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Precious Metals:

Mike in Alaska sent this: Reddit Forum Sparks Physical Silver Shortage on Major Dealers’ Websites. JWR’s Comments: I expect to see the spot and futures silver markets EXPLODE on Monday. Try to lock in a price somewhere and take physical delivery, ASAP. You might consider our newest affiliate advertiser, Silver Gold Bull. Or the folks who kindly write us a monthly SurvivalBlog column: Gainesville Coins.

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Here is some more analysis: Reddit Investors Piling Into Silver Drive Up Prices a Second Day

Economy & Finance:

2020 was the worst year for economic growth since the Second World War.

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Doug Casey: Unsound Banking: Why Most of the World’s Banks Are Headed for Collapse

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Red-State Governors Lead COVID Recovery After Blue-State Tyrants Tanked The Economy

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U.S. Billionaire Wealth Rises 40%, Up $1.1 Trillion, Since March 2020

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Reader H.L. wrote to mention this piece at The New American: Will Democrats Turn America Into Venezuela?


Next, over at The Daily Wire: Biden Continues Fossil Fuel Crackdown, Plans To Suspend New Oil Drilling Permits On Federal Land, Report Says

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OilPrice News reports:

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Food export restrictions by a few countries could skyrocket global food crop prices


At Wolf Street: AT&T’s Acquisition Binge Gone Awry: The Actual Cash in its $19 Billion “Non-Cash” Write-Off

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Hedge Funds Are Puking Longs To Cover Short-Squeeze Losses


Bitcoin ‘ascendant’ as GameStop saga unfolds, Bitfinex CTO says

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Ethereum Could Outperform Bitcoin, Why ETH Could Rally To $1,500

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20% Of The World Could Have Digital Cash In Three Years: BIS

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Another consequence of Covid: a world without cash

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I just received an e-mail from Mississippi Auto Arms — a firearms and ammo sales company — with this unexpected message:

“Due to numerous customer requests, we are now accepting cryptocurrency. In order to pay with cryptocurrency, select check or money order as the payment method during checkout. After you get an order number, send us an email stating that you wish to pay via cryptocurrency and we will send you an invoice. Once we receive payment, we will get your order shipped. We will accept cryptocurrency as payment for any order in excess of $50.”

Tangibles Investing:

Anyone who is not living out in the hinterboonies as a Luddite hermit already knows that there is a chronic gun and ammunition shortage in the US. Prices are galloping. (The very recent photo alongside this paragraph illustrates that.) There are very few gun shows still in operation, and the few that do open their doors are mobbed with eager buyers that arrive to find inflated prices. Gun shops quickly sell out of ammunition each time a new batch arrives. Not surprisingly, there are also shortages of magazines, reloading equipment, night vision gear, and body armor. Some examples: Stripped AR-15 lower receivers used to sell for as little as $30.  Now they are $119 and up.  Standard 9mm ball ammunition used to sell for around 22 cents per round. But now it is $1.00 per round. There are certainly no more $700 AR-15 rifles — although a few nervous dealers are discounting their remaining AR pistols equipped with SBA3 braces.  I’ve noticed that the prices of pre-1899 antique guns have also jumped. I do not expect this situation to improve during the Biden/Harris years. And with all of the legislation that they’ve proposed, it will only get worse.

My recommendation is to stock up, whenever you can find guns, ammunition, and magazines at reasonable prices. This will surely take lots of diligent research.  In my own quest, I’ve found that one good resource for finding ammunition is Look for your guns and gear at sources like pawn shops, flea markets, garage sales, and advertised in local newspaper classified ads.

As always:  Buy low, and sell high. Please note that we haven’t seen “high” yet! If the Democrats push H.R. 127 or similar legislation into law, then we will see the price of many guns soar. Likewise, just the institution of Universal Background Checks” on post-1898 guns will cause all guns to briefly double, and pre-1899 guns to eventually triple in value. Lastly, consider that the Biden/Harris policies will be wildly inflationary, so I can foresee that all tangibles will gain in value as the U.S. Dollar loses purchasing power.

