What Would You Do?, by SaraSue

introductory Disclaimer: Eight years ago I suffered a brain injury.  Prior to that I was a professional in high tech, and had handsomely-paid writing and teaching gigs.  I have several degrees, and held at least a dozen technical certifications in a wide variety of technologies.  Most of what I knew was forgotten, lost, in that moment my brain almost died.  My writing and teaching skills flew out the window.  It’s taken a long time to regain even social skills as I still struggle to string my thoughts together in a coherent way, and command my body to function.  All that to say, I wish, with this short article to engender a discussion around “What Would You Do”, and would ask that you go easy on my lost writing skills.  I love this community, so here we go…

What would you do if you woke up on inauguration day 2021 and much to your despair, your candidate for President didn’t win?  Would your life be over?  Would it change the way you live in regards to work, where you live, your level of self-sufficiency?  I have thought long and hard about these questions.

I will say now, that Trump is my President and I believe God has used to him to save us, America, from a widespread Communist/Marxist influence.  I do not worship him in any way, shape or form.  But, I do see how instrumental he has been in attempting to restore the American way of life.  He has committed himself to restoring power to We the People.  For that, I am grateful.  Things were going in the worst possible direction in our country and someone, Trump, stepped in and yanked the reigns on so many levels.  I had hope that America could be restored: freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom to keep and bear arms, freedom to raise our children how we see fit, freedom from the globalist influences, freedom to work in whatever capacity we so chose, etc.

Now, with the 2020 election in a “contested” status and the “press” scattering all kinds of false stories across the Internet and over the airwaves, it’s hard to know what is really going on.  I’m following a number of lawsuits and feel as if our lives are hanging by a thread.  To me, it’s freedom or communism.  Patriots vs Traitors.  With that said…

A Great Migration

What would I do on inauguration day if my candidate did not take his rightful place?  Firstly, I will give thanks that I live in a “red state” and that the people of Idaho, for the most part, value Freedom over all else.  Not to say, everyone feels as I do, but most do.  So, I’m not fearful that where I live needs to change.  I do have extended family all over the state of California who are fearful that the tax burden, and tyrannical laws and government intrusion will get worse.  If that’s even possible.  They had been considering a move to Idaho when the real estate market here went bonkers.  Now they are looking elsewhere in the country.  The great migration is in full force as the people of California, New York, and other urban areas in blue states, look for a better place to live.

Secondly, I would do everything in my power to *reduce* my taxable income.  Why?  Because I have a mantra, “starve the beast”.  My current strategy continues.  Reducing one’s taxable income, in my thinking, reduces one’s contributions to the federal budget.  The federal budget is rife with pork fat.  We subsidize half the world while our families struggle to make ends meet.  Special interest groups, pet projects, Planned Parenthood, Hollywood, and copious numbers of “friends” of the Powers That Be, get millions of dollars from the government.  It’s how they operate.  They rob us blind.  How to reduce your taxable income is a personal discussion between you and your CPA or certified tax professional – something to think about and research.

Thirdly, I would look for ways to become more self-sufficient so as to reduce any dependence on the government.  I collect Social Security and have Medicare, which I paid into over my 35-year career, but I don’t expect those things to be there forever.  I want more land for growing and raising food.  I’m on a quest to find that, even as I write.  Part of reducing my dependence is living in a safe and sparsely populated area, which translates into less of a need for government help, er, intervention/invasion of privacy.

Fourthly, I have been and continue to look for ways to improve my health, which is compromised.  That includes healthy foods, fresh air, no noise or air pollution, exercising my body on the land and in the home.  Using food including herbs and teas as my medicine rather than pharmaceuticals.  I used to take a long list of pills.  Some were to counteract the effects of other pills.  It got to a point where I decided to “embrace the pain” and slowly weaned myself off all the drugs.  Now, mind you, I do advocate for pain medication when the pain is severe and immobilizing because at one point, that was me – so don’t think I’m all sunshine and roses.  No, I weaned myself off once the pain became tolerable – difficult to do when you become addicted to the pills.  I also modified my life to accommodate my limitations and still be productive.  No judgment from me.

The Great Tribulation?

In addition to the above, I factor in what may be coming, whether that be the Great Tribulation as described in the Bible, or civil unrest across America, or a Communist takeover.  In addressing these possibilities, my priorities/strategies don’t change much.

If indeed, we are headed into the Great Tribulation, my best approach is to be in the Word of God every day.  Sear it into my heart and mind.  Kick all Satanic influences to the curb, if there remain any.  None of that “eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we die”.  No.  We are called to be prepared (the Bible gives us so many examples), to be sober, to be salt, to be light in a dark world, and to stand firm.  Then, we pray, Maranatha – Lord Come Quickly!

In regards to civil unrest, I fully expect riots to break out over the entire country if Trump is inaugurated.  What we’ve seen up until now were test runs.  These groups are funded by the likes of George Soros, the globalists, and the Communist party.  They will attempt to make it unbearable for Trump supporters, as they’ve stated numerous times.  They will continue to persecute Christians and Conservatives and anyone who does not support their ideology or bow to their tyranny.  If Biden is inaugurated, the dogs will be called off, so to speak, since they will have “legal” means of control and intimidation.  However, over half the country who voted for Trump. They will be itching for a civil war to rectify the theft of an American election.  We are sitting on somewhat of a powder keg.

We, as Americans, have to gird our loins for the coming unpleasantness, no matter which way the wind blows.

Going Gray Man

With the above in mind, I have a fifth priority, and that is to be the “gray man/woman”.  For some reason, my position about this has been controversial.  Some say you should be loud, visible, demanding, etc.  I think that makes one a target under certain circumstances – like the one we may end up with.  I don’t fly flags or have yard signs.  I don’t have bumper stickers on my vehicles.  I don’t broadcast my views.  I aim to be the most nondescript, humble, non-interesting person with nothing to say other than pleasantries, and nothing to target.  Mind you, I am extremely opinionated!  LOL.  But, only my intimate circle knows that, and even there I am cautious. Would anyone suspect this petite, older, quiet, woman could blow their brains out?  I doubt it.

Basically, if one or more of these troubles come our way, I want to melt into the landscape.  But, for the sole purpose, of providing for my extended family should they find their way to me, as is our plan.  And… I have this idea that I will/can be a source of comfort and help to those who take more “forceful” positions in the upcoming unpleasantness.  I have studied, just a bit, the women who were left behind during war times.  They took their places in the factories, tended the children, grew food, managed the farms, worked in offices, tended the sick and injured, manned radio communications, acted as spies, and so much more.  I don’t view us women as helpless in any way.  We are capable, intelligent, compassionate, and some of us are warriors who will want to be on the front lines.

