Letter Re: License Plate Readers & OPSEC

Sir: Two of SurvivalBlog’s recent posts referenced altering or covering license plates to avoid identification by license plate readers. Coincidentally, the last two episodes of the reality show Hunted involved people being tracked by this technology. Altering your plate is clearly illegal. Apparently plastic covers are also illegal, at least … Continue reading

Letter Re: Drones and Airspace

Hugh, I believe that the article posted on December 22 may present inaccurate guidance to the readers of SurvivalBlog. In June, 2016 the FAA announced the forthcoming release of Part 107 of their regulations. The likely final regulations are here. The regulations detail the Operating Rules for drone pilots, including … Continue reading

Attack of the Drones: Defending the Air Above Your Property, by RD, Prepper Law

Introduction One night you suddenly see a drone hovering next to a window of your home. Outraged, you shoot it down. Somebody calls the police because they heard a firearm discharged, and ten minutes later you hear a knock on your door. Or, say a military plane swoops across your … Continue reading

Letter Re: Ammunition Buying OPSEC

Mr. Rawles, In response to Cliff’s e-mail regarding ammunition OPSEC, I just wanted to write in and express my firm belief that the worst thing one can do, unfortunately, is to conduct e-commerce for bulk ammo via any Internet sites. I have nothing against any of the online vendors, but … Continue reading

When and How Do We Fight? That is the Question, by X. Liberal

This message is more on a serious note. Before we get started I want to make an attribution to Lavoy Finicum. My wife and I had the privilege of being present in Utah to pay respects to him and his loved ones as we were driving back from our final … Continue reading

Letter: The Global Cyber War and DDOS Ping Attacks

JWR, For some background, I’ve worked as a UNIX systems administrator  for more than 20 years in the financial environment. This background includes working for major bankig and stock mark trading companies. I’m not saying that to impress, I am saying it so you know that I have a good … Continue reading

Letter: Ammunition Purchasing OPSEC

Good morning!  I have a question regarding Operational Security (OPSEC) and buying ammunition.  I’ve tried to do my search due diligence at the SurvivalBlog site, searching multiple term combinations, but I still may have missed an existing article.  What are the most prudent OPSEC considerations for buying ammunition, other than … Continue reading

Letter Re: The National Do Not Call List

James, Yes, the national Do Not Call service will greatly reduce junk phone calls.  I’ve used it for years and have found that once every three or four years I need to reenter my information on the list.  I suppose my number starts floating around out there and gets picked … Continue reading

A Life Submerged: The Gray Man Existence, by A. Smith

This article explores concealment and the Gray Man mindset and lifestyle in The End of the World as We Know It (TEOTWAWKI) and survival in contemporary society. The tactics, techniques, and procedures I’ll describe are taken from a military point of view.  It is not intended as an end all. … Continue reading

Letter: Understanding Bank Transaction Reporting in the U.S.

Dear SurvivalBlog Readers: I have noticed over the last few weeks a couple of articles discussing banking and transaction reporting etc. I would recommend (if one is having trouble sleeping at night) that everyone who is interested read the audit manuals for the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), which includes currency … Continue reading

Letter: SurvivalBlog’s Dotted Quad Backup Address

Greetings, Mr. Editor: I just tried to log on to your new “backup” dotted quad address: and my Firefox browser reported: “Your connection is not secure.”  Is it safe for me to ignore this message?  Thanks, Michael S. JWR Replies: Yes, it is perfectly safe to set a permanent … Continue reading

Letter Re: Comms Using Photos – Would This Work?

Hi Hugh and James, I just finished reading The Religion War by Scott Adams. It’s a short, very good book about Christianity vs. Islam in the future as both sides prepare for war. In it, he wrote something that made me curious if it would work. In order to defeat … Continue reading