On Corruption, by Sheepdog and Son

This article deals with the different levels of corruption within our society, and I’m dedicating it to US Army Colonel Dave Grossman, author of the book On Killing amongst others. I feel it is important to address these issues, for the sake of survival.

As a preface, I can state that I am a military member who thus far has served with distinction. My immediate family is small, including a young son, who I hold very dear. I am a prepper, a realist, survivalist, and a patriot. I do indeed have my own prepping group as well, which I have started from the bottom up, with people I trust.

Example of Corruption

I will begin with an example of corruption. Then, I’ll break down its many levels.

I recently came across these images a few months ago and was shocked. Designed by sculptor Pericle Fazzini, it is titled “The Resurrection”. The statue weighs eight tons and measures 66 feet long, 23 feet high, and 10 feet deep. It is located in the Pope Paul VI Audience hall in the Vatican. It was commissioned by the Vatican in 1965 and was completed in 1977.

The structure was supposedly intended to depict Jesus rising from a nuclear explosion in the Garden of Gethsemane. Jesus’ head in the statue is also depicted as partially blown apart. Jesus is surrounded by burned and mangled bodies in the statue.

From a distance the statue creates even more sinister overtones. The Padre attached to my unit thought it looked like a giant crocodile and was unaware of its existence until I showed him the picture in a casual conversation.

In my personal opinion the statue looks like a gigantic, flying snake creature surrounded by a bunch of smaller skull creatures, straight out of the latest horror movie. I ask how anyone can take the Pope seriously as a holy man when he addresses audiences with that backdrop behind him. To top it off, the audience hall itself is designed in such a way that at certain vantage points it appears that you are sitting at the mouth of a huge snake. The initial construction photos are clear that this is evident.

The question is not if it exists but why it exists. Corruption seems to be the answer.

The Levels of Corruption

Corruption of the Church

As a Christian I believe that this example given is another mockery of Jesus Christ. This also speaks volumes of the corruption of the Catholic Church. The new Pope apparently has taken stances that invite more immigrants into Europe, which threatens the Europeans people’s existence.

I am also not so surprised, when I personally know people who adhere to Norse Paganism or other contacts who let it be known what their beliefs are, that Christianity is weak and corrupted. I am astounded that these very same people, who have benefited by being raised in a Western Christian society, have decided to abandon those values when the going gets tough. It is a tough state of affairs when believing in either “Thor” or believing in nothing at all is promoted as acceptable, while admitting one is a Christian is somehow likened to being an extremist and the new “bad guy”.

I have been taught that when the going gets tough the tough get going. I am a Christian, and I am one of the “good guys”.

Corruption of the Government

In my personal opinion, there exists a real possibility that the government will use its military might and weaponry in a domestic scenario, and perhaps soon enough. I believe this will happen if any disruption in the “just-in-time” food supply system occurs. We already see when people riot over statues; just wait until they have no food. As a military member, I am concerned that my values will be circumvented, if and when I am ordered by my government to fight its own people, especially when the government appears poised that the enemy will be “right wing Christians who cling to their guns and their bible”, people whom I personally identify with. As a patriot, I will have to deal with this when the time comes.

Waco and Ruby Ridge are tragedies that should have been prevented without the loss of innocent life. I worry that our government will become corrupted to the point that those clinging to their bibles and their constitutional rights will be met with violence from a militarized police force and army, in part to enforce laws to disarm its own citizenry and thus creating complete subservience to the state.

Corruption of the Mainstream Media

I showed the picture of “The Resurrection” statue to my mother-in-law, who is a devout Catholic Church goer for more than half a century. She was unaware of its existence. “Fake news”, she stammered, and then she refused to talk about it. I let my father, who lives in the heart of a major metropolitan center, read about the research of John Williams “Shadowstats”, which shows true economic figures, or even the US Debt clock. He screamed at me, “Fake news!”, and he refused to hear more.

When I click upon so-called “Major News Sites”, I invariably come across what “they” deem as newsworthy. Generally, it seems the top stories focus on celebrity scandal to distract the reader from real issues that are important.

I believe there is something instinctual within human beings that recognize truth.

Jim Rickards, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Matt Bracken, Ron Paul, John Jacob Schmidt, Ann Coulter, James Wesley, Rawles, and yes even Alex Jones, these are far more important voices to be listened to and who speak the truth to a higher degree than the innumerable and unamable Media Studies graduates who write for CNN, BBC, ABC, NBC, and so on.