Speaking of “front lines”, what does it even look like if war broke out on our soil?  It feels as if everyone is just waiting for the first shot to be fired.  I have some mental images of my own that are really grisly and horrid!  Probably because I believe that We the People have the Constitutional right to form militias, outside of formal law enforcement and the military.  I also believe that we have the Constitutional right to keep and bear arms, stand our ground, protect our property and families, as well as “throw off” the government should it no longer serve We the People.  I would like to explore the “what if’s” further, but would really like to hear everyone’s thoughts first.  What will you do on inauguration day?


    1. I too have taken an oath to protect this my Country and its Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic. While I’m neither a perfect person nor perfect patriot, I do strive to be better at both and do consider myself a real, active patriot. So, is everyone who disagrees with me NOT a patriot merely by expressing their own deeply held beliefs?! By disagreeing with me, are they automatically a traitor? Seems like an idea clearly contrary to the Constitution. I prefer seeking common ground.

    2. I stand with you, GeoGuy. We have many allies we may fail to recognize due to simple political differences. As an example, I know quite a few leftist peace activists who would agree big time with what SaraSue states: “Secondly, I would do everything in my power to *reduce* my taxable income. Why? Because I have a mantra, “starve the beast”. My current strategy continues. Reducing one’s taxable income, in my thinking, reduces one’s contributions to the federal budget. The federal budget is rife with pork fat. ”

      Most all of what she writes applies also with folks I know who voted for Biden. And, yeah, they would disagree with some of what she writes. Some of us SB members would find something to disagree with, also. “Too much agreement spoils a good chat.” We are grownup enough to continue caring for each other, even as we have conflict. That is a big reason I continue to read and reply on SB.

      Carry on

  1. I wish I had your writing skills and I have had no brain injury.
    It does pluck my nerves that I continue to read in the survival community that people still hope and believe that Trump could still get a second term. That ship has sailed.
    Its time to move on… makes preparations, or be an activist, raise money for the next election.

      1. Shame on everyone for acquiescing so easily to the fraudulent Biden “win”. Jan 6 has not yet arrived. Congress can still (lawfully) contest, deliberate, and alter the Electoral votes. It has happened before. Trump may also invoke the Insurrection Act to mandate a new election overseen by the militia to ensure a fair process.

        Never surrender.

        1. Hello I Haz a Question!
          You are right. NEVER SURRENDER. …and to that thought, at least one news report suggested that the Biden inauguration parade route stands were taken down because of a concern that such a parade would turn into a MAGA RALLY.

          Let’s just hope, pray, and work in great earnest toward the goal of NOT even having to know “what would have happened” if Biden had been inaugurated.

          Sunday morning brought some good news. Dr. Peter Navarro suggested that Vice President Mike Pence could order a 10 day audit, and that any inauguration could be postponed. If such an audit comes with subpoena power, and the evidence can truly be assessed, this would be tremendously helpful to the discovery of the truth. Hearings following the audit findings would be a real necessity as well, and all of this should be made public.


          The allegations and evidence just continue to mount.

          “EXCLUSIVE: Arizona Firm that Allegedly Sent Fake Ballots to Georgia, Runbeck Election Services, Is Closely Tied to Democrat Party”


          “BREAKING: ANOTHER VIDEO of Corrupt GA Election Workers Feeding SAME BALLOTS Through Machines Numerous Times!”


          …and the Tennessee Star reports that there is still no chain of custody for a substantial number of Georgia’s absentee ballots.


          CALLING ALL AMERICAN PATRIOTS. The theft of our President’s election cannot be allowed to stand. Georgia is not the only state in which there are serious problems even as it is my focus in this message. Continue your efforts. Call on the members of our representative government — even if you don’t “feel” terribly represented at the moment. They must hear your voices.

          …and for all who can attend. THE MARCH is planned for January 6th in Washington, DC.


        2. Even if GA and PA votes are overturned, Biden will still win the Electoral College. And if GA and PA votes are overturned, why not TX or WY? If every state that used Dominion machines are not counted, would Trump still win? Probably not.

          The House will not vote to overturn anyway. It’s over.

          1. Seems like I’ve heard that it’s not over until it’s over….and it’s not over, at least for anyone with any brains. It’s not over, don’t you listen to Yogi?
            Enjoy 4 more years of President Trump!

        3. Well said, I am on board and ready to fight. Though I know that spells ruin for our country if we have a civ war. UN and Chinese “peacekeepers” will be on our soil.

    1. dcb- I don’t see the point in “raising money for the next election”. If they succeed in stealing this election, we will never have a fair election ever again unless the American people rise up and demand it. Just my two cents.

    2. January 6th is the final day for accepting the electoral votes. 11 Senators are going to reject them, and they will have to discuss for 2 hours for each rejection. VP Pence has absolute power to accept or reject. Trump still does have a chance. Once Jan. 20 comes, whoever is sworn in is the President. Great article SaraSue. Loved it!!!

      1. Deb!
        It’s going to be a very busy news week to be sure… I wonder if we’ll see a period of time assigned by Congress to an audit. This would be an exceptional opportunity for a forensic assessment in addition to the 1,400 pages of documents already in evidence (and there may be more).

        No one should object to the examination of the evidence. We should all want to get to the truth. Anyone who objects to the pursuit of the truth is hiding something — and I would suggest that what is being hidden is sinister indeed.

    3. There will NEVER be another fair election if Biden is the 46th president, so there would be no reason to raise money. The next thing would be making Puerto Rico and Washington DC states, with four more senators, and the appropriate representatives, all liberals. Don’t kid yourself.

      Oops; I just noticed Retired rural county cop just already stated my thoughts. I totally agree with RRCC.

  2. Lost writing skills?? You are talented! Please write more. It is a pleasure to read what you have written. Your article is very timely. I am sure this topic is on the minds of millions tonight. I too am eager to see what others post.

    1. I agree with you Cooked Frog! Great writing and subject matter. Brain injury?
      This writer has more going then most, hats off.
      I agree with so many points I`m left with little to comment on but that I agree.
      It`s war, and our biggest tool is going to prayer. Pray for this country to repent, to stop ignoring and defying the Lord, and do away with all this idol worship.Stop the murder of the most innocent among us, and stop the lying cheating and stealing. REPENT!
      Prayer is a weapon against evil, let`s all step that up in our lives. And while we`re at it, prepare for whatever comes our way.

