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Trump Market Euphoria Impacts Precious Metals Demand: Plummets In West, Surges In East Excerpt: “There seems to be a percentage of the alternative community that are convinced that Trump will actually put the U.S. back to the way it was in the 1960’s. And that is, back to a manufacturing powerhouse with high-paying jobs. While this would be a wonderful thing to do, the continued disintegration of the global oil industry, just won’t allow it to happen.”

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More impact from the Fed targeting higher interest rates: Gold Price Strengthens As USD Comes Under Fire

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The Single Biggest Threat To An OPEC Deal Extension. If OPEC does not agree on an extension to its current production cut deal, Iraq is quite likely to be the central reason behind the failure.

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U.K. to Trigger Brexit March 29, Starting Two Years of Talks (Warning: Autostart video) More than 40 years after the U.K. joined the EU and nine months since it voted to leave, Britain’s envoy to the bloc, Tim Barrow, informed EU President Donald Tusk on Monday of May’s plan to invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, the mechanism for quitting that has never been used.

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