Times Are Getting Tougher, But Women Can Thrive and Not Just Survive!, by Sarah Latimer

There are hundreds of thousands of women among the SurvivalBlog reader community and their households, and most of us are feeling stressed beyond what has been “normal”. If you’ve been reading SurvivalBlog and watching the news for anytime at all, like me, you’re probably concerned on a macro level about … Continue reading

Three Letters Re: A Solid Solution On Securing Home Defense During A TEOTWAWKI Situation, by B.M.

HJL, I can see some problems. First you must store it and deploy it when things go down. Second, if it is winter, you really don’t want your windows and doors broken. You want to defend them first (maybe both inside and outside). Third, even if you can insure you … Continue reading

Letter: Love Thy Neighbor…Trust No One.

Hugh, First let me say that I am a Christian and have followed JWR for many years and appreciate his Christian values when dealing with survival/WROL/collapse scenarios. Today, my faith was tested and I felt compelled to share my experience with you and your readers. My back story: Five years … Continue reading

Masters of Deceit, by Enola Gay

With every social program that is enacted, every attempt at a re-distribution of wealth by our political “leaders” we are shamed into reluctant submission by our vague notions of Christian charity. We have been raised to “feed the hungry” and “clothe the naked” and “provide a home for the homeless”. … Continue reading

Letter Re: A Problem Today That is Only Going to Get Worse After TSHTF

I have a special appreciation for the letter written and posted on July 25th by S. C. S. C. has mirrored my sentiments exactly. I have had several friends say to me, “When the SHTF I know where I am going, I am coming to YOUR house.” My reply, as … Continue reading

Letter: A Problem Today That is Only Going to Get Worse When SHTF

HJL, About ten years ago my wife and I made the decision it was time to get out of the city and move to a more sustainable rural environment. We discovered a place with great climate, reasonable land prices, good neighbors, good job opportunities. You know, it had all the … Continue reading

Seriously Mentally Ill (SMI), by N.N.

My experience is based on working with the SMI population in a behavioral health outpatient clinic and through personal experience with a spouse with a SMI diagnosis as well as a parent with an SMI diagnosis. The types of individuals that are in the SMI population vary wildly and can … Continue reading

Letter Re: Planning Who Shares Your Parachute – Part 2, by L.M.

Hugh, I appreciate L.M.’s recognition of charity. Early in my prepping life I read the posed scenario of a young woman approaching your door with a crying child. Opening it to hand out some food could earn you a round in the head, from the shooter in her team set … Continue reading

Letter Re: Preparing for Family & Friends

HJL, “Preparing for Family and Friends” by Thor1954 was a thought-provoking article, but I would include basic cooking directions and perhaps a recipe or two concerning the rice and beans. Do you really think that people who are unprepared for emergencies and disasters will know what to do with plain … Continue reading