  3. I know you mean well, but a little research reveals Trump is a Freemason. He has also publicly stated ” we will take the guns first and give due process later”… violating the Constitution which he took an oath to uphold. The same Constitution which I took an oath to uphold from all enemies foreign and domestic when I stood before the flag. A little more research reveals that Wilbur Ross, an agent of the Rothschild banking family, which owns the “Federal Reserve “, bailed Trump out several times when his casino dealings failed. … he is in reality part of the New World Order …just like Republican George Bush junior was part of Yale Skull and Bones. We have been lied to and deceived on a level that most people can’t imagine

      1. https://www.quora.com/Is-Donald-Trump-a-Freemason
        Actually, no. President Trump is not a Freemason. You see, we Freemasons have a list of Presidents who are or were Freemasons. President Trump is not anywhere on the list. The last POTUS who was a Freemason was Gerald R. Ford. (Lyndon B. Johnson was Initiated an Entered Apprentice Mason but never was Raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason.)

      2. Trump is part of the problem. The small hats installed him to infatuated the Christian Zionist and complete the distruction of the hated Christian culture. He accomplished their plan.

    1. Big Mike!
      Understood your post, but sincerely believe President Trump is — as we all are — a work in progress. He is being forged by God Himself.

      I very much enjoy this writing about God’s refining fire:

      “The Silversmith. My Own Image in the Silver”


      There is also a most excellent quote that describes — from the time of Joseph McCarthy — the defeat of Communism. I wish I could put my hands on it right now because it would be a perfect addition to this conversation. Essentially what he says is that Communism could only truly be defeated by Communists because they understood it in ways no one else could. I believe Chambers was right.

      I am not in any way suggesting that President Trump was — or would ever be — part of the Globalist evil that is trying to envelop our world now. I am suggesting that he knows these circles, and who is within them, and what they represent. What he may not also have understood, but clearly sees now, is that the darkness has not only taken hold of the Radical Left, but it has also taken hold of many within Republican circles. President Trump sees that the “swamp” is much deeper than even he previously understood it to be. I would suggest its fair to say that many among us share in this revelation. We knew it was very, very deep. We did not know it was nearly bottomless.

      For anyone interested, Whitaker Chambers wrote WITNESS which is his memoir. His story adds tremendous dimension and depth to an understanding of what we are enduring today.


    2. Trump is NOT a Freemason. On the Mason’s websites, they list the following Presidents who were Freemasons- Geo.Washington, James Monroe, Andrew Jackson, James K. Polk, James Buchanan, Andrew Johnson, Wm.McKinley, Theo,Roosevelt, Wm.H.Taft, Warren G.Harding, Franklin D.Roosevelt, Harry S.. Truman, and Gerald R.Ford. If there were any others, why would they NOT list them ?

    3. Big Mike, I have often suspected what you state about Trump. Given his checkered financial history, I figured he might have been bought off by NWO big money.

      So, I choose to remove my trust from politicians and look to Holy SPirit for my guidance and salvation.

      Carry on

  4. Well written SaraSue, and well said. My thinking and actions are mostly aligned with yours.

    To your question “What would I do?” I have gone “gray” and live in a holding pattern waiting for the other shoe to drop.

    About eight months ago I was scouting the American Redoubt to buy land and live as you describe. I nearly purchased at one point, but a little voice inside my head, probably God, said “wait”. I don’t know what exactly I am waiting for, but I believe I’ll know it when I see it. It may be one of the scenarios you describe. Whatever it is, I believe it will be sudden and obvious.

    1. K, I am extremely encouraged by what you shared. Thank you. I love that you heard the “still, small voice,” and acted upon it, or not, as in this case.

      You are leading by example to all of us.

      Blessings to you and your loved ones, as you wait upon the Lord, Krissy

    2. K,

      Last summer, I was compiling some records for a specific career action that will impact me this year. I got a sudden feeling that I shouldn’t be pursuing that action, and after praying about it and talking it over with my Lady, stopped. I immediately had peace about that decision.

      I have no idea what’s going to happen, but like you, I believe it will be sudden and obvious. He does tend to work that way quite often.

      1. Yesterday, January 6 2020, was the first shoe to drop for me. I can’t imagine there won’t be others to follow.

        JWR, I hope we see Ashli Babbitt remembered in your lead for “Preparedness Notes for Thursday — January 6, 2022” in the same spirit as August 22.

  5. Physical Therapist here.

    In Eugene Oregon at the university psychology department, I co-facilitated a long-running brain injury support group.

    Survivors take many forms:
    * Over the years, we worked with an inexplicably high number of lawyers after brain aneurysms.
    * We worked with bicyclists.
    * Healed beyond ‘doing the dolphin’ by the time she felt strong enough to join us, we worked with a beautiful fifteen-year old after a vehicle wreck on her way home from the school prom.
    * One fellow looked and acted falling-down drunk, but that was his ‘new normal’ after a reaction to anesthetic during a minor gall-bladder surgery.
    * And a couple-three hundred others… and so many more never knew we were a part of their community.
    Each is a tragedy, each does their best.

    I continually remember to treat each person as an individual.
    I constantly remember to be kind and considerate to each person I meet.
    I don’t know if I make a difference.
    I like to believe I am a supportive influence.

    This seems to be my ministry.

    1. Wow. What a beautiful gift you have. It was very painful emotionally to me to see the way people reacted to me. I had gone from “one of the brilliant ones” to really, really slow, no memory to speak of, halting mixed up words, difficulty with simple physical tasks like getting dressed or bathed. I cried a lot and I avoided people and even doctors, some of which were downright rude. At some point, as my brain re-wired, I got sick of being sick and started pushing myself, begging God to help me. I forced myself to read and write almost daily. I couldn’t remember what I read, but I would read the same thing over and over and then try to remember it later. I am very, very, grateful that the Lord has healed me to the point where I can care for myself, shovel snow even!, live an independent life, make decisions, and my memory has improved over time. I’m thankful for all the nice encouragement everyone has offered! People like you are so needed and so important! Your gift is precious indeed!

      1. SaraSue, You have been dear to my heart, and learning additional parts of your life journey endears you even more to me. We are so blessed to have you on SBlog. Loved your article and your writing. Joy and peace to you in 2021, Krissy

      2. SaraSue!
        Your story raises important awareness, and encourages us all. Your life story is unfolding, as a beautiful flower, before the eyes of the God who made you and has always known you.

        Our youngest was born with such great neuroanatomical anomalies that the recommendation for him was placement in a pediatric nursing home.

        We said we would be taking him home with us. …and we did.

        Good [God? Lily edit.] took over, and the story continues to unfold. Although he is a disabled individual, he is also an extraordinary individual.

        In and through the experience of being our son’s parents, we have become stronger and more compassionate people. We have also been greatly, greatly blessed to have been chosen the earthly guardians of such an amazing young man.

