An Ex-Pat Homesteading Croatia, by Robert S.

I have moved to Croatia from Israel to join a self-sustaining farmer in building an organic permaculture homestead.

I would love to share with you today my homesteading experience in a few categories. I hope something of this can help somebody with something, I am young and learning all the time so forgive me if the info is not relevant.


The usage of organic foods as preventive medicine is a key but nevertheless when overstated in any direction can be overused.

We produce our own meat eggs cheese and vegetables.

Consume Curcuma on daily basis mixed with oil and black pepper.

Our diet is based on combination of the keto diet and other types of ideas.
Mainly fats and proteins but let loose on cake if the desire is there.

As you all know, preparing for a disaster is a lifetime of a job.

We are very far from our farming goals but the tractor saved our backs.


Chickens are the easiest to raise, can be fed corn with some concentrate or minerals, can be inside but much better outside. Water for chickens should be done with drinkers or watered that keep the water clean and then it is practically zero maintenance.



Pigs are intense to raise. They must be raised outside for their health and to reduce feed costs. Parasites should be cleaned [via worming paste] when weight is around 20 to 30 kg. You can know that they have parasites when their tail is down and not gaining weight. A pig barn can be anything but one option as a concrete floor with a slight inclination. They will defecate wherever it is wet so keep most areas dry and you will rarely have to clean.

For water, we used big barrels with drinkers on the bottom. This is an amazing solution for clean water for days or weeks without changing or cleaning.

When slaughtering pigs. heat the water to 80 to 85 degrees Celsius for best results with removing hair.
A Pig mother is in heat and ready to mate when you can sit on her without her moving. Feed only after mating, never before mating.

Cows that are durable in cold are preferred and should be out in pastures. At a young age tie a rope around them to learn them to follow you. If you leave the wild and free, then catching them will be a story.

Water System

When putting water pipes underground make sure to put them deep enough! Don’t go cheap on size if a pump is involved. We pump from our well 2,000 litres per day. It is worth the investment. Plastic Alcatel pipes are great and can be used with plastic adapters without metal. The metal adapters require skill and strength to tighten. The plastic ones are amazingly easy to use.

For water freezing in the winter, there are heating cables that can be put on the pipe and then covered with insulation holds in Minus 15 Celsius and turns on and off automatically.


Plastic foil or biodegradable foil makes life amazing.No weeds means better growth of plants and zero work of weeding. Large-scale gardens can be maintained by spraying and watering by one person no problem that way.



If you can plant your own crops, corn, barley, and others crops will become currency and can be used for barter.

Your Own Health and Happiness

Stretching is a key for the maintenance of the human body, can be done in the morning better in the evening.
The Five Tibetan Rites stretches are great for morning routines and take only few minutes to perform.
Good sleep easily distorted by evening technology and strong light and food.

Love of God and life will keep all fear and doubt away holding the soul in peace forever.

As you all know the subject of self-sustainability is infinite resources and knowledge in all directions.
My best advice for myself and others is: community and leadership.

Don’t be afraid of being afraid, Love yourself, be grateful that life gave us the opportunity to create life.

May the strong pray for the weak. May the humble find their love in their pain. May the hatred in our life will turn to Health, Amen.

Love you all. Stay strong.