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News Tips:

Please send your economics and investing news tips to JWR. (Either via e-mail of via our Contact form.) These are often especially relevant because they come from folks who closely watch specific markets. If you spot any news that would be of interest to SurvivalBlog readers, then please send it in. News items from local news outlets that are missed by the news wire services are especially appreciated. And it need not be only about commodities and precious metals. Thanks!


  1. There is NO shortage of magazines.
    Maybe there will be when gun legislation is attempted?
    PSA is offering P-mags in every ad. There are small buckets of Glock mags on my local gun shops counter.
    Maybe obscure magazines are in short supply but the magazines that sell in high volume are everywhere.

    1. Its actually 55 armies, counting the 4 US territory/ possessions and DC.

      Also, to correct MSM misinformation, there is no Commander Of The National Guard.

      State Guard is separate from the National Guard, and several despots have shut those units down.

      Time is now to formally establish Committees of Safety to protect lives and property.

    2. As far as tangibles go the idea is buy mags before they become short [in supply]. It’s an investment against [a repetition of] what happened in the 90s

  2. It’s almost comical the way things are going. The conversations being had are hard to listen to. It’s like guns n ammo have mystical powers and if you surround yourself with them you’ll be ok.

    1. Matt, we all understand your sentiments about, how people have too much faith in just guns and ammunition. … Many people are scared of what might happen in the future. With a gun in hand, a person at least has a fighting chance to survive. … People still have to be politically active. Though our elections can be stolen, and votes illegal flipped over to another candidate.

      It’s currently taught in schools and universities, plus advocated in movies and television, that there are too many people world. … Many people think life would be much better if there were fewer people around.
      [A number of people have even said, the Trump voters need to go, = somewhere else. Such people are usually, college teachers, government bureaucrats, and professional agitators. They don’t seem to produce ‘tangible’ things.]

      History is replete with demonic people in charge of governments killing large numbers of people. It’s still occurring even today.
      The University of Hawaii at Hawaii(dot)edu has extensive information about “DEMOCIDE: MURDER BY GOVERNMENT” Governments have murdered hundreds of millions of their citizens and those under their control.

      People should be wary of politicians that claim, “You need to give up your guns to make yourself and everyone else safer.”
      Matt, I know you were NOT questioning gun ownership, but the faith, too many people have, in just owning guns. We as Americans need to be politically active, and demand honest Politicians, and honest elections.
      The comment by Matt made me comment on his observation.

      I really want to comment on the Silver Market, that might go ‘Boom’ in the next couple of months. Alex Jones has a new very short video about how the Silver Market is mostly ‘paper’ being passed around, = without much physical Silver, in possession of the ‘paper’ passers. … Alex Jones reaches millions of people with his broadcasts. The information about a possible silver squeeze is becoming known.
      We might see a Silver Market in crisis.

      Some people believe, much of the market activity by the ‘little guys’ is occurring, because the little guys are angry at the big guys. = Could be true. …. +Shut-Down Joe is activating the politics of recession/depression for Americans. Expect higher gasoline and other energy expenses. … … Just maybe the ‘angry’ little guys will be intentionally disruptive against the cronies of Make Americans Poorer, Joe.

      People need to have their preps and ‘tangibles’ in place.

      1. To paraphrase Nasty Pelosi- “You have to give up your guns so you can see what we will do to you after you give us your guns”.

    2. Matt, I really resonate with what you say. In 1969, I helped bury a Marine artilleryman who, while well protected by razor wire, machine gun nests, and Claymore mines died of spinal meningitis.

      The firearms will protect us from a narrow range of threats, and even then only when skillfully used.

      That is one of the many things I appreciate about SB, the wide range of expertise and generous sharing of knowledge.

      Carry on

  3. Good morning everyone,

    Market not even open yet and Silver is up to $30+ an ounce!! Yahoo for all of us that have been putting this back for some time now.

    Have a Rockin great day!

    1. RKRGRL68, It is so wonderful to see you post again. Yay! Missed you. I know you have been busy taking care of your folks. Please let us know how your mom recovered from the covid. Hope your kids are doing well in their perspective assignments.

      Yes, you will reap rewards in the future as silver goes up. That is exciting. Blessings to you this week, Krissy

      1. Krissy,

        Good to hear from you too! My folks are doing well, mom had a slight case of the Covid and recovered nicely. (Thank God, as she’s 80 & Dads 84)! Finally got mom home (first week of January)after 8 weeks in rehab/nursing home from a fall the week before thanksgiving.

