Hands-On Healing – Part 3, by Dr. Derek King, DC

(Continued from Part 2.)

So, back to memories…if something happened a second ago, it’s a memory. Gone, over. And it can be good, bad or neutral; yet it was recorded into the mind and it will be stored permanently on your brain’s hard drive tonight when you sleep (healing takes place mostly at night while you are sleeping). So if it was a bad experience, you will want to “neutralize it” and make peace with what happened and how you reacted before you sleep that night. Have someone cup your head while you go through the following “Forgiveness Steps” quietly to yourself before you retire. If you’re amped up, it will be easy to forget…then it gets recorded (with adrenaline and negative emotions) into your RAM (like hitting the SAVE button on your PC) and then it will take professional care and more advanced work to make peace and forgive that memory.

Yes, my patients have called what I do, “Forgiving my memories”. That is an accurate description of what I am teaching you here. Does that make sense? Deal with it today and it goes into your memory detached; or go to bed angry or upset and wake up with it running the show in Fight or Fight stress-mode (and adding on top of previously recorded similar stress scenarios in a common folder)! That is what Scripture means by not letting the sun go down on your wrath (or worry, or disappointment, or doubt).

My best mentor Dr. M.T. Morter, Jr., BS, DC came up with the following Six Steps of Forgiveness and now that he has passed away, I would love to share them with the world, beginning with you today dear reader:

1. Forgive the other person that you think caused the harm- You can do it silently to yourself (in a “religious sense” or a non-religious way). Just do it sincerely and mean it. “I forgive him/ her/ them for whatever they did to me. I choose to cancel the debt and release them, even if they didn’t apologize”. You don’t have to like it, condone it, erase it or understand it! It is over, so deal with it and then surrender it. No revenge or trying to get even (it’s not worth it).

2. Ask for forgiveness from them if you helped cause the trauma or hurt in any way. This would include asking God Almighty for His forgiveness for any part you played in the scenario. “Please forgive me. I am sorry for any harm or bad I have caused.”

3. Forgive yourself for any harm you did to your body, soul or Spirit because of your negative reactions or emotional words spoken in strife. “Body, I forgive myself for harming you in any way by my bad choices or actions.” Then “go forth and sin no more.”

4. Learn the lesson of the moment. Everything happens for a reason, even if it is terrible at the time; therefore, when you actually learn from the past, you can become stronger, smarter, wiser and you may/ will not have to go through a similar experience again. “Life is a school where you get the tests first and the lessons afterwards.”

5. See the good coming out of every bad situation. Yes, even car accidents, deaths and losses. It is Over, so what Good can you focus on? I did not say you had to like it or approve. I am not saying you ignore the pain or hurt or abuse or trauma…I’m saying be thankful you survived. Be thankful it’s over with or be grateful it wasn’t worse. Learn to react better for next time and maybe God will reward you by not allowing a next time. And finally, if you didn’t like how someone treated you…don’t you ever treat someone else like that. That can be the good that comes out of a horrible catastrophe is you learn empathy and compassion. Repent means to turn a 180*

6. Wish the other person/ people well. Do not harbor ill-will and seek revenge (again, it’s not worth it). That would make ACID in your gut and endanger your well-being. “Vengeance is mine saying the LORD.” So, turn the other cheek and go the extra mile by “taking the high road and praying for your enemies. Pray for those who persecute you and spitefully abuse you” and you will become a better person for it! And, in the end (heaven) that is all that really matters anyway (“Well done good and faithful servant.”)

Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “I’m glad God didn’t say we had to like our enemies.”

And another said, “Not forgiving sometimes is like you drinking poison and hoping that they die from it.”

My teacher Dr. Morter got many miracles on his table and at his seminars by asking patients this important question, “What in your life do you wish hadn’t happened?” The answers are what you probably are still harboring and need to work through. Regrets, Guilts and Remorses linger.

