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Doug C. wrote:

“Take a look at this short two minute video.

A summary (in case the link is taken down):
in just 24 hours the people of Kazakhstan overthrew the entire government. The President, Prime Minister, and military are fleeing the country, and remainders, if caught being taken into arrest including doctors and vax center operators. Banks are being robbed.
The government increased the vax mandate to include requiring a proof of VAX QR code to withdraw money and that was the tipping point.
BBC News is claiming the revolt is regarding gasoline prices, but boots on the ground say that is a lie, and it is due to the vax mandate. Please spread the word far and wide.

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Georgia quietly becomes a top gun-making state. (Thanks to Todd M. for the link.)

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Animal House wrote:

“I have two old pressure canners, one is 23 years old and the other 40 years old; thus the gaskets are shot. I have been searching for replacement gaskets for years. I found a silicon replacement for the younger canner about 5 years ago, but needed a rubber gasket for the senior canner. After much research, I found a small company in Montana that has rubber gaskets for pressure canners. Recommend you get your replacement parts from this family-owned business: Cooking & Canning Company, Phone: 623-327-1443″

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Reader H.L. sent this news from Connecticut, but I suspect it is common nationwide: Anger, Aggression on the Rise, as Patients Face Long Waits, Limited Hospital Visits.

Reader Ray K. penned this:

“In reference to the gentleman in Wyoming who is having issues with the Census worker, I have a suggestion:

Simply tell them that they are trespassing and that they are to leave the property.  If they don’t leave and don’t have a warrant, a quick phone call to the Sheriff will resolve the issue.

I’ve never had to call the Sheriff, and in the case of Census workers here in Kentucky, once I tell them that they are trespassing, they have immediately headed back to their vehicle.”

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And on the same topic, there was this, from Rocket J. Squirrel:

“I received what I now know to be the ‘American Community Survey’ in 2010. I had already taken my Red Pill many years previous to that. Reading the questionnaire made me angry due to the intrusiveness of the questions. I responded to the survey by entering information in a single field – the number of people who lived in my home and returned the form. If the form was not pre-filled with the address, I would have filled in my address as well. I do not recall how long it was after I returned the form, but a man from the Census Bureau (whose native language was not English) showed up at my door one day when I was at home. I stepped outside my house and closed the front door behind me to interact with him. I do not recall what he said specifically, but he was very persistent/insistent that I fill out the form. I replied several times during the conversation with the information of how many people lived at my home. I tried to be polite. He finally understood that I would not be sharing any additional information and departed. If I was not already on the “naughty list” for believing in the Constitution, then that interaction certainly placed me on the naughty list.”

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Joe D. sent me this note:

“Pat Cascio’s recent shotgun review was fine, but I’d like to suggest that while 12 gauge 00 Buck shells do have plenty of stopping power, if your primary use for the pump shotgun is home defense, several highly credentialed self-defense professionals (Mas Ayoob, etc.) recommend a lighter load to mitigate the risk of over-penetration and reduce recoil, while still providing more than enough stopping power against human targets – #4 buck, #1 buck, etc.”

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Justice Dept. creating unit focused on domestic terrorismJWR’s Comment: And guess who it is that they consider terrorists?

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St. Funogas offered this:

“The recent article by K.A.A. about living four days without power after a snowstorm was very informative.  I’m curious if their gas fireplace would light without electricity in the same way my propane oven can be lit without electricity.

When building my house and knowing I’d be going off-grid at some point, I wanted a kitchen range that did not plug into the wall as most do nowadays to avoid pilot lights.  I finally located the stove I needed, with sealed burners and one very large burner for canning.  I finally found the perfect one, made right here in America by  (Here’s a link to Lowes where I bought mine. The price has almost doubled in the past 7 years.)  It runs off 8 AA batteries which last four years before needing changing.  It technically doesn’t have a pilot light for the oven but it has a pseudo one acting as a pilot light.  The stove burners as well as the oven light electronically with a sparking unit.  The burners turn on immediately but the oven burner takes too long for my patience so I use the following technique using a butane wand lighter.  The secret is to push the knob in and light the pilot light, then the knob must continue to be held in.  Once a small [thermocouple] tube heats up hot enough, the knob can finally be let loose but it generally takes at least ten seconds.  Once it finally stays lit, then the knob can be turned to the desired oven temperature.  I’m curious to know if this would also work for others who have plug-in gas fireplaces, stoves and ovens.”

