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Tech Miracle In U.S. Shale Is A Media Myth. Contrary to popular belief, the technological advances in drilling technology have only brought break-even costs down by 10%; the industry bust has done the rest.

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Bitcoin in your IRA? Excerpt: “The IRA LLC allows complete self management of IRA funds, including buying, holding, or even trading bitcoin. With IRA LLC you can keep the bitcoin in cold storage, secure from access or control of anyone except yourself.”

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The Best And Worst States For Business: 90% Of The Top 10 Voted For Trump; 80% Of The Bottom 10 Voted For Clinton

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Nine years later, Greece is still in a debt crisis… Excerpt: “Greece has had nine different governments since 2009. At least thirteen austerity measures. Multiple bailouts. Severe capital controls. And a full-out debt restructuring in which creditors accepted a 50% loss. Yet despite all these measures Greece is still in a debt crisis.”

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