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This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. (Idaho, Montana, eastern Oregon, eastern Washington, and Wyoming.) Much of the region is also more commonly known as The Inland Northwest. We also mention companies of interest to preppers and survivalists that are located in the American Redoubt region. Today, a special edition of the column with a round-up of publishing companies in the American Redoubt.


Many SurvivalBlog readers are already familiar with Backeddy Books, in Boise. I highly recommend their books The Last Of The Mountain Men and Idaho For The Curious. From their web site:  “Established in 1976, Backeddy Books is a small regional publisher printing nonfiction titles, largely about Idaho, and for 36 years was located in Cambridge, a town in western Idaho that serves as gatepost to Hells Canyon. The business has moved downstream to Boise.”

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Canon Press. “Publisher of Christian fiction and non-fiction for adults, homeschooling and educational resources, and more. Canon Press is one of the literature ministries of Christ Church, Moscow, Idaho.”

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Keokee Books in Sandpoint specializes in wilderness and fishing guidebooks.


Stoneydale Press in Stevensville, Montana is a great small press. It was founded by the late Dale Burk, a 1976 Nieman Fellow. He was an avid conservative both in politics and land use. Burk’s first publications featured hunting and fishing in Montana. He later branched out to publish biographies and local history. His daughter, Rachel, has taken over the business.

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Riverbend Publishing in Helena produces “history, cookbooks, literature, and books on Yellowstone and Glacier national parks. We distribute wildflower guides, photo books, and poetry for other local publishers.”

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Beartooth Publishing publishes “topographic trail maps and trail guides designed for outdoors addicts.”

Farcountry Press in Helena specializes in photography books, childrens’ book series, and regional history books.

Central & Eastern Oregon

Black Lyon Publishing, in Baker City is “a small, independent publishing house operating in the beautiful state of Oregon. Our products are 100% American made. Our authors are 100% amazing. Established in January of 2007, we are a royalty-paying, Romance Writers of America-recognized publisher.”

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Wormwood Press in Bend specializes in books on archeology.

Central & Eastern Washington

Scablands Books is based in Spokane. From their website:

“Founded by fiction writer Sharma Shields, Scablands Books is an author-driven boutique press based in Spokane, Washington. Scablands Books aims to publish strange, smart, innovative writing, with an emphasis on writers from the Inland Northwest, including Eastern Washington, Eastern Oregon, Idaho, and Western Montana. The titles published here reflect the uncanny and unique landscape of the Channeled Scablands region.”

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Latah Books is a small publisher in Spokane with some unusual titles.


From a blog reader, I heard about a small publishing company in Glendo, Wyoming that produces some interesting books: High Plains Press. Their specialties:  “Wyoming and the West: history, outlaws and lawmen, women, poetry, memoirs, and other perspectives of the West.”

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The Narrative Press in Torrington publishes only true, first-person accounts of historical adventure and exploration. These high-quality paperbacks are first-hand writings by the explorers, mountain men, prospectors, scientists, spies, pioneers, lawmen, and fortune hunters themselves.

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Open Space Publications in Casper is “a small, family-operated independent press based in Casper, Wyoming. We’ve operated since 2003. We specialize in publishing recreation guidebooks for the great outdoors – starting in Wyoming and working on other Rocky Mountain states.”

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Homestead Publishing of Moose, Wyoming produces “a wide range of interest that include; works of fiction by best-selling authors like Warren Adler, biographies by award winning authors like Margaret Sanborn, award winning photography, history, art, guide books, hiking & trail guides, maps, natural history, field journals, children’s and Native American to our selection of notecards, postcard books, posters, prints and bookplates.”

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Western Sporting Publications in Sheridan produces books on Falconry.

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