        Kids are doing wonderful! Both at their respective bases, Pendelton and Miramar.
        I’ve really been struggling this winter, my neck is still not fused in one place (may take up to a year) but I really like my surgeon and trust what he tells me.
        This means that I cannot start any physical therapy yet so I’ve really been struggling with feeling anxious and my annual winter depression is really bad this year. (I refuse to take medication for that).
        I haven’t been posting because I really don’t want to be whiny about what’s going on with me, there are so many others that have much worse than me and I try to remember this every day and be thankful for what I have.
        I do read here every day though, as it’s my encouragement that things WILL get better and I need to be more Paitent (NOT one of my more endearing qualities) but I’m working on it.

        Thank you for thinking of me , it always seems to make me feel better

        Have a Rockin great day!

        1. RKR, regarding your patience, this:
          “I had my patience tested. I’m negative.”

          Regarding your depression, look into a full-spectrum lamp for treating seasonal affective disorder. My sweet spouse just loves the one I got her.

          Carry on in grace

        2. RKR, Be patient, I had double discectomy with fusion and yes, absolutely it can take a year to heal. Like you, I was discouraged and thought something went wrong with the surgery. But now, two years later I am a new man, all my nerve pain and associated problems are gone. The surgery worked and I am thankful. The body is remarkable in it’s ability to heal, my surgeon was a Christian and he had tears in his eyes as he described the wonder of the human body, he is a witness to the healing powers God provides. I wish you well.

        3. RKRGRL68: take at least 3000 IU of vitamin D (and a K2 kicker) for your winter blues. I’ve had S.A.D. since being away from the AZ desert for 8 years and it has really helped.

        4. RKRGRL68, Thank you for giving us an update. That is great news that your mom recovered from a light case of covid. A tender mercy, given all that she is going through. Glad your kids are doing well, too!

          I had a feeling your silence meant you were battling pain, sadness and depression. We understand. It’s okay. If I may, you may whine to us anytime you like! We care for you. Plus, on particular hard days, if you let us know, we will pray extra for you. Just type: Hard Day!
          Heck, I bet we could get Saint to write you a funny story, just to make
          you smile.

          You are an example for us all, to be thankful no matter our situation. Thank you for that. Prayers and blessings for your continued healing, Krissy

        5. My doctor prescribed one tablet (50,000 iu) of vitamin D tablet every two weeks for the winter blahs.

          He is the rare doctor that leans on common sense remedies and certainly was correct on the diagnosis.

      2. Krissy,

        I remember when a woman posting on SB was a rarity. Now, we have a great, sweet bounty of you womenfolk.

        That is an oblique way of saying how very much I appreciate the tenderness and care you so often express to other correspondents.

        Carry on in grace

    1. @Muddykid

      I checked your link and found it an entertaining read. From what I am reading these people are NOT messing with the stock for profit, but to simply make the abusive hedge fund manipulators lose billions of dollars by using their own methods against them. The idea of thousands of small investors banding together to stick it to the big guy is just great. I find this to be a very amusing form of non-compliance. I am almost tempted to buy a stock of GME to help out LOL.

      1. @ Hobbit Farmer,

        I fully agree. Its been exciting to watching all this play out in real time. Some people even rented billboards in Times Square to laugh at the hedge funds, AND someone hired a plane to fly over San Francisco, flying a banner that says “Suck my B#$@ Robinhood”

        Robinhood is trading app that suspended people buying GME for a bit, and other apps are doing it as well. So many market and political stuff going on with this Reddit stuff. Its great!

  4. re:
    “…biden did this, biden did that…”


    Ol’ china joe robotically hovers his pen while papers are chain-fed under it.
    The assembly-line on televisionprogramming started in hidden backrooms by hidden puppet-masters.

    And yet, the incompetence of the signer automatically invalidates the contracts.

    Repeat after me:
    * The incompetence of the signer automatically invalidates the contracts.

    Ol’ china joe is incompetent.
    Because of his incompetence, Glorious Leader lacks any legal standing to enter any contract.

