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The spot prices of silver and gold recently dipped to $14.70 USD and $1,006 USD, respectively. This short-term aberration in long-term market trends can be attributed to both the sag in oil prices and to near panic shifts by European investors into the United States equities following news of the Greek bailout and a possible Euro collapse. I recommend that anyone who sees the need to diversify their portfolio do so NOW. If you wait until October, you may miss the boat. Physical silver is the logical choice. If you already have your beans and bullets squared away, then I highly recommend buying some pre-1965 US circulated silver coins, immediately. – JWR

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Gold, Golf, & Silver … are Similar

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1 out of 3 American workers support the rest of the country: Those not in the labor force surges to another record at 93,770,000.

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How Microsoft Lost the Browser Wars and the Comex is Losing the Precious Metals Trade

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