1. Audrey Hepburn A Beautiful and interesting actress. I have enjoyed many of her films. Would truly enjoy seeing any actor being of her character. Of course she lived in Europe during WW II so that would obviously influence her life.

      1. From Wikipedia: Audrey Hepburn. She lived in Nazi occupied Netherlands.

        “After the Allied landing on D-Day, living conditions grew worse, and Arnhem was subsequently heavily damaged during Operation Market Garden.
        During the Dutch famine that followed in the winter of 1944, the Germans blocked the resupply routes of the Dutch people’s already limited food and fuel supplies as retaliation for railway strikes that were held to hinder German occupation.
        Like others, Hepburn’s family resorted to making flour out of tulip bulbs to bake cakes and biscuits; she developed acute anaemia, respiratory problems and oedema as a result of malnutrition.”
        Dictators use starvation to subdue people. … Controlled economies have crop failures and low food supplies. … Maybe, people should learn to garden now, and obtain a few food preps. Malnutrition takes its toll, for the rest of life.

        Noted quote in Wikipedia from Audrey Hepburn:
        “Her family was profoundly affected by the occupation, with Hepburn later stating that “had we known that we were going to be occupied for five years, we might have all shot ourselves. We thought it might be over next week… six months… next year… that’s how we got through”.
        Look through the products sold by Survivalblog advertisers. A little bit can be set aside each month or season. ~Learn to garden; it’s an activity that can help bring peace to the soul.

  2. I think of her as a very nice gal. i don’t know about her political or religious leanings but i DON’T WANT TO KNOW THEM! she shall remain pure in my mind….

    1. Ma G, I read your link. The article is about the basic English formal gardens, and the large British Empire. … The noteworthy quote from the article,

      “Professor Fowler does admit in her book that she is guilty of benefitting from the British Empire, as her own family had connections to slavery on sugar plantations in the Caribbean.”
      “I make no claim to neutrality… Our relatives either profited from empire, or were impoverished by it,” she wrote.”
      Maybe, Survivalblog readers can write Fowler and ask for Reparations. Her ancestors helped weaken America, [with the affects still present], through ‘Refined Cane Sugar’ and Demon Rum. … Rum made with sugar cane was part of the early slave trade, and the slave produced products.

      All the races in America still suffer today due to Fowler’s ancestors. Maybe, she’ll send us some money for Reparations. [I will not waste a postage stamp, or hold my breath until that happens. I’m mostly an Irish Catholic, = a group that elbows its way to the front of the line, to say bad things about the English and British Empire.]
      As a current comment about the events expected to unfold with Thievin’ Joe, he plans to appoint Dr. Richard (now Rachel) Levine, a “transgender woman Dr. Rachel Levine as assistant health secretary.” [His picture is on the Internet.]

      People are still drinking too much Demon Rum; +some people are possessed by Demons, even if they don’t drink. … From the Bible we understand to say, “In the name of Jesus, Satan begone” ~ when faced with Demons.
      ……… +God loves everyone. … We are suppose to love everyone too, but in a Godly way.

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