    Neither party to an invalid contract has legal standing to enforce that contract.
    Of course, trivialities such as ‘lawful’ and ‘legitimate’ are never a hindrance to MARXISTS.

    So, this time, which is it?
    Does ‘the right’, do ‘the conservatives’, stew and think bad thoughts while collaborating and capitulating?


    A couple-three days ago, I mistakenly used the phrase ‘weekend warriors’ to describe the approximately 30,000 National Guard warriors protecting The Imperial City of District Of china during the inaug of Glorious Leader.

    I thought the National Guard are a reserve part-time military.
    Apparently, each state has a standing army, military forces at the beck-n-call of TheRulingElites.

    These fifty armies are in addition to the federal standing army.

    Those militaries are in addition to militarized LawEnforcementOfficials at the state plus county plus city levels.

    A prudent person might question the wisdom of anybody contemplating going to battle against those many millions of full-time warriors.

    Of course, if the figure-head of the opposition is incompetent, can we extrapolate some/many/all of the others in that command-chain might be equally dingbatted nincompoops engaged in nincompoopery?

    Asking for a friend.

    1. Hey Marge, Patrick Henry knew all this BS would happen and for that reason, he said adopting the Constitution was a huge mistake.

      If you have some time, coffee, and cinnamon rolls, this makes great reading:

      “While they acquired those visionary blessings, they lost their freedom. My great objection to this Government is, that it does not leave us the means of defending our rights, or of waging war against tyrants: It is urged by some gentlemen, that this new plan will bring us an acquisition of strength, an army, and the militia of the States: This is an idea extremely ridiculous: Gentlemen cannot be earnest. This acquisition will trample on our fallen liberty: Let my beloved Americans guard against that fatal lethargy that has pervaded the universe: Have we the means of resisting disciplined armies, when our only defence, the militia, is put into the hands of Congress?”

      1. My hard copy of the Anti-Federalist Papers arrived today! Looking forward to reading it after I finish Live Not By Lies. It’s been at least 8+ years since I read the Federalist Papers so I’m going to re-read those too. I want to put the bigger picture of that whole discussion and debate together, but these past years have obliterated way too many parts of my memory…

        I took two years of American history in high school and two semesters in college, and never once were we required to read either of them. (Though there may have been excerpts.) My own kids will not be so shorted (or get off so lucky, depending who you ask).

        1. Bear… glad to see you are reading Live Not By Lies… would enjoy reading your thoughts / reaction … feel free to get my email from JWR / AL … God bless you

    2. Miss Marge,

      The National Guard is one of two components of the Reserve Components of the Army and Air Force (the other being the Army and Air Force Reserves). Both the Reserve and NG are “part-time” forces for the most part, with a small group (around 10% or so) of “full-time” personnel who provide planning and coordination in support of operations and training.

      Unlike the Reserves, the Guard is usually under control of the various governors, meaning they are not legally considered Federal forces, and as such are not subject to the restrictions of the Posse Comitatus Act. They can therefore be used for domestic law enforcement, unless federalized (I’m oversimplifying a bit here). As such, the National Guard is considered the modern descendant of the State Militia. It should be noted, however, that many states also have a State Guard that is not subject to federalization.

      Although not “full-time”, the “weekend warrior” concept died in the 90s. Guard and Reserve personnel spend much more time than the old “1 weekend a month, 2 weeks a year” in training and planning, much of it on their own time. Most of them have regular jobs as well, or in some cases are also students. Many today are also prior Active Component and/or have served in combat overseas. They’re a long way from being either amateur weekend warriors or government stormtroopers. Many are solid conservatives who choose to serve their State, their country, and their community, all while taking their Oath seriously. If you’ll recall, there was talk of “vetting” some of the personnel in DC, although it appears the chain of command stepped on that idea.

      I would discommend putting too much faith in any organization, whether it’s the Guard, a political party, or even a religious group. By the same token, I’d be wary of condemning them, barring significant abuses of power, something we have not yet seen in any branches of the US military in recent years.

