Biden Our Time: Surviving Four Years of Leftist-Democrat Domination

I’ll begin this essay with a headline over at the left-leaning Quartz news outlet: Biden has a $1.9 trillion economic recovery plan—and a path to achieve it.

In some ways, Biden is a lot like Trump. He is willing to vastly expand the debt burden of future generations, in exchange for short-term benefit. Beware. This may just be the beginning of a lot more over-spending.

Former Senator Joe Biden was sworn in on January 20, 2021. Alongside him was the new Vice President, former California Senator Kamala Harris. Comrade Harris has a far left-wing voting history in the Senate. It is frightening to think that she is now President of the Senate, and the tie-breaker on any 50-50 split votes.

You’ve doubtless heard the news reports about Joe Biden’s senile mental lapses. Some of his gaffes, halting speech, and general confusion have become almost legendary. It is all too clear that because of his mental deterioration he is very likely to step down before he serves his full four-year term. At that juncture, we would then have Comrade Harris as our President. Her politics can be pegged on the political spectrum somewhere between those of Vladimir Lenin and Mao Tse Tung.

Even if Joe Biden serves his full term in office, we will surely be confronted with a raft of hard-left Democrat policies. Many of them will come via executive orders. These will very likely include:

  • Amnesty for illegal aliens.
  • Harsh environmental regulations paired with social sanctions.  (The Biden team considers climate change a “racial justice” issue.)
  • A weak, compromised, and vacillating foreign policy that will closely resemble that of the Obama administration.
  • Violations of our Second Amendment rights.
  • Violations of our First Amendment rights including censorship of “unreliable” news outlets.
  • Un-even foreign trade deals. (Read: China wins.)
  • A renewal of Obama’s Iran-appeasing “nuclear deal.”
  • A huge variety of “social justice” schemes.
  • Absurd COVID masking mandates, in cooperation with the CDC.
  • Vaccination mandates, and “Immunization Passports.”
  • Back-stabbing of many of our traditional allies, including Israel, the Philippines, and Taiwan.
  • Punitive tax audits, FBI probes, ATF raids, and EPA fines for anyone identified as a Trump supporter, or conservative Christian, or gun rights advocate.

And, with the cooperation of the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives:

  • Substantially higher taxes.
  • Greater transparency and taxation of cryptocurrency transactions.
  • New priorities for the Federal budget, following the left-Democrat socialist agenda.
  • Congressionally-mandated “reparations” and similar schemes.
Your Biden Administration Survival Plan

My succinct advice for preparedness-minded families to survive the Biden/Harris years is as follows:

  1. Pray hard.
  2. Prepare for higher inflation by investing in productive land and in key tangible items that are compact, durable, fungible, and in perennial demand. If you read our bi-weekly Investing and Economics column, then you’ll know what to do. In addition to modern guns, consider hedging by buying a few Federally-exempt pre-1899 cartridge guns.
  3. Develop a second income stream. Economic disruption will surely mean layoffs at all levels.
  4. Relocate to a lightly-populated and less-regulated state.  It is not too late to do so!
  5. Remain politically active.  Contact your legislators often, and urge them to oppose the Biden/Harris agenda.
  6. Pay down your debts.
  7. Cache a few of your unpapered guns and containers of ammunition, away from your home. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket!
  8. Expand your vegetable garden.
  9. If you haven’t already done so, branch out into small livestock. Backyard rabbits and chickens can legally be kept even in many suburban communities.
  10. Pray hard.
Pray Hard

You’ve surely noted that “Pray hard” is at both the beginning and end of the preceding list.

I have some Bible verses that I recommend studying.  Pray for God’s guidance and application of these scriptures:

  • Joshua 24:15

  • Revelation 17: 3-7

  • Psalms:  2, 5, 7, 11, 19, 31, 36, 37, 94, 100, and 119.

We indeed need to pray diligently. The time has come to stock up, team up, and train up.

I wish you God’s blessings and His hand of protection in the turbulent years to come!  – JWR


  1. The history of the last century shows that when large numbers of people believe that they are powerless victims in their own society – bad things happen.

    1. Line Doggie,

      Thank you for mentioning the key point:
      * the MARXISTS believe they are ‘helpless victims’ .

      (Oddly, without a shred of evidence, the MARXISTS believe everybody else is just like them, identical.
      A wise observer might deem that ‘delusional’.)

      Accordingly, the MARXISTS and other helpless victims seek external validation by coagulating into collectives.
      A yuge collective is a government, a small collective could be a Home-Owner Association.
      (A collective of helpless victims is a collective is a collective is a collective.
      In that aspect, they achieved their mythical identicalness.)

      In a misguided effort to manufacture the illusion of external validation, the MARXISTS scribble ‘laws’ to ‘even the playing field’ so the least capable (aka ‘eaters’) can compete with the most capable (aka ‘producers’)
      Because eaters naturally eat while producers naturally produce, that ‘evening’ attempt seems delusional to me.
      Believing their MARXISTS ‘laws’ accomplish anything other than manufacturing an illusion of self-worth in the scribblers — “Look at me, everybody! I make ‘laws’!” — well, that seems especially delusional.

      By this point, a wise observer might see the problem with attempting a relationship on any level with a delusional individual.
      A collective of delusional individuals?
      Well, that seems a particularly bad idea, now doesn’t it.

      A wise observer might tend to maintain a safe distance from a collective of delusional individuals.
      Keep them behind glass or sequestered in their natural habitat — cities…
      …allow them a place they can circle-delude each other into believing they are Very Important People and ‘make a difference’.
      Early along the way in my short sweet life, I noticed the normal state of MARXISTS is, shall we say.. ‘agitated’.
      They are nervous.
      They whine and tantrum and wave signs and sign petitions and stick signs in yards and and and.
      (A lot of their nervousness seems to involve signage.)
      As long as they leave me alone, I am good.

      Although, I admit, getting them riled by poking them with a stick can be mighty entertaining.

  2. Thank you for the “Biden Survival Plan” as we certainly need one. I have done and still do all of the items listed in your plan. That said, #5, remain politically active will probably cease in the near future. I have seen the total corruption of the majority of the elected representatives and have lost all faith in our current voting system. While the majority those elected from the state I live in are conservatives, many failed to support Trump to the end. Both our senators hung in and were in the semi-final 13 senators who supported Trump, they failed the last and final test. I may continue to communicate with our state and local elected officials as I think there might be a chance that they are not yet under Satan’s control

    I do read many groups on Rumble and Telegram and some give hope that Trump has developed his own version of a ‘shadow government’. NESARA continues to be a topic of discussion but we must wait and see.

    1. Both my senators voted to certify a fraudulent election. All the whining and complaining the’re doing now is just noise. They will not be supported by me or my family again.

      1. Ditto.

        One of our Senators provided a form letter explaining that no evidence of fraud had been confirmed by the Department of Justice.

        Never mind the fact that they weren’t looking, and there was never an evidentiary hearing.

        The other Senator never even responded to our requests that election integrity issues be thoroughly examined.

        Neither will have my vote in the future, and contrary to what they might be hoping, I will not forget, and I will not be convinced to throw my support in their directions going forward — no matter the result otherwise.

        Although I am not a Texan, I was also deeply disappointed in Senator Ted Cruz’s recent remarks about President Donald Trump. He’s not the only one in whom I am disappointed… The list is growing longer by the day really. It’s time for these people to be voted out of office in favor of stronger conservative voices.

    2. Some rumors are that DJT with General Flynn and other Military have a plan in place. I have read could be in as little as 14 days before implementation happens, a mystery to me why DJT did not sign the Insurrection Act.

      We live in very strange times.

      1. Don’t fall for the Q-LARP. While many of the Anons (the people who dig up legitimate information and share it) are good people doing what honest reporters USED to do before they all became propagandists, most of the Q-shamans are little more than grifters with microphones. Do NOT “trust the plan.” While “Q” was keeping us glued to our computers, waiting for this savior, what we WEREN’T doing was going to church, going to PTA meetings, volunteering for local boards and building a grassroots foundation beneath the MAGA movement. “Q” was a gigantic psy-op to keep us all home sitting on our rumps.

