The US as Babylon The Great, and What it Means to Preppers, by R.G.

Nowhere in the Bible is there a description of a latter-day Superpower that impacts the whole earth until the One World Government comes. Where is a Superpower like USA, or even China, described in the Biblical events leading to Christ’s return and Armageddon? Well, there is a detailed description in Revelation chapter 18 of a great Superpower that is destroyed leading up to the final days. This superpower is called Babylon the Great. Could this be America?

Many Christian scholars believe Babylon to be Rome and/or the Catholic Church. They believe Rome’s destruction started in 410 A.D., continued with the decline of the Roman Empire and the ascendance/decline of the Catholic Church, and will conclude with final destruction as part of the 10-horn beast during the Tribulation.

But there are a growing number of believers who have concluded that the 10-horn beast spoken of in Daniel and Revelation is not a resurgence of the Roman Empire, rather 10 Islamic nations that encircle Israel. This theory and others conclude that Revelation 18 refers to America. I have always thought “Babylon” was someplace else, anywhere else but here, for I truly love America. But I have been given several “impressions” over the last year that point to the Christian Church in America needing to ask forgiveness for America’s checkered past and repent of our current lifestyle.

I do believe that America was founded on Biblical Judaean/Christian principles but we have strayed so far from those principles just over my lifetime of 70+ years. The Church has now become the frog in the boiling water that can’t feel the changes coming until being destroyed, enslaved or placed in re-education camps. That is, unless God intervenes with the rapture or Revelations 18 or both. We all hope and pray for the pre-trib rapture, but I believe we should also prepare for the possibility that Rev. 18 is speaking about America and prior to the rapture.

Let’s take a look at some of the key passages that would point to Rev. 18 being about USA. Remember, Revelation is written like many books in the Bible: Inductive to deductive then back again, so the verses do not line up in sequential order. Here, I will try to place the main ideas of Rev 18 in somewhat chronological order.

1. Location

“… And every ship-pilot, and all the company on the ships, and sailors, and as many as work the sea, stood afar off” (Rev 18:17)

Verse 17 heavily implies that the only/main way to reach “Babylon” was by sea. For America this was true for hundreds of years and is still true for most of our commerce. Verse 9 says “Babylon’s” allies will stand “afar off” implying they are not physically close. Note our key allies are the Five I’s: Great Brittan, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, all far away across the seas. Conversely, Europe, Asia, Middle East, and Africa are all land connected and relatively close to each other. These verses do not fit that area as easily as it does America.

2. History

a. Unjust Deeds
“For her sins joined together, even up to Heaven, and God has remembered her unjust deeds.” (Rev 18:5)
We typically consider America as inherently good and a good influence on the world. However, not all the world agrees. In verse 5, God remembers “Babylon’s” unjust deeds. It is true that most countries are formed and prosper on the backs of other less fortunate nations/people. However, our past is ever before us and we should be humbler and more contrite in how America became great. Yes, we have progressed and no longer do many of these things. But this verse speaks of God remembering past unjust deeds. Remember, God is slow to act but ensures that we will eventually pay for our past deeds. Could this passage be speaking to how most of the land was unjustly taken from the original occupants? How we built our commerce on other’s raw materials and cheap labor?

b. Slavery and Indentured Servants

“And the merchants of the earth will weep and mourn over her, for no one buys their cargo any more; … [list of goods] … and slaves, and souls of men.” Rev 18:11-13
Verses 11-13 lists products coming to “Babylon” from afar, including slaves. Our history is full of indentured servants coming from Europe and China, slaves from Africa, and now cheap labor from our southern border. In fact, there is now a modern resurgence of sex slaves being trafficked within America. This could all be said of many countries, but it fits us well and does not disqualify us from this prophecy.

c. Voluntary Dispersal of Wealth

“And the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her. And the merchants of the earth became rich from the power of her luxury.” (Rev: 3b)
Verse 3 says that the world’s Rulers and Merchants became rich from providing “Babylon” her luxuries. With the largest GDP in the world, America is universally considered the wealthiest nation to ever exist. Things we take for granted even kings could not afford just 100 years ago. Now we have voluntarily / (purposely?) moved much of our production offsite to the rest of the world, making them rich also. This is not normal. Most countries build up and retain their wealth from within. This verse also speaks not just to countries and their rulers but to foreign “Merchants” aka Corporations becoming rich. Strike a nerve anywhere?

