Preparedness Notes for Monday — October 18, 2021

October 18th, 1662 was the birthday of Matthew Henry (died 22 June 1714). He was a Presbyterian minister who lived primarily in Chester, England. Matthew Henry’s six-volume Exposition of the Old and New Testaments (commonly called Matthew Henry’s Commentary) (1708–1710) is a must for the bookshelf of any serious Bible scholar.

Today, another product review by our stalwart Field Gear Editor, Pat Cascio. His 45-year career has spanned the globe. He has worked as a nuclear power plant security officer, police officer, police detective, small-town police chief, counter-terrorism consultant to the BSAP during Rhodesian Bush War, international security consultant, martial arts instructor, magazine writer, knife designer, and most recently a SurvivalBlog editor. Previously, Pat wrote feature articles for monthly issues of American Survival Guide, Handguns, Gun World, American Handgunner, as well as annual publications for Guns, American Handgunner, Guns & Ammo, and Knives Illustrated. We feel truly blessed to have him on our staff.