        All this to say that we have a very special place in our hearts, and our prayers, for every person who walks the often difficult path of brain injury. Despite those challenges, the blessings also abound — as does proof positive of major miracles.

        1. Ahhhh, you’ve been given an extra special job in life. May the Lord’s grace shower over you every minute of every day.

          One thing adversity has taught me, is to lean into Jesus even harder. Doesn’t mean I don’t get frustrated. Doesn’t mean I haven’t cried a river of tears. Doesn’t mean I’m all sunshine and roses every minute. But, it does mean, I know Who my Redeemer is, and that is the most satisfying knowledge in all my experiences. May the Lord bless you and keep you.

  6. My sentiments exactly Sara. I do my utmost to live as you and feel as you do. I will keep faith in GOD and do whatever it takes to take care of my family and help friends and neighbors. Biden is not and never will be my president. All my rights are a gift from GOD, not man and only GOD can take them. You sound like an amazing lady and may GOD Bless and keep you.


  7. If Biden is installed, my wife and I plan to retire early even though it will mean penalties on my pension. A pension I no longer have faith in. Sell our home (the banks house)here in PA and move to a red state. I am holding out hope for Trump but admit it looks bad. I have prayed we would see arrests of those committing treason but the rot may be too deep. PA is deeply corrupt and we are not going to vote our way out of it when they can subvert the majority vote. COVID is the mechanism to usher in Global Communism. They are purposely putting middle class businesses into bankruptcy to achieve economic collapse. Our freedom is at stake and I hope enough wake the hell up to that.

    1. Greg, if your pension is a 401K you can roll it over into a self directed 401K and take control of how it is invested. If its a defined benefit pension, your company may have a buyout program that would allow you to do the same.

    2. Sorry to see you go Greg, I too live in PA. I bought a small farm in south central PA 20 years ago. I ran as an independent candidate for Congress back in 2012. I’ve posted a few articles on this site and frequently harangue my elected officials to do the right thing. We must continue to resist. PA is not that far gone. We can turn the tide,

      1. I’ve always considered PA an Eastern Redoubt type state. Good hearted people, low taxes, gun friendly, even had a pro-life Democrat Governor or Senator at one point didn’t they? I do see the change towards blue but I too think it’s salvageable. Of course I live in NY so the grass looks greener nearly everywhere else! My wife is from NEPA and we still visit there often. If I hear Dementia Joe talk about how he “was raised in Scranton “ one more time I’m going to puke. Dude, you left when you were 10! I’ve probably spent more time there than he has.

    3. Greg…I live in a Mennonite area in Pennsylvania , but too close to Philadelphia for my comfort. Just sold the house and am studying where to relocate. Pennsylvania is a beautiful state and very conservative west of Philadelphia metro area, but the government is corrupt. I say this as a mail in vote canvasser who was locked out of the counting room on election day. I just don’t know where to go.

      1. Y’all come on down to SC. Low taxes, low property costs outside of the few urban/tourist areas, and respect for God and the Constitution…in that order.

    4. Born in Pa, living in FL now, partly because of too many frost bite sessions as a child. Pa wouldn’t be bad if you would kick Philly and surrounds, Pittsburgh and State College out of the state. For the most part it is a state of hard working factory and farmers. And have got to admire them for having open carry since I was a little tyke.

      Having a problem here with so many people moving from the NE and south end of the state. The people aren’t bad till after being here around six months, then want what they had “back home”. I tell them to Go Home if that is what you want. I saw this while living in the Keys, and while in the Orlando areas. After globe trotting with the Navy, I much prefer small towns and agriculture to other ways of life.

      Just my two-cents.

    5. Not to bust your bubble, I fled a blue state 7 years ago to move to a red state, and soon found out that the perception of Liberty in the red states is just that, although more “free” than blue states, the tyranny , corruption and Rinos and democrats are still infiltrated, in local government, schools, etc. This entire nation is dying, there is no safe haven to flee to that you will be safe from what is coming.
      With that being said, it still is better to be surrounded by like minded people. Getting our spiritual lives in order, through a relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and making sure it is well with our soul, is truly the only thing that will have eternal value and give us the peace that passes all understanding in these trying times.

  8. Thank you for your article; I think you pretty much expressed how I feel. I have taught a few folks to garden and preserve food, but other than that I don’t volunteer information. I try to influence my community by giving simple service to those who cannot help themselves (due to age or illness).

    We do fly the American flag, although if the globalist steal the election, it may fly upside down in protest. For the last 6 months I have tripled my preparedness efforts, doubled the security on my property and prepared for the worst. Now we just wait.

  9. On Inauguration Day, I’ll wipe some bums and pour 4,203 cups of juice/milk and referee desperate mortal combat over “s/he took my (whatever)!!!!” and issue 185,769 reminders to “get your (whatever) off the floor before someone trips!” The same thing I do EVERY day. I’m also going to pray without ceasing, continue to teach them all to love God and be thankful for our one-of-a-kind nation, and try NOT to stay glued to my phone refreshing constantly for information and let them see my stress.

    ‘Cause right now, I’m support staff. The day may come when I take up my rifle and GO, but it is probably not this year. [Of course if violence appears at my doorstep, they’ll wish they hadn’t. Never corner a bear with cubs.] The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.

    “Teach the children quietly
    For someday sons and daughters
    Will rise up and fight
    Where we stood still…”

    I know we have talked in the past about the importance of being the refuge builders and the supporting roles. Thanks for this excellent article and discussion starter! I’ll come back later in the day but right now, the future is arguing over who’s making faces at whom at the breakfast table so I’m off 🙂

    1. Hey Bear, you and SaraSue must have conspired against me today. My lacrimal canals are getting the best cleaning they’ve had in years.

      The poem not only cleaned out my lacrimal canals, but also the top of my desk and then the cat had to make a swim for it:

      “Teach the children quietly
      For someday sons and daughters
      Will rise up and fight
      Where we stood still…”

      What a terrible legacy for our generation. I want future generations of my descendants who are tracing their roots to find my name and brag to their friends, “Wow! Great-great-great Grandpa fought in the Revolution!”

      Keep rocking the cradle, wiping those bums, and cleaning up after the oatmeal fights, those are the people we need to be fighting for and no war can be won without a support staff which outnumbers the guys in the trenches 10:1.

