Zero Tolerance 0707, by Pat Cascio

I’m continually amazed at the innovations in folding knives. Just when I think there isn’t anything new that can be done to a folder, someone does it! I’ll confess, this latest innovation for Zero Tolerance Knives,is something I’d never thought of before.

Before we get into the meat of the 0707, I wanted to mention how lightweight this American-made folder is. At first, I thought that there wasn’t anything in the box. The 0707 only weighs in at 2.3-ounces, and for a full-sized folder, with a 3.5-inch blade, that’s pretty lightweight. However this folder isn’t light when it comes to the features it has to offer. The blade material is CPM20CV. This is one of the new “super” stainless steels and I really like it. This steel offers exceptional hardness, and it holds an edge a good long time, and this means less wear resistance, so the blade will hold an edge a lot longer, before you have to head to the sharpening stone.

The blade is also stonewashed, so it hides scratches a lot better – not that a scratched-up blade affects its cutting performance. That is just a cosmetic thing when you see a blade exhibiting scratches on it.

The blade is a drop point design, and this is one of the most useful designs, especially when it comes to precise cutting chores. It also affords very precise slicing on whatever material you are cutting into. Probably more folding knives have a drop point blade than any other design.

Tuned Detent System

The 0707 is a manual opening folder, but there is more to this. It has what Zero Tolerance calls their Tuned Detent System (TDS) and it allows the end-user to fine-tune the detent so it’s not too heavy nor too light when it comes to opening the blade. Even if pressure is being applied to the lock bar, the blade can still be easily opened, but not to the point, that the blade opens too easily. Opening the blade uses the KVT ball-bearing system, and this seems like it is almost friction-free – it is “that” smooth. Opening the blade is done by applying pressure to the “flipper” and it is fast, very fast. I’ve compared the KVT ball-bearing device to some automatic folders, and the race was too close to call, as to which method of opening it faster.

The lock-up on the blade has a Titanium frame lock, with a hardened steel insert – tough stuff to be sure. Some lesser quality locking bars aren’t even heat-treated, and the locking bar can (and they do) fail when a lot of pressure is used on the locking bar. I’ve experienced it myself, and you sure don’t ever want the locking bar failing and allowing the blade to close on your fingers! The handle material on the front of the handle is partially 3D machined carbon fiber – and it is very cool-looking. The back side of the handle is Titanium – strong! The front carbon fiber material is decorative and black color – again, very attractive.

The overall length of the 0707 is 8.25-inches when opened. We also have a extra-deep pocket carry pocket clip. This is my only minor complaint, because it is a little bit hard to “draw” the 0707 from your pocket. However, many people love deep pocket carry because almost all the folder is hidden in your pants pocket. This pocket clip is also reversible.

Designed and Made in USA

I should mention that the 0707 was designed in-house at Zero Tolerance, and it is totally made in the USA. I still believe that we can produce some of the best of the best, when it comes to just about anything, when we make it in the USA.

I’ve got to admit, that I didn’t think I was going to like this lightweight folder, it just felt “too light” in my hand, that is, until I got around to some cutting chores. Plus, in short order, you will readily forget you have this folder clipped inside of your pants pocket. It is light enough, that you can also carry it in a shirt pocket, too.

Vigorous, But Not Destructive Tests

Early on in my knife articles, I would test many folding knives “to destruction” – and I found out that any folder can be destroyed – under the right circumstances! No matter who makes a folder, it will never be as strong as a fixed blade knife is – and I found in my testing, that even fixed blade knives can be destroyed – many blades are easily bent when you apply the right pressure at the right spot. Not saying all fixed blade knives will fail, but some lesser made will fail.

As I always do, before testing any product, I get the camera out and take pictures of the product – many of my articles contain pictures of the products that my oldest daughter took pictures of – she is quite the photographer and has a great eye for this type of work. So, don’t think I’m doing my magic making the products look good in my articles – most photos are done by her.

Secondly, before I start testing my knives, I usually take the samples to the gun shop I haunt, and there are always customers and employees, more than willing to comment on knives – most are favorable, some a little critical. I’m happy to report that the 0707 passed inspection – no one had anything negative to say about this folder – they all really liked the lightweight and feel of this folder. Several offered to buy it from me. Yes, they liked it that much.

When testing any knife, I look at the intended purpose of the design. First off, any knife, has to be sharp right out of the box, and in my testing, I like to see how long the blade will hold an edge. I actually carried the 0707 in my right front pocket for several weeks – like I do all folders I test. And, as I mentioned earlier, you quickly forget the knife is in your pants pocket.

In my cutting tests, I try to cut many different things that one might need to cut in their daily chores, and that’s why these knives are referred to as Every Day Carry (EDC) folders. A pocket knife gets a lot of use just around the kitchen, and I often use them for use in the kitchen – cutting various foods, and while not designed for this sort of work, the 0707 did a fantastic job. Cutting through some veggies can be tough even with a genuine kitchen knife. I also used this folder at the kitchen table for cutting up ham, again no problem at all.

On my small 3.5-acre rural homestead – yeah, I know, it is small, but it is mine – I’m always reaching for a knife to cut something – and in many cases, I cut down super-tough blackberry vines when the opportunity presents itself. No problem at all, to easily take one swipe and cut completely through even some of the biggest vines. At times, I get my hand a little to close to the thorns on these vines and get stuck – OUCH!!! Luckily, it doesn’t happen very often.

One of the toughest material to slice through is yellow polymer rope – some knife blades just slide off this slick material. Not so with my ZT sample, it easily cut right through this stuff. If you’ve ever tried cutting through wet rope, you know how difficult that can be. I wetted some rope and the 0707 cut right through it without any effort at all.

Cardboard boxes – this is some tough stuff, that rapidly dulls many knife blades, and I literally sliced through a big pile of cardboard boxes, and the knife remained super-sharp. During all my testing, I didn’t have to touch-up the blade at all – and believe me, I did a lot of cutting. I don’t like a knife blade that I have to re-sharpen every day or two.

I haven’t been able to find the time to get out for any big game hunting for several years now, and I miss it – a lot. But my daily work schedule never gives me much time for “fun” things to do these days. Plus, hiking around in the woods – just getting to be too much for this soon-to-be 70-year old. I would have liked to have tested this folder for dressing out a deer or similar game, but it wasn’t too be. However, I’m sure the knife would have easily taken care of this chore, without having to touch-up the blade during the process.

There wasn’t anything to really find fault with this lightweight folder. My only minor issue was with the really deep pocket clothing clip. Then again, I’ve never been in a position to have to do a “fast draw” to get my folder out of my pocket. The good news is the full-retail price on the 0707, and it is $248 – marked down from $310. – always shop the Internet to see if you can find a lower price. Check this sweet little folder out – you’re going to fall in love with it.