Hands-On Healing – Part 4, by Dr. Derek King, DC

(Continued from Part 3. This concludes the article.)

For those of you who have made it this far, I would love to give you two more Bonuses: the first is considered the “bible” of energy medicine. I first read it back in 1989 and it was way ahead of its time, the book is called Vibrational Medicine by Dr. Richard Gerber, MD. It covers the science of everything…crystals, meridians, homeopathy, lasers, holograms, prayer, and quantum physics (in a non New-Agey way). It was updated in 2000 and I’m sure that a lot more could be added considering today’s technology, but it is a wonderful manual for the serious student.

Next bonus is the numerical frequency for forgiveness: 116 979 458. This is courtesy of Lloyd Mears and his Energy Balancing by Numbers info. Just memorize it! Then repeat it over to yourself quietly ten times or as needed to neutralize negative situation or memories. Again, it is free and it is beneficial. We are not worshiping anything here, just adding them to your toolbox. God is the Ultimate Physician and Healer…our bodies just need a small nudge sometimes in the right direction. But you are Not chiropractors so No adjusting bones or manipulating joints (don’t get me in trouble and don’t hurt someone else)! In Excelsius Deo.

Please email me at FreedomDoctor@protonmail.com with comments, questions and clarifications and I will be sure to jot you a short note back. This is my pleasure, my mission, and my livelihood. I relish the opportunity to reach and teach a few more willing people to focus on the good in the dark times that seem to be coming…until Trump returns, the election Fraud is revealed, GESARA Jubilee happens or the Rapture of His Church by Jesus the Christ (Yeshua ben Joseph Ha’Mashiach) of us Believers up to heaven. Until then, may God Bless your body, mind, heart, soul, and Spirit while we wait patiently.

I find comfort in the fact that although the Lib leftist elites want to take us all out, God wants to take us all up!

I understand that millions are out there suffering in pain right now! So let me address that important topic specifically today. I have been in solo private practice for over 30 years (and I am as tired of pain as y’all are) yet that is the primary reason patients come in to see me. Once they are starting to feel better, then they are ready to hear and understand the cool subjects we have covered in the previously three articles on Hands-On Healing and Mental/ Emotional Trauma-Release Techniques. “Doc, can you fix my back?“ Shoulder, ADD, migraines, etc is their primary concern, of course; however, I must explain to them that I didn’t Build you. I didn’t break you. I wasn’t there when you caused your problem…so don’t expect me to Fix you. YOU helped cause it, so You must help fix it…and it will take time to heal properly. Have you ever heard a doctor tell you that so frankly? “Truth, in Love” right?

Dealing With Pain

Now let’s talk about pain. Pat Cascio discussed it in his recent article: Over The Counter Pain Relief.

Here is an important question: What percentage of the nerves in your body feel pain?

Most people say, “All of them!”

But the correct answer is only 9 percent.

There are many types of nerves in the human body…hot nerves, cold nerves, pressure nerves, motor nerves, tickle nerves and proprioceptive awareness nerves. But those 9% that do feel PAIN do their job very well! OUCH!

Yet do NOT cover them up. Listen to them. They are God’s warning signal that something is wrong.

One of my favorites teaching quotes is, “A truly healthy body will not need to call attention to itself.”. Your pain nerves wouldn’t be screaming at you if there weren’t a good reason. So, do not put the proverbial tape over the check engine light illuminated on you car’s dashboard and think the problem is gone.

And don’t pop painkillers to “numb it up” and then go out and keep working because you don’t feel it…because when they wear off, you will start the process all over again and you will have done more damage to the tissues and joints because “you couldn’t feel it.”

Now Nobody likes to hurt, I get it. Yet, you don’t get mad at the fire alarm the screeches loudly that your room is on fire! Get out…and then be thankful for the warning. From experience, people do not die of pain. And dead people do not feel pain…so be glad you’re alive. Realize that many of the scariest problems in the body don’t give you pain warnings sometimes! Aneurysms, tumors, hardening of the arteries and osteoporosis often don’t hurt in the beginning. The author Pat Cascio says that he also has high blood pressure (the “silent killer”) and diabetes (the fastest-growing degenerative disease in America now. Soon, one-third of the kids will get it). These can kill you and are more vital to address properly than hip pain (no offense, just the vital truth). Your body, in its wisdom, will prioritize!

