Letter Re: A Year’s Supply of Food on a Budget, by J.H.


I’m writing concerning the article “A Year’s Supply of Food on a Budget, by J.H.” I would just like to share one VERY important fact. People are quick to apologize for the lack of variety of food stuffs stored and defend that with AT LEAST WE WILL BE ALIVE. Maybe and maybe not.

  1. If you are not putting an eye toward nutritional quality you may fall prey to illness.
  2. Food fatigue. It is VERY real and children and elderly fall victim to it quicker then mid-aged adults. Food fatigue is an odd thing for sure, but the bottom line is that if you eat the SAME THING day in and day out you will reach a point where you will actually go hungry rather than eat it. I know it sounds odd, but I can attest to this fact from personal experience.
  3. Fat. Most food programs do not cover the fat need. Fat is going to be the hardest element to supply when it all falls apart. Fat is not a good long-term storage item. (It goes rancid, which is BAD for the body.) You can buy olive oil in plastic or tin and put it in your freezer. I do NOT suggest a freezer for long-term storage because of the likely pit fall of loosing power, but at least the clock will be running VERY SLOW on the oil while it is in the freezer, and then you will be USING it. The other plan is (if you can trust your sensitivity to the situation) that you stock up on fat at the last minute, though that’s not the best plan.

Anyway, this is not meant to be an all-inclusive posting; it’s just to say that quality does count. Variety does count. Fat is king.

– PW in MO