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This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. (Idaho, Montana, eastern Oregon, eastern Washington, and Wyoming.) Much of the region is also more commonly known as The Inland Northwest. We also mention companies of interest to preppers and survivalists that are located in the American Redoubt region. Today, a news story about increasing eagle populations. (See the Wyoming section.)


Idaho Senate Republicans introduce new resolution to cancel Gov. Little’s public health order. JWR’s Comments:  The Old Guard in Boise is trying to brand this as a “power grab”, but what is really transpiring is a return of lawmaking from the state’s executive branch back to the rightful lawmakers.

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Man dies after falling through ice while fishing at Blue Lake in Harrison

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Hearing set for motions to dismiss or change venue in Vallow-Daybell case


Good news! Montana House Passes Bill with Constitutional Carry.

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If Keystone XL pipeline is toast – what are true impacts for Montana?

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The Montana way: Belt community now has a resident Sheriff’s deputy

Central & Eastern Oregon

Mayor of Ontario, Oregon, decides to sue … Ontario

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Central Oregon gun stores struggle to meet demand amid shortages

Central & Eastern Washington

Police respond to group of people attempting to enter stores without masks, investigating possible assault

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Dialed In: Embattled Sheriff Hatcher discusses recall effort & allegations


Powder River Basin midwinter eagle count up from last year

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UW webinar to discuss Biden’s moratorium on federal oil and gas leases

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Avalanche catches 4 skiers Sunday resulting in 1 injury

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  1. Relating to the absurdity that Covid has become is and excellent article about perpetutal lockdowns and mask wearing on the website by Brandon Smith, a great patriot author

    1. Big Mike: Covid has reached its current absurdity status because the general populous can
      not understand the mitigation’s that are necessary to fight germ warfare.

      1. COVID is a tool… no more, no less…
        It was used to panic the population, attack Trump and get Biden elected. It’s a blank check to allow the government to do whatever it wants.

        It will now be used as an excuse for a faltering economy. It won’t be Biden’s fault, he inherited the mess from Trump, ya know! Now we have to triple the debt, kill businesses, raise taxes, expand welfare, transfer billions to new Solyndra projects, issue mountains of executive orders, etc.

        in a word, we gotta keep the crisis going…at all costs.

  2. Keystone is dead! As will be any other pipeline project put forward while we have Trudope up here and Biden down there. BUT, oil will continue to be shipped, especially by rail, which will help deepen the coffers of Warren Buffet.

  3. RE: Gov Little

    Judy Boyle will be in Washington County this Saturday to discuss the mask issue with us and to put a stop to Gov. Little’s powers.

    RE: Ontario OR. Sharing the Boarder with Ontario OR. i can speak with authority on the condition of the city, on one hand there are a few nice clean area’s in town but overall it is an embarrassment, looks like any other major democrat run city in the US trash, filth, drugs,gangs, graffiti, and now with legalized drug sales it’s only going to get worse, and on another note there is a city council member who owns an apartment building and another lot in our town across the river in Idaho and of course he is a slum lord too, rents to druggies broken down vehicles in the lot ETC.

    attached is an item most will find of interest on the scamdemic

  4. Since liberals believe pipeline are so evil and damaging to the environment, I would expect them to shut off all pipelines into their homes. Seems logical doesn’t it? While they are at it, turn off the sewer line exiting their homes as well, since liberals are already full of sh*t!

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