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This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. (Idaho, Montana, eastern Oregon, eastern Washington, and Wyoming.) Much of the region is also more commonly known as The Inland Northwest. We also mention companies of interest to preppers and survivalists that are located in the American Redoubt region. Today, we have a lot of winter weather news for the region.


First up, over at Redoubt News: Dam Removal Plan Would Devastate Agriculture

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Frigid temperatures cloak the Inland Northwest

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Regional Snow Analyses: Northern Rockies


Here is a newly-listed retreat that I’ve personally visited and I really liked: Idaho Redoubt Clearwater Riverfront Property.

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Idaho State House approves bill to hold gold as inflation, risk hedge. Here is an excerpt:

“Thursday, Idaho State House approved a bill that enables the State Treasurer to protect state reserve funds from inflation and financial risk by holding physical gold and silver.

House Bill 7, the Idaho Sound Money Reserves bill, found overwhelming support in the House, passing by a 51-19 vote. The bill will now head to the Idaho Senate for a hearing, which is expected to start as early as next week.

According to the bill, the proposed legislation would permit – but not require – the State Treasurer to hold some portion of state funds in physical gold and silver to help secure state assets against the risks of inflation and financial turmoil and/or to achieve capital gains as measured in Federal Reserve Notes.

The legislation was introduced by Rep Ron Nate (R-Rexburg) and Senator Steve Vick (R-Dalton Gardens)….”

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Lori Isenberg murder trial set to begin in June 2021


Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte Lifts Statewide Mask Mandate

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Anaconda’s economic outlook: ‘Right now it’s absolutely booming’

Central & Eastern Oregon

Two women rescued after their vehicle gets stuck in eastern Oregon. The news story begins:

“Two women who got stuck on a Forest Service road while driving from Emmett, Idaho to Enterprise, Oregon on Wednesday have been rescued.

According to a post on the Baker County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page, a search and rescue team was deployed early Thursday morning after dispatchers were notified by relatives that the women were overdue. They were believed to be in the area of Halfway, Oregon.”

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In search of a humongous fungus

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Oregon Republicans urge transparent, nonpartisan approach to redistricting.

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Peaceful surrender ends 3-hour standoff with fugitive south of downtown Bend

Central & Eastern Washington

Kennewick Police called to 45 crashes since Friday, saying the number is “low”

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Suspect carjacks 16-year-old girl 20 minutes after being released from Spokane jail.

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All Washington Counties Can Advance To Phase 2 Reopening As State Fixes Hospital Data


Wyoming coal mine in Powder River Basin will stop operations

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Cheney says she won’t quit the House after Wyoming censure

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  1. this is something I ran across earlier this morning, you might want to look up the name of Capt. Paris Davis USA special forces. It’s interesting, informative, and maybe ( ? ) a little inspirational ( ? ). Just a thought

    1. I appreciate that, alfie.

      When black people talks about covert racism, I tend to be skeptical. This looks pretty cut and dried. All it takes is one person to derail the paperwork.

      I would have been eager to have Capt. Paris Davis as my commanding officer.

      Carry on

  2. Halfway, Oregon and Hell’s Canyon, and Forest Service Road 39:

    With our ever-changing bunch of friendly dual-sport fanatics/lunatics slideways aficionados, I ride Oregon’s scenic byways on my ancient BMW.
    In Autumn, Forest Service Road 39 is magnificent on two wheels… dodging inquisitive boulders and playing ‘tag’ with elk and bear.
    Some folk blast the fifty miles of 3,000′-to-6,000′-to-2,500′ in one day, we try really hard to take a week…
    In Oregon, motorcycle shops usually have maps of Oregon motorcycle rides.
    These maps include which direction for the best fun/views, eats and fuel stops, and camp spots.
    As the stranded travelers report shows, nobody in their right mind drives an isolated Oregon mountain road — closed in winter with a dozen feet of snow, and not maintained nor patrolled.

    We volunteer with other Search Rescue teams… nincompoops doing nincompoopery are major time-wasters and generally otherwise hard on equipment and patience.
    ‘Nobody in their right mind’ intentionally seeks isolation, silence, remoteness, no humans in earshot for miles… and the strong likelihood of getting invited to supper by cougar.
    I do, and that should tell you something about my qualifications to play nice with city-folk.