      1. Good thumbnail description, FM. FYI, here is a list: SDFBranchInsigniaColor.jpg State defense forces and naval militia
        State defense forces

        Alabama State Defense Force Alaska State Defense Force California State Guard Connecticut State Guard Georgia State Defense Force Indiana Guard Reserve Louisiana State Guard Maryland Defense Force Massachusetts State Defense Force Michigan Volunteer Defense Force Mississippi State Guard Missouri State Defense Force New Mexico State Defense Force New York Guard Ohio Military Reserve Oregon Civil Defense Force Puerto Rico State Guard South Carolina State Guard Tennessee State Guard Texas State Guard Vermont State Guard Virginia Defense Force Washington State Guard

        Naval militia

        Alaska Naval Militia Connecticut Naval Militia New York Naval Militia Ohio Naval Militia South Carolina Naval Militia Texas State Guard Maritime Regiment New Jersey Naval Militia

        New Jersey State Guard


        Alaska Territorial Guard Arkansas State Guard Colorado State Defense Force Delaware State Guard Florida Naval Militia Florida State Guard Georgia Naval Militia Hawaii Naval Militia Hawaii Territorial Guard Idaho State Guard Illinois Naval Militia Illinois Reserve Militia Indiana Naval Militia Iowa State Guard Kansas State Guard Kentucky Active Militia Louisiana Naval Militia Maine State Guard Maryland Naval Militia Massachusetts Naval Militia Michigan Naval Militia Minnesota Naval Militia Minnesota State Guard Missouri Naval Militia Nebraska State Guard New Hampshire State Guard

        North Carolina Naval Militia North Carolina State Defense Militia Oklahoma State Guard Oregon Naval Militia Pennsylvania State Guard Pennsylvania Navy Rhode Island Naval Militia Rhode Island State Guard South Dakota State Guard Utah State Defense Force Washington Naval Militia Wisconsin Naval Militia Wisconsin State Defense Force

        I commend your insight here: “I would discommend putting too much faith in any organization, whether it’s the Guard, a political party, or even a religious group. By the same token, I’d be wary of condemning them, barring significant abuses of power, something we have not yet seen in any branches of the US military in recent years.”

        At the same time, my research uncovered at least one exception: “In 1948, two battalions of Minnesota State Guard, equipped with one dozen M4 Sherman tanks, were deployed to quell a violent strike by the meat packer’s union in the St. Paul and Newport areas.[13] After the violence was quelled, troops withdrew from most of their deployed zones but continued to patrol the Wilson plant in Albert Lea, Minnesota.[14]”

        A dozen Sherman tanks. Seriously? That exercise of the police state was used against leftists.

        Carry on

        Carry on

        1. Brother, if I provided a thumbnail, you just gave us the whole handprint! I didn’t even know that State Naval Militias existed, and apparently my State has one. I can see the need for them, though, particularly for SAR following a hurricane or similar event.

          Your definition of recent history is a bit more…expansive…than mine. But I agree, a dozen tanks for a riot does seem a bit excessive. I could find few references to the event, but I wonder how violent the strike truly was, prior to the deployment of the State Guard. This provides a good example of why we must be careful with what capabilities we provide to any government entity.

          Carry on carrying on, Marine.

    1. Pick a spot price to sell and don’t budge.
      I did during the last spike and did nicely. I’ll do the same this time.
      My sell price on my physical silver is 35/oz.
      Sure, I left money on the table last time, and probably will this time too. But I liken it to gambling. I like to quit while I’m ahead.

    2. Last time I sold silver was at $42 in2011. In hindsight, I should have traded for gold which at that time was 1:50 ratio. Gold:Silver ratio today got as low as 1:63, in 2020 it got just over 1:100. Maybe a good time to convert to gold????

    3. Um, what will hold value better, silver or paper?

      Selling silver makes sense if the profit gained goes into needed equipment or improvements to one’s property. Otherwise, refer to the first sentence.

      Carry on

      1. I’m seconding, Once a Marine; Always a Marine’s comment.
        Hold silver unless the money is used for something tangible with long term value. Invest in the house, or equipment.
        [Unless of course, a person is a speculator in money, stocks, collectables and such.]

        The amount of USA CASH MONEY overseas increases yearly. … Obama gave billions to the Iranians; 1.7 billion dollars was pallets of CASH Money.

        From Bullionstar(dot)com July 3, 2019.
        “According to the Federal Reserve, there are currently $1.74 trillion paper dollars in circulation. How many of these notes circulate in the U.S. and how many are used overseas?