        1. G

          The same Thomas Jefferson the Masonic Bible, clearly states that he was a member of Charlottesville Lodge #90, in Charlottesville, Virgina right?…..a ” good guy” ( not )!

    3. AH, “That said, #5, remain politically active will probably cease in the near future.”

      Being politically active takes many forms. In my garden, when one strategy fails, I choose another. A crop dies…okay. I pivot.

      I offer support to each of you pivot and find new outlets for your political activism.

      Carrry on

      1. Once a marine

        Question my friend…….was America ever the land of the free?. How come there is the pyramid with the eye in the capstone on the dollar? How many were genuine believers and how many were into the occultic Freemasonry crap ?, my unverifiable hunch is there must have been a huge fight between Occult and Believers, looks to me the Occultists won, no one can tell me, these men were ignorant of Egyptian Gods and their dark twisted practices and how these were the antithesis of the Jewish beliefs of one indivisible God. No excuses for Freemasonry, none, as an ex-serviceman, disgusts me to see DC is rife with this evil.

        1. Freemason and Scottish Rite member Albert Pike wrote that Lucifer is held in high regard by the Freemasons. That’s all I need to know about these people. Now we know why God is never mentioned in our Founding Documents.

      2. Marine, my political activity for D.C. politicians has been to email and call the 7 highest dems and repubs as well as my state senators and congressmen at least once a week, sometimes more depending on how p!$$ed off i get. Now I have switched to my state legislators as I have given up on D.C. crowd.

        Any suggestions are welcome.

        1. I would take a page from the Tea Party playbook, AH. Team up with folks you trust. Focus on local activities beyond elections. Look at what affects you and your neighbors and work together, getting to know the people who make the decisions.

          Oh, and beware of someone offering to “support” your work with big contributions. Some Tea Party groups lost their bearings when the donor revealed the strings attached to the money.

          Carry on

    1. It sounds like you are hoping if we can just hold on until the midterms, then things could begin to turn around. I wish I could share your hope, but unless something BIG changes then I haven’t any reason to believe that we’ll see fair elections again, on the national scale at least.

        1. ” I will vote local “……yes that’s the ticket….never mind those Reds in DC….they can pass all the laws they want….but what are they gonna do if we refuse to obey locally?….for example our rural county has declared itself to be a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary….that’s how we feel about our right to legally own firearms….if Biden-Harris say my hi-capacity gun is illegal then I give that the finger.

          1. Howdy, people lived for thousands of years without phone, internet, bank accounts and credit cards. I’m not saying it would be easy but I have lived long enough to know that human beings are resourceful creatures. They will fill a vacuum if nature dilly dallies.

        2. TeresaSue

          99% of ANY given first world population will die off very quickly and most likely violently with no phone, internet, bank account, CC. You may have all your kit stashed away while drinking your whiskey watching society burn, but I assure you, life will not be easy or fun.

      1. There must be a lot of pressure placed on state legislatures to hold hearings and pass laws that correct for the misdeeds of 2020. This is possible, and it should be vigorously pursued.

        Additionally, volunteers who are available to serve as observers and challengers will be important as will people who seek positions with election boards.

        Remember this… Victory does not always come from the top down. It often comes from the ground up. Every effort at every level counts.

        …and be sure to celebrate our champions. John Fredericks just bought a radio station in Atlanta. It will be found on AM 1690, and they expect it to be up and running in about a week or so.

        Here’s a link to help anyone interested:

        Raheem Kassam with The National Pulse also has a podcast. His site link follows:

        1. “Remember this… Victory does not always come from the top down. It often comes from the ground up. Every effort at every level counts.”

          Well said, T of A.

          Carry on

    2. “four years”, “two years”, c’mon guys the communists just stole a federal election! they’re not going to stop at two or four years, they’re not going to stop until someone physically makes them stop.

    3. Some talk about whining, but if you want to end this you have to go to work and not whine. You need to be finding candidates right now to oppose those who caved and the Marxists who are in control. Pressure your state legislatures to tighten voting laws, especially in three areas: Up to date voter roles (counties); bipartisan ballot counting — volunteer to work the polls and count the ballots; and total chain of custody of all ballots and votes from beginning to end. When you bale out and leave it to others, then you are already surrendering to communist conspiracy. This is not a joke, and no time to be joking.

      1. Yep, you speak truth. “When you bale out and leave it to others, then you are already surrendering to communist conspiracy. ”

        Find someone you trust, get to work. “Team work makes the dream work!!”

        Carry on

  3. On just about every “resistance” blog that I frequent, people are talking about the same things. If, say, 80+ million that voted for Freedom and were scorned, decided to put a stick in the bicycle tires of the elite on all levels, we will be a force to be reckoned with (think GameStop). Get out of the rigged stock market, only buy and sell with like minded people. Put your money into tangibles (land, equipment, self-sufficiency items). Stop being a “good little citizen”; refuse to be manipulated and refuse to play their games; get out of the military (if you can) since they’re plan is to throw you to the wolves in the name of “national security” while they enrich themselves… there’s a really long list of actionable items one can do. During the 8 years of the previous extremely liberal Administration, the IRS and the EPA most notably, were used as punishment tools. So, it’s important to not run afoul of either. The current Administration is talking about using the TSA as a punishment tool, as well as many Departments, such as the Transportation dept. Can you imagine not being able to travel (by car even?) from one state to another because you don’t have a “covid passport”? I can see that coming under this Administration. Not trying to fear monger, but trying to state realistic things we can expect in terms of punishment and/or retribution for being conservative and/or christian.

    Although many are still calling for Marches! We see what happened to the people who went to the million march in DC on Jan 6th. Some innocent people have been target and yes, arrested, for just being there without having done anything wrong other than wave a flag and speak their minds. In my opinion, we must go underground with our resistance. Be gray and yes, pray.

    1. Texas secession (peacefully) is another common discussion topic I’ve seen. Most think a large number of states would follow and most are willing to move to Texas or one of those states if that happens.

      It’s a longshot but after that stolen election it’s a lot more plausible than it was before!

      1. I love the idea of secession. The funny thing is, there is already a mass migration underway, including movement of “liberals” who suddenly don’t like draconian mandates even though that’s what they voted for. If the divide in America wasn’t bad enough, I see it affecting families. For example, I have a sister who married a Liberal “Christian”, which is an oxymoron to me. They started attending a liberal church (another oxymoron). She has pretty much alienated all of her siblings and has become strident to the degree no one in the family wants to be around her. My heart aches for her because she is my sister, but I can’t tolerate the personal attacks she’s levied at me. And what I know is that while we all may move to safer, more conservative regions, should there be secession(s), she will be out in the cold. That breaks my heart. She cannot be convinced otherwise. She bought the lies, hook, line, and sinker, and uses the Marxist phraseology to describe others. The hypocrisy is stunning and she cannot see it in herself. I suspect this is very common in America now. So sad.

        1. “I love the idea of secession”

          the communists are a slaver cult – they have nothing unless they get it from us, they are nothing unless we make them so. they will never allow secession, they will pursue you to the ends of the earth demanding your submission and slavery.

        2. I am so sorry for the situation with your sister. May God’s peace comfort you. Yes I suspect you are right that it’s becoming more common, having read the horror stories of split families. I have a couple of close family members myself with whom I’d probably be in a similar situation, were it not for an unspoken agreement to NEVER discuss such things……… I know it can’t last.

          1. It’s a tough one. I can pretend that everything is hunky dory, but then I feel like I’m living a lie. I’ve never been good with “keeping up appearances”. I try to be as kind as possible when I put up my picket fences (boundaries), but I get angry inside and want to build a cement wall!

          2. When my family members want to go down the “let’s discuss politics rat hole”, after a few minutes I request that we talk about our beloved family members, you know…common ground.

            After a refreshing conversation, the political diatribe has been forgotten and we end up in a tender place. No need to argue, I’d rather be connected with those I love than be right.

