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Philadelphia Soda Tax Forces Local University To Hike Student Costs By $400,000 – Reader H.L.

HJL’s Comment: Typical of liberal progressives, Philadelphia can’t face the fact that their actions have consequences. More collectivism at work.

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These US States Entered A Recession In 2016 – Notice that the economies of nearly all of the states presently in recession depend heavily on oil production. Oil makes the world go round, or at least lubricates it.

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Management doesn’t escape the axe: Remington Laysoff Senior Directors And Management – Link sent in by DSV

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Wall Street Bullish On Oil Prices Despite Saudi Warnings. The majority of investment banks appear to be unfazed by the recent fall in oil prices, claiming that the outlook for oil over the year is no less bullish.

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How Central Bankers See Themselves Excerpt: “One of the consequences of living in an unfree world is the aggravating subjection to condescending Official Narratives. It’s not just that our Monetary Saviors get to make money supply and interest rates decisions on our behalf, it’s also that we are being saved from our own over exuberant actions.”

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