at a gas station, handed out a $100 bill. the attendant said, “we don’t take $100 bills.” it was all I had, so no gas. standing there with money in my hand, and couldn’t get gas.

    tried to get gas using a gas credit card. used it twice in one day, it stopped working. called the company. “we’ve detected fraudulent activity on your card, we’ve shut it down, sure we’ll reactivate it now that you’ve called.” three days, no reactivation. “we apologize for the inconvenience, we’ll reactivate it now that you’ve called.” three days, no reactivation. “we apologize for the inconvenience, we’ll reactivate it now that you’ve called.” I listened closely – artificial voice, a very very good one.

    cashless is going to be so much fun ….

  4. RE: cashless. I read recently about 35% of transactions are still done with cash (maybe I read that here). So that’s still more than one-third, a large percentage statistically. The important thing is to KEEP USING CASH, as much as possible. And use it with small and locally-owned businesses especially, because they suffer the most from credit and debit card fees, and generally prefer cash. Also … use your local, independent, community bank ( to find one) frequently. Go inside, get cash, etc. They will be the last hold-outs, and maybe will continue to keep cash even when others don’t.

  5. So happy to read about JP Morgan’s concern about TARP, and the Fed’s mismanagement of our nation’s finances. I’m sure they and their execs will make a boatload while the rest of us lose our shirts.

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