            Carry on

        3. A general comment about “Liberal” Christians, and the obligation to pray for people; especially for members of your family.

          Liberal Christians typically have a ‘cafeteria’ approach to Christianity. They think they can pick and choose the passages in the Bible they happen to like. … The pastors of Liberal Churches ignore the ‘difficult’ portions of the bible, that condemns sins; especially the sins that seem to be consuming our society today.
          [Liberal pastors do NOT preach correctly, the unpopular bible passages, the liberals do NOT like.]
          ……… Liberal pastors can be ‘word masters’ capable of convincing people, the road to Hell is really the road to paradise. People often want to be deceived.
          Scripture teaches about the road to Heaven.
          The Biblical parable of Lazarus rising from his grave, and brought back to life, by Jesus, is often used to illustrate the power of prayer. … In the Bible, Lazarus’ sisters speak to Jesus about their brother. We speak to God, when we pray. [People can be saved from eternal death through prayer, by all of us.]
          “Liberals” used pejoratively, as understood now days, is destructive for our families and our society.
          Sin is a self destructive behavior. … People lose everything because of sin in their lives. [It’s not just the alcoholics and the sexually promiscuous.]

          Societies are destroyed ~ultimately because of sin. … The Marists have destroyed countries because of their allegiance to Communism. … Currently, Venezuela and Communism China are examples of the economic sins that can destroy countries.

          Communist China also had the disastrous ‘One Child’ policy with abortions as the solution for getting rid of people. … China now has an ‘aging’ population, without enough young people to take care of all the old people and society. …. Robots to take care of people are NOT in our near future. (Contrary to television and movies)
          [Unfortunately, for the old people, the Communists and Liberals see the intentionally caused ~death of people, as a solution to the ‘problem’ of ‘too many’ people around.] … God wants people in our world; lots of people.
          The parables in the Bible can be used to justify a preconceived notion. But, I offer this one, for the end result of destructive behavior by “Liberals” and the Blue Voting areas.

          Jesus traveled to the region of the Gerasenes, where he encountered the Demon possessed man. (Luke 8 in the Goodbook)

          “When Jesus stepped ashore, he was met by a demon-possessed man from the town.” ….
          Jesus asked him,
          “What is your name?” “Legion,” he replied, because many demons had gone into him.
          And they begged him repeatedly not to order them to go into the Abyss.
          A large herd of pigs was feeding there on the hillside. The demons begged Jesus to let them go into them, and he gave them permission.
          When the demons came out of the man, they went into the pigs, and the herd rushed down the steep bank into the lake and was drowned.”

          Some “Liberal” pastors will teach, the parable is an example of how Jesus tells us people shouldn’t eat pork. [It’s bad for you according to ‘Liberals’]
          My Church will say, the parable teaches the self destructive nature of sin, and Demon possession. ~>(Sinners are the herd of pigs)
          (ME GGHD) = We can see our Liberal cities have become ‘pigsties’ now days. Even the Liberals are leaving the places they have created, if they can afford it. Liberal cities have become places where liberals root around like pigs.

          A person can’t be argued into Heaven. … A charitable (loving) discussion about the Bible is possible. But, it can only go so far.
          Prayer for people is the best method for having people change their beliefs and behaviors. … Plus, loving charity towards others can work wonders. “Love the sinner, and NOT the sin” is the old-time Evangelical Christian Motto.
          Let people know, you ‘love’ them, but NOT their sins [Sin includes, thoughts, words, what you do, and what you fail to do.].
          A comment about the guaranteed future for Communist China. = There’s going to be a lot of crime and strife in China.
          Anytime there is a lot of men around without enough women, there will be problems. [A side note, the ‘refugees’ pouring into Europe are mostly single men.]
          Selective Abortion has occurred in China under their ‘One Child Policy’ ~ with the result, there seems to be 45 million more males than females.

          I’m a guy; I’ll admit = guys can cause problems.

          As example: … If I pulled up to my house, and saw 2 or 3 guys sitting on my lawn, I’d eyeball them first.
          1. Maybe, I’d roll down the window a little bit, and ask if they had a problem. or
          2. Maybe, I’d accelerate to a safe place and then ~call the cops!

          Now, if I pulled up to my house, and their were 20 women sitting on the lawn, I wouldn’t be so worried. Of course as a guy, I’d eyeball all the gals!
          1. I wouldn’t expect any trouble, unless their boyfriends were inside my house stealing things.
          2. Most likely, I’d get out of the car, and ask the women if they needed help.
          Women are given the gift of prayer, and the woman’s heart. The gals are correctly called, ‘The Better Half’ in marriage.
          Communist China is sitting on a time-bomb because of the male to female imbalance.
          The take-away for my rant. = Liberal Cities are pigsties, because people have turned away from God. … Liberal pastors and churches misuse scripture.
          “Love the sinner, and hate the sin!”

          1. I’ve heard it said that the country that loses their daughters to infanticide [/abortion]will lose their sons to war. That may be in their future, too, in addition to crime and strife. With the capacity to field around 2 million or so troops, China would be able to throw cannon fodder a lot longer than any other country, should it come to that, a fact Hong Kong, Taiwan and everybody else is aware of. In the meantime, those causing crime and strife will be future involuntary organ donors, which will take care of that little problem.

        4. Sara Sue,

          I am sorry to hear this about your sister. I will pray for her that the Lord turns around her heart. God is certainly able to do “that which I’ve committed, unto Him against that day”.

  4. My surviving biden/harris plan is my surviving barry sotero plan 2.0.
    Shop vigilant, but don’t overpay. Buy cheap/stack deep. Keep your mouth shut. Keep learning and developing new skills and food supply contacts (ie local private butcher). Diversify investments.

    Since 2008 it has paid off.

  5. 1) As I have noted before, it is urban Democrats who are most betrayed by Democratic leaders. If you don’t want a 100 years of “leftist-Democratic” domination then you better focus on getting rank and file Democrats and independents in the cities on your side.

    2) To do that you need to:
    a) Destroy the wealth and power of the billionaires who think they own the Democratic Party and Congress. Start with realizing that when you buy from them you are forging the chains that will enslave you , your children and your grandchildren
    b) Destroy the News Media — the propaganda machine of the billionaires — by exposing their continual deceit and refusing to buy from anyone who supports them with advertising
    c) Make common cause with ALL Americans who work for a living. Most people are good — the division in this country is created by the deceit of the billionaires’ News Media. Part of their Divide and Conquer plan
    d) You can NOT depend on national leaders. The NRA leadership was totally SILENT when mass shootings occurred — and FAILED to note that those shootings occur because Democratic leaders, judges and lawyers have destroyed the death penalty for even the most vicious of murders. That murderers act because they know they won’t be punished.
    e) Similarly you did NOT hear a peep from the Republican National Committee about all the malign things Biden has done in the 47 years he has been in politics.
    f) Fox was kneecapped by claims of sexual harassment made by Megyn Kelly — who received $69 MILLION from Fox rival NBC for a few months work.
    g) Stop talking just to those who agree with you. You have their vote. You need the votes of those who disagree with you — or at least you need them to stay home in the next election. The billionaires spent almost $100 DOLLARS per voter in the past election –$14 billion. Why can’t you spent $5 on 10 stamps and send letters to New York City, Northern Virginia, Chicago and Los Angeles?

    1. @Don Williams- Democrat/communists are the whole problem. You cannot change their minds. The only thing they understand is FORCE. Remember that Mao said that all power comes from the barrel of a gun. Democrat/communism must be eliminated completely. Anything less will not work. Quit trying to confuse the issue.

      1. Communists?

        Somehow I don’t think billionaires dumped $14 billion into the past election in order to set up a collective paradise for the workers. One funded by them giving up all their wealth and power.

    2. Don, your views reflect mine. I refuse to be played by those cynical power-hungry vermin. I have allies of every political stripe because I choose to look beyond politics to behavior.

      Carry on

  6. We will have to survive a heck-of-a-lot more than four years. After the November 3 election “success” they have learned how to win any future vote they desire.

    In the interest of honesty, the term “election” should be removed from our vocabulary.