        Because banknotes cannot be tracked, this question is particularly difficult to answer. This blog post explores several approaches for determining the location of notes. These approaches offer a wide range of estimates, from as low as 40% of all currency being held outside of U.S. borders to as high as 72%. …

        Nations tend to dollarize because they have experienced high domestic inflation. Because the purchasing power of dollars is much more reliable than that of a weak domestic currency, individuals and businesses develop a habit of using dollars for making transactions or hoarding wealth. Even years after the domestic inflation has been contained, this habit remains.

        Dollars are also popular in the international drug trade. Criminals require secrecy, and by their nature banknotes are a privacy-preserving form of payment. Because U.S. dollars are so liquid, they have become the preferred medium for illicit international business dealings.
        [Me GGHD] The value of Silver has ~historically been attached to the value of Gold. … [The last few decades, it seems the currency manipulators have detached silver from gold. Speculation on my part.]

        We know an enormous amount of ‘Paper’ IOUs for silver are being traded. The Bankers and Stock Market companies have a lot of ‘paper IOUs’ for silver.
        People seem to be very interested in the ‘tangible’ asset of silver in possession, now days.

        Will the price stay high or fluctuate. ~It’s a ~gamble.~ Some people have an aversion to gambling.
        It’s reasonable to believe, if the US Government issued more silver dollars, there would be buyers here in America, and overseas. [Not all people overseas are crooks. They save paper dollars because their politicians are the crooks. OPSEC overseas like here.]

        There’s a big demand for a stable US currency. Silver seems to hold its value over time.
        +OPSEC (secrecy) is a reoccurring idea at SurvivalBlog; like the old timers said during the big War, “Loose Lips Sink Ships.”
        The USA is full of dishonest people; Americans elected one, just a few months ago. [Notice, I didn’t name the person. Pick one; there seems to be a lot of them around.]

      1. If silver hits $300, you really better hang on to it becuase we will be in hyperinflation territory and it will be probably hit $900 the next month.

  5. All one has to do is look at the administration(biden) and his picks and it is clear what their agenda is for America. First, limit gun and mag purchases. No more mags of high capacity, period, rifle or pistol.
    Ammo will limit itself, like toilet paper did. I predict in 4 to 6 years there will be blind or fixed magazines on AR type rifles. Then it gets worse from there. America is gone. Dems will control everything.

    1. Just look at California… so goes California, so goes the rest of the country eventually.

      The Deep State lawyers are extremely good at strategizing and are very patient. They will negotiate by asking for bans on the sale of new “assault weapons”, registration of existing semi-auto guns with class III type requirements… finger prints, $200 transfer tax on firearms AND each magazine over 10 rounds, mandatory “safety” classes, etc.

      They will walk away Satisfied with a national registration system as a precursor to future restrictions. The Bow Tie class (republicans) will Eagerly negotiate this away, …after all, if you haven’t done anything wrong Why should you feel bad about being on an FBI registry? (just ask Peter Strzok, he’ll tell you).

      My guess is that they will also get bans on the sale of “ghost guns” and parts. They have already said they want everything to go through a background check. The Republicans will also bargain this away because it affects a very small percentage of their potential constituency. They are throwing you off the sled to the pursuing wolves. They will cower when Schumer and Harris rant about how “ghost guns” Threaten our children and how only criminals would want them. Expect inflated law enforcement data to back them up, with a few Sobbing “witnesses” that will tell their tale of woe, how their Ex-felon drug dealing boyfriend threatened to shoot her kids with a gun he made in his garage. 80% receivers are still legal for sale in California, but if built, they have to have a DOJ issued serial number put on them.

      Once they have the National Universal registration system in place It’s down hill from there. Eventually you will have ammo background checks like in California and then ammo restrictions. After all, without ammo, a gun is just an awkward metal club. (Just ask CA Gov. Alfred E. Newsom).

      The way the California system works is, they don’t actually do a background check. They check if you are in their gun registry. They figure if you bought the gun you went through a background check. It’s true you don’t have to be in that gun registry system to buy ammo, but if no gun sale shows up, you do have to pay about $20 for a real background check that may take weeks. And of course this flags you in their data base. I’m sure if you buy .223 or 7.62×39 you probably get a note on your file (“unregistered gun, probable assault rifle”). No doubt they are also keeping track of how much you buy. Hit the magic 500 mark? Ding ding ding … potential mass shooter.