      1. Sorry about your cat-fish St. Funogas – maybe go noodling with some treats to lure him back?

        The lyrics are from Silent Running by Mike and the Mechanics. I hadn’t heard it in forever, but then this past spring when the lockdowns were starting, it came on the car radio and sent chills down my spine. Since then we have played it many MANY times. You might want to strap water-wings on the cat before playing it, especially if you go find the original music video that starts with the little boy’s birthday party 😉


        I have no doubt that your descendants will be very proud of you, for what you do, what you stand for and what you have taught them and will yet teach!!

      2. St. Funogas…
        From your post: “What a terrible legacy for our generation. I want future generations of my descendants who are tracing their roots to find my name and brag to their friends, “Wow! Great-great-great Grandpa fought in the Revolution!”

        AGREED. 100%+ There will be quite a few Great Great Great Grandmas in the fight as well.

        1. Hey T of A, I’m sure you’re right. My great grandma was a 4’11” pistol-packin’ mama who shot more rattle snakes in Wyoming than most. If she were alive today I’m sure when the time comes she’d be helping take care of the two-legged snakes who are running this country nowadays.

  10. Wonderful article. We are also preparing. We have taken the “gray man” approach for years. I doubt it will be one day the new normal and the next day the gauleiter is in charge with a swift revolution or takeover. It started 40 to 50 years ago and has continued. It is happening as we speak.

    I worked for the Federal Government for years. I’ve kept up. The Feds run a program called the Combined Federal Campaign. As a employee, you can donate to any cause or non profit you want.,…sort of. One year we gave to the salvation Army, many also gave and the Army reached its assigned goal early. The remainder of the funds were not distributed to the Army but to under performing entities, to which many of us did not want to donate to.

    As far as political donations, the %’s may be reversed but I believe a survey of the State Dept showed 95% donations to Democrats with 90% of of those in the Justice Dept donating to the Democrats.

    Because of our children we cannot relocate, we’re together come what may.

    We live in an HOA near a large southern City. If our children and grandchildren were to relocate, we would also but for now it’s here or nowhere. Can’t farm so provisioning like mad! The firearm shortage and the ammunition shortage has not hit us as we are topped off.

    With our failed education system I have little hope to turn this ship around. Many schools do not even teach the Constitution anymore. Communists and Socialists everywhere. Our finances though small are well diversified with many tangibles as we ae waiting for the stock market (still in some) and the dollar to collapse.

    All preparations now are for our children and grandchildren,

    God Bless you all!

    The riots have helped bring to the forefront our country’s degradation.

  11. I agree with all your thoughts an ideas about limiting government to a few of the things they should be doing. ie national defense, sound currency, What i dont understand is how so many people i agree with in principle think Trump is working toward those principles…He is a disaster and Biden will be a disaster… His priorities have been to enrich and pardon his rich friends while destroying our currency which will undermine our defense. As we point fingers at other countries our supposed investment system has turned into a goverment controlled/supported casino with government taking their cut . It seems pure projection to me that Trump is any different or that any election was stolen. I think people see what they want see….

  12. Great article,

    If the Dementia Train comes to town, you must understand that this election was stolen…period.. so will the next elections..
    Taxes will go out of sight.
    How many Americans will die due to new gun control?

    The Wolf may soon be at the door.

    Do you think BLM and Antifa will suddenly stop operations? you need a laxative if you do. They will be one of the tools used to further the lefts agenda.

    Now how are you going to win the next election? answer you are not and never will… The Republic is lost and time for Americans to stand up.

  13. Great article! This is exactly what I am doing! I am grateful to God for President Trump because He is giving us more time to get ready. Also, all of this is causing people to search for answers.

  14. I took early Social Security because I see it’s value dwindling fast as our corrupt officials do all they can to de-value it’s buying power. I set up annuities to pay me for fixed periods of time, so I’m not entirely reliant on Social Security. I topped off my basic preps, yet continue to increase my “3 B’s: Beans, Bullion and Bullets ( my Bandaids are fully stocked). My new hobby is scouring thrift stores, garage sales and auctions for items I can use for barter. The most important preps for me in 2021 is pressing into the Lord even more, a deeper study of Proverbs, reading the entire Bible again cover to cover, and praying for unsaved family and friends. Additionally, I’m dedicated to improve my scratch cooking, sewing and knitting. In short – dedicating myself to starving The Beast System by buying locally first from family businesses, and doing all I can to stop feeding Amazon, and those companies that fund Antifa, BLM and the Beast Agenda. Be in their world but not of their world, because their world is ending and the REAL world – God’s Kingdom – is coming soon!

  15. 1) I am not an expert but my understanding is that the brain is not a computer with fixed components — it is an enormously complex network that can reconfigure itself to work around injury and divert functions to uninjured areas. With huge reserves of redundant neurons. I compliment you on your recovery and hope you will continue to get better and stronger.

    2) I would note that members of the British SOE, French Resistance — and later, CIA officers and agents fighting communism in multiple countries — were the epitome of the “gray man”. That did not require acceptance of tyranny and institutionalized deceit — quite the reverse.

    The Founding Fathers of this nation engaged in covert political organizing and secret publishing via their Committees of Correspondence for a decade before engaging in open revolt.

    3) As Sun Tzu said, know your enemy and know yourself. Do not be diverted by the false picture of the News Media –look at who owns, controls and funds that deceit. Be easy on yourself — focus on the marathon not the sprint. Nothing is softer than drops of water — but they wear through stone over time.

    4) Above all, take comfort in the knowledge that YOU decide — that you are not some poor slave working in Washington and earning a living by selling out your moral principles. That — not wealth — is what defines an aristocrat. Well, that and a knowledge of how to exterminate anyone who says the contrary.

  16. Thank you, SaraSue!
    Your article is exemplary in every way, and the sharing of your thoughts with all of us will generate ongoing, interesting, and helpful conversation!

    Prayers are lifted up for your continued healing. God hears your voice, and all our voices, and He is answering. Persevere, Sweet Lady!

    1. It’s not missing, you just need to click on the article and then scroll down to the bottom. Jim, forgot to put in the break. In a little bit, he will fix it. Please be patient.

  17. Hey SaraSue, I hate these articles that get me blubbering before I’ve finished the first paragraph! You’re one of the first people I want to meet at the SB reunion. Just find the most dashing, handsome guy there… and ask him if he’s seen St. Funogas. He’ll say something like, “No but he’s probably that weird guy over there with the halo made out of pipe cleaners and the Colt 1911 squirt gun in his holster.”

    Great article. There’s only one change I’d make:

    “Kick all Satanic influences to the curb, if there remain any.” I’d change to, “Whether you’re Christian, Hindu, Muslim, or atheist, grind all satanic influences into the dust until there no longer remain any. And shoot when you have to.”