    1. Yep until we get serious election reform, including elimination of blackbox voting, it’s pointless.

      Patrick Byrne, Overstock CEO and libertarian, attempted to volunteer to help Trump with “stopping the steal” but it was so widespread on so many levels and there were so many incompetents and traitors on Trump’s team that it just stalled. He’s written 3 chapters describing what happened from his point of view and it’s quite a sobering eye opener:

      Chapter 1:

      Chapter 2:

      Chapter 3:

      Definitely worth 20-30 minutes to read, highly recommended. This is what we’re up against. Election reform in every state and primary RINOs like Liz Cheney should be the focus. I’m not very optimistic.

  7. PS Don’t think that money totally determines political outcomes. Billionaire Michael Bloomberg spent $676 million trying to get the Democratic nomination for President — and the Democratic voters said “No”. The Democratic billionaires and politicians spent a ton of money trying to unseat Mitch McConnell — and might as well have burned it in an open fire.

    But in the cities they have no real opposition in the News Media — Fox is a joke. Because it makes NO attempt to criticize its rivals. It is almost as if Republican billionaires have an agreement with Democratic billionaires — “We won’t interfere when you lie to your part of the Rabble — and You won’t interfere when we lie to our part”.

  8. Thessalonians 3:3

    [Lily Addition:

    1Thessalonians 3:1-4

    Wherefore when we could no longer forbear, we thought it good to be left at Athens alone;
    And sent Timotheus, our brother, and minister of God, and our fellowlabourer in the gospel of Christ, to establish you, and to comfort you concerning your faith:
    That no man should be moved by these afflictions: for yourselves know that we are appointed thereunto.
    For verily, when we were with you, we told you before that we should suffer tribulation; even as it came to pass, and ye know.]

    1. Thank you Lily.

      My prayers ask The Lord for the inner strength to resist evil and do right. I also ask that he help others in the same way. It is up to me to carry good forward. It is up to all of us to right wrongs. Our prayers will be answered.


  9. The groundhog saw his shadow, six more weeks of the Long Dark Winter…

    Obviously, he is a Xiden supporter, helping with the official narrative…

    More food storage, bigger garden, more solar, and more fuel storage.

    Cancelled Amazon… I must have been addicted, because that kind of hurt…

  10. with the current state of the world and what the good book says about the end i don’t see a lot of light at the end of the tunnel. i think we are in a world of hurt now. hopefully the REAL end is not far away and we can get off this rock and on to better things….Christ is coming…

  11. Excellent scriptures JWR. I would like to add Psalm 24. The best weapons we have in this battle are prayer and God’s word.
    Grace to you from the God of all grace!

    1. Psalm 24

      [[A Psalm of David.]] The earth is the LORD’S, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein.
      For he hath founded it upon the seas, and established it upon the floods.
      Who shall ascend into the hill of the LORD? or who shall stand in his holy place?
      He that hath clean hands, and a pure heart; who hath not lifted up his soul unto vanity, nor sworn deceitfully.
      He shall receive the blessing from the LORD, and righteousness from the God of his salvation.
      This is the generation of them that seek him, that seek thy face, O Jacob. Selah.
      Lift up your heads, O ye gates; and be ye lift up, ye everlasting doors; and the King of glory shall come in.
      Who is this King of glory? The LORD strong and mighty, the LORD mighty in battle.
      Lift up your heads, O ye gates; even lift them up, ye everlasting doors; and the King of glory shall come in.
      Who is this King of glory? The LORD of hosts, he is the King of glory. Selah.

  12. As long as people think there is a shred of difference between Republicans and Democrats, freedom loses. We have one party rule in AmeriKa and they are called communists. Every president since the 1930s has supported SS, progressive income taxes, central banks, government indoctrination camps, gun controls and all Ten Planks of Marx’s manifesto. Wake up sheeple

    1. Gold Prospector,
      Absolutely right with the one party system . One political coin with two sides to it. History shows that a 3rd party has no chance whatsoever, it is a political club that we are not allowed to join.

      1. Third parties don’t work because they don’t start at the local level. To make one work start in your community, then your county (parish), then your state. The only thing that would make Congress work right now is either a third party, or 10 Senators and 50 House members who would declare Independent and not caucus with either major party, while conducting a true conservative and libertarian agenda — less government, taxation, etc.

        1. Bingo!
          As one who registered ‘Independent’ at 18, many years ago, that is something I have always looked forward to seeing and have been continually disappointed to have yet to.
          Ross Perot was about the closest thing, but history records how that fell apart.

          1. I liked Perot and his message but his timing was awful. I implored friends and relatives to vote against Clinton by voting for Bush. Perot gave the Clintons their political foothold and message platform and that is regrettable.

            I would think that there would be a better chance for a third party victory in the future except for the fact we will play hades trying to have an honest election.

  13. We are not going to survive. Get it in your heads now.

    “Everyone gotta die sometime, Red.”
    “Everything that has a beginning, has an end.”
    “So this is how liberty dies, to thunderous applause.”
    “People were always getting ready for tomorrow. I didn’t believe in that. Tomorrow wasn’t getting ready for them. It didn’t even know they were there.”

  14. We have moved beyond politics. We are now in the realm of propaganda and censorship, moving quickly to fanaticism. We will proceed quickly to Bolshevism or Fascism, two edges of the same sword. We have failed to take timely action.

    “There will be blood.”
    “There ain’t no coming back.”

    1. You may be right brother. I plan to stay in the saddle and reflect on these words from a Quaker friend: “Let us not despair in the face of terror nor lose faith when we witness the death of the innocent. The darkness around is indeed great. But our task is not so hard as it seems. Still your hearts and remember. We don’t have to create the Light. We only have to give witness to it.”

      –Frank Klaassen, Canadian Friend, Vol 97, No. 5

      Carry on

  15. Prayer for Rescue and Prosperity.
    A Psalm of David.

    144 Blessed be the Lord, my rock,
    Who trains my hands for war,
    And my fingers for battle;
    My faithfulness and my fortress,
    My stronghold and my savior,
    My shield and He in whom I take refuge,
    Who subdues [a]my people under me.
    Lord, what is man, that You look after him?
    Or a son of man, that You think of him?
    Man is like the breath;
    His days are like a passing shadow.

    Bend down Your heavens, Lord, and come down;
    Touch the mountains, that they may smoke.
    Flash forth lightning and scatter them;
    Send out Your arrows and confuse them.
    Reach out with Your hand from on high;
    Rescue me and save me from great waters,
    From the hand of foreigners
    Whose mouths speak deceit,
    And whose right hand is a right hand of falsehood.

    God, I will sing a new song to You;
    On a harp of ten strings I will sing praises to You,
    Who gives salvation to kings,
    Who rescues His servant David from the evil sword.
    Rescue me and save me from the hand of foreigners,
    Whose mouth speaks deceit
    And whose right hand is a right hand of falsehood.

    When our sons in their youth are like growing plants,
    And our daughters like corner pillars [b]fashioned for a palace,
    Our granaries are full, providing every kind of produce,
    And our flocks deliver thousands and ten thousands in our [c]fields;
    May our cattle [d]be bred
    Without [e]mishap and without [f]loss,
    May there be no outcry in our streets!
    Blessed are the people who are so situated;
    Blessed are the people whose God is the Lord!

    1. “In DC’s mind the necessity for an open transformation is getting urgent. Look for a Night of the Long Knives during some crisis or another in the coming years, to purge rogue elements and promote efficiency, natch. Then look for trouble when the people understand the thin blue line has melded with the thick blue line and “protect and defend” means protecting and defending DC—from the people.”


  16. Again I come back to “normalcy bias”. It’s a term that most prepares are familiar with. It’s even something that we tend to see in others. BUT we don’t often look in the mirror and apply it to ourselves.

