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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods. This column is a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from JWR. Our goal is to educate our readers, to help them to recognize emerging threats, and to be better prepared for both disasters and negative societal trends. You can’t mitigate a risk if you haven’t first identified a risk. In today’s column, we look at immigration and population growth.

U.S. Population: 400 Million by 2060?

Reader C.B. sent this: Census: Mass Immigration Set to Drive U.S. Population to 400 Million by 2060JWR’s Comment:  If the Bidenistas succeed with their scheme, then will assure themselves of a national Democrat majority that could last for decades.

Crisis at the U.S. Southern Border

PragerU: The Wrap Up Special Report: Crisis at the U.S. Southern Border.FY 2023: The Worst Year on Record For Illegal Immigration

FY 2023: The Worst Year on Record For Illegal Immigration

EXPERT INSIGHT: FY 2023: The Worst Year on Record For Illegal Immigration. Here is a quote:

“By every measure, FY 2023 was the worst year of illegal immigration ever recorded. For starters, the 2.45 million illegal aliens encountered at the southern border in FY 2023 surpassed the previous record of 2.37 million illegal alien encounters in FY 2022. The Biden Administration is also responsible for the third-highest annual total with 1.7 million illegal aliens apprehended at the southern border in FY 2021—a period that includes the final few months of the Trump Administration. By comparison, 2.37 million illegal aliens were apprehended at the southern border over the course of the entire Trump term, which equals an average of fewer than 600,000 apprehensions per fiscal year.”

Number of Farms to Halve

Half as many farms, twice as large… Number of farms to halve.

More About 2026 A.I. Car “Kill Switches”

Reader D.S.V. sent this alarming report: Lawmakers defend driver monitoring mandate for ‘public safety’.

“15 Minute” Prison Cities And The End Of Private Property

The latest essay from Montana-based socio-economic commentator Brandon Smith: The Globalist Vision: “15 Minute” Prison Cities And The End Of Private Property. Here is a pericope:

“The 15 Minute City is more like a recipe, containing every single ingredient of the climate change and covid lockdown agendas in a single comprehensive Orwellian vision. It includes removing motor vehicles, removing private transportation and roads, smart city and AI monitoring of each person’s electricity usage, monitoring of product consumption and “carbon footprint”, biometric surveillance within a compact and stacked urban landscape, the cashless society concept, equity and inclusion cultism, population control, etc.

It is the culmination, the end game; a massive prison with no bars. A place where you are conditioned to grow accustomed to artificial limitations on privacy, no civil liberties, no private property, and no work options or mobility. You are tied to the land and the land is owned by the state (or corporation). If you want a historic comparison, the closest I can find is the feudal system of Medieval Europe.”

With Tourniquets, You Get What You Pay For

Some very useful survival medicine advice from the good folks at the Doom & Bloom Report: With Tourniquets, You Get What You Pay For. Here is a key quote:

“This study provides evidence that not all tourniquets are created equal, even when applied by experienced professionals. It’s true that combat medics may be more familiar with the CAT tourniquet, which could possibly explain some of the time difference in application; but, more importantly, the popular look-alike did not appear to be equally effective in stopping blood flow in a significant number of cases. This leads a reasonable person to suspect that production or material flaws may be to blame.”

80 Britons “Preventatively” Arrested Ahead of Protest

Reader C.B. spotted this, at Breibart: Two Tiered Policing: Over 80 Britons Preventatively Arrested Ahead of Pro-Palestine Armistice Day Protest.

New Vaccine for Chikungunya Virus

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