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This adds credence to my assertion that repartitioning of many states is inevitable: The Great Re-Sorting Is Here.

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H.L. liked this essay on fortitude and good company written by Allan Stevo, over at Lew’s site: Separate Yourselves From Those Lacking Courage, Group Yourself With The Courageous.

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Alan wrote to ask:

“I have been a long-time reader and supporter of your blog, as well as buying many of your books. Your recent articles about PEGs have gotten me considering gift/debit cards- do you have any recommendations/instructions?”

JWR’s Reply:
I would only buy those immediately after hearing that a national e-currency (fully-tracked) was about to be released, and that cash would become illegal to hold.

Buying a gift card is essentially making an interest-free loan to a company. And if you lose a card, or it has its magnetic strip degaussed, or the printed serial number becomes illegible, then you are out of luck. Ditto, of course, if the issuing company goes out of business. It is far better to use a credit card — with buyer protection policies — in most circumstances.

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The Staff Sergeant wrote:

“See this, on Twitter, from Lawful Rebellion. Sounds like something I once read in a novel…”

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And speaking of PEGs, Ed C. sent this note:

“I am 1/2 way through Glenn Beck’s book “The Great Reset” – tough sloughing! Your Article on “PEGs” is good advice, and caused me to make some comments of the part of Glenn’s book I have completed. I have also completed all 934 pages of the Robert F. Kenney, Jr. book, “The Real Anthony Fauci”. These are two very different approaches to the same problem – The Great Reset.

The Fauci book is a nightmare of greed, theft, and outright murder, in the name of science. The Covid-19 pandemic is “The Straw That Broke The Camel’s Back” – put the worlds’ nations on a track toward an apparent “soft” Fascism, called euphemistically “Reset”. Glenn Beck is far more direct in accusation and explanation of what he perceives as a monumental takeover of all aspects of our current type (capitalism) of governing, banking, social mores, and more, not just the USA, but internationally.
The point of writing, is this proposed (and partly in effect currently) reset would be a potential difficulty to carry out the ideas presented in your article. I am hoping that you may find the time to again do this same type of advice article, should you see a need for it – if you need to look up references to what I listed. The sum total of what I have read so far, is bad news in every direction.
People such as Senators Sinema and Manchin, with great courage, have blocked some of the main desired Legislative changes along the way to further control of our current government. We are on the very edge of losing control, and the public needs to be made aware of the approaching danger.”
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Military Grants First Religious Exemptions to COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate.

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CDC admits 75%+ of Covid deaths had 4+ comorbidiities.

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Reader OAM sent this, in response to Joe Dolio’s recent “You Need To Train” article;

“Yes, a big yes.  I appreciate the ‘wake up and smell the coffee’ statements Mr. Doilo gives us.  The last sentence of his paragraph below says it well.

‘Now, you’ve established some habits, you’ve learned that you can do it, and have developed a little confidence. Do this at least once a month, in all weather conditions. Yes, in the rain and snow, too. The Collapse won’t happen only on sunny spring days. Acclimate yourself to being uncomfortable.’
He also points us in the direction that you have to “train to train”.  One step at a time, building confidence and skill.  When we learned how to shoot in 1968, the first week was called “snapping in”.  We learned the different shooting postures and practiced them to develop muscle memory.  Then dry shooting.  Only when we had developed skill in the basics were we allowed to go to the range.  More dry shooting.  More practice.  Then every six months, return to the range to re-qualify with the rifle.”

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And, lastly, B.V. suggested a very interesting thread with advice for winter weather-stranded motorists from a Canadian trucker, who posts under “My World Through A Windshield“.

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