    1. LargeMarge ” I ride Oregon’s scenic byways on my ancient BMW.”

      I ride a1968 R60/2 I have had for 41 years. I figure the old thing is EMP proof. I know it’s bullet proof.I love it. What’s yours?

    2. Oh, Large Marge, you are my kind of woman.

      ‘Nobody in their right mind’ intentionally seeks isolation, silence, remoteness, no humans in earshot for miles… and the strong likelihood of getting invited to supper by cougar.
      I do, and that should tell you something about my qualifications to play nice with city-folk.

      Yeah, playing nice with city-folk is to be used only when necessary.

      Carry on

  3. The Idaho precious metal bill concept is solid. However, implementation of any such program by the government would be dicey to say the least.

    I can see it now (from past experiences):

    Ok, let’s go. We had better hire a metals buyer instead of someone in private industry. The senator’s second cousin would be a good choice. Now we need a secure facility with staff (political, of course, except for the grunt work) facility maintenance, salaries, medical and retirement benefits.

    Initially, security will be high with inventory procedures and accountability. Slowly that will change similar to how the the U.S. government operates today.

    I can imagine it in the future: ‘I woulda sworn we had fifty gold bars, not 49’. Now we need an investigation. I know ten people that we can hire for that. We’ll meet in Honolulu in January to discuss it.

    Sorry. When it comes to government I have a bad attitude. It developed over time.

  4. Look at the rhetoric that is coming out of Israel today concerning getting vaccinated from Netanyahu:

    This is the video in Hebrew:

    And here is the translation from the Hebrew summary located below the video in English from Google Translate. Remember Google doesn’t always translate the words correctly. For example the word “Evacuate” found in the text below, in Hebrew is “leefnote”/ לפנות. It can also mean: evacuate, clear away remove, make way, vacate, clear, evict…In other words, maybe it is alluding to quarantine-ing, though, they definitely have another word for that.

    A further explanation: The word leefnote by itself means “to turn”. In the text below it is coupled with the word “mecahn” which means “from here”. Together the words “to turn from here” are being translated by google to mean “to evacuate.”

    The video is celebrating the 4 millionth person to be vaccinated in Israel.

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Health Minister Yuli Edelstein met today with the 4 million vaccinated in Israel, at the vaccination complex of the National Health Insurance Fund in Jerusalem.

    The visit was also attended by the Mayor of Jerusalem, Moshe Leon, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Leumit Health Insurance Fund, Yaakov Edri, and the CEO of Leumit Health Insurance Fund, Haim Fernandez.

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu:

    “I want to evacuate from here to 570,000 people over the age of 50 who have not yet been vaccinated. Almost 100% of the dead and seriously ill are concentrated in this group.

    When you are not going to get vaccinated because of this little sting, which has no meaning, at worst these are side effects of discomfort for a few hours – you take on the risk of death and the risk of serious illness with effects that can have lifelong effects.

    The first reason to go and get vaccinated, is the danger of non-immunization which is infinitely greater at greater rates than the small inconvenience of stabbing of immunization.

    The second reason to get vaccinated, is that we are now opening the green passport program. Those who get vaccinated will be able to go and enjoy theater, movies, sports shows, flights abroad, restaurants and more.

    The third reason is even more important: not only are you saving yourself, if you are not going to get vaccinated then many of you will be seriously ill and then you will challenge our hospitals and then we will have to run a new closure.

    So to save your life and allow us all to come back to life, go get vaccinated. Please, do it now and we will get out of the corona, neither in a green passport nor in any passport. We can go out completely if 570,000 people go vaccinated. Go get vaccinated. That’s my message. ”

    Video: Itai Beit-On, GPO
    Sound: Nir Sharaf, GPO

    1. This article shares the balanced views of a medical doctor and includes questions that should be asked about the possible effects of mRNA vaccine technnology. In addition to subsequent exposure “in the wild” and implications of a cytokine storm in any particular patient, there are also questions related to reproductive health. I believe it’s thoughtful and worth reading, although my own thoughts about statistical conclusions related to COVID dangers are somewhat different (and not nearly as optimistic).