d. Ugly Americans

“As much as she has glorified herself and has lived in luxury… she says in her heart, I sit as a queen, and I am not a widow; and I do not see mourning at all.” (Rev: 18: 7)
Again, most preppers consider America to be good, but this verse says “Babylon” glorified herself, sat in luxury and did not mourn for others. I lived overseas in several countries for five years and I can attest to the arrogance (glorification) of Americans in dealing with other peoples in their own countries. I was one of them for a period and it took my Christian conversion for me to realize this was their country and I didn’t know everything. I had to repent and ask my overseas friends to forgive my arrogance. Also, while there, the poverty was so great that I became immune to their problems while living in luxury and did not mourn for them until my conversion.

On the other side, it is said that Americans are the most giving people on this planet, but this is only partly true because America is now really two countries: Traditional (Biblical and/or Constitutional) Conservatives vs Social/Communist Snowflake Buttercups. Did you know that a vast majority of American giving comes from our Conservative and Christian friends? Meanwhile, the American socialists believe that it is “government’s” responsibility to take care of the poor and downtrodden, not them personally.

e. Global Disinformation

“…For your merchants were the great ones of the earth; for by your sorceries all nations were deceived.” (Rev 18:23b)

This verse speaks to “Babylon’s” corporations being global corporations, which, of course, most of our major ones are. The terms “sorceries” and “deception” can speak to several modern ideas.

First, mass Advertising was invented here, especially the deceptive type that caters to our sinful nature: The Lust of the Flesh, the Lust of the Eye, and the Boastful Pride of Life (1Jn 2:16).
Second, Propaganda and Disinformation are now used very effectively by Mainstream Media and the new Social Media giants, though they would violently disagree. Just look at how they are reporting Covid-19, Jan 6th, Joe Rogan, or Hunter Biden. I noticed that the New York Times is just now going after Hunter Biden’s laptop data. Why? I think this shows the left sees the handwriting on the wall concerning President Biden’s future and they are laying out a way to remove him. But, of course, NYT will claim they are only seeking the truth.

Third, “sorceries” can speak to medical treatment. Until recently, it was agreed that America had the best medical system in the world; including diagnosis, immunizations, treatments, surgeries, hospital care, and so on. It was truly magical, better than any sorcerer or magician could conjure up a thousand years ago. But Covid-19 has exposed our current medical system to be inherently political, not scientific. Profit and power motives now drive much of what we get from medicine, not the Hippocratic Oath. Witness our pharmaceutical corporation’s manipulation of government and “scientific testing” to ever increase their dominion and profits.

Why are the Covid vaccine companies suddenly pushing so hard to force the youth of America into taking the jab when all the science says No!? Because their legal immunities to the downsides of the vaccines will soon be running out, but if they get approval to vaccine our youth, the immunities will extend well into the future. Why do they need legal immunity if their vaccines are so great?

We can also tell our health experts, mainstream media, and social media use disinformation because the words they say/write are the exact opposite of what they really mean or what these experts do. All this medical apostasy is new, or at least I hope it is, and the world has been deceived by our exposed medical system as much as we the people have.

Conversely, there is a wonderful medical podcast by Dr. John Campbell of the UK who was way out in front back in December claiming that the Omicron variant would take over Covid-19 and move the virus from a serious pandemic to a much more manageable endemic. He posited the question on how could a variant come along on its own that was highly contagious yet largely benign? He and many of his commenters suggested that it seemed “human-engineered” to take over the virus and reduce its risks. Since it originated and spread from South Africa, he has had several African doctors on his podcast that have said that “Omicron is the vaccine that the pharmaceutical companies forgot to make.” Fascinating statement. It is interesting to imagine that Omicron was engineered by some honorable lab for the good of mankind, or by God himself in answer to all the world’s prayers agonizing on this disease and the death and disruption it has created on earth.

