Letter: Charity and Red Dot Sights

Dear Editor,

We had a line of storms blow through with extraordinarily strong winds, blowing trees down over multiple counties. We were blessed to have family, friends, and a church member help clean up the limbs and fallen tree on the family place. When lunch time came, I had to run to the store and get some food to feed everybody. This gave me a great idea: Along with the food you put back, include a portion for one or two meals for around ten people, so that you can feed whoever comes to help out. A spaghetti dinner for ten is less expensive than tree service and an appropriate “Thank you!”

I also have a question about red dot sights you may be able to help with. I would like to find one that could withstand the beating that being mounted on an HK91 delivers. I had … Continue reading

Times Are Getting Tougher, But Women Can Thrive and Not Just Survive!, by Sarah Latimer

There are hundreds of thousands of women among the SurvivalBlog reader community and their households, and most of us are feeling stressed beyond what has been “normal”. If you’ve been reading SurvivalBlog and watching the news for anytime at all, like me, you’re probably concerned on a macro level about the blatant disrespect of human life, the trampling of our liberty and privacy, the moral decline of society in general and in what the children in schools are being taught, the economic crises around the world, the pressure pot of international conflict on multiple fronts, and more. Then, on a local, community, and possibly even in your own family, you are seeing those around you hurting and you may also be struggling with personal economics, relationships in trouble, unstable employment, health matters, not to mention the daily struggles that all women have to superbly provide a well-run household for their … Continue reading

Three Letters Re: A Solid Solution On Securing Home Defense During A TEOTWAWKI Situation, by B.M.


I can see some problems. First you must store it and deploy it when things go down. Second, if it is winter, you really don’t want your windows and doors broken. You want to defend them first (maybe both inside and outside). Third, even if you can insure you are safe, you will need to be able to go the other way, perhaps multiple times per day. Fourth, it doesn’t provide security if they decide to firebomb or shoot into your house. Fifth, if there is a fire or something else, you may have to get out fast, but can you do so? – T.Z.

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I have been reading SurvivalBlog daily since early January 2010, and words cannot describe the blessing that JWR, and now you, have been to my family. Finding SurvivalBlog was definitely the result of the hand of … Continue reading

Letter: Love Thy Neighbor…Trust No One.


First let me say that I am a Christian and have followed JWR for many years and appreciate his Christian values when dealing with survival/WROL/collapse scenarios. Today, my faith was tested and I felt compelled to share my experience with you and your readers.

My back story: Five years ago in 2010, I moved to eastern Tennessee to work. I lived in employer provided housing, but purchased a remote property along the Cumberland Plateau for camping, exercise, and hunting. Being of the prepper mindset, I built a small cabin, cleared some of the wooded property and began to assemble my cache of items. The property is located on a side road, of a side road, of a side road per JWR, but I did have two neighbors about one mile away. I came to know my neighbors and extended a friendly Christian hand by helping with their home projects … Continue reading

Masters of Deceit, by Enola Gay

With every social program that is enacted, every attempt at a re-distribution of wealth by our political “leaders” we are shamed into reluctant submission by our vague notions of Christian charity. We have been raised to “feed the hungry” and “clothe the naked” and “provide a home for the homeless”. Politicians and religious leaders, who have made social justice their god, quote scriptures to us, validating their own agenda; “He who shuts his ears to the cries of the poor will be ignored in his own time of need” (Proverbs 21:13), “If you give to the poor, your needs will be supplied! But a curse upon those who close their eyes to poverty.” (Proverbs 28:27), “Happy is the generous man, the one who feeds the poor” (Proverbs 22:9). Even the Pope, who is arguably the most important religious leader in the western world, uses God to bolster his own vision … Continue reading

Letter Re: Helping the Maxners


It is never possible to insure or prepare for every event. You can only do what you are able and what is prudent.

The one thing which should be different about the Redoubt vs. other “preppers” goes back to DeToqueville when our country was young.

But the scene is now changed, and gradually the two ranks mingle; the divisions which once severed mankind are lowered, property is divided, power is held in common, the light of intelligence spreads, and the capacities of all classes are equally cultivated; the State becomes democratic, and the empire of democracy is slowly and peaceably introduced into the institutions and the manners of the nation. I can conceive a society in which all men would profess an equal attachment and respect for the laws of which they are the common authors; in which the authority of the State would be respected … Continue reading

Letter Re: A Problem Today That is Only Going to Get Worse After TSHTF

I have a special appreciation for the letter written and posted on July 25th by S. C. S. C. has mirrored my sentiments exactly. I have had several friends say to me, “When the SHTF I know where I am going, I am coming to YOUR house.” My reply, as I laugh hysterically, “You might want to rethink that one, cause you might get shot!” They do not realize just how serious prepping is. When I began prepping in earnest (I prepped somewhat half-heartedly for more than 20 years), I was very excited about it. I wanted to tell everyone I knew about my epiphany, my new-found knowledge, and my plan to save myself and my family from disasters and hard times.

