Hands-On Healing – Part 1, by Dr. Derek King, DC

In this four-part article, I will describe some gentle hands-on healing and mental/emotional trauma-release techniques that you can use on your loved ones.

When the SHTF, the most important issues, long-term, will be: How do you handle your stress?

As a practicing Holistic Chiropractor in private practice for the past 32 years, I have learned many techniques and methods; a few of which can be utilized by you. No, you cannot call yourself a chiropractor and no, you cannot be adjusting vertebrae without a license…so let’s not even go there. However, do you know what the original meaning of the word is? Chiro is the Greek word for “hands” and practor means “to make, or fix, or practice.” So it actually means “to fix with the hands”. Can you do that? Yes, you can…if you learn about the laying on of hands properly and master using the greatest three tools Almighty God ever created: the human brain and the human hands!

In this article, I am going to share with you some amazing principles and touch techniques that a layman can have in his or her toolbox that may help a stressed-out loved one to survive the chaos and disorder that will happen when society as we know it (TEOTWAWKI) begins to break down and the “new normal” seems unbearable. Just a few helpful balancing methods along with better nutrition, clean water, a safe shelter, a loving family, and a support network can make all the difference in your little world and sphere of influence.

So please take this information to heart, study and practice it yourself, and then print it out on real paper (before the power goes out) because you will not hear it or find it anywhere else. These practices are only taught (mostly to doctors) at expensive seminars and training sessions that will be long gone by the time they are desperately needed by the hurting and diseased masses! You who read this blog and its excellent blog posts are way ahead of the curve when it comes to preparedness and planning ahead, so I trust you will take this info seriously and treat it with the respect it deserves.

I am truly going out on a limb here because I believe the time is short and that more caregivers, moms and compassionate people can learn these and use them in their homes, farms, and communities to aid the suffering that will undoubtedly occur sooner than we all think or hope. And a couple of them can even be used on your pets and animals.

Our brains, our hands, and our amazing nervous systems are just about the most incredible tools on this planet…so let’s learn how to take better care of them and then use them wisely. Most people take them for granted…as long as they don’t hurt and as long as no major dysfunction or disease hits… Wrong attitude! Be in awe of their magnificent design and creation, daily.

Give Thanks

First suggestion: even in times of stress, Give Thanks. Seriously. Stop right now and say a small prayer of thanksgiving and appreciation for you well-functioning body. Even if it’s not young and perfect (it never will be again) say “Thank you God for my glorious health, my healthy vision and hearing. Thank you so much for my two functioning legs and arms. Bless my healthy pancreas,” (and then go research the two main functions of your pancreas and how you can support its enzyme production and not overtax its insulin load). “Thank you for my regenerating liver.” (It has 500 different functions and it can re-grow itself even when half of it is cut out).

Appreciate your 100+ balanced hormones and your salivary amylase and lacrimal tear production that takes place every second of your life, even if you don’t realize it or know what that is…  You’d be dead without them. Practice those type of affirmations often, and I mean very often…when you aren’t thinking about anything specific, recite those healing mantras to yourself quietly and, believe me, your subconscious will respond well. Focus on what you want and your loving body will respond by resonating with higher frequency vibrations and help create more healthy tissues…instead of griping and complaining about getting older and your current aches and pains. Cortisol OR dopamine…it’s up to you which powerful hormones your help create each second.

Whether you call it the Law of Attraction, As you sow so shall you reap, or what you think about you bring about, it works. Meditate on what you want and you help create it within yourself. Aristotle said, “The soul only thinks in pictures and feelings,” so put these requests and prayers in with vivid imaginations and deep feelings so that they resonate with the Innate Intelligence that built you from two cells into 100,000,000,000,000 (One Hundred Trillion is the current guesstimate for the average adult human being cell count)! “Prayer with thankfulness as if it’s already been received.”

OR, (if you don’t prepare ahead of time) you can wallow in your misery in the dark because the power has gone out and you don’t have any money to go to the doctor (their office is closed anyway) and your feet hurt too much to walk to the store (because your car is out of gas and you might get shot on the way)…

Seriously, what are you going to do for healthcare in TEOTWAWKI? We must realize that the cavalry is not coming, and your ObamaCare policy is not active, and everyone will be hunkered down protecting their own asses …so you are on your own to help relieve some of the suffering in your family; moreover, you can learn these few simple techniques and maybe become a valuable part of your little community in a time of great need. Being willing to learn, grow, practice, and then put your hands on someone’s head may be the difference between a migraine headache and a good night’s sleep for you or someone you care about.

I trust that I have made my point sufficiently for the need of some stress-reducing methods for each household to have in its proverbial toolbox. But if you don’t take it serious and learn it now (or print out this article) before the EMP or CME, you will be SOL when the SHTF — and I am not LOL.

Back to the mission of this article. You are allowed to touch people. Covid be damned, humans are allowed to hug, shake hands, get close, and even treat each other no matter what the circumstances! So start now. As states are beginning to “open up” from the Draconian lockdowns (which weren’t necessary or legal or helpful…don’t even get me started on that subject…) you do not need permission from your governor, government or even your mayor to learn to help yourself in a possible future need. Do it rightly now because you can. While you still can before Big Brother swoops in and rounds up folks like you and me and wants you to get on the buses “for your own protection” and shuttle off to some FEMA place unknown (although you can use these treatments in there too and you’ll be the inmate hero).

Enough on the negative…life goes on. It always will. It is absolutely amazing what humans have gotten themselves out of in the past and the miracles that have occurred when one person rises up with bravery and proper information. And it is likewise incredible what a mess humans have gotten themselves into over the millennia due to bad choices, lack of wisdom, and stupid advice…don’t be one of the latter. Get a folder, journal or binder (paper, not computer) and start writing down great ideas just in case. And learning the workings of your mind, immune system, good nutrition and gentle stress-reduction methods will be paramount.


I will boil it down to this simple acronym: START NEW

Fresh Air
Trust in God

These are the basics, and I don’t believe I have to elaborate very much on these items. Suffice it to say, make wise choices in these categories and spend money Now to shore up any missing or lacking areas in your own life and arsenal currently. Better sooner than later, and better more than less, and better quality than junk. They are not in order IMHO and there are certainly more necessities (a bunker and guns come to mind) but it’s a cute mnemonic to help you recall these vital areas of focus for life!

(To be continued tomorrow, in Part 2.)