    Agreed on being the gray man but when one of the local towns instituted a mask mandate, I did send a very scathing letter to the editor venting and asking people where the outrage was. There’s not a whole lot I can do in this world but I can do that much. It turned out to be unnecessary. People did wear masks for a week or so and now we’re back to normal. I hope those slime balls are not reelected.

    After a good cry in paragraph 1, I read your line, “Would anyone suspect this petite, older, quiet, woman could blow their brains out? I doubt it.” and was laughing my guts out. Thanks, I needed that.

    On flags, my dyed-in-the-wool lifelong republican, retired-military Dad was so disgusted with the election corruption he retired his flag which he has flown for all of my life, and replaced it with a flag from his branch of the military. For anyone who knows him, that was a big Wow and heartbreaking to see my dad that way.

    On your question, “What will you do on inauguration day?” I wish I could attend what I hope are huge unpeaceful protests in Washington D.C. on that day. I wish I could attend the ones this week to protest against the corruption in this country which has surpassed so many other countries. I’d protest about the corruption because it needs to be protested even though I’m elated that Biden won. That assures me the insurrection/civil war or whatever form it may take will happen much sooner and I can be a part of making a better life for my grandkids instead of laying in my coffin 20 years from now thinking, “Whew, I made it unharmed!” If I can tweak Hunter S. Thompson’s quote: “Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming, “WOW !!!! We won the fight for FREEDOM!”

    Let’s quit wishing our lives away and get this show on the road!!

    1. I like your paraphrased Hunter S. Thompson quote! For such a rabid liberal he did have a strong command of language (as it used to be before definitions changed with the PC winds).

  18. It may come down to vp Pence if he musters the courage to not count the swing state electoral votes .
    I live in n.w. Indiana and Illinoisans are moving here in droves driving our property values way up . We are hoping they don’t bring their politics with them.
    Great article Sara Sue .
    We need to fear not keep faith , and know that the darkest night cannot exstinguish the smallest flame.

    1. I can’t place much faith in the current VP, maybe that is the goal of MSM – to erode confidence – but I have found that most politicians eventually let their true colors show.

      1. Hold steady, BinWY. I have had my doubts recently too about Vice President Mike Pence, but have continued to pray. No true Christian Believer could certify the results forthcoming from the greatest of all election frauds. No true Christian could certify lies. Some signals suggest that the VP will support President Trump in this contest. We’ll know shortly. Please continue to pray in earnest.

        The President has something BIG planned, and no doubt more evidence is coming. I anticipate it will be an evidentiary landslide.


        1. “No true Christian Believer could certify the results forthcoming from the greatest of all election frauds. No true Christian could certify lies.”

          I respect you, T of A. So with all due respect, I disagree.

          I believe Christians can commit any sin. I believe Jesus died to save sinners, and there is no sin too great that cannot be made clean by the washing of His blood.

          Concerning VP Pence, the first thought that came to my mind, was, “Has the evil PTB threatened to kill his children and grandchildren if he doesn’t do as they say?”

          I believe once saved, always saved because it is not of works but by faith. I believe it is the Lord who does the work of saving, and therefore it cannot be lost.

          I join you in praying for the President and Vice President and their families.

          Blessings to you, sister, Krissy

        2. I didn’t mean to say I thought Pence was hopeless.
          The one thing about this President is he loves to be the center of attention when he wins. And he’s been winning a lot.
          We are going to see a knock-down, drag-out political brawl this week, and I’m glad it will be broadcast far and wide. The world needs to see this, good or ill. And if one does evil upon us at this time, they’ll quickly see that Sun TZu’s “Look weak when you are strong” may go home to roost.

  19. If you were a business owner in March of 2020 and knew then that the government with lockdowns and other restrictions would destroy your business over the next 10 months, would you have gotten out then, taken your losses and kept what you could of your assets? But no one knew then that the state governments were going to destroy small businesses.

    Now fast forward to Nov 3rd/4th when you realized that the Democrats/left/global elite Stole the election and put in a puppet to bleed you dry and steal the country and destroy the constitution. What are your options? Retire? Move to Idaho? Do you really think that they do not intend to come for you where you are? Do you really think your retirement will be there as long as you need it? This is it folks! The dream is over but just like last March when you didn’t think your government would destroy your life you think that in four years you can vote again and this time it will all be honest. It ain’t gonna happen. This is the new reality. The new world order is here and you are worth nothing to them. Act accordingly.

    1. I agree. The “next election” is a pie-in-the-sky we can’t afford to wait for. If this last one is allowed to stand, we will be even more cowed in 2 or 4 years. This is a Do, or Die moment for the Republic.
      I agree with the author that we must refuse to feed the beast. On a certain forum (not here) I have repeatedly posted “#worxit” and to date not a single person has even inquired what it means. Apathy.

        1. Stop supporting an irresponsible and unresponsive government with your tax dollars. Exit the workforce, work under the table for cash, barter – whatever it takes to starve this government of its revenue. If it has to borrow 1/4 to 1/3 of its operating costs now, under favorable tax rates, what do you think is going to happen under all these socialist programs that are being promoted by the left? Tax rates of 50-70% may well be in the near future. I sure can’t afford ANY more taxes, can you? Between income, property, sales, and fuel taxes; various vehicle and professional licensing fees; and insurance, I’m losing about 45% of my annual income to either the government or agents who have the government’s license to raid my paychecks. Enough, already. Now I heard that Wyoming is looking into a state income tax. That will be my absolute line in the sand. If I quit showing income, I don’t owe tax. If I need healthcare I guess the state or feds can pay for it since that’s what they want anyway. Or, since we are headed towards open borders under a Heels Up and Sniffy administration it shouldn’t be too hard to spend my life’s savings in another country and not watch this trainwreck happen.

      1. I assume “worxit” is a take off on “Brexit”… I.e. Britain exiting the EU…
        “Worxit” would imply, exiting from work, or your job in order to starve the parasites, ala Ayn Rand’s John Gault character in Atlas Shrugged. (Who is John Gault?).

        Hard to do. Most people would need to store enough food to carry them over for at least a year or three.

        I’ve long considered the same strategy, but have never figured out how it could happen in numbers required for success. After all, the Soviet Union limped along for 70 years. Although they did eventually self destruct.

        Something that might ignite a true hot civil war is if a coalition of conservatives, republicans, libertarians and curmudgeons decided to not send their tax money in as a protest. (No taxation without representation… if they steal your vote, you aren’t being represented). Merely advocating this will get your house surrounded by armed IRS enforcement agents. The Deep State/ Administrative State wants its money like a drug addict needs his fix. They are willing to let Antifa burn down cities, they will NOT tolerate tax protests…

        You want to see a shooting civil war? Just try convincing your neighbors to refuse to send their taxes in. Even if a State government backed a massive tax protest of its citizens (unlikely), the Federal government would probably cut off most if not all federal funding… everything from road maintenance to Hospital funding to social security payments. If the State government didn’t knuckle under, the Fed’s would cook up some excuse to invade and declare martial law. All they’d need to do is assert something like public safety was at risk, or “racists” were terrorizing minorities to justify the invasion.