Do you know the first symptom of a heart attack in 40% of the population? Death!

Yes, the other afflicted 60% get chest pain, sweating, trouble breathing, and weird symptoms down their left arm…but the other 40% die almost instantly,

So the ones who get the angina and warning symptoms are the lucky ones. The others just “wake up dead” because their heart “exploded” or “seized up” with no tell-tale symptoms (often called the widow-maker). SAD. Call 911 Immediately (and then cup their head, breathe, and pray for them.)

JWR Adds:  Rapid chest compressions while waiting for EMTs to arrive are vitally important!

Moreover, numbness is worse. In my practice I hear the terms “ache”, “sore” and “hurts” a lot. But these do not scare me. Words like “stabbing”, “burning”, “numb” and “pinching” send up more red flags for me as potentially serious. And if a nerve is pinched so badly (or a mini-stroke) that they’re truly numb or paralyzed, that is way worse and must be dealt with immediately at a hospital.

Back to the Over-The-Counter pain-relief sprays and ointments (and pills like aspirin, Tylenol, Aleve, and Motrin) … they are DRUGS! And I am not a medical doctor so I cannot tell you what to take and what not to take. NSAIDS are readily available, and readily abused by millions of folks (follow the money TV commercials). I am a natural health care provider that will tell you to find the CAUSE of your problem and then strive to make the pain no longer necessary. That is easier said than done, sometimes.

“Doc, it hurts when I do this.”

“Then don’t do that.”

The icy-hot products work by riding in on the “hot nerves and cold nerves” which are often faster than the pain nerves in the area. They (because of the menthols) carry those signals to certain areas of your brain to occupy its attention instead of registering the pain signals 24/7. So the ointments are just interfering with the warning signals to bring you some temporary relief without correcting the problem at all. CBD products seem to be doing a better job lately of aiding in the natural realm (I have recently used a few myself topically). Painkiller pills can cause addiction and many are Very Strong brain manipulators that should be avoided. Pat gave a good overview of what works for him, and what didn’t. Yet oral prednisone will also eat up your bones! The liver is over-taxed with detoxification of the long-term use and that is a priority also (good for him for no alcohol and for limiting the strong meds).

Inflammation is caused by ACID! Acid burns. So to “put the fire out” use alkaline…and the most alkaline, healthy, natural substance GOD created is CHLOROPHYLL! Green vegetables, Period! Do not “fight fire with fire”…fight fire with Water! You are definitely dehydrated and don’t eat enough green veggies! Agreed?! THAT is why you have all these diseases…and when the SHTF, you’d better have plenty of green foods to supplement your MREs and pathetic canned goods…or you will just hurt more. So I encourage you to add real-food dehydrated products to your pantry to blend it for some actual Nutrition (what a concept) because survive is one thing, but Thrive is another…I personally have jugs of vegetarian “protein powders” that mix well with water. I recommend Orgain brand when it’s on sale at Costco. Also, lots of barley grass and alfalfa tablets.

There are no easy answers or quick-fixes to chronic pain (and acute pain is there for an obvious reason: gunshot, cut, bite, fall, a broken bone, or sting and should be treated by a professional) but please re-read the three previous articles about Forgiving the body, forgiving yourself for hurting it, and repeating the forgiveness number 116 979 458 while breathing and praying over the area (couldn’t hurt, right?) and visualize the injury beginning to heal properly and completely. Because freaking out, screaming in agony, and poking at it over and over only makes it worse! Try not to get your heart pumping and your adrenaline surging. Stay calm and focus on being thankful it’s over, that it wasn’t worse, and learning the lesson of the moment. That is: TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY and LOVE IT.

I hope these added tidbits make sense and will help you in the present and future. Bad stuff and pain are inevitable, but suffering is optional and God gave us a brain to think with…and the physical body DOES know how to heal cuts, scrapes. and broken bones, so have faith that you are not “broken” and that it is always trying to heal itself (unless it’s stuck in Overwhelm Stress-mode), which is where I began with the first article in this series. Be well, Patriots. God doesn’t make junk.

Let me leave you with my office motto: Surprisingly Gentle, Amazingly Effective.