    People! We are suffering from normalcy bias. We sit in our comfortable homes, and talk about things getting back to normal. We think that writing letters, or marching will change things. We look to an election 4 years in the future that may or may not happen. And for some reason we think that it will somehow be fair and honest? We still believe in a constitution and constitutional rights, while the left continues to show that they have nothing but disdain for these, and will use Presidential Orders, or sneaky underhanded legislation to circumvent them. (Like placing a 30% tax on firearms, or getting rid of the legal protection that firearm manufacturer’s presently have)

    We are trying to apply moral, legal, common sense attitudes, in a situation where the opposition disregards (reinterprets) the laws, and the lunatics have taken over the asylum. You can’t run a country, or an economy on what feels good. On a pie-in-the-sky ideal. You can’t continue to disregard facts, and history, and have your country move forward on “good intentions”.

    I don’t know what is coming – my crystal ball is broken, but I see a storm on the horizon. We can look and make ourselves believe that it will pass like other storms have in the past, or we can realize that this coming storm will forever change the landscape.

    As always, my thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Buy it cheap, and stack it deep!

      1. “your children or grandchildren”

        the children will all be rounded up for mandatory sexual exploration and indoctrination summer camp, taught by world-wide “experts” – any who refuse to participate enthusiastically will be disappeared, and the ones who adapt will earn social credit points by telling their loving leaders just where all your guns are.

          1. “Over my dead body”

            that’s the plan. “the nation that will not serve you shall be destroyed” and they don’t care which it is so long as it’s one or the other.

          2. That’s okay howdy. I know it’s the plan. I know where I’m going when I’m all done here, and as a Christian, an American and a parent, I’m cool with my death meaning freedom for others (just as my life does). We adopted in part because we believe that our job as Christians isn’t only to sit around on cushy pews singing nice songs – it’s to charge the gates of Hell on a rescue mission and carry out the wounded. Jesus did it for us. And like Him, I don’t intend to lose any of those entrusted to me, adopted or bio.

          3. LOL A.S

            Assuming you meant “than” instead of “and” … I’ll quote multiple characters from one of my favorite series: “Never tell me the odds!” And also as several commenters have put it here: “One plus God is a majority.” My hope is in the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth. I feel sad for you and howdy that you don’t seem to have any hope.

            (Also I ain’t a boyo but thanks for the chuckle)

          4. “you don’t seem to have any hope”

            for most people, hope is an emotional state in disregard of the actual situation. that’s why they don’t want to hear anything about “odds” – they don’t want the emotional state disturbed.

          5. I’ll agree with you there howdy. In fact the point was made, in a recent Bible lesson for the kiddos, that the word “hope” has lost its meaning or in some cases almost become the opposite. The example was given, “Awww man, I HOPE it doesn’t rain for our baseball game, but it probably will…” People often say it ironically or cynically. But the silly-looking little puppet went on to explain that HOPE in Jesus is totally different: it is a sky-diving kind of hope. As in when you bail out of that airplane, you better not just wishy-washy sorta maybe “hope” that parachute is going to open; you better have a SURE AND CERTAIN hope it will.

            And so I will say along with the hymn:

            My hope is built on nothing less
            Than Jesus’ blood and righteousness
            No merits of my own I claim
            But solely lean on Jesus’ name

            That’s not just warm fuzzies. That’s the most factual reality in existence!

          6. “That’s not just warm fuzzies. That’s the most factual reality in existence!”


            islam has the concept of “insh’allah” – all is predestined, all is the will of the god, whether good and evil nothing happens that is not his will. you may have noticed in videos of islamists using firearms that they don’t aim. this is deliberate and straight out of the koran – the shooter doesn’t decide where the bullet is to go, the god decides where the bullet is to go, and to aim is a sin because it challenges the will of the god.

            is your hope similar? or do you buckle your seatbelt, get vaccinations, zero your scope?

  17. Something that took me a long time to figure out was that Marxism is simply a tool or tactic to fool dumb people into thinking they are going to be taken care of by the government. Others secretly hope they will live for free on the backs of others. Marxism is not an end in and of itself. The Elite uses Marxism to gain control. Control is the goal.

    We have an Elite which is loosely made up of the Deep State (the permanent Administrative State) and Billionaire Mega-corporations and Wall Street. The people in the Deep State admire the Chinese system which is a small Unelected Authoritarian Elite who runs the the country like a monarchy. Some say it’s more like an organized crime family.

    They adhere to the image of communism but gave up that model after they realized their country was permanently stuck in a backward third world mode. They needed a better, larger, more modern military, so they moved to a fascist style economic system. This allowed them to modernize and become an economic power. Favored party members are allowed to run companies and become millionaires as long as they tow the line. The millions of “workers” are satisfied with their new cell phones and western clothes, but they are kept under tight control. The leadership brought about this system because they wanted Power. The money bought them a Surveillance State and a larger military that gives them an opportunity to expand beyond their borders.

    In the United States we have The Deep State which is probably a few thousands of individuals in the permanent unelected bureaucracy. Most of them are millionaires. Many are lawyers. The are both Democrats and Republicans. They run the State Dept., the Intelligence agencies, the FBI, the Military (the perfumed princes, not the grunts), the Federal Reserve system, the SEC, etc etc etc. Some regard the News Media as part of the Deep State, as it is a revolving door for former and future Bureaucrats. Many individuals in government positions are married to people who work in the media. The politicians come and go, the Administrative State is forever.

    The problem with human beings is once their material needs are met, they want power over other humans. Once the Elite become fabulously rich, they then lust for unlimited Power. They believe that the American people are hay seeds and “smelly Trump voters” which need to be managed and controlled like livestock. The Elite have been educated at the best Universities and so that gives them the right to rule over you.

    China Joe and his minions will continue to get rich. The Zuckerbergs will censor you and pay for Ballot harvesting. The CNN’s will dutifully spin their propaganda. The Universities will continue to train the children of the Elite to rule over us. The Unions will tell their members to vote for people who destroy their jobs. GM will click their heels and assure the administration that they will only make electric cars in a few years, which will limit mobility of the population. And the mega-corporations will manage the “little people” and keep them happy with cell phones and wide screen TV’s and cheap Chinese made junk.

    The last step is to disarm the population. As you can see with China, the population will never be able to eliminate their Elite by either ballot or bullet. This is the same system our betters are building for us.

    All of this is merely an observation, I don’t have a solution. It would literally take a Miracle to dislodge the Elite Deep State. This cancer has been growing for 150 years. The best answer is to get away from the cities… disengage from the economy as much as possible… keep your head down, go grey… avoid surveillance… become self sufficient… all hard things to do.

    If you look at the rural peasants in China and the old Soviet Union, they had the least power, but were probably the most free under those totalitarian systems.

    I believe in trying to look at things as they are, truthfully. Truthfully I think we are boned. We may be looking at the beginning of another thousand years of darkness. I’d say secession was the answer, but I’m not holding my breath.

    1. Food deprived peasants are controlled not directly by their government officials but by a military that is paid off by food and a warm place to sleep. That fact will not change unless the military is made uncomfortable.

      Historically, many peasants soon realize that if they must be hungry they may as well relieve their misery acting as guerrillas.

      Sometimes, officials of the government become uncomfortable.

      It happened here once before.

      1. National Geographic has been running a series about “inside North Korea”… one of the experts summed it up as, a sort of organized crime family running the country… there is an elite that lives in the Capitol city that lives fairly well, they eat well, they’re well dressed… they even have cell phones (but can’t contact anything outside the country). The elite is well taken care of and extremely loyal to their fearless leader. Better than working in muddy fields.

        The rest of the country lives in poverty, fear and repression. There is a large segment of the population imprisoned in work camps. Instead of shooting you, they figure they might as well get something out of you, as they work you to death.

        It’s a reward – punishment system … people are kept in check by fear and ignorance.

        Fear and ignorance… fear of an unmerciful all powerful government and ignorance of any alternative.
        As Orwell put it in 1984, “if you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face, forever.”

    2. Good points! If you want to see who is in charge look at the roll call of the The Davos Group. They come from all countries and are so rich they don’t make the Forbes 400, although some of their disciples do like Gates, Bezos, etc. The real power is in names you have never heard of and even the Lords of China are their vassals.