3. Final Events Leading to Destruction

Revelation 18 foretells several events that lead up to the destruction of “Babylon”. This will be useful for preppers to pay close attention to and prepare for as best we can.

a. Timing

“Therefore, her plagues will come in one day…” (Rev 18:8)
“… For in one hour your judgment came.” (Rev 18:10)

These and several other verses speak to the suddenness of “Babylon’s” destruction. These verses are the main reason that Rome does not fit well into this final day’s prophecy and yet easily fits the destruction of a modern city/country with modern warfare. From a preppers point of view this points to how sudden it will happen, accept God’s warning to come out of her before too late. Have your eternal destiny well settled now, while you can. This suddenness is also why we should all be building a Preppers Pyramid now that describes what is important based on needs versus wants, then endeavor to buy/build/train for the items on that pyramid.

b. Select warned

“…Come out of her, My people, that you may not be partakers of her sins, and that you may not receive of her plagues.” (Rev 18:4)

“Come out of her” could include a literal migrating out of the US, which many have already done or preparing for. This could also be interpreted to mean separating from the social and economic systems that have slowly compromised the Church over the past 50 years. Of course, this prophetic verse may be taken care of for us by the socialists in charge who are racing to separate us out with vaccine passports and domestic terrorist designations. How close are we to; “cannot buy or sell” without the vaccine passport or DHS’s “re-education” camps? I believe they are closer than we could have imagined just 2 years ago.

As preppers we need to determine what triggers will alert us to what is imminent and cause us to “head for the hills”. We need to build a bartering system now or a 2nd Economy as many are now suggesting. We need to find a way to “be in the world, but not of this world” as spoken in 1 Jn 2:16.

God is warning us here to come out before “Babylon’s” sin entices us and/or overwhelms us. Remember in the garden of sin, only a few have to sow (plant) but many will reap the results. If a large number of Americans, including Christians, are willfully living a life of sin, we all will reap the awful results. This also seems to suggest that sin will become more enticing and more prevalent leading up to “Babylon’s” destruction.

These verses fit nicely with Jesus’ warnings in Matthew 24 of sorrows that come stronger and quicker as the final days approach until the day arrives like when Noah shut up the ark while people were living their normal/blissful lives. As preppers we need to be ready for the sudden day when everything changes. Do you have your Get Home Bag ready? Do you have a Bug out Vehicle that can get you to your Bug out Land? The recent articles on GHBs are very useful, take heed. If we are destroyed by an EMP/CME, your BOV may be a bicycle or a wheelbarrow, are you prepared for that? For some of you your BOL may be hunkering down at home. Is your home prepared for that?

c. Freedom Versus Liberty

“And the fruits of the lust of your soul have departed from you…” (Rev 18:14a)

America has forgotten the difference between Freedom vs Liberty. Freedom is the ability to do anything your heart devises without repercussions. This is very dangerous while we live in this fallen world. Conversely, Liberty was a French word that spoke to freedom within limits. We can also say something similar about Democracy vs Constitutional Republics. Democracy in its purest form says the majority rules and let the rest take the hindquarter. Conversely, a Constitutional Republic says We the People elect representatives who rule for us, all under the ultimate authority of a written set of “limits” called the Constitution. This is why our founding fathers said that our form of government will not work unless the populace is honorable and God-fearing.

The Bible says in John 8:36 that only Jesus can make us free: “Therefore if the Son shall make you free, you shall be free indeed.” America today is run by a swamp of non-Christians who do and say whatever their hearts devise and demand that we follow their dictates or face the consequences.

Each generation’s cry for “Freedom” has changed over time. America was originally built upon Religious, Political, and Economic freedoms. Now no one cares about the Declaration of Independence or Bill of Rights anymore. In fact, if you ask a modern liberal socialist what the Preamble of the Declaration of Independence says, they would say something like: “We are empowered by Government with certain fundamental rights, among these are Choice, Freedom, and Happiness.” What was originally God-given Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness in the 1700s became the Constitution and Bill of Rights in the early 1800s. Then came the wild west with its “Western Justice” as we lived out America’s Manifest Destiny during the 1800s.

Starting around The Roaring 20s freedoms that mattered moved from Religious, Economic and Political freedoms into Social freedoms like Drugs, Sex, and Entertainment. In themselves, these desires may not be considered bad. But if indulged they become ripe for the fallibility of the human condition. So, in the 1920’s flappers, alcohol, sex outside of marriage, and the wild speakeasys were the new freedom mantras. During/after WWII came legalized divorce, more alcohol, and the Jazz/Big Band eras. Then the sexual revolution hit in the 1960s where casual sex with many partners, marijuana, and Rock & Roll drove our parents crazy. I think this wild era was best described by stickers seen on many motorcycles: “A…, Gas, or Grass, Nobody Rides for Free”. Only 20 years later cocaine became the drug of choice, gays and lesbians came out of the closet, and the beginnings of rap started working its way into America. By the 2000s rap with all its vulgarity and cop/women hating burst forth, all types of sex were encouraged in our youth including bisexual, transexual, while meth and fentanyl took the stage from earlier drugs. Now in the 2020s we are inundated with China’s Fentanyl, Internet porn of every imaginable type, while LGBT sex is taught to Junior High kids as a healthy alternative behind their parents’ back. Yes, come out of “Babylon” before we become partakers of her sins.

