Enjoying (and Surviving) Solar Eclipse 2017

On August 21, 2017, residents of a narrow swath through the United States will have a rare treat: The chance to observe a total eclipse of the sun. The path of totality will transit several major cities, including Greenville, South Carolina and parts of St. Louis, Kansas City, and Nashville. … Continue reading

Round 68 Non-Fiction Writing Contest Winners Announced!

This was a tough contest to judge as there were so many good articles published in Round 68, but decisions have to be made. Any article submitted but not published will automatically be rolled over to Round 69. Without further ado, here are the winners: First prize goes to J.U. … Continue reading

Announcing The SurvivalBlog 11-Year Archive — Now on a USB Stick!

We are pleased to announce the availability of a limited edition SurvivalBlog 2005-2016 Archive, loaded on a 8 gigabyte waterproof USB flash drive. It now spans 11 years of the blog and with 20 additional bonus books, including a fantastic formulary by William B. Dick, first published in 1872. This … Continue reading

Please Pray For Israel — The Imminent 72-Nation Forced Palestinian State Final Solution

A meeting of 72 nations is being held in Paris on Sunday, January 15th, 2017. This meeting was rushed to be completed before the upcoming swearing-in of President-elect Donald Trump—no doubt because of his planned shift in U.S. Policy toward Israel. It is noteworthy that President Obama has repeatedly stabbed … Continue reading

Announcing the Updated SurvivalBlog Archive

Now available for digital download, for just $14.95 Has full SurvivalBlog site content from 2005 to 2016 Expanded bonus material (5 additional books and 15 additional military radio manuals) Extra year of content (2016 ) Faster download time! Note: This release will be followed by the same content on a … Continue reading

Annual Reminder: The Ten Cent Challenge

I only post one reminder about voluntary Ten Cent Challenge subscriptions each year, and this is it. Please keep in mind that to operate SurvivalBlog we have considerable expenses for bandwidth, web hosting, our backup site, software, and legal fees. The most recent new expense has been liability insurance. (We … Continue reading

SurvivalBlog Welcomes New Sponsors and Advertisers

Tobers Traditions is now a sponsor of the SurvivalBlog Writing Contest and is offering a $250 gift certificate to their store. Tober’s Traditions formulates, produces, and sells, safe, healthy, effective all natural personal care products that actually work! Our product line includes lotions, soaps, deodorant, sunscreen, tooth cleaner, lip balm, … Continue reading

Round 67 Non-Fiction Writing Contest Winners Announced!

First prize goes to L.M. for “Purchasing Power: Past, Present, Future- Part 1”, “Part2”, “Part 3”, “Part 4”, and “Part 5” which was posted on November 8th through November 12th, 2016. The following prizes were awarded: A Tactical Self-Contained 2-Series Solar Power Generator system from Always Empowered. This compact starter … Continue reading

Update on the Bobby Akard/Akart Defamation Lawsuit Against SurvivalBlog

I still have not yet been served the court papers for Bobby Akart’s defamation lawsuit. There was apparently an attempt to serve the papers at the offices of my literary agent in New York City, but I have yet to receive them. I sincerely thank all of those SurvivalBlog readers … Continue reading

SurvivalBlog Hit with a Defamation Civil Suit

We have always been very careful to avoid making any libelous statements in SurvivalBlog. But after a lifetime of being free of any ligation I now have apparently been named as a co-defendant in an upcoming defamation trial in the U.S. District Court for Northern Ohio.  (I have not yet … Continue reading

Letter: SurvivalBlog’s Dotted Quad Backup Address

Greetings, Mr. Editor: I just tried to log on to your new “backup” dotted quad address: and my Firefox browser reported: “Your connection is not secure.”  Is it safe for me to ignore this message?  Thanks, Michael S. JWR Replies: Yes, it is perfectly safe to set a permanent … Continue reading