Don’t Be Prey, by L.H.

Venezuela unrest

Nobody wants to be prey when things go wrong. I don’t have a cabin in the woods stocked with ammo and dried food with a well out back. I don’t have a pickup and trailer loaded with extra fuel waiting for the great escape.

Where I Live

I live in a city of a million. Here, we have street people living under bridges and dope shops on every other city block. (It’s legal here.) It’s also freezing cold in the Rockies and dry. All in all, it’s not the perfect place to weather TEOTWAWKI. But it’s what we have.

The Plan

Here’s the plan. These are the first three things I’m concerned about: drinking water, sanitation, and self defense. Self defense is on the list because even in good times street people wander into back yards in the middle of the day seeing what they can … Continue reading

Letter: TEOTWAWKI Weekend Experience

Hi Hugh,

Just did the TEOTWAWKI weekend prep. As a background, I live on an Army base. (And, yes, I have places to go in the Country as well.)

The Schedule went like this:

Morning prayers is how it started. It was just my Son and I. (My Wife is an atheist, so she doesn’t pray. She does get heard in our prayers.) We gave thanks to our Savior, the Lord, Jesus Christ.


Morning PT or Physical Training. My son and I wrestled and boxed. I personally have very well respected credentials in this, for most. My son is very safe.

We also did some strategy training. My son and I played “Army Men” together. He has a castle made out of plastic, along with a bunch of figures. It was a good time. We discussed “castle strategy” and defense in … Continue reading

Letter: Preparing for SHTF


How do I prepare for a SHTF event I see ahead but also deal with being unemployed due to serious illness the last four years? My wife works, but the money gets eaten up by just getting by, and we own no property. Hence, we have no ability to get ahead. Any ideas, please? I find that so frustrating and maddening. I don’t know how to tackle this. Surely others are in the same boat as me. – S.A.

JWR’s Comment:

Right. You aren’t the only one in that sort of situation. I think the best bet would be to either form a retreat group, or integrate yourself into an existing one. Pray hard, and choose your friends wisely.

Hurricane Preparedness in the Sunshine State- Part 2 , by D.H.

hurricane Irma

We are continuing to look at general preparations for a hurricane. Those of us in Florida are used to these, but many are not. In this article series, I’ve already covered the topics of the bug-out bag, sheltering in place, foods,water, and hygiene. Let’s move on, continuing with health, which is very important.


Ensure you are in good health before the storm hits. My young daughter threw up at dinner two days before Hurricane Ivan hit in 2004. I made my wife take her to the doctor the next day; she was diagnosed with appendicitis and had an emergency appendectomy. If you’re not well, see a doctor. Emergency services will not be able to reach you for days after the storm passes because of debris and flooding, which clogs the roads.

Stock up on all your meds. This may sound like common sense, but many people run out of … Continue reading

Hurricane Preparedness in the Sunshine State- Part 1 , by D.H.

hurricane Irma

We, down here in the “Sunshine State”, just recovered from Hurricane Irma. It was a massive storm that covered almost the entire state. Floridians are used to hurricanes. We expect them every year, and most of the locals don’t freak out when the local weathermen starts predicting mayhem from a storm over 1,000 miles away. Don’t get me wrong; we’re prepared year-round and watch storms closely, but as one of the fastest growing states we have lots of newcomers who aren’t experienced with this annual weather phenomenon.

Hurricane Season

Hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30th. Since most survival sites tend to focus on apocalyptic events, it’s so much easier to get the whole family on board with hurricane preparedness than the collapse of civilization. So let’s start preparing.


Watch your local weatherman. Hurricanes should not catch anyone by surprise. If the hurricane is a Category 2+, … Continue reading

A New Way To View Preparedness Group Leadership in Management Action, by Old Bobbert

When we go grid-down will it really be safe around them, certain preparedness groups?

The following is presented as a narrative of a close-knit, experienced, preparedness leadership group that is making reports and decisions concerning grid-down medical type services during a monthly leadership meeting. From it, we can learn.

An Alice In Wonderland Group Leadership Meeting

Here we go, following Alice down the rabbits hole. Wait you say, “What is the rabbit’s hole?”. We were talkin “bout that just last week. Ole Jim Bob asked that same thang, and his good ole buddy, Bubba Peabody, smiled and said to Jim Bob, “Mama says that’s where sissy Darla goes when her new pills are working really good fer her. Like it were yesterday mornin’ when she was feeding mama’s chickens and singing a new song about silver shiny wings and flying off to Nashville town.”

“Okay, stop laughing. We’re not rednecks, … Continue reading

What We Have Done So Far- Part 2, by N.F.

In part 1, I provided the foundation of our move to Northern Arizona, where we have lived for five years. I defined the seven most important elements I would like to see in the property, and these seven items form the building blocks for a sustainable life that we are trying to live. I’ve already covered our water plan, which is the first, and began discussing our food plan. Now, let’s continue with the food plan as we wrap this article up today.


When we first arrived here, we were befriended by many people, one of which was really insistent that we must have some chickens. I kept telling him I wasn’t ready for animals. He persisted and one day told me of someone he knew who was selling six-month old pullets for $5 each. We bought 20, built a coop and a 50 x 50 foot yard, and … Continue reading

What We Have Done So Far- Part 1, by N.F.

This is the story of a city boy and girl who decided to make the long journey to become country man and woman. This unlikely story has roots stretching back to childhood. Hopefully, my hindsight can offer some foresight to others on this blog who have not started down this formidable path. For any who have embarked on this journey, I hope my individual experience will give you new ideas and insights. Going from a high density human existence, to a life of constant challenges out in the wide open spaces, changes one’s perspectives on many different levels. This is what we have learned so far.

