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Precious Metals:

Andrew Hecht: Precious Metals Continue To Offer Opportunity For Those With Patience

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Gary Wagner: It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad World



Jim Cramer blames a ‘group of complete morons’ for blowing up the market. Nobody rants about the stock market quite like Jim Cramer. Who could ever forget his classic “Open the Discount Window!” rant, back at the outset of the 2007-2008 credit crisis?


Moving on to this at FXEmpire: Commodities Daily Forecast


Courtesy of Reader Peter S., here is this at The Wall Street Journal: How Are Cities Paying Their Bills? With Fees on Trash, Parking, Sewers and 911 Calls

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Jordan Waxman: Here are the 7 most important things I can tell you about how tax reform will affect you


San Francisco Bay Area Experiences Mass Exodus Of Residents.

La Deuda (The National Debt):

According the U.S. Treasury Department, interest on the U.S. National Debt was $458,542,287,311 in 2017. That is more than 14% of Federal outlays for the year!  This level of indebtedness is simply not sustainable, long term. Presently, it is, but only while interest rates are absurdly low. That can’t last more than a few more years. Plan accordingly.

We can expect either an eventual default on the Federal debt, OR, mass inflation that will  transition to hyperinflation. There are no other viable escapes for the Fed and the Treasury Department. Either of these will outcomes will arrive the next time that interest rates spike above 10%. The default or hyperinflation will be monumental, watershed events. This will make the Great Depression seem small, by comparison. It is time to diversify out of Dollar-denominated investments.  You have been warned!

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Over at Zero Hedge: Moody’s Threatens US Downgrade Due To Soaring Debt, “Fiscal Deterioration”

A Huge Cash Transfer Offer (Scammer Humor)

I just received an enticing e-mail. This one was so brilliantly written that I felt that I had to share it:

Hey Dear,
My name is Moyers Steven, From united state of America but currently i’m in syria for peace keeping mission,I got your contact while searching for a reliably, honest and a trust worthy person to entrust this huge transfer project to,i hope you don’t minding? because i have a business proposal which I will like to discuss to you can we? if you are interested yes drop your email address or write me my private email address(moyers2020steven@<deleted>.com) for more full details
Your Captain.Moyers.

Gosh, I’m wondering if I should take him up on this offer of a “huge transfer project.”  He sounds like such an honest guy…


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  1. RE: Stock markets and the debt

    Congratulations to everyone who held enough cash on the sidelines and took advantage of the opportunity to “Buy The Dip” on the latest pullback. The Republican policy change to ignore conservative principles and simply outspend the Dems has guaranteed smooth sailing through the 2018 mid-term elections. With the exception of a false flag attack, it looks like “Little Rocket Man’s” strategic deployment of North Korea’s secret weapon, his little sister at the Olympics, has delayed the Neocon’s thirst for blood and war for a little longer. Their attempts to start a war with Russia and/or Iran continues unabated despite overwhelming evidence that the reasons for US intervention in Syria is all a scam. Color me shocked:

    Debt no longer matters. Ctrl+P to infinity. One continuing resolution after another supported by both sides of the aisle. It should be crystal clear now that Rand Paul and Mike Lee are only two of a handful of true patriots left in Congress. My prediction: if you are over the age of 65 you will never see a full-blown economic collapse in your lifetime unless you see mushroom clouds on the horizon. Start using some of that stockpiled ammo to take the grandkids shooting at the range. Enjoy life and live. As long as there is a Central Bank system, the slow grind will continue for decades.

  2. Last Monday I had someone with a Slavic accent call, and it was also routed through a computer voice generator. I was informed I had won the Publisher’s House prize of $1.5M USD. I thought, why not have some fun, I have a 4 -5 hour drive ahead of me. He kept calling me “my friend”, so I returned the favor. He wanted me to stop by a Wal-Mart to Fed-Ex $699.95 to pay whatever Federal and State taxes I might owe. I kept dropping a hint that I was a Federal Police Officer (Retired) and I would stop by the local IRS office the next day and talk to my friends there to pay the amount. The upside is I kept him on the line for about 15 minutes and he kept getting frustrated and said I wasn’t serious “my friend.” It eventually sent South when he said something about what they do to Police Officers where he is from (including family members). Well, from there it went to girl friends and goats, and pink mists at a couple of hundred yards. I laughed the rest of the drive home.

  3. Regarding- (Scammer Humor)
    When ever I get call about air duct cleaning I tell them no but that I’ve got a lot wood ducks that need cleaning and plucking. They never seem interested in the job.

  4. In regards to mr Waxman’s chart in 2018 there is a zero bracket. Take what he said with a grain of salt. Do your own research. More over, to see the actual charts go to search for publication 15.

  5. Now I know we’ve been over this a thousand times on the Blog, but I keep forgetting to book mark it, what year pennies and nickles should we be fishing out of our change to keep as SHTF barter coins? A little help please.

  6. They stopped copper pennies halfway through 1982. Not all 82 pennies will be copper. You can drop test them on a hard surface. Copper will ring, zinc will have a dead thunk sound.

  7. RE: A Huge Cash Transfer Offer

    My understanding is that these “offers” are written that way on purpose. The reasoning behind it is that they are sent to hundreds of thousands of people, so in order to target the truly stupid and therefore the ones most likely to get bilked, they write them in such a preposterous way. Anyone who responds is far more likely to go along with the scheme and actually send them some money. It’s very clever when you think about it.

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