Letter Re: A Year’s Supply of Food on a Budget by J. H.


I’d throw in that the rice and beans need to be stored in a ratio of 10 lbs. of rice to 6 lbs. of beans. Together, in that proportion, they provide the essential proteins according to smart people with credentials to whom I am related. Fats and oils are important as PW asserts. Check out Piteba Nut and Seed Oil Expeller Oil press. It is important that you not just buy it and put it on the shelf. There are expendable parts, and the instructions include direction to a video to figure it out. Also, I understand it takes a good acre of sunflowers to provide a year’s worth of oil. I would be pleased to hear about another easily grown seed that provides good cooking oil that does not stand out like a flag and ruin OPSEC.

To PW’s point about variety, I include spices that would potentially help preserve (cloves) food or mask (cayenne pepper) food that has met the “get it hot enough and it is still good rule” from college. – RV