Preparedness Notes for Monday — November 20, 2023

On November 20, 1917, for the first time, tanks were used effectively in warfare, by the British at the Battle of Cambrai.

We’ve now reached the milepost of 38,000 archived feature articles, columns, and quotes in our archives. SurvivalBlog has been posted with daily fresh content since 2005.  The archives are searchable and freely available. I invite any new SurvivalBlog readers to delve into the archives, to find subjects of interest. If you have just found SurivalBlog, then begin with our Quick-Start Guide for Preparedness Newbies.

Because one of our writing contest sponsors is shifting their business to another product line and target market, we will be in need of one or two more writing contest prizes, starting on December 1st. If you operate a business that offers any goods or services that would appeal to SurvivalBlog readers then please become a prize donor. That provides great publicity and click-throughs — often more than an advertisement does. Thanks, – JWR

Today’s feature article is a product review written by  SurvivalBlog Field Gear Editor Tom Christianson.