        An alternative would be massive, consistent boycotts… for example, every conservative should drop twitter and Facebook. Why are you allowing ZuckerFace to get rich off your internet history while he decides to censor your communications like a Self appointed “Reichsministerium für Volksaufklärung und Propaganda”. Why make Dr. Evil of Amazon rich? Why buy the products of companies that send millions to gun control organizations, or Antifa, BLM? Why make actors and actresses and producers, directors rich that take your box office profits and support communists? Ever notice that most everything in Walmart has a “made in China “ sticker on it? (Biden is the best President money can buy… or rather yuan can buy)
        Why use products (including vaccines) made by companies that use fetal tissue? Why send your money to universities that turn your children into socialists?

        As I see it, the main problem is conservatives are primarily informed and unified by talk radio. Unfortunately ever last one of these Radio Hosts are against boycotts since it threatens their income, even though the Left itself has attempted to use boycotts and corporate pressure against them.

        Yes… Starve the Beast.

        (Just a legal clarification; I am not encouraging tax protests, I am speculating about what would happen IF it ever happened. Personally, I believe it is unlikely to ever happen because most people could not stand having their government checks cut off. In any case, boycotting private business would be perfectly legal And probably as effective.)

    1. 100% true. My background was in network security. I’ve often thought about what it would be like without an Internet or Cell connection, go off grid, use cash only, etc. The only way to truly disappear is a long topic and now with satellite technology being what it is, you can’t even hide in the forest. The Internet is the way I keep in touch with my sweet grandchildren. They like to FaceTime gramma, especially when they are upset about something. Precious little ones. My daughters and I keep a continuous texting thread going all day every day. But, hey, maybe an EMP will force us all offline! Perish the thought.

  20. After returning to America from a long sabbatical I find someone left the front door open! The children came in and made a total mess of everything. I look around to see it all changed because all were too busy to recognize what was being taken away from them bit by bit, no blaming here. We were taught well by our parents who fought in WWII and all they wanted was to keep that ‘shit’ away from their children! They did what they thought was right according to society after having suffered with very little to make ends meet. Little did anyone realize the theater/movies were indoctrinating them, then us as well as, the education systems, then along comes propagandists, civil rights activists, scientists, then shaming us and using guilt for a technique to get us to comply. So, we must realize WE need to be the ‘parent’, tough love, kick the kids out and lock the front door! Begin to clean house ourselves because those we gave the vacuum to didn’t do OUR job they did THEIR job! Trump–good guy or bad guy, I’ve seen both personalities with him so I remain watchful. Biden–bad guy as his fruit is rotten absolutely. We the people are in charge, this has NOT be taken away from no matter what they are saying! Read your Constitution line for line slowly. This country was given to us by our Lord God and has not been taken away–yet. Stand up, protect the gift given to us with all we have otherwise we may as well go to God in prayer saying, “No thanks Lord, I /we don’t want your gifts.” STAND UP PEOPLE! As a brain tumor survivor I thank the good Lord everyday I am able to stand, then walk without falling down. We have not lost, we know the truths somethings not right in our neighborhood and we need to protect it. Those that can, get up, get to DC on the 6th, that place is OURS! WE WILL SUCCEED! The house is a mess, time to clean it up. No complaining, just do it.

    1. Oma!
      From your post: “We the people are in charge, this has NOT be taken away from no matter what they are saying! Read your Constitution line for line slowly. This country was given to us by our Lord God and has not been taken away–yet. Stand up, protect the gift given to us with all we have otherwise we may as well go to God in prayer saying, “No thanks Lord, I /we don’t want your gifts.” STAND UP PEOPLE!”

      Loved your post. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with all of us!

  21. Excellent article, and I enjoyed the writing style. Please keep writing. A lot of parallels in your comments to how I feel and are preparing.
    I am watching January 6th with a wary eye, while I won’t be surprised if something big occurs, I also won’t be surprised if its a lot of bluster at this point. Too many people want something to occur but are afraid of actually doing something to impact the outcome.

    1. I will be watching as well, but from work. I may be over retirement age, but still work part-time to keep my social contacts (to society) and my mind alive and well. Still praying foe our country to STILL be the Light that people from other countries still look toward for encouragement.

    1. And yet… they do not beware and they continue to oppress. Somehow I don’t think they are afraid of charms.

      I agree with going gray. I also favor going “Irish Democracy” as in a quiet non-confronting refusal to cooperate with our new government.

      1. It’s not a ‘charm’ that they should fear, but the person(s) who was being awarded at the ceremony I attended. The necklace is a reminder of those that sacrifice for us!

  22. Excellent article SaraSue. I see a lot of you in my wife and my daughters-in-law. This family is quiet, unassuming, compassionate to our fellow man and neighbors. We volunteer at food banks, are active in our church activities, and are devout Christians. Go placidly amongst the noise and haste Ms. SaraSue.

    The rest of my comment is for Big Mike. So what if DJT is a Freemason? What has that got to do with anything? I consider myself a patriot, a good citizen and most of all a Christian. I am also a 32 degree Mason, a Past Master of a lodge, and most of all an ardent supporter of the Constitution, of which there were nine + signers of the Declaration of Independence who were Masons. There are also many Presidents of this country who were Masons.

    I wonder if you have the same thoughts about members of the Knights of Columbus who require you to be Catholic and swear an oath to support and obey the Holy See (Pope) before you can become a member.

    Without being overly critical of you (since I don’t know you) I would ask if you know any man who is a Mason, or are you basing your comments on Youtube videos? These are usually posted by men who have been denied membership after an investigation by a committee. I will close this comment by telling you the first question asked of any man who applies for membership is: Do you believe in a Supreme Being? The sole objective of Freemasonry is to make good men better.

    I hope this post is not controversial and I have no intent to be argumentative or create discontent. I love this site and have found much help and information over the years..HAPPY NEW YEAR YA’LL!!!!

  23. Thank you for sharing, SaraSue.

    I struggled with ‘coming out’ of grayman myself. I finally reconciled with the fact that the Lord of Hosts called me to a leadership role for His work decades ago and has not yet relieved me from His calling.

    So onward, Christian soldiers, marching as to war, with the cross of Jesus going on before.

    Lift high his royal banner.