      Presented at American Thinker:
      “A Doctor’s View About the New mRNA Vaccines”

    2. More Vaccine news out of Israel for February 16, 2021


      Israel is partnering with Moderna and Pfizer and has a pending agreement to build two vaccine production plants that will turn Israel into a global vaccine manufacturing center for the world.

      This is not Kosher in my view.

      Section at Minutes 11:11- 13:17 Titled “Treaty Needed”

      And this out of Reuters:

      Israel to ease more COVID curbs, launch leisure ‘Green Pass’ on Feb. 21

  5. Thank you Lily for having the courage and goodness to speak out against this toxic “vaccine ” from hell. I am lucky to have a good friend who is an independent, awake doctor. As crazy as I first thought it was, he is telling me the vaccine not only alters your RNA, but even has nanotechnology in it which can be used to communicate with the new 5G towers. This is a great link to a Dr that talks about how horrible the vaccine really is .And I unfortunately agree with you Lily that the goal is to make this death shot mandatory to work, travel, buy, sell or trade. It sure is starting to look similar to the Mark of the Beast talked about in the Bible. Just waiting for the right hand or forehead part. Thanks again Lily for standing up and speaking about this, the more of us who refuse the shot the more time we buy hopefully.

  6. Comprehensive vertical integration of local industries with local ownership and financing is more important than ever. For example, I was traveling through west Texas recently. They grow cotton. It’s time to invest in textile companies and textile products, encouraging people to buy these locally produced products.

    Where I live we grow a lot of wheat, and we have a local flour mill. Other areas should consider it. Then the products that will be exported are wheat finished products which are more valuable than raw material products. Same for all other agricultural products.

    The only way it will work is through local investment. Emphasis on local consumption is important too, so operating on tight profit margins are important to retain local consumers.

    Sell your products in local markets, and buy the products you use from local producers. That creates a more sustainable economy if the big one fails.

  7. Nice to see state governments recognizing the honesty, value and Constitutional requirement to hold gold & silver. Inflation was never an issue when we used precious metals as money the way our Founders demanded.

    1. It’s good to be aware of crazy statements like these in the W-Times article about Bill Gates and synthetic beef. My view is that this doesn’t have anything to do with climate change. It has to do with control of the food supply — again, just my personal view.

      There is an interesting conversation posted to Mike Adams’ — related in some ways to this subject — between Curtis Stone and Christian Westbrook.


      1. I agree with you, it is all about control of the food supply! But there is a climate change occurring, the Grand Solar Minimum. We will really see it in the next two years. By the Way, the report, I am seeing is that this deep arctic cold front just damaged 45% of this coming summer’s wheat crop… Not good!

        1. A good point, Avalanche Lily, and I should have stipulated the point re: the GSM. Excellent catch, and this is true.

          We encourage everyone to gear up for the cold, and to have protective gear and long-term survival supplies otherwise in place. My thinking is that this will exacerbate (accelerate) control measures.

          Definitely time to pursue every opportunity to decentralize the food supply.

        2. Another follow up thought… We are also concerned about inflationary pressures which are coming from massive digital money printing alongside the risk of crop loss from this winter weather system (and any other adverse weather that might still come our way).

  8. “Dam Removal Plan Would Devastate Agriculture” = The article is worth a quick read to illustrate this idea. =

    1. American agriculture is under attack; just as American manufacturing has been under attack. … The destruction of our country is an ongoing process.
    2. Fish Hatcheries can provide all the ‘baby’ fish a river needs. The problem with fish depletion occurs down at the mouth of a river, and in the ocean. Pollution plays a part in some rivers too.
    Dam Removal Plan Would Devastate Agriculture [Redoubtnews(dot)com. February 11. 2021.

    “Rep. Mike Simpson, R-Idaho, last week floated a $33 billion plan that he believes could help endangered salmon populations. The highlight of Simpson’s proposal calls for the removal of the four lower Snake River dams.

    This marks the first time a member of the PNW congressional delegation has formally raised the prospect of breaching dams.

    The lower four dams on the Snake River produce a significant amount of cheap and environmentally friendly hydroelectric power to the region and are a critical part of a system on the Columbia and Snake rivers that allows wheat farmers, as well as producers of many other commodities, to export their product to the world.

