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Peter Schiff Show (Audio): Ep. 235: Fed Hikes Rates To Feign Confidence.

JWR’s Comment: In my estimation, the Fed’s interest rate changes will probably be driven more by their reaction to President Trump’s policies than they are by inflation data. Never forget that the Federal Reserve is a private banking cartel, NOT a Federal Agency. Interest rate hikes are weapons that can be used by the bankers to counter White House policies that they dislike.

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Demand for physical gold is collapsing – H.L.

HJL’s Comment: Gold price and customer demand are not correlating this time around. It’s important to remember that the price of gold on the markets does not represent physical gold. Paper gold represents the vast majority of market trades, and at some point physical gold will be recognized as valuable while paper gold will not.

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China’s Crude Oil Production Falls 8% Year Over Year. China’s crude oil production dropped 8 percent year over year in January and February, as high domestic production costs led to increased oil imports.

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Roughly one third of college students spend their loans on spring break and partying. Excerpts: “There is absolutely value in going to college if done right. Yet using debt to act out a cliché spring break party scene for one week is just nuts.”

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