      A side note; I bought some powder a couple of days ago at Scheels. They only had 2 types left out of a wall full, CFE BLK and Green dot. The guy told me they only had 6 cans left. I thought about it and went back the next day to buy the rest and it was all gone. Don’t hesitate folks.

  6. Wanted to chime in on this reddit/silver market again. My aim in doing so is to remind people about the age of misinformation that we live in, and is one that JWR wrote about recently.

    I hold silver, I really hope it goes to the moon. Yet, all of this news about silver in the past few days to a week, is odd.

    Look here,

    If you read the comments, which are not safe for work, or for the faint of heart, you will see people from all over the world chiming in saying their country is broadcasting the same message on silver. Yet, it seems most people are Reddit are not really jumping into silver. There has been discussions, but the source of those people has been in question. The parent company that was impacted by Reddit in response to the gamestop situation, from what I have read, stands to gain a lot with the silver market.

    If you had been following this news closely, you would have also seen large amounts of main stream media framing the Reddit group as “barbarians,” and that the hedge fund managers were the victims.

    Propaganda and misinformation are everywhere today. Just look at this recent video of what happens on one company owns several local news stations.

    Who to trust in the age of misinformation? Yourself, with due diligence.

  7. In Tucson the ammo supply is short. Magazines are becoming harder to find. shows 9mm at about 68 cents a round. .223 is about 95 cents a round for steel cases. 7.62X39 is about 50 cents a round. It might be a good idea to buy an AK type of gun.

  8. I’ve made a few posts on this but will summarize here. For now, I am wary of rapidly escalating silver prices. While I agree it is great to see, I am concerned people are paying $36-$40 (in some case more) per ounce. Somehow the idea of a Reddit based attack on silver shorts has taken hold and there isn’t much evidence to support that. My opinion only but this feels more like a case of rumor becoming fact, dealers raising premiums dramatically over the past 24 hours and news spreading like wildfire. I think I’ll wait this one out and not buy into this market.

    The real test is what a reputable dealer will pay you for your silver and I’m going to guess that will be $28-$29 for generic stuff and no more than spot for Eagles. When I’ve seen this in past years they will always offer a price that allows them time and margin to flip the product and still make a profit if prices fall.

  9. To reinforce what’s been posted a few times, Reddit investors are NOT pushing silver.

    The forum supposedly responsible for this is covered with posts saying the silver thing is a trick. (Allegedly) Some of the big companies stand to make alot of money if they can push silver up then sell.

    Do not dump money into silver in the hopes of a quick buck. That could backfire badly. Buy silver if you want to buy it and keep it long term.

    1. Hi-ho Silver, and away?

      Yes, it can explode in the the short term, but don’t expect it to hocky stick….yet. Gold and silver, while mostly traded as paper, are heavily manipulated to protect the weakening US dollar. There is endless and unsecured naked shorting that persists off books, hypothetically trillions selling, verses billions buying, wins. They will hit it hard at the tops and squelch it’s real potential by crushing to manageable levels. They will never let run like it should. Silver will only realize it’s full potential once it decouples from the Crimex (Comex), and is increasingly regarded as money once again.

      If you can not hold it, you do not own it, and price will be what ever they need it to be, and not what it should be, until it decouples. And that could happen sooner rather than latter in this unstable environment. Silver is the most underappreciated asset, but it ain’t lead. Don’t feel left out. Essential tangibles are as good as gold.
      Instead of seeking to preserve wealth, I would rather seek to preserve life.

      Once these markets are inaccessible, local currency markets will determine the value, and that could be controlled by those who hold the most gold, and become less in terms of valuations set by the markets of today. Gold and silver can actually decrease relative to essential tangibles such as lead. This happened during the Balkan war.

  10. Considering price of lead ammo, maybe reloaders should buy silver for bullet casting. Could sell the ammo as the Werewolf Special.

    Platinum going up as well. As are the indexes for industrial metals like PDBC — up roughly 4% in a month.