    3. Marxism is not an end in and of itself. The Elite uses Marxism to gain control. Control is the goal.

      Wagstaff, you describe more than the elites. All us human critters want control of one sort or another. And, Jesus calls us to surrender. Yikes.

      Carry on

      1. Yes, Marine, I totally agree. It’s a failing in all human beings.

        That’s why our founders attempted to divide our government into 3 branches, delegate powers, restrain government with a bill of rights and maintain the sovereignty of states… it worked pretty well up until recently.

        Unfortunately the Constitution is just a piece of paper if no one cares about it. Most people are not educated about their own system of government anymore in high school (by design). It appears that an increasing majority think they are electing a king which rules by edict (executive orders). The Senate and House have no real purpose anymore. States don’t matter. Judges are thought to be responsible for making laws… it’s a slow consolidation of power that apparently half the population is fine with. I assume most simply don’t realize what is happening, or don’t care. Before long they will make voting a meaningless ritual where the ruling party always gets 99% of the vote. And we will look more like China every day.

      2. So true. Control, and the power it conveys, is the ultimate goal. It’s difficult for those of us who do not seek to control others to understand nature of this pursuit of power, but that difficulty doesn’t make “the goal of control” any less real.

  18. I pray for Pres. Biden every day. If something happens to him, we get Pres. Kamala Harris, and that would be soooo much worse! However, I have never believed Biden will complete his first term. He will be declared incompetent or die in office. That is the plan, has been the plan, and will be the plan. Biden is a puppet, nothing more.

    Regarding liberals in general, they lack critical thinking skills and situational awareness. The always look to see what other people are doing and then identify with that. That is why they migrate into groups. Conservatives on the other hand have a moral compass and understand right and wrong, and weigh their choices in any given situation by that understanding. Conservatives can think for themselves and don’t need to follow the crowd.

    1. “If something happens to him, we get Pres. Kamala Harris”

      you don’t understand. neither of them is or will be president, they’re just stooges.

      “Regarding liberals in general, they lack critical thinking skills and situational awareness”

      oh no, they are very intelligent and very aware. it’s just that they see themselves as the humans and the rest of us as not. when they lie to you, to them it’s not a lie, it’s just cattle herding. if you call them on any one lie they just shrug their shoulders and move on to the next lie, trying to stampede you in the direction they want. to you they look factually unintelligent and morally unaware, even insane, but believe me they’re not.

      1. Exactly.

        Lesson learned is to never fight their overwhelming quackery with facts and logic. To win you turn their words against them so they eat eachother alive.

          1. “turn their words against them”

            you’re not getting it. the words they use against you only apply to you, never to them. the words they use for themselves only apply to themselves, never to you.

            “definitely eats its own”

            no, they never eat their own. they eat their armies of lackeys sure, but they never eat their own. it’s against their religion.

  19. I am a lover of the Constitution of the Republic as it is the chain that was meant to bind the BEAST “The Federal Government”, but never forget, the true strength of the American People is the Declaration of Independence! We all need to reestablish in our lives daily a dedication to that document. When anyone ask us what our political belief is we need to memorized that document and STATE IT!! What else needs to be said? Anything that violates that document is against our INDEPENDENCE! It is not the CONSTITUTION that gives us our RIGHTS. It is the Constitution that restrains the Federal Government from usurping our GOD GIVEN rights as stated in the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE!! Anything violating that document is a violation
    of the WILL OF GOD and it will not stand! Not saying we may not go through much tribulation for our weaknesses in the present and passed but in the end GOD will prevail!

    1. The Constitution was formed by occultists and men who espoused God, possibly out of the same mouth, don’t believe me?, explain the eye of Horus on the Dollar bill, mixing two opposing belief systems is pure insanity, these were not ignorant or uneducated men.

    1. “A shocking example was provided Wednesday when Douglass Mackey of Delray Beach, Fla., was arrested for creating memes that allegedly misled voters in 2016 to think they could vote by texting instead of by actually going to the polls. This is the equivalent of arresting Sacha Baron Cohen for exposing the gullibility of the rich and famous. The FBI offered no evidence that Mackey actually convinced anyone not to vote, but even if it did, so what? Would you rather live in a country where the FBI is hunting down pranksters — four years after the supposed transgression — or a country where voters are expected to be able to recognize a joke when they see one?”

      Good grief. Arrested. For a thought crime aka JOKE aka freedom of speech. FOUR YEARS AGO.

      Because a meme is voter suppression, but all the $h!+ we saw last November is perfectly all right. Yeah, okay.

    1. Never count Donald Trump out. He’s a political cage fighter. No matter what happens next week, his support will only be stronger. Many people know the truth, and more are coming to the truth every day. The “trial” coming will be political theater, and the Democrats (alongside the RINO Republicans) will simply reveal themselves and their dirty ways again and in grand detail for all to see.

      I have the feeling there is a lot more to come, and it will all flow through an arena laid bare before the light of the truth — all by way of ongoing disclosure and discussion of the facts. This is the reason they seek to censor speech. Their ideas cannot survive the sunlight that comes with free speech.

  20. Yes, Don, the Viet Cong did have guns and in the end, they took the day! I have a favorite saying, “Warriors don’t lose wars, politicians DO!” There is no way the U.S. Military lost the war in Viet Nam! The politicians DID! I have much more respect for the Viet Cong trying to kill me than the hypocritical politicians back home! In many ways I think, sometimes, our weapons are pointed at the incorrect enemy.

    1. That’s exactly what happened. We whipped their butts on every front and politicians were afraid to let us win because they remembered Korea. The armistice didn’t come until the Chinese started using a technique that they taught us in basic officer tactics. The human wave — 1500 Americans died on a hill. China won the hill with losses over 20,000. 3 months later the fighting ended and we are still at war.

  21. Of course, it’s not front page news, but soon will be !, Netherlands ( riots ) India ( riots), Austria ( riots ) hundreds of Austrian Police taking off riot helmets, marching with protesters, people are not having any more of lockdowns, next step of the elites will be military enforcement, as more populations rise up, guess what happens next???

  22. I could use advice regarding the caching mentioned in this article.
    What if one is renting, doesn’t have family close, and lives in a growing suburban area. I do wish to move more rural, but, I am a middle aged blue collar worker, and I need to be where the jobs are.

    I could use some advice on where to consider caching something and insuring its security in a slightly densely populated area (about 40 minutes from Charlotte,Nc)?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

    1. Get some 4” or 6” abs (Black) plastic pipe at the hardware store. Buy an end cap and one end that has an adapter with a screw in cap (I think they refer to it as a “clean out” access point). Make the length about 3 ft long (measure your gun). Glue it up good, except for the screw in lid.

      You may need to disassemble the gun somewhat to get it to fit. An AR-15 will fit nicely inside a 4 inch pipe. But you’ll need to take the upper assembly off the lower (pull the pins) and probably take the grip off (one screw).
      Probably a good idea to put some grease on it and wrap it up good in plastic… The butt stock might not fit without cutting it down with a hack saw (ouch). Depending on the design, some might fit without cutting. You will probably want to put a couple mags in there, also in plastic bags. Screw the lid on with some plumbers putty on the threads to help seal out moisture.

      Go bury it where you are sure there won’t be any future excavation (roads or housing). Public land is probably a good choice. Figure out how you will locate it by land marks and a compass and write it down (you might have to give those instructions to someone one day) Don’t rely on GPS. It may not be there when you need it. Figure out a system, like… always bury it 20 feet North from the intersection of two trails, Etc. And mark the spot with 3 round stones, but make it look random to a casual observer.

    1. We saw that!
      He is still going to be Chairman and in the high leadership of his company.

      Hopefully, we’ll hear of some report, though, that they have recently lost a lot of revenue……

  23. This was entirely disappointing, and frankly, it was disrespectful of Mike Lindell.

    Like many others, I turned to NewsMax given my great disappointment in Fox News. I am not sure I’ll be staying with them after this if there isn’t a sincere apology made to Mr. Lindell.

    The good news is that Steve Bannon’s program at America’s Voice remains excellent in the morning and then again late in the afternoon. Stay the course, Steve!

