Preparedness Notes for Monday — October 25, 2021

A Special Note From JWR: I have some sad news. Reader Pam B. wrote to mention that Judge Steve Vandiver is reported to have passed away. Yes, the Steve Vandiver whom you know from SurvivalBlog. At least that is what I’m assuming — since his obituary matches several things he referenced in the article. If so, then we have lost a great patriot. Our condolences to his family.

If you haven’t already done so, then please read his two-part article, that just ran this past weekend:  Part 1 and Part 2.

This is the birthday of explorer and pilot Admiral Richard Byrd (1888–1957) — pictured. His autobiography titled Alone is a must-read.

Margaret Thatcher was born on October 13, 1925. She was the UK’s first female Prime Minister. She died in 2013.

Today our feature article is a review written by our Field Gear Editor, Pat Cascio.