Corruption of the Economy

A fair and just economy is not the result when companies are exploiting their workers by off-shoring their manufacturing and tech jobs to foreign companies and their foreign workers in order to increase their profits. We are slowly sinking into poverty as a nation. Poverty brings strife, unhappiness, and disenfranchisement. Wall Street makes bets on this strife and the inability to pay debts. It has something called a “Hedge Fund”, which is essentially a form of betting on whether something gets paid or not.

There are inflated stock prices for companies that produce nothing and operate on budget losses year after year. Stock prices for companies like “Lift” surpass companies like CAT industries, which actually produce goods. Foreign investors are allowed to buy homes and land in our country. This inflates real estate prices so much that the majority of 18 to 34 year olds live with their parents instead of their spouse. All of this is to produce wealth for the less than one percent. It’s terrible.

Corruption of the Self

Bribery, stealing, assault, voter fraud, theft, murder, and the list goes on over what individuals themselves do. At what point did individual accountability for one’s actions go out the window? Is it okay to steal if nobody is looking? Why has our society bred so many sociopaths on so many different levels? It seems that for many people only fear of punishment from the government is a deterrence, instead of doing the right thing for themselves. I believe being around sociopaths, who only believe in the government as the highest power, only breeds further sociopathy.

Corruption of the Spirit

Meh, I have heard the response. Some ask why am I so concerned about the problems of our country. “Don’t you just want to sit back and relax and not worry about the future?” is a comment I have heard. Well, I am relaxed, and I am also concerned; I take action because my spirit demands it. I will do the right thing because my spirit is concerned for my freedom, my liberty, and my life. My spirit is also concerned for the freedom, liberty, and life of my young son. His and my life are tied to others, and we are all tied to each other in this complex system. I also refuse to allow pessimistic images of death and destruction into my home. Also, I prefer to be uplifted by images of hope, honor, and beauty. I believe that this should be the true message of art anyway.

My Spirit Says Survive and Thrive

I will survive and thrive. I will furthermore not sit back, like others, and ignore the harsh realities of the time we live in.

Fascism in the name of Anti-Fascism, increasing poverty, increasing loss of privacy, and dignity, the nanny state, entering into wars for the sake of profit, and global hegemony are not acceptable.

Corruption On All Levels

In the military, when we find problems and we offer solutions. On a practical level this involves doing.


On practicality:

  1. Be practical. For example, I cannot instruct in order for you to learn, say the proper application of a pressure dressing, unless you actually do it yourself. The same goes for cleaning an AR. A person needs to find out themselves by removing the bolt, examining, and doing.
  2. Awareness. Something is seriously afoot right now in our world. A terrible mass tragedy has recently occurred. Lessons should be learned. Stay away from large public gatherings at least for the time being. Let the closest members of your family know of the dangers of our times. Give them solutions to these problems, most importantly.
  3. Prepare logistically to the best of your resources on whatever level. Whether cans of beans, or the possibly soon to be banned binary trigger for your AR, get what you need in order to survive and thrive. At the very least, you will give yourself some degree of mental resiliency.
  4. Give and learn skills to/from others. Whether it’s how to operate a Ham radio or how to make delicious and nutritious homemade granola bars. (Thank you, Mrs. Latimer.) Exchange skills. No one is an island unto themselves. Again, being mentally prepared is key. Knowing and giving skills is part of this.
  5. Form a group of like-minded preppers, most importantly from the bottom up. This insures you have people you truly trust in times of crisis. It can be about disaster preparedness in any sense. Survival is, of course, about basic preparedness and not just about doing complex defensive military maneuvers, although that may be a legitimate part of your prepping.
  6. Have fun, despite any ominous gloom and doomer predictions. Prepping is actually fun. Learning how to operate radios, weapons, as well as cooking, bushcraft, et cetera is self-satisfying, as many have learned, especially when you are helping the most dear to you.
  7. Write.”The pen is mightier than the sword,” as the saying goes. When you feel confident, start writing, and let others know of your skills and thoughts.
  8. Pray. IMO, just knowing that someone is watching over me and protecting me adds to my mental resiliency. The old adage “There are no atheists in foxholes” rings true. Nobody can prepare in every facet for every eventuality, without prayer. My personal favorite is from JWR himself: “I pray to be put in the right place, at the right time, with the right people,” which I believe is how the saying goes.
  9. Do the right thing. Either God is watching or your conscience is. Get on the right and good side, for your mental, physical, and spiritual well being.
  10. Remember to have a good sense of humor. This will greatly assist your sense of mental resiliency as well.

I hope you enjoyed my ten commandments in this article. My ark still has some vacancies. (My friends often groan at my bad jokes.)

