Hands-On Healing – Part 2, by Dr. Derek King, DC

(Continued from Part 1.)

Alright, you’ve made it this far so I am going to give you your first simple gold nugget to help facilitate healing in another human being: Right hand on Top, Left hand Underneath.

“What does that mean, Doc?”

I am so glad you asked. The human hands have polarity. They are not neutral. They can be used as magnets to influence the energy field of others. The energetic aura surrounds our being and extends beyond our physical bodies. Trust me, there have been lots of scientific research studies to document, film, and prove this (it’s not some New Age woo-woo) and you actually experience it every day whether you are aware of it or not. When somebody gets too close to you  — within 2 feet, (not the “social distancing” 6 feet nonsense) — you can feel it. They have “invaded your space” if you don’t know them well or you didn’t invite them closer…you can just tell that they are encroaching upon your personal zone. It feels uncomfortable or even a little creepy when it happens nose to nose, or even when they sneak up from behind and you sense their presence; and it may even zap your energy field a bit (especially if they are a negative person) and you feel the immediate need to move away. An extra foot or two may be all it takes to regain your composure and feel comfortable again. That is your personal energy field reacting to theirs and communicating with your spirit to find your safe-space and protect your individualism. Trust it. That awareness processes information at two billion signals per second to your subconscious nervous system and even down to your gut and soul for survival! Never, never ignore your gut hunches and ignore its signals of safety warnings and goose-bumps that are trying to warn you to get to safe distance.

Anyway, the hands emanate this energy very strongly (picture your hands as two large magnets) and they can influence other positively or negatively depending on how you use them. The proper way (according to science and the SQuID machine) is to place the other person face up on a bed, table, or floor and for you (the practitioner) to gently place (after obtaining their permission) your left hand under the base of their skull and your right hand on their forehead. Boom. That’s the basics of it. Just always do it correctly! Do not reverse it purposely or you will zap them and it could even harm you. Think of your hands like a compass where the top is magnetic North. When they are face-up the top is facing North. The back of their head is down towards the earth and that is South. Up North and Down South. The next remembrance tool is Southpaw. A left-handed boxer or pitcher is called a Southpaw. Left hand South, down under South. And therefore, the upper hand is always up North for the best conductivity of Nature’s healing energy. And their body part is cradled in between. Similar for pets, whether they are prone or standing up

Then, while you are doing this “Laying on of Hands” have the proper Intention! You are affecting someone’s body, soul, Spirit, and field so take it seriously, please. Love them! Pray for them. Focus on them. Become one with them for a few precious seconds up to a minute or two. There is no right or wrong way to accomplish this…just do it. Do it unselfishly and generously and you Both will benefit. I talk with my patients about forgiveness. While they are on my table, I facilitate their releasing of old memories and traumas. These happenings are over with and cannot be changed…so forgive them and make Peace with what happened. I walk them through a step-by-step process of dealing with it because you can’t ignore it happened and you cannot erase it or delete it. While your hands are on their head it speeds up the process and encourages it it happen quicker and more completely.

Another “patented” procedure is to have them hold their breath while this is occurring. Something amazing takes place in your/their subconscious nervous system while they are running out of air whilst focusing on forgiving the past and releasing old hurts! This method has been around for 45 years and it works every time. Have the person recall and then focus on a negative feeling or hurtful memory (in kinesiology muscle testing an indicator muscle will go weak on strength testing) and then cup their head in your hands properly and ask them to take in a big deep breath and hold it as long as they can. Then instruct them to focus on the feelings of forgiveness, understanding, and Love while they run out of air…then let out their breath and release the old hurts and stress that that situation or person caused them…more on this method and more specifics in the next article.

But if this was all you did for your spouse, kids, loved ones, and friends, it would be very valuable and worth the effort! The laying on of hands has been around for millenniums and used all over the world by ancient peoples in a variety of ways. This is the simplest and the best approach. I will continue elaborating tomorrow with more details and techniques you can learn and teach others to use for a hands-on approach to true Health Care even in the most dire and stressful circumstances in our world’s future.

This Hands-On Healing approach for a future time with no power, no doctors, no clinics open, and maybe no painkillers or prescription drugs…

Now, of course, this won’t work for gunshot wounds, poisonings, rattlesnake bites, and amputations- don’t be naive and don’t make fun of my attempt to educate and help. Be very realistic about what I am explaining and offering here… a gentle, non-force specific technique or two that could bring some mental relief and balance to someone emotionally distraught in a time of strife, darkness, depression, or anguish.

The human mind is powerful. Even the placebo effect does help if you present it confidently and they believe and recall it well; but that is not really what I am offering here. For those who want to help themselves, there is hope and success. You cannot “fix someone“ and they are not “broken” so this is just a specific nudge in the right direction to take some of the edge off an anxiety-riddled situation. You also may feel more comfortable getting a massage therapy license in your state before you touch others (and then you can also get paid for your services). You are not trying to play psychiatrist, either.

Next, you are not “giving them your energy” and you are not “taking away their bad energy or juju” Period! That is not what the goal is. It is to balance the two halves of the human brain and help bring some semblance to a stressed-out loved one or child (it works on newborns to age 100 and in every language, of every religion and skin color). As a Christian and as a doctor of chiropractic, I don’t want to get weird or scare anyone away…I’m just “following the science” and the Word.

Our nervous system relies primarily on memories. What do I mean by that? Well, you don’t have to learn how to walk every day…or talk, or tie your shoes. You were not born knowing how to accomplish these tasks; however, once you‘ve practiced and mastered them you can do them without thought or focus. So, our magnificent body does things daily without thinking, like digesting your breakfast, making 50,000 new red blood cells each second, and making just the right amount of adrenaline, insulin, and thyroxin hormones. Thank God you don’t have to remember to do these things millisecond by millisecond! Most of what you do today, you also did yesterday, and the day before. That is, until some big change happens!

Fight, Flight, Fright, or Freeze

This causes one (or more) of four responses: You know the first two as Fight or Flight. Yet I will add two more F’s, Fright and Freeze. When a gunshot goes off close to you, you will Freeze, Fright, Flight OR Fight. The choice is partly up to you and partly a reaction of your hard-wired sympathetic nervous (autonomic automatic part) that kicks in instantly for Survival mode. But this can also throw a wrench in your gears and re-program the systems for better or worse. “Better“ is a quicker, sharper response and alertness for next time; “worse” can lead to jumpiness, anxiety, and PTSD. The methods I am describing will help to re-balance and calm the brain (the para-sympathetic part that does homeostasis) so that it won’t overdo it unnecessarily and get into exhaustion! Holding of the breath helps to re-boot this system under an “artificial short-term stress”.

There is an appropriate response to each situation…and then there is a hypersensitive and over-the-top FEAR (False Evidences Appearing Real) mode that leads to disease by running overtime and pumping adrenaline into your veins 24/7/365 which will eventually crash your whole system. Example: this bogus Covid-19 lockdown that bankrupted thousands, depressed millions, and scared billions. Yet the patients I treat have weathered the storm surprisingly well and stay balanced and hopeful.

It takes work, however. And commitment, and cost, and willingness. So help each other.

(To be continued tomorrow, in Part 3.)