The Editors’ Quote of the Day:

“America’s present need is not heroics but healing; not nostrums but normalcy; not revolution but restoration.”  – Warren G. Harding


  1. If all would submit to the power of the gospel, this ideal plan would work. However, the reasonable and logical course is rarely followed. Selfishness and indolence spoil it. “Wisdom is better than weapons of war; but one sinner destroyeth much good.” Sin, unsurrendered, always brings death to individuals and to nations.

  2. My thoughts are led to this… We are constantly being called to “healing” by the Radical Democrat Leftists after they have inflicted some form of suffering and punishment. …and I am “done” with that. I do not support, encourage, or favor personally acts of retribution and revenge. …but I will also not accept the notion that any healing can occur while those who have so wronged our nation reside in positions of power stolen from the people. If “healing” means “acceptance of and submission to those who have committed acts of treason”, my response is: NO THANKS.

    1. Democrats – the party of hypocrisy. I will pray for their salvation but that is about as much unity as they will get from me. A political party that routinely denigrates half or more of the population doesn’t deserve unity. I am a proud “deplorable” and ” cling” to my God.

      1. BWL… Agreed. I also pray for the salvation of these people knowing that God allows u-turns in life. …but I will not submit to a false unity which generally means that Christians and true liberty-loving Conservatives accept, as part of the normal course of life, dismissal, denigration, and worse. It is time to simply say NO — a powerful answer that can be given firmly but with civility.

  3. Let the healing begin? How many times have we heard that? With all due respect, the only way that happens is if the people who have the knives jammed between our ribs have their knives taken away and they go to jail, AND we stop tolerating the next generation of knife-wielders honing their craft against those of us that simply want to be left alone.

    Until then, there can be no healing, because hurting us is what they do. They like it. I’m tired of being cut, stabbed, and sliced apart by the party of tolerance. Not again.

  4. Harding was not a Democrat. Look him up and see what kind of “healing” he practiced.

    Democrats are hardly the only “big promise, backstabbers” in politics.

    Carry on

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