Summing It Up

That huge statue that sits up in the Vatican stinks. I do not appreciate my personal hero, Jesus Christ, being depicted as either having his head blown off in a nuclear explosion or looking like a crocodile monster. I do not recall this in the Bible. As far as I can remember reading, Jesus is coming back with a sword.

I furthermore choose freedom, self sufficiency, and a belief in God over corruption. This is the case any day. I hope you choose this too.

“Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death.” -Patrick Henry

God bless.

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  1. Thank you for those frightening photographs, I had no idea they existed. They help connect the dots when trying to understand how the leadership of the church can be on the side of the globalists who are busy fostering white genocide by using endless 3rd world immigration to replace western nations. I like the people you mentioned such as Ron Paul and Ann Coulter. I would add Pat Buchanan and the sites vdare.com and zerohedge.

    1. Thankyou Robert,
      I believe Pat Buchanan imparts a great deal of wisdom as well. I will look into vdare.com. I am familier with Zerohedge, definitely a good site to reccomend.

  2. If you call a statue you don´t like corruption, what isn´t corruption ?
    The Statue resembles a Easter Song/Prayer of the catholic church
    God beeing victorious over Satan and Death.

    If somebody would leave christendom in europe becauser it´s to tough for him, he wouldn´t go to the Path, wicca, or any form of NeoPaganism and definitly not going Islamist.
    He would go Atheist.

    The Pope acts according to the bible about welcoming refugees and remember we´ve over a 1000 Years of experience dealing with islamic immigrants in Europe.
    In Peace and War.

    1. Thanks THODAN,

      It is only my personal belief that the current pope is out of touch with the “common people”.

      No disrespect is meant to the many good poeple of the Catholic religion.

      God bless

    2. All refugees are not the same. All people are not the same and all cultures cant live together. Inviting millions of muslims into Europe will result in a war.

  3. To add to your wonderful essay about the pope, I would add that pope Francis made a YouTube video merging all religions into one, search pope Francis one world religion, also pope met withe the CEOs of Facebook and Instagram recently. There is a reason we call him the rumored False Prophet of The book of Revelation. To the scoffers I say, My Lord Jesus knows.

      1. With all due respect,

        Inviting millions of people with a different belief system at one time, allows those people to cling to their misguided bretheren; in times of fear.

        Its logical to believe that many of the immigrants are in total fear of the unknown, as having giving up their homeland and traditions, for a far away place.
        The danger for Western society, is that their fear, results in aggression when allied with their masses; from a religion that is steeped in violence upon its non-believers.

        My 2 silver coins worth.

        1. Like the hugenott´s who fled from France clung to the French dragoons?

          After the muslims of sicily had been conquered in a brutal war, the empereor treated them mercy and respect, after that they became very loyal troops.

          Those refugees fled from their “misguided” “brethren”.
          Why they should cling to them is beyond any reason i can see.

          1. I hope you are right ThoDan,

            I am cynical. In part due to the negative perception of many regarding Christianity, those people hold. That will prevent these poeple, including migrants, from adopting a Christian value mindset.

            It is my opinion that that this is the true foundation of our Western Society.

            Furthermore, It is my opinion that because of this, at least Europe, as a whole, will suffer from a loss of quality of life, to many and all degrees; Uness the Christian Europeon people wake up to their current situation.

            In my opinion, that in times past, a greater reverence was given to the values of Christianity. That does not seem to be the case anymore for many, for whatever reason.

            I personally believe that everyone should adopt Christianity, as a faith system, and live it. (I will do my best as well.)

            Thanks Thodan, I appreciate your responses; It has assisted me in a greater clarification of my viewpoints.

            All the best on your preps,

            Godspeed, and God Bless to you and you family,

  4. The problem is that our system allowed this to occur. Voting appears to always go to corruption, to easy to rig. THus, the solution is a Lotocracy, lottery for all all political jobs. Vet those that apply to make sure they meet the criteria in experience and education, and if so, put their name in the hat, come selection day, dump the names out so all can see, put them back in and select one, and that person gets the job for one term.
    Next is a person can work a government staff job for a maximum of 5 years. With this rule, contracting will be the norm.
    Companies can be contracted to do the work, if they are owned by an individual that only owns this one and only company, and there are 100 employees or less. This will allow paradigm shifts to occur.

    Today, paradigm shifts are shut down, those that create new gadgets, new ideas are ridiculed, removed in some way and even murdered, to many examples to show.

  5. 1) “Corruption” — as you use it — is the wrong word. You speak of the problem as if it were an impersonal force of nature.