    Some see that as a recovering economy and coming boom. But given a S&P 500 PE Ratio of 34, Others might see an oncoming inflation tsunami.

  11. Those who sold Bitcoin to buy silver have plenty to buy. Once silver is regarded as money again, the gold to silver ratio will return to historical norms closer 19 to 1. This means the percentage gains of silver relative to all others will be huge. While crypt currency have been hot, and PM’s not, both situations have been artificially created. Reintroduce natural economic law, and the need for real assets, instead of digital dust, PM’s will perform as they have for thousands of years. Cyptos and tally sticks have a place in a stable society, yet the world is changing and rapidly, and PM’s meet all the criteria for what is real money, and the others are not. If you cannot hold it, you do not own it.

  12. If you sell your silver what form will the payment be in? Dollars? Not if you’re smart.
    Trading for any hard tangible would be a good move.
    Cash to pay off a mortgage or other large debt before the reset is fine as long as you get it
    done soon.

  13. Look at governments buying tons of gold. Not the US, of course. Paper is cheaper.

    The real % inflation in our lives is at a fast food drive up. Its running between 6 and 12% per year….. Devaluation of FRNs!

    It is always good to have real estate that is paid off. But when a house mortgage is at 3% and inflation/devaluation exceeding 4%, financial management indicates other decisions may be more profitable.

    I plan to double the profit on part of my ammo stockpile in 2021. Poultry, greenhouses, long term fuel storage, and farm machinery are on my shopping list.

    Silver cannot help “rising” with FRN devaluation.

    God Forgive our Dotard and it’s puppeteers and have mercy on us all rather than Judgement.

  14. Too many people focus on the price of silver, instead of the value of silver. The price is a result of manipulations and fiat currency devaluation. The value never changes and provides the same wealth protection today, as it did 1000 years ago. The same applies to gold.

  15. I am always amused with those worried about when to sell physical silver! It is just too easy to do that with funds dealing in paper silver.

    Physical silver is a store of wealth or insurance for things I hope never happens.

    The real news is thousands of new people taking physical delivery! That is the game changer.

    1. I like the way you think, Aubrey Turhan.

      SImply said, “Physical silver is a store of wealth or insurance. ”

      That assurance helps me restrain my greed when the price climbs as it has. I am in for the long term.

      Carry on

  16. For those talking about the shortage of ammo, you might want to go to the House of Representatives site and look at H. R. 127. The ammo shortage in our current system will take care of itself, but you might want to look at this because it is going to make all of us outlaws anyway. If the free market system continues to prevail, someone will make the ammo you need. I would have thought you would have read the writing on the wall and stowed away a solid supply before now.

  17. As to silver, I bought a supply when it was cheap, and I wouldn’t be in a rush to get rid of it, since the banks are trying to get rid of cash now. One of my strategies to lower my online profile is to use cash to buy most things. My debit card is usually used for cash at the ATM, then we go from there. Be ready to lose all your cash and investments in paper. Invest in everything you need to provide for yourself, your family, your neighbors, and your community.

  18. Does anyone really think TPTB are going to let the “Reddit Crowd” get away with pushing the silver prices way up and keeping them there?
    No, I’m not selling, but if they crash the prices I’ll be right there to buy some more.

  19. About the Silver Market, and any other ‘market’ in our society. Some people are very skilled at speculation, and buying then selling the items. For many of us, maybe we should ~first follow the basic Survivalblog precepts:

    “Tangibles Trump Conceptuals.”
    “Modern fiat currencies are generally accepted, but have essentially no backing. Because they are largely a byproduct of interest bearing debt, modern currencies are destined to inflation. In the long run, inflation dooms fiat currencies to collapse. The majority of your assets should be invested in productive farm land and other tangibles such as useful hand tools.
    …….. Only after you have your key logistics squared away, anything extra should be invested in silver and gold.” [Survivalblog precepts from the heading links]

    To me (GGHD), it’s excellent advice for the long term.

  20. you guy are so smart
    Indeed.. reddit buying silver was fake news..
    Citron was a major holder of slv.. all news media promoted this lie to bail out a hedgedund that want to bankrupt struggling businesses.. the collution is nauseating.. wide open in broad daylight..

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