    1. I -never- liked Newsmax. It quickly became obvious they were infiltrated by the same old Conservative, Inc. think-tank types and “never Trumpers”. OAN is better, but I trust The Epoch Times most of all.

      1. Your Epoch Times is also compromised like Q-Anon…It is a propaganda rag, also. I heard it was run by the elites out of China… Maybe even the same people running Q-Anon. Sorry I cannot back up my info source. I can’t remember where I read it from. It’s best to just listen to many sources to get an idea of the events that are actually happening and then sit back and watch to see what really happens. Do not invest your emotions in any scenario, especially in political figures. Pray For God’s will to be done in your life, and in the earth.

        1. Your sources are WRONG.

          The founder of the Epoch Times was a student protester in Tianeman Square, was arrested for protesting the communist government, and spent almost a decade in a concentration before he was finally freed. He fled to Hong Kong, where he founded the Chinese language version the newspaper and has been a thorn in the communist government’s side ever since.

          Several years ago, the Chinese government first began sabotaging the newspaper, about the same time they began rolling back their “special agreement” with the United Kingdom to allow Hong Kong (which, you should recall, its lease with Great Britain expired in 1997) to remain autonomous, and they began arresting a persecuting the Epoch Times reporters, and even tried burning down their building. So the founder of the newspaper, having ALREADY spent time in a concentration camp, moved to the USA and started the English-language version of the newspaper.

          Ever since, they have reported things honestly that I usually hear first on alt-tech free speech bastions such as Gab. In my profession, I am USED to going to the source, including the Epoch Times, I -do- go to the source, read it for myself, and so far it is very rare that I have caught them in so much as a minor error, much less deliberate misinformation.

          If they’re working for the Chinese government, they’re doing a crappy job because 24/7 they try to warn people that the Chinese government has infiltrated OUR government, academia, media and cultural institutions.

          They also have a series called “How the Specter of Communism Rules the World.” You might want to read it. It’s absolutely terrifying.

          So I don’t know who told you that “The Epoch Times” is compromised. I suggest you read it and make your own decision, but whoever told you that is not your “friend”.

          Qanon … ehhh …. don’t trust grifters with microphones.

          1. Anna,

            No one told me, I read it somewhere.

            You said,

            “If they’re working for the Chinese government, they’re doing a crappy job because 24/7 they try to warn people that the Chinese government has infiltrated OUR government, academia, media and cultural institutions.

            They also have a series called “How the Specter of Communism Rules the World.” You might want to read it. It’s absolutely terrifying.”


            I didn’t say Epoch Times was working for the Chinese government. I said, The Epoch Times, “comes from, originates from the ELITES out of China.” The Elites are not government officials.

            The Elites are the ones that control the government leadership from the back ground.

            Do you know who the elites controlling China are? More importantly,do you know who brought communism to China? It’s those folks who control China. And their Communism is more terrifying, will be even worse, than China’s communism… China has been their testing ground for their version of Communism. They are the ones, through using China, that have infiltrated our government, academia, media and cultural institutions. They are greatest deceivers of the world and use many nations to further their agenda. I think you better get to the root of this matter. Blaming the Chinese, though they are players, is a deflection from the true source. The Chinese population are the victims of these Elite.

            Concerning the newspaper, the Elites, must tell exactly who they are and what they are doing, hence telling how terrifying the “Chinese Communism is”. According to their belief system, they tell the truth in the form of Predictive programming in Movies, TV Shows, and in this case newspaper narratives as in their series called “How the Specter of Communism Rules the World”, they’re telling the truth of what they are going to do to all people in the world. By telling what they are going to do, all the evil planned, is a form of Redemption for them, is a green light to do it. Also it is a form of prophesying what is coming in the future, like God the Father Prophesied in the scriptures. Because their God (Satan), is not God the Father, but wants to be LIKE God and must mimic everything the True God has done.

            How do you know that the Chinese government is trying to shut down the Epoch Times or burn their building? Have you seen footage proving it? Were you physically there? Can you really believe it??? How do you know that they are really a thorn in the side of the Chines government?? Are they truly conservative or are they playing a role????

            The Elites WANT America to go to war with China. They want to reduce the World population, especially the USA’s population… So through the Epoch Times, they are instigating us, to hate them. China is communist and it’s bad, but really there is a group that is controlling them, and orchestrating everything that happens on this earth, for their agenda and final World Utopia, and our nation is playing right into their hands…

            Trust me, nearly every paper in the world is controlled by somebody with an agenda… Most of our Newspapers, Media, Academia, schools, medical system, governments are controlled by the very small number of Elites, the few richest families in the whole world…

            Don’t trust anything, except the Lord Jesus Christ and His Word. Beg God for discernment and do some research into the origins of Communism in China and Russia. Read everything with a grain of salt and watch. Do not put your trust in what any media source is saying. Observe, speculate and wait to see what really happens.

          2. @AvalancheLily – I can’t seem to reply to your answer, so I will answer it here.

            YES – I HAVE SEEN the footage of somebody sneaking into the Epoch Times Hong Kong printing offices and throwing incendiaries onto their printing press, watching the staff frantically trying to put it out, and then fleeing the building when the fire grew too great.

            Have I mentioned that my doctoral thesis is in propaganda and its impact on the law?

            Saying “oh, that’s the elite” is Red Guard tactics 101. CCP-China hires disinformation trolls to post this in message boards, comments sections, and social media posts. You can usually spot them by their awkward English and the fact the same identical message gets posted again and again, often under hundreds of sock-puppet accounts.

            Always check your facts. Always go to the source. Always listen to the full, uncut script of any interview, without editing or media “explanations”. Always ask yourself, “what is this person’s bias?” (which you wisely ask). And always double-check any scientific or analytical data study that somebody quotes. Read it for yourself. Read it slowly, if it’s not in your field. Underline things you don’t understand. Look them up. If other research or facts are quoted as part of somebody’s study, read those as well. Don’t trust Wikipedia, but the references listed at the bottom are often a wealth of information that frequently contradicts or sheds light on any topic you don’t understand.

            Do this DOUBLY with things that mirror what “your side” says (which is how I figured out pretty darned quick that Qanon was either a psy-op or a larp).

            In God we trust … all others pay cash.

          3. Anna,

            I’m not arguing with your fact checking. I’m not attacking the Epoch Times, so much as saying that all newspapers have biases and deceptions along with much truth.

            I am saying that you need to know the true enemy and it’s tactics, of which I have recently come to understand. You cannot trust anything, which is why you read from multiple sources, pray for discernment, and watch. The deception is so great.

            I will say of this comment:

            “oh, that’s the elite” is Red Guard tactics 101. ”

            They that are in control, say this so that no one really looks into who the “Elites” are. It is a deflection tactic, for sure.

            Again, I ask, what are the origins of the idea of Communism? Who revived the idea of Communism in the 1800’s? Who were the Bolsheviks?

            The USA was infiltrated by communistic thought from at least the 1850’s… Through immigration from Russia. This is about the same time that China was introduced to Communistic thought, also. “There are no cats in America, and the streets are paved with Cheese.” A song from the “American Tail”.

            You cannot put all of the blame on China for today’s problems, which the Epoch Times seems to do. The communist elites from all nations have been working together to bring the whole world into a unity ultimately under Satan’s rule. The USA and IRAN are the last countries to fall…

          4. Lily,

            I agree with you: “Do not put your trust in what any media source is saying. ”

            I refuse to read online MSM and with the hard copy, I stick to the comics and sports.

            Carry on

        2. @AvalancheLily – yes, I agree. The Epoch Times was persecuted by China, so they see China-China-China a lot and don’t look beyond that, to Stalin’s “special relationship” with Chairman Mao or all the other places in the world this toxic ideology has resulted in mass murder, genocide, and famine.

          I recommend everybody read “Blacklisted by History: The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy and his Fight Against America’s Enemies.” Turns out, there really WERE commies hiding in the universities, hiding in Hollywood, hiding in the media, all with a single purpose … to co-opt Manhattan Project research and leak it to Russia.