Today, my feeling on OpSec is completely different than before. I regret ever having said anything at all to anyone about being a prepper. Additionally, … Continue reading

Letter: A Problem Today That is Only Going to Get Worse When SHTF


About ten years ago my wife and I made the decision it was time to get out of the city and move to a more sustainable rural environment. We discovered a place with great climate, reasonable land prices, good neighbors, good job opportunities. You know, it had all the right stuff. We moved and began and continue to put our “prep” plans into effect at our new location.

Over the years we have had numerous family members come to visit, and they also have fallen in love with the area. Although they are not involved in any type of “prep” plans, we have had six groups of our extended family move to the area. While my individual family is very low key about our plans for the future, it was obvious to our family members what was going on. That is where the problem comes in.

Because my family … Continue reading

Seriously Mentally Ill (SMI), by N.N.

My experience is based on working with the SMI population in a behavioral health outpatient clinic and through personal experience with a spouse with a SMI diagnosis as well as a parent with an SMI diagnosis. The types of individuals that are in the SMI population vary wildly and can been acutely symptomatic and asymptomatic depending on their diagnosis. This is NOT a complete guide on mental illness; it’s only an experienced perspective on mental illness.

Acute symptoms

Acute symptoms are often easy to identify; they include talking to self, responding to internal stimuli, depression, aggression, or suicide.

  • Common symptoms to look for when assessing whether or not an individual is mentally unstable can include: laughing/giggling at internal stimuli, talking to self, inability to control emotions, verbal/physical aggression, unrealistic delusions, paranoia, or attempt to complete suicide.
  • There are generally two categories of the SMI population– those … Continue reading

Letter Re: Planning Who Shares Your Parachute – Part 2, by L.M.


I appreciate L.M.’s recognition of charity. Early in my prepping life I read the posed scenario of a young woman approaching your door with a crying child. Opening it to hand out some food could earn you a round in the head, from the shooter in her team set up 300 yards away. Thus, I have a “barter box” of last-generation prep gear, mixed with energy bars and half rolls of toilet paper. The contents are tightly bundled in Target supermarket bags and suitable for throwing over the house to a location 30 yards up the street. This alters their plan, gets you inside their OODA loop, and is indeed charitable. – D.D.

Save A Life, by H.H.

I could not help but reflect, when I read the article under the Odds N’ Sods section about a person being at a range and looking like they did not belong. This was me, too. I appreciate the lady protecting her children. However, I, too, once walked onto a gun range and did not know what I was doing.

My first outing at a gun range was while I was in college. I received a Concealed Carry Permit (CCP) from our Sheriff before I was 21 under the circumstances exception rule, as I was driving two hours to college and living in an area in which I did not feel safe. It was my first time being away from home. My father gave me two guns to try at the range we found when we visited campus. The first was a Model 36 Smith & Wesson .38 Chief’s Special. The … Continue reading

Letter Re: Preparing for Family & Friends


Preparing for Family and Friends” by Thor1954 was a thought-provoking article, but I would include basic cooking directions and perhaps a recipe or two concerning the rice and beans. Do you really think that people who are unprepared for emergencies and disasters will know what to do with plain rice and beans that weren’t part of a packaged meal? – D.M.

Hugh Replies: Hunger is a great motivator. While I like my beans well cooked and spiced up, it’s really not necessary. All they need is a pan of water to make something usable, but I’m sure that small packets of spices and directions would always be appreciated. It’s not hard to do either. Just print the information out on a 3×5 card.

Letter: Mental Illness


I have a mental illness and know that if things go south my chances are slim, but I will persevere until the “oops” occurs. I suggest reading the fictional book “One Second After” to get a glimpse at what might happen to the old and the mentally ill; it is not pretty. Also, “The Walking Dead” did an episode, “The Grove”, where there was a mentally ill person. For the seriously mental ill, a bullet to the head might be the only choice. That stinks but is realistic. For the less serious, like me, you have to decide whether to put up with my inability to produce any type of work. The stress of a collapsed society and the need to fight could be too much. For Americans that believe you have to pull your own weight, this … Continue reading

Consider The Little Things, by R.P.

I hope some of you know most of these things, but I’m sure most of you won’t know all of these things.

I took a camping trip not too long ago where I made one of my favorite childhood camping dishes, the hobo dinner. I’m sure those of you who camp have had it a few times. Put some potatoes and veggies in some aluminum foil and throw it right on the fire. Easy enough. Tastes great. Don’t even need a plate. I, however, am not your average cook. I like to try new things, and I don’t eat plain old potatoes. I need cheese, so I added some. All was going well until it came time to eat and guess what, the cheese stuck to the aluminum foil and I didn’t get any of it. Not a lick. The potatoes were still edible, of course, and I didn’t go … Continue reading