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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”. Our goal is to educate our readers, to help them to recognize emerging threats, and to be better prepared for both disasters and negative societal trends. You can’t mitigate a risk if you haven’t first identified a risk. Today, there is more talk of state secession.

Lebanon Blackout: Whole Country Without Power

Linked over at the news aggregation site: Lebanon Blackout: Whole country without powerJWR’s Comment: This provides us a preview of economic collapse and infrastructure collapse.

Consequences If America Splits Apart

H.L. suggested this, at American Thinker: If America’s going to split apart, here’s what will happen to you. An excerpt:

“Secession does not necessarily need to be hard and formal as the South tried in 1861. It can be a United States evolving back to a true republic as it was initially meant to be. In that scenario, states would have more autonomy to enact laws that suit their citizens and not be ruled from the imperial capital on the Potomac. This would begin with states refusing to obey objectionable federal laws or decrees of the Supreme Court. This is not anti-democratic. It’s naïve to think Washington is beholden to the people of the country. That’s a façade put forth for public consumption. The politicians, with rare exception, dance to the tune of the big moneyed oligopoly. That’s why America’s once-mighty Midwestern industrial base was turned into the Rust Belt. And it’s also why despite laws to the contrary, illegal immigration flourishes and why U.S. blood and treasure are squandered in foreign adventures.”

Augason Farms Ceases Operations for 90 Days

First up, there is this headline: Major storable food supplier Augason Farms ceases operations for 90 days, citing collapsing supply chain.

Is ‘Survivalist’ Brian Laundrie Still Alive?

Reader Gary C. sent us this: Dog the Bounty Hunter says ‘survivalist’ Brian Laundrie is still alive.

The More You Inject, The Higher The Case Numbers Go

Over at Red Voice Media: Shocking Data: The More You Inject, The Higher The Case Numbers Go.

What Does A Parallel Society Look Like?

Gab Founder Andrew Torba: What Does A Parallel Society Look Like? Here is a quote:

“I believe that God has a plan, as He always does, for what is unfolding on a global scale today. Now more than ever we must keep the faith and do as Christians have always done: survive and thrive. Do you think it was “easy” for the Pilgrims to set out for a new land and start building from scratch? Of course not, but they did it and ended up building the greatest country in the history of the world. Do you think it was “easy” for first century Christians to spread the Gospel? Of course not, but today billions of Christians know that Christ is on the throne because of their work and sacrifice.

In a lot of ways we are the modern Pilgrims of our time, seeking religious freedom and sovereignty to escape the rule of a tyrannical elite who hate us. Their blood runs in our veins, the spirit of their plight is in our hearts, and most importantly their God is our God.

We can and must do this. Force their hand. Band together with other like-minded people at your school and work to say: no, we will not comply. Then start your pilgrimage to a new parallel society where Jesus is King, family values matter, and freedom rings.”

.45 Colt Conversion & Loading Concepts

Simon sent us this: .45 Colt Conversion & Loading Concepts. JWR’s Comment: The .45 Colt/.45 ACP combination cylinder looks very clever!

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