    Removing the dams would make the Columbia-Snake River system unnavigable for barges that move wheat, barley and other products to Portland for export.

    Barging is the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly way of getting wheat from Idaho and other states to market and the Columbia-Snake system is the third largest grain export gateway in the world.”
    We have many choices in our world. One such choice: Are our politicians worried about, A. People B. The Wellness of the Earth C. Fish or, D. Obtaining more money in donations = (Legal, illegal and maybe do nothing jobs for relatives).
    Who is donating all this money to politicians that want to ultimate destroy our economy.
    Destroying food production in the USA causes death overseas. The people in America are very generous. While, Americans are very generous; = they can’t give away what they don’t have. Supply and demand in the US will just cause higher food prices here in the USA. America provides a lot of money and food aid to people starving to death in other countries.

    philanthropyroundtable(dot)org has information about charitable giving in the USA by private individuals and groups. ~Statistics on U.S. Generosity~ Seems to be for 2016.
    There are ‘benevolent billionaires’ giving to their idea of good charities. Unfortunately, it’s taught in our television programs, movies and education systems, that there are TOO MANY PEOPLE in the world. … Many benevolent billionaires and their cronies want fewer people around.

    liveaction(dot)org January 25, 2019

    Bill Gates and Warren Buffett spend billions to control minority populations.

    “The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is the largest private philanthropic foundation in the world and has dedicated itself to funding reproductive control in poor countries where citizens are in need of water, food, and access to basic health care. The foundation supports organizations that focus on encouraging abortion among minorities and disadvantaged women.
    While the Gates family also uses the foundation to provide educational scholarships and fight malaria, Bill Gates has not hesitated to admit population control is his goal.”

    “According to NewsBusters, Buffett, former Berkshire Hathaway Chairman & CEO, has donated enough money to pro-abortion groups to abort the entire population of Chicago. From just 2001 to 2012, his foundation, the Susan Thompson Buffet Foundation, gave more than $1.2 billion to pro-abortion, pro-population control groups.”

    “While Africans are asking for clean water and access to education, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are giving them birth control and abortion. And while minorities in the United States are working for equality, Gates and Buffett are helping to ensure easy access to abortion, which has been devastating to the African-American population. Whether they care to admit it or not, they are personally funding the deaths of millions of people of color.”
    We’re ~all under attack. … There’s a global elite that want ~all of us to be gone (unless you provide a wanted service to the Elites).
    School kids are told the future is in Service Jobs, as in servitude employment.

  9. Just experienced a power outage. The energy producer put out a notice that it was due to increased power usage due to weather. The plant that supplies our electricity was required to complete a final phase out this year from coal to gas, begun in the Obama and Biden administration. Never happened before. I’ve lived here over 40 years. Wondering if this is the new normal?

    1. Hope your power has come back on and all is well.

      The Texas power grid debacle is an example of what I used to consider unintended consequences of well-intentioned regulations. However, I no longer think it was well intentioned or that the consequences are unintended. I believe it is all part of a plan to push the U.S. towards becoming a third-world country where rolling blackouts, food lines, and corrupt politicians are as common as fleas on a stray dog.

      Wait until they do away with gasoline vehicles and force everyone to move to electric cars in 2035. (Thank you, Kalifornia.) Electric demand will increase, causing more frequent rolling blackouts, and electrical costs will skyrocket.

      Did you know that half of the wind power used by Texas was out due to ice on the blades? And of course solar does no good when it is snowy or afterwards when acres of panels are covered with snow. Yet they want more green energy.

      My version of green energy is when we burn logs that haven’t seasoned long enough.

      1. You will then have an electric car that you cannot drive because you cannot afford the electricity to charge it! Everything will be controlled locally. We have charging stations in my community. The lines will be long for the free power they supply! (Of course nothing’s free)

  10. The new norm will be rationing. You’ll be assigned an hour per day to cook, an hour per day to flush and two hours of electric light in the evening to read the government rules and regulations for the next morning’s quiz.

    1. TominAlaska… You may be right.

      From your post: “…two hours of electric light in the evening to read the government rules and regulations for the next morning’s quiz.”

  11. We need an electoral college in each state by county for single seat elections. That will help keep the idiots in the cities at bay. Have to start in the state legislatures to get the election laws passed.

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