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Why This Market Needs To Crash – And likely will. – G.G.

HJL’s Comment: As the article points out, since 2009 over $12 trillion of new money has been injected into the world creating a massive price bubble everywhere. When it finally pops, it will be impossible to hide data, and the financial markets will implode. Eventually the bankruptcy will happen.

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Interview: Bix, Bitcoin, and the Bigger Picture. William Lehr had Bix on his show for an analysis of the bitcoin fork as it applies to the bigger picture of the impending banking collapse and the need for efficient transactions.

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Pension Crisis Too Big for Markets to Ignore – DSV

HJL’s Comment: Bringing this home – We have all heard that the pension crises will cause a financial crises for businesses, but what happens to the families that depended on the income that just won’t be there?

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Federal Premium Ammunition Lays Off 110 Workers at Anoka Federal Premium Plant, Cancels State Funding Incentives. It’s sad, but people have stopped buying and companies are laying off and who knows what’s left. It seems that since the election, many have bought much less and thus may cause businesses to close. They won’t need to write laws to control firearms, as the companies will all be gone. Be careful what you wish for. Business boomed before the election. Now look at what’s going on. ?- DSV

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Venezuela asks UN for help as medicine shortages grow severe – Link sent in by Prepared Grammy

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