The name of my practice is Finding the Cause Chiropractic and that is our goal- to discover what originally CAUSED your brain to “freak out” and re-boot from Healing Mode into Stress Mode. If you are reading this, you can guess some of the possible problems that may occur that would fit this description! War, financial collapse, invasions, power outages, famines, plagues, divorces, deaths, suicides, floods, fires, martial law, roving bands of gangs…or even missing The Rapture.

Warning, tears will come! Let them flow… it is a healthy response for a short while. Note: Do not talk about rapes, addictions or being abused as a child, but cry and release the old wounds before it causes cancer! Human tears can either be cleansing…or poisoning!

So it’s good to have these tips and tools ready for “the end of the world as you knew it” because it could happen at any time in a myriad of ways. Tomorrow I will teach you more methods and information to add to your “prepper tool box” that will prove invaluable in these End Times.I certainly hope you are enjoying this unique topic and are learning some new, interesting ideas. I could keep on writing for days…and I have in the past; moreover, this is my specialty and forte so I wish to give as much away as I possibly can. Why? Because the world is evil…and the remnants and masses will be hurting and panicking! Please become mentally prepared to aid those near you with simple, non-force, hands-on methods that are beneficial to each and every person on this huge planet. Be willing to touch someone in Faith for their Highest Good and God will Bless both of you. You cannot hurt anyone if you do it properly and from a servant‘s heart.

In proofreading these articles I have realized the weight of this subject matter! I have fed you with a firehose already…and I have lots more to come. It took me 30 plus years to “own“ this philosophy and I am bombarding you with it all in a few days …I don’t apologize though because it is my life’s mission to Teach all that I can reach, so let’s move on. Go back and digest it slowly later on.

I would like to now cover the healing benefits of color. First, it is free. Second, God made bright colors of different frequencies that resonate with different areas of the human body. Remember ROY G BIP- RED helps the base of your spine. The tailbone, legs and lower pelvis can be aided by the strong, positive color Red (not angry, bloody or irritated red, but passionate, loving Valentine’s day Red).

ORANGE helps the upper pelvis, sacrum, lower abdomen and colon. Whether you wear orange clothing, sleep on orange sheets or visualize that bright color it can help soothe that region.

YELLOW is for your solar plexus. That is above your belly button where your intestines reside. Otherwise known as your gut, it’s where you get your gut hunches (positive) or butterflies when you’re nervous (negative). Eat yellow foods like bananas, pineapple, lemons and focus on the warm sunshine to benefit your belly and digestion. And the misnomer of “yellow-bellied” meaning coward can be reversed into courage and GUTS there.

GREEN is a vital color for your heart and lungs. Green forest, green plants and green vegetables are paramount! Help heal your “broken heart“ by getting into nature, going for a walk and appreciating the trees and flowers, or sitting under an old tree and reading a great book. “Grounding“ is helpful here also (more on that later).

BLUE is best for your voice, throat and thyroid gland. Blue shirt, scarf or cooling water will help soothe a sore throat or give you a stronger Voice to say what you mean and mean what you say. It is also the center for your Will (willpower and encouragement). Use it properly and wisely.

INDIGO (dark blue/ violet) is for your forehead and between your eyes. Not to get too weird with the “third eye”…but it helps your pituitary and hypothalamus glands and can aid your body clock and pineal gland also.

Finally, PURPLE- it is the highest frequency individual color for your head and Spirit. Technically it’s called your crown chakra and it extended up above your head also, but let’s keep it simple saying it may help headaches and jaw-clenching. It is the Royal Regal color of kings and should be respected. Quality Lavender oils on the temples and smelled as aromatherapy is wonderful. Buy some good stuff today Before you need it! Spend some money and get the quality stuff, avoid the cheaper lavendin.

There is waaaaaay more to color therapy than aforementioned, but if you have never heard this before, consider it for future study and remedy just in case…

We have covered Cupping the head with the hands, right hand on top and left hand underneath, how forgiving the past can save your life and re-boot your brain and emotions back into Healing Mode after a trauma, how holding your breath while focusing can help “overwhelm your overwhelm” because your body wants to survive and will make you breathe. You have learned the basics about positive color therapy, and you are becoming aware of the philosophies of Holistic chiropractic. Go back to the previous articles if you missed them before continuing here. Now, let’s finish up with discussing how the body, soul and Spirit interact and can be balanced.