    2) But this evil is being spread by a small group of very rich men who want to get even richer / more powerful — and who have the news corporations they control spread deceit and discord within the USA in order to distract us away from who is really stabbing us in the back. “Divide and Conquer”.

    3) In politics , I think it is best to adopt the mindset of the Marine sniper: intense focus on which enemy is giving the orders. Our enemies are not sin and corruption — I know exactly who they are and what they are doing. You would too if you merely follow the money.

    4)Any person with intel experience knows that concealing covert and clandestine acts is very difficult if someone is paying attention — over time, the inconsistencies and contradictions take too much time and energy to hide.

    That is why crooks get caught — well, the crooks who don’t own the politicans who command the police.

  6. Jacques Barzun’s “From Dawn to Decadence: 1500 to the Present: 500 Years of Western Cultural Life” skillfully explains this degradation you speak of.

    I hope your words are deeply held. It will matter when your conscience is screaming.

    There are certain qualities in exceptional leaders of history. The distinct recognition of beauty (in nature, art and humanity) is one of those qualities. Beauty is directly related to the acknowledgement of the Imago Dei.

  7. “corruption of the Catholic Church”; I am Christian but not of the Catholic faith so I will not try to discuss something I don’t have personal info on. That said, I worked with several devout Catholics who believe the Catholic has been corrupted and have told me the current Pope is “a heretic.”

    – Corruption of the government, economy, media, education has come slowly, like the frog in a pot story. People have been so involved in their “own little worlds”, they don’t even know what is going on outside their suburban homes.

    – Corruption of self and our spirituality can easily happen unless we guard against worldliness and evil on a daily, sometimes hourly basis. Staying close to honest people, trustworthy religious leaders, and those loving family and friends with strong belief systems will help us hold on to truth, but it comes down to our individual determination and self discipline to study the scriptures and stay on the straight and narrow path.

  8. Thank you for writing. I agree that corruption is everywhere including the church whether catholic or protestant and in the jewish temples. Christ tells us what to expect in Mt- 24-26. We will need to be on our knees praying for strength of faith because it will get very bad, but the worst will come when the antichrist takes his seat, then hopefully any believer left will be taken out.

    1. Thank you for your response
      IMO it seems out of touch to allow people with acompletly different belief system into your home. Apparently others feel differently.

      God Bless

  9. Do a little research and you will quickly find that the art depicted is NOT a serpent, but rather Jesus resurrecting from the Garden. As the Associated Press reported in a 1987 obituary for Fazzini: “Suddenly there came to me the idea of Christ preaching peace for 2,000 years and the place where he prayed for the last time: the olive grove of Gethsemane,” said Mr. Fazzini in a book about the work. “I had the idea of depicting Christ as if he were rising again from the explosion of this large olive grove, peaceful site of his last prayers. Christ rises from this crater torn open by a nuclear bomb; an atrocious explosion, a vortex of violence and energy.”
    The Resurrection is molded in red bronze and yellow brass and measures 66 feet by 23 feet by 10 feet.

    1. Hi Neil,
      Thank you for your response. However it is difficult to reason to my 4 year old, that those images represent something wholesome, IMO.

      God Bless

  10. In ’41, Heinlein wrote (paraphrase) “Do not attribute to deviltry that which can as easily be attributed to stupidity.” Just because something is badly done, or not to your taste, doesn’t mean it’s malicious.

  11. I enjoyed your article Sheepdog.

    My son as well is in the army and troubled by the possibility of being given unlawful orders to disarm peaceful citizens. Have faith and continue your walk with the almighty and you will do right when the time comes.

    As for when accountability went out the window, growing up as a gen Xer I remember people used to get fired for wrongdoing. I think that all changed in the early nineties when toxic femininity took hold of .Gov, big edu, and the media. The fact that the corruption is so over the top in our face now still makes me cringe for the future of my family.

  12. Question everything. I 100% agree with your possible solutions, they empower the individual and will encourage self-reliance and responsibility and spirituality. The problem identification part of your essay, however, is deeply troubling..reminded me of 1930s speeches by Hitler. (telling you cause I like you) …careful whom you attract and why. Lots of yessir/agreeable types out there that actually cannot think for themselves or are so damaged that they live in a different world. Your words might reinforce their own fantasy. If you go off on a corruption angle…folks might run with it. Much better to be humble and to help folks reach their own path. (my opinion at least..and maybe worth as much as you paid for it…maybe not even)…but if you choose the pen then read up on some ‘leaders’ you like (combat leaders get my vote…not politicians except wartime politicians .maybe… 1 or 2) but people management is an art form…language can be powerful. People LIKE to think they are right and better than others. Makes it easy to twist them. Its NOT leadership…but it IS POWER. I think of you more as a leader than someone interested in power. You can help all kinds of people be better and just focus on that angle and if/when you decide to take the mantle of leader on…well, you will do a better job than many, including myself.