d. Jealousy

“…because of the wine of the anger of her fornications which all the nations have drunk.” (Rev 18:3a)
“…God judged your judgment on her” (Rev 18:20)

“Babylon” will be destroyed because the world’s nations are angry and jealous of her riches and arrogance. There doesn’t seem to be much neutrality of nations concerning America: either they are for us, openly hate us, or passive-aggressive against us. So far, they have put up with our financial indebtedness and instability because there is currently no alternative world currency. That will change either before or as part of “Babylon’s” destruction. We know the IMF is moving towards a universal currency controlled by key central banks. Will this be the new one-world currency, likely patterned after current cryptocurrencies?

My opinion is this currency has to be developed or introduced prior to “Babylon’s” destruction, otherwise the event will create too much havoc in the world. If the intent is to scare all nations to a central government, they may just have it secretly ready to release upon “Babylon’s” destruction. Either way, look for the US dollar to be worthless just before or after the day of its destruction. For preppers, this points to retaining items that are of lasting and appreciating value: land, commodities, supplies, and experience in 19th-Century lifestyle.

e. Supply Chains Break Down?

“And the fruits of the lust of your soul have departed from you, and all the fat things and the bright things departed from you, and you will find them no more, not at all” (Rev 18: 14)

Supply Chain Management and Just in Time manufacturing/distribution have become the dominant way manufacturing and product distribution/delivery are currently employed. These techniques have been around since I was in college and studied them in the 60’s but now we are totally dependent on them. Just look at the pictures of the US ports with ships backed up to the horizon waiting months to unload. Transport companies are having a hard time finding qualified and vaccinated truck drivers to move the goods from the ports into America’s major cities.

It is said that we are only 3 days away from total society breakdown if our supermarkets are not restocked in time. This verse seems to happen prior to the “1 hour/day” destruction of “Babylon”, otherwise, why even mention it. However, it is possible this is the consequence of the way “Babylon” is destroyed, which we will discuss below.

4. How “Babylon” is Destroyed

a. Fire

“… And she will be consumed with fire… And the kings of the earth… will wail over her when they see the smoke of her burning” (vs 8-9)
“… So, on an impulse the great city, Babylon, will be thrown down…” (vs 21)
“… And the sound of a mill will never more be heard… And the light of a lamp will never more shine… And the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride will never more be heard…” (vs 22-23)
These verses foretell the fire and burning of “Babylon”. How could you get such a great fire that stops all work, lights, and activity? Verse 21 tells of an “impulse” causing production, light, and normal life to cease in a very quick event. In today’s knowledge, we could say this foretells of an EMP, CME or nuclear destruction.

b. Plagues

Consider modern Viruses, Hygienic Diseases, & Infections.

“Therefore, her plagues will come in one day, death and mourning and fire…” (Rev 18:8a)
This verse could be interpreted as the words following “Plagues” are what’s important, or interpreted as the word “Plagues” stands alone. Either way, we know that “plagues” are a serious problem now and in the future. Therefore, we must prepare for future plagues now. We also know that if/when America is thrown back into the 18th century, hygienic plagues will flourish: cholera, typhoid, dysentery, giardia, etc

c. Famine

Verse 8 says that famine will occur, either before or after destruction. Either way, we must prepare for this eventuality. Famine occurs when food is not available: either because of production, storage, distribution, local availability, or finances. …

5. Aftermath of “Babylon’s” Destruction

Great will be the destruction of Babylon, but also great will be the aftermath as the whole earth will be impacted.

a. Worldwide Fear

“And the kings of the earth, … standing afar off for fear of her torment…” (vs 9-10)

b. Worldwide Recession

“And the merchants of the earth will weep and mourn over her, for no one buys their cargo anymore.” (Rev 18:11)

Please study the Bible, and pray!