Put up your first three fingers on your left hand. Please actually do this because it’s a visual demo. Label your index finger “Body”, your middle finger “SOUL” and your ring finger as “SPIRIT”. God made a wonderful body, an amazing machine that can recharge and heal itself; but it doesn’t think. Next, God is Ultimate Spirit…eternal, perfect and creative…you don’t mess with the all-knowing Spirit that is our Breath of Life. The third part is the soul. That includes our emotions, will, judgments, desires, feelings and urges. The problems occur when the body and soul link up with “stress”, lusts and addictions- call that our “sin-nature” fleshly old man selfish self sometimes. (Put your first two fingers together to represent that symbolically). What we want is our soul and our Spirit to align as our ideal Higher Self. When you put those two fingers (middle and ring) next to each other, notice how the index finger is not involved. That represents our highest good working in conjunction without negativity affecting our physical bodies. That is what I do with this work!

I show people, with kinesiology muscle testing that when your thoughts, stressors, anxieties, fears, worries and frustrations cloud your mind and soul, it then drags down your body. However, when you forgive those and leave them in the past, it updates the programs and reconnects you back with the God-Power that created you from two cells in the first place and it will not dis-ease your physical being. There are way more advanced methods to do this quickly and completely; however, you must be a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic or a certified practitioner to utilize these fully. I am just giving you a dab to give you Hope that healing is possible even from the nasty chronic degenerative diseases that medicine, surgery and chemotherapy say there is no hope for. Whoa! Go back and read that whole paragraph again…

Grounding or “earthing” is when you take your shoes off and walk on the dirt. Go to the beach and walk in the sand, or go squat in the grass under a tree and read a good book. This will recharge you in 15-30 minutes with negative ions (the good guys) and re-connect you to Earth because shoes, carpeting, indoors and sleeping on beds and in upper floors has disconnected us from touching the ground. I sleep on a grounding blanket and there are several pads available that benefit your human energy field in this approach. Maybe check out Earthing.com

Let us wrap up with some pertinent ideas regarding prepping and healing. You need to think hard and long about what will happen when the crap goes down! Yes, read the excellent articles on canning, shooting, silver stacking, water treatment, gardening and solar energy generation, absolutely. Moreover, include studies on essential oils, great natural vitamins, dutch oven cooking, first aid and self-sufficiency because the government won’t be there to provide for you! You know that deep in your guts; so take so time to learn from psychology books, yoga instructors, and of course the Bible (#1).

In addition to the Holy Bible with its Psalms and Proverbs, let me suggest several other powerful learning tools that I utilize in my practice: The magnificent book Power vs Force by Dr. David Hawkins that describes human nature, it’s calibration and how to do muscle testing to determine Truths from lies. May I also recommend the book that helped wake me up and change my life called The Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman. There are also laymen books on Applied Kinesiology by Dr. John Thie called Touch for Health. And the book that started it all (a hard-to-find paperback by Dr. John Diamond) called Your Body Doesn’t Lie. Next is a cool book by by Karol Truman entitled Feelings…Buried Alive Never Die. This book has a list of 800 emotions and almost every dis-ease known and how they correlate. It also contains a forgiveness script similar to, and using the concepts written about above.

There is plenty of information available out there for the serious student. “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” I hope I was able to pique your interest, from an unlikely source (a preparedness blog on this stellar website), to delve into using your hands for one of the amazing things God created them for- helping another person alleviate their grief. And using the power of the mind to focus on What you WANT instead of what you Don’t want. Affirmations can help in addition to the Scriptural principles of Forgiveness and releasing old hurts (because they don’t serve you…plus, there will be more stress coming and you don’t want to add them to the already heavy pile in you brain and soul)!

(To be concluded tomorrow, in Part 4.)