      1. See…thats what I mean. I am a nobody internet person with maybe a barely qualified opinion at best. I know this. Communication is weird though. We all hear different things and pick up on word associations. I focused on one aspect…even though I think your solutions are exactly correct… Folks have to fix that stuff in themselves before it gets to a critical mass to social norm. I think if you are honest and see honest you pick up on scams/pitches and corruption pretty quickly just as a by-product. You are a good guy Sheepdog and I think your group is lucky to have you. Thanks for stepping up.

        1. Sir,
          Judging by your insights, you are more than barely qaulified. I believe your surounding members are lucky to have you as well. Thank you humbly for your responses, and I would encourage you to write your own article as well.

          Sheepdog and Son

  13. Wow! i don’t see anything wrong with art of Jesus rising to heaven. I would venture to guess that you probably have some bias towards the Catholic Church. You obviously have some very strong feelings about a lot of things but I would think you might want to be careful with drawing conclusions and conspiracy theories without more detailed research. I don’t mean this as criticism but just a caution in expressing your views where there may be other explanations.

    1. Hi Dan,
      Thankyou for the response. I appreciate your comment, however “I just call them as I see them”.
      I will let the readers be the judge in this matter.

      God Bless

  14. I went on a military pilgrimage to Lourdes some years ago. There are two churches there: an upper one, which is from the 19th century, and breathtaking, and an underground lower one, which is…interesting.

    The lower church has a series of Biblical mosaic pictures, running from the oldest, on the left as you enter, to the more recent ones on the right.

    The older ones are beautiful, reverent, and devout. As you proceed toward the right, they start to become a little odd. The newest ones are just plain creepy.

    But the worse is overhead. There is an enormous mosaic picture of the Virgin Mary with red hair on the ceiling. I recognized the model for her immediately, since I like Pre-Raphaelite art. She was an innocent young English girl who was seduced, passed around from artist to artist, and finally committed suicide.

    This is not corruption, except in the spiritual sense. In some cases, it is the artists who hate Christ, and use their commissions to mock Him, and the naive people who hire them. In other cases, it is a renegade, Church-hating, Christ-hating clergy, often gay, who are mocking both God and His people.

    I also remember seeing a photo of an image of
    Christ, done in transparent acrylic, in a Catholic Church. It was very well done, and everyone was proud of their new art. One photo was taken from the side, and I kept staring at it, for some reason.

    Then I realized why. The swirls of Christ’s robes quite clearly formed the faces of two demons.

    There is a war going on. Look at that vile sculpture. Then look at Michelangelo’s Pieta.

  15. Sheep Dog excellent article. And if Pope Francis did say that all religions come to God but by different routes, he is not a Christian! For anyone who rejects the teaching of Jesus Christ, is an antichrist. Jesus said in John 14-6 I am the way the truth and the life: no man cometh unto the Father but by me. Anyone who rejects this, whether Catholic or other wise is not of Jesus Christ. No Apology. Trekker Out

  16. Dan,

    I have nothing against the Catholic Church but those pictures look evil if I ever saw it. Perception is everything and for some of us that means we sense evil easier than others. The Holy Spirit blesses people differently with different gifts. My gift is I am easily affected by evil media (images, music, etc) and people. Makes life interesting to say the least.

  17. I watched for years as I traveled the country, Companies going overseas for cheap labor.We will have a hi-tech economy was the mantra.I just don’t see it. So many jobs lost for Americans is what I saw.
    Because of all the Pedophile problems the Catholic church has had, It had a very bad effect on people and their ability to trust others.i know it had an effect on me and how I view others around my kids.Corruption of the church.

    1. Ron,
      Thanks for your reponse, and thankyou for relating your journey. I pray things will get better, and perhaps true faith in the church will return for all of us.

      Sheepdog and Son

  18. I am a devoutly religious man who no longer believes in religion. Hard to understand? Just think about it for a moment, every religion I know of states that their profit is the last and that there will be no others until the end times. Why would God limit him self? Why could he not change his mind again, after all if you have read the bible he’ a major revisionist, i.e. Eve, Noah’s arc etc. The reason is that a church wants to build the brand and gather more members.as it’s first job! They all start out small and devout and in time morph into huge bureaucracies.

    READ the scriptures yourself and let them speak to you! No translator needed! If you need help read them with your family and or a few trusted friends!

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