      2. Yes. The Epoch Times publishes an outstanding print copy paper with articles written in depth and detail. The digital website is also excellent. I appreciate true investigative journalism — a rare find in today’s news marketplace.

    1. It reminds me of Soviet Russia when the Bolshevik’s would seize a more successful person’s household (often a middle class “kulak” or business owner) and designate how many people should live in that amount of square footage. This was wonderfully depicted in the movie version of “Dr. Zhivago.” Having visited Russia — twice — and visited many friends and relatives of my hosts, those square footage per person notions that we see in AntiFa are still very much in effect today. It’s the norm there to have three generations — two sets of aging parents — a dual-income couple — and a single child — all live in a two-room apartment the size of my kitchen. We rented one of those apartments for our stay. The living room is filled with futons and convertable couches where everybody sleeps because there is rarely a separate bedroom unless you are a “mom of many children”, in which case the government will allot you an apartment with a bedroom. There is a tiny kitchen, not much larger than an average RV, an even tinier bathroom, and usually a tiny 4’x12′ “porch” where the family can hang out their laundry. There is usually a shared entrance-mud room, about 4’x8′, which services two apartments and separates it from the outside hallway, which is usually dark, with broken lights, and the concrete disintigrating. All of the doors are double- and triple-bolted.

      THAT is the reality AntiFa and our Green New Deal overlords wish to bring to the rest of the United States.

      1. The State of Alaska attempted to create a working relationship or liaison program after the fall of the Soviet Union. I was a minor role player. But I do remember taking Russians on a tour of Anchorage. When we entered Carr’s Supermarket, the Russians were astounded that the fruit and groceries were out in the open …… where anyone could easily access them. They were overwhelmed by the sheer quantities available.

        When we would send our “dignitary” over, he placed toiler paper in his carry-on. Otherwise, the Aeroflot employees would steal TP from the suitcases.

        I often wanted to take the Russians to a gun shop to see their reaction. Couldn’t do that, however.

        1. When visiting our friends, the entire family, extended family, and several neighbors all crammed into their tiny apartment for a feast, with tables and chairs brought from everywhere, the fanciest cloth tablecloths they could muster, the best dishes, and a “feast” piled high with porridges and pickles. My friend had kept going on about how delighted they were to have finally have access to this really tasty meat from Germany. So they lit the candles, passed around shots of vodka and twelve kinds of pickled cabbage, said a prayer, and then the room grew hushed as our hostess removed the lid from tray for the main course….

          A great big hunk of BOLOGNA….

  24. [Cuck] Schumer will become the senate majority leader. The 80 year old drunk, [Nasty] Pelosi, will be speaker of the house. Our new [Vice] President has been scored as the most liberal voting Senator in either house, and our new president has taken bribes from the Ukraine and China via his crack smoking son.

    What could go wrong ?

  25. Well Sheep. Brave words. As long as your 401ks are doing great all words no action. Where are the lockdown protests? No protests locally or at county level or at state level. Where is any mention of Ashley Babbits name ? But Brave Words? That is why I lost faith with all this BS. You all reap what you sow. Bah Bah Bah

    1. There have been lots of masking/lockdown protests in the Inland Northwest. The result? Mask restrictions are now ignored and go unenforced. Here, masking is voluntary, just as it should be. Businesses, including restaurants, are open — nearly as normal. If you want to see a bunch of sheep, then go visit the big cities of California. There, there are lots of sheep with notched ears. Some of them are even informing on their neighbors, when they witness noncompliance with the contrived, dictatorial masking (and now “double masking”!) orders.

      1. Sir that may be there , But what of the rest of the nation? We are all in this together . Right? I see it nationwide the sheep have spoke. Besides I live no where near the West Coast .

    2. Our priest asked us, out of respect for our elderly church-goers who are at an increased risk, to save our protests for AFTER mass since they’re afraid of the church getting shut down (again). Interestingly, he did not go into the usual sermon about “obey the governing authorities,” (Romans 13:1-14) but instead launched into a sermon about St. Dymphna being martyred for resisting her father’s incestuous demand that she submit. Given the fact our parish is staunchly apolytical, it was a pretty powerful message coming from a Catholic priest.

  26. On the matter of Communist influence and the Chinese Communist Party… There are a number of excellent commentators whose knowledge bases are well established.

    JR Nyquist (see “The Communist Program”)

    Michael Pillsbury

    Gordon Chang

    Also… There was an article that will likely lead to a lot of interesting discussion on Darren Beattie’s Revolver News site. I’ll link that here… It relates to the coercive efforts of the Democrat Left.

    “The Globalist American Empire Declares All-Out War On the American People”

    1. Thanks for those links!

      I’ve found the best “gateway drug” for getting “normies” to wake up and see the Red Guard / Bolshevik tactics without triggering their political defense mechanisms is to hand them a copy of “Red Scarf Girl”, a girl’s autobiography about growing up during Mao’s cultural revolution. It’s a quick read, maybe two hours. Once you see Red Guard (aka leftist) tactics, it can’t be unseen.

      There are also some great movies that you can surreptitiously spring on family members and friends during gatherings. I call this “skipped in school” and made my kids watch all of them. Pop some popcorn, break out the wine and watch some “foreign art films.”

      — Dr. Zhivago (but it’s l-o-n-g)
      — Bitter Harvest (the Holodomor)
      — The Killing Fields (Khmer Rouge)
      — Septembers of Shiraz (Iranian revolution)
      — The Way Back (Soviet gulags)
      — Mao’s Last Dancer (Chinese communism)
      — The Lost City (Fidel Castro)
      — The Lives of Others (East German secret police)
      — The Manchurian Candidate (1962 version) (hmmm … Joe Biden?)
      — Hotel Rwanda (Rwandan genocide)
      — The Blue Kite (1993) (Chinese Cultural Revolution)

      And last, not sure who this teacher is, but he nails the state of the nation today:

  27. A general note to all commentators: Please distiguishing between a comment that is waiting for moderation, versus one that has been deleted. Please understand: We are NOT a big 24-hour-a-day operation with a paid staff that is constantly watching for new comments. We are ranchers with livestock that needs to be fed. We also have to sleep. So there can be delays of up to 10 hours before comments appear.

    Please withhold any: “You’re censoring my comments” posts until you are SURE that this is what has happened.

  28. Freemason and Scottish Rite member Albert Pike wrote that Lucifer is held in high regard by the Freemasons. That’s all I need to know about these people. Now we know why God is never mentioned in our Founding Documents.

  29. “he is very likely to step down before he serves his full four-year term.” – no way, the real string pullers will keep him in office as long as they can, he’s a perfect tool for them, he’s (or jill) not going to put up any fight, just do what he’s told.

    Expect the unexpected – many expect kamala to take over, I’m not sure the powers that be would allow that. This is just a guess on my part, but so many things these days are not what they seem..

  30. Avalanche Lily! One of your posts above did not have a reply button, but I wanted to say… You made a great point about the depth of the deception. I might add that it seems bottomless, or nearly so!

    1. 🙁 I think the deception is going to get much worse in the coming months and years! Even the very elect, if it were possible, may become deceived.

      1. This is an important point, Avalanche Lily. In fact, I think it’s so important that I hope the conversation about deception will continue.

        I like to imagine a world in which all people would be trustworthy. Alas! This is not the world in which we are living.

        Certainly one of the problems is that deception comes from all angles and every corner. It comes at us directly, and indirectly through others we may trust for information or insights.

        All of this is among the reasons I encourage us all to learn to think critically, and to teach our children the same. We must also pray for the gift of discernment.

  31. Democrat left-wing communists, if allowed to dominate, could easily bring about the downfall of our country. They need to be stopped. But right-wing, fascist, cultists attacked our nation’s capitol as well as two state capitols, attempting insurrections. Unbelievable. Allowing either left or right extremists to take over would obviously jeopardize our democratic experiment. If democratic, bipartisan, norms can be re-established, along with a free and open press, this country can continue in strength and freedom. That’s something for which I will pray.

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