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Steve Saville: ‘Real’ Performance Comparison

JWR’s Comment: As you can see from the chart, in the long term both the Dow Jones Index (which as an Exchange Traded Fund can be bought, as “DIA”) and gold had about the same return. Gold is a safer bet than any stock, since a stock can go to zero (like my mother’s shares of Pan-Am Airlines did), but gold will always have some value. Presently, silver and platinum are undervalued and are “buys”.

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Russian Roulette, Central Banks, and Gold “Grab your ultra-reliable 357 magnum revolver and load the cylinder with six, not one, rounds of ammunition. Point the gun at your head if you are a member of the struggling middle-class. Imagine pulling the trigger and hoping …”

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HAGMANN REPORT: Precious Metals To Protect Wealth During The Global Energy Collapse

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Video: Financial guru Tony Robbins says plan now for what’s to come. Things may be looking rosy on Wall Street as of late, but the crash will come. – G.G.

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OPEC Be Warned: Russia Battens Down the Hatches for Oil at $40. If oil heads down to $40 USD and remains there, then there will be further challenges for Alberta, Norway, Saudia Arabia, Venezuela, and more.

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