The Idea

In the winter of 2012, we began to toy with the idea of becoming self sufficient, moving from the big city to the wide open spaces of the country. Neither the wife nor I had any experience living outside the rat maze … Continue reading

Preps and Practice- Part 2, by ArmedSafety


In A Disaster, Remember To Listen To Your Body

If you ever find yourself in a disaster recovery situation, keep in mind to “listen to your body”. Whether you ride out a storm or evacuate and come back later, guess what? The mess will be there. August and September in south Texas aren’t fun for anyone that must work outside. Those that do work daily in the heat and oppressive humidity get somewhat acclimated to it. Others may have an inside job and spend very little time in the heat. The clean-up seems daunting at first, but always be sure you listen to what your body says. Take it easy. The debris isn’t going anywhere; trust me. Take breaks when needed, work at a steady slower pace, cool down when it’s necessary, and wear the proper clothing and sunscreen. It’s no fun having a sunburn on top of everything else.

Continue reading

Preps and Practice- Part 1, by ArmedSafety


Prepping for the Inevitable “Zombie Apocalypse”

I have, for years, been a student of prepping for the inevitable. The inevitability could have been one of many options– CME, economic collapse, civil unrest, or one of many more called collectively “The Zombie Apocalypse” by me and my family. We all have our reasons for making our preps. For some it may be relatively simple preps for an ice storm that causes power loss for a few days, to those who go above and beyond to survive a nuclear holocaust.

The preps that I have fall somewhere in the middle, which is the category where I feel most preppers fall. I have the standard “bullets, band aids, and beans” that I feel would carry us through most apocalyptic scenarios while we were living in the wilds of Missouri and Arkansas.

My Job Moved Us To South Texas

Due to my job, we … Continue reading

Too Many Answers Or Not Enough Questions?, by Old Bobbert

This is Bobbert’’s piece on “how to do success” in the creation of our new society. Remembering that not everything we need to do as preppers is a physical or procedural item, I am endeavoring to speak to the post-SHTF issues of the new society’s lifestyles and some related covenants, specifically those enduring agreements between peoples and the special agreements between persons and God.

Preppers Owing Much to Nation’s Founders

We are the preppers! We are the folks who are working now so as to have an acceptable future for ourselves and possibly some others. We call ourselves the preppers, and most of us may well be lacking a sound basic understanding of the trials, the errors, the blood, the anger, and the sorrows that were combined to create the free nation envisioned by the founding fathers, mothers, aunts and uncles, and especially the teenaged soldiers of what would become … Continue reading

What I Learned Living Through Harvey, by M.S.

Hurricane Harvey

I’ve lived through several disasters and learned some thing. The worst events, in my experience, were the World Trade Center attack, Hurricane Sandy in New York City, and then most recently Hurricane Harvey in Beaumont, Texas. South East Texas was hit with life threatening, devastating rain fall, which put entire cities under water, turned towns into islands, and crippled the municipal water system of Beaumont. The following is a list of lessons I learned during this experience.

1. I’m not overly paranoid.

I’ve been freedom oriented and interested in prepping for a while, and many of my family and friends think I’m just being overly paranoid. I was hoping this was the case, but unfortunately it’s not.

2. Every disaster, natural or otherwise, presents its own challenges and obstacles.

One common issue is self defense as well as defense of one’s family and belongings. This was a continual struggle while … Continue reading

Do We Have Your Full Attention Yet?- Part 2, by Old Bobbert


Experienced Preppers Fall Short As Great Teachers

There seems to always be that cursed word “but”, where the experienced preppers usually fall just a little short of the mark of a great teacher. They never seem to actually talk much, or show much, about the “how” to actually do these necessary/important stuff. Their road map is kept to themselves.

They never seem to realize that we all live in different worlds of experience with different needs and different financial positions. And we have different and often difficult family responsibilities, et cetera.

How I Researched The Specific Article Illustrated Earlier

So let’s go to how I did the research for the specific article I used as the example in Part 1. In part, it’s based on my experience through 40+ years of sales management, raising four terrific kids, and most importantly being a loving husband of 50 years and nine months.

Continue reading

Do We Have Your Full Attention Yet?- Part 1, by Old Bobbert


Let me get your attention by sharing this fact: “Life expectancy is going up everywhere except in the U.S.” This opening statement is supposed to be the “grabber” and should make the reader want to read the entire article.

Okay! Here we go with your bad news of the day in two parts. The first part is short, simple, and terrifying. It’s the one liner in quotes above. And the second part is worse yet. This part says that the life expectancy news today will be worse tomorrow, and every American is subject to the same bad news. However, there is good news available in the next line.

The quoted one liner above is not quite entirely true.

Dealing With Huge Volume of Information Available

The specific end goal of this article to to help you, the reader, become better able to help yourself deal with the huge volume of … Continue reading

Letter Re: How to Survive Something Like the Vegas Attack?

Dear SurvivalBlog Readers,

I would love to see some discussion about what people in the crowd in Vegas could/should have done to protect themselves, short of avoiding the crowd altogether.

If you find yourself in a crowd during a mass shooting like this, what should you do?

In such a chaotic environment, it would have been very difficult to know where the shots were coming from. Do you run to cover? Which direction? Crouch in place? How do you avoid being trampled?

Even if you had a concealed carry gun, it wouldn’t have been very helpful, and probably it would be unwise to pull it out.

Thank you for your thoughts. – A.M.