    God Bless

    1. Amen. I struggle too. Lately, in particular, I’ve asked the Lord for additional mercies being that I’m not as confident as I once was to be more of a public person (consider Moses’ conversations with the Lord regarding leading the children of Israel out of Egypt). I would be the first person to jump to someone’s aid so I do keep my eyes and ears open for a need in the community and the body of Christ. I’m content to be behind the scenes, but also ready if the Lord lays something on my heart that is more public. I argue often with the Lord because of my weaknesses. I truly just want to be in His will. If he calls me out of my quietness, then I will go.

  24. this is war folks. nothing less. don’t be deluded. they the communists are serious. the silent majority had better wake up and become un-silent and fast. this is the 1776 moment. they are going to ram it down our throat. if we let them!
    those that doubt trump need to remember what he has accomplished. if your still mad about a bumpstock you dont need it anyway it just makes noise not accurate for one shot one kill.

  25. Love your thoughts but consider this. The civil war has begun. It will never look like a real all out shooting war. It is being done right in front of our eyes. The culture is being highjacked, the swamp is too big and pervasive for even a president bent on destroying it. If you are looking for a place to go to, we need conservatives to come to Wisconsin. We are a purple state and 100,000 conservatives would tip us solid red. It is a beautiful and diverse state with lower cost housing, water everywhere, and 4 seasons. Give it a look.

    1. Duane

      Taxes in Wisconsin are high, true. But our gun laws are way better than many states. We have easily obtained CC permits ( if you aren’t a former felon ) and open carry is permitted ( although if you follow the “ grey man concept “ not advised IMHO ). No waiting period for handguns and many areas open to public hunting and shooting ranges. No magazine restrictions in terms of capacity, like the NE colonies and the left coast. The worst thing we have in terms of climate is winter, and I agree many cannot hack the cold and snow. We are not our forefathers, or even fathers anymore in terms of fortitude and perseverance.

      I find it fairly amusing, and even sad, that many here posting comments actually believe that Biden is not going to be the next president come January 20. Barring his sudden death or clear mental incapacitation ( which might already be in question according to many ) he will be the next POTUS. I am not at all happy about this but reality is what it is. I also note many are in support of armed insurrection or revolution at this point. My question is who starts it, and who do you target? Do you mass swarm the capitol buildings of every blue state and shoot all the dem legislators? Take on the same in DC and shoot the house members? Or senate if conservatives lose that? I can assume this is not the right answer or solution at this point, although the sentiment and frustration of our slide into the morass of decadence would indicate such.

      Frankly from what I see most middle and upper middle class Americans have it decent enough that the last thing they are thinking about is armed revolution. I am retired but my own circle of friends and acquaintances who are mostly working still have it good, and while they are largely of the conservative bent, are not looking to grabbing their weapons and going to war ( another poster here said Wolverines, clearly referencing the Red Dawn movie resistance fighters but they had a clearly defined foreign invader to shoot at. Easier to get motivated for resistance and gunplay from that than some bureaucrats and .gov suits ).

      God bless all into 2021. I firmly believe our country decline in part and parcel last book of the Bible Revelation playing out. We can stop Gods plan. Get right with him by accepting Jesus Christ as your personal savior and spreading the word to any and all who need to hear it.

  26. I enjoyed your article SaraSue. I think it probably voices the concerns of many of us here.
    I am doing many of the things that you and others here have articulated. The main thing I am doing though is trusting in my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I will do what I can and am able to do and I will leave the rest up to him.
    Will we have to actually fight, kill and be killed? I don’t know. It doesn’t matter to me because I know enough to know just because you’re a Christian doesn’t mean you don’t have to suffer or even die. If I were to die defending myself, family, or Constitution, it’s still a win win in my book. There are worse things than dying.
    On a lighter note, Bear and St Funogas, y’all crack me up.
    PS. I think Trump did many things right, but a politician is a politician, is a politician. I especially winced when he hired Barr for AG. Barr is not a friend to 2A. Trump might have been great but his hubris is deafening.

  27. Great points, SaraSue!

    I too believe we’re either already in, or headed into, the Tribulation. It will be the worse of the worst-case scenarios – BUT, God has promised to guide us (Prov.3:5-6) and to give us wisdom when we ask for it (Ja.1:5).

    I’m recovering from a spinal cord injury and subsequent emergency spinal surgery. There have been a few days of feeling sorry for myself or feeling afraid. But through it all God has confirmed his presence and his Providence on my behalf (and the Shepherdess, of course!).

    War is upon us. Great struggle and suffering. But He will see us through this. “God can do more than we can hope or imagine. In fact, He can do the impossible. God will make roads in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.”

    Trust God. Be prepared. We can do both.

    1. “spinal cord injury and subsequent emergency spinal surgery”

      Well that sucks! I envy how near to God you have been during this trial. For myself, there’s nothing like pain to keep me crying out to the Lord.

      “a few days of feeling sorry for myself or feeling afraid” Ya think?

      You are an amazing, encouraging example to us all. I think the number of people that fall in the, “few days,” category is very small. Your faith is obviously great, that the Lord would have this in your journey. I pray I will be as faithful and trusting of a servant as you.

      I loved your final comment:

      “War is upon us. Great struggle and suffering. But He will see us through this. “God can do more than we can hope or imagine. In fact, He can do the impossible. God will make roads in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.”

      Praying for your complete recovery as you encourage the rest of us, Krissy

  28. Thank you Sarah Sue for a wonderful article. We finally removed our Trump flag, and like Tim in CT, will continue to fly the red, white and blue. No giving that up! We also have a small ‘thin blue line’ flag as BLM yard signs have sprung up like mushrooms in this NE CT town. We began our ‘escape’ from this blue state by buying a home in a southern red state, back when we were sure Hillary Clinton was going to win. As soon as the gun range reopens (waiting for Covid to end) we will hone our firearms skills. We can feel it in our older bones that bad times are around the corner.

  29. I see for sure there are doubters among us. Stay observant. Spies are planted everywhere. Don’t be drawn into their emptiness.
    I agree with Sara Sue on everything. I took my flag down, and beyond that I remain a grey man, waiting.
    President Trump said it best about the left hundreds of times…”THEY ARE SICK!”
    I was involved in politics, as I posted here before, for about 30 yrs. Don’t know why I stayed that long. I am giving thought to getting involved again, but only in a fund raising capacity at this time. That can probably work for me as a grey man.
    The sick anti-everything among us hate “God Bless” anyone, especially “God Bless President Donald Trump.”
    The real truth is they are non-believers. Watch for them. Don’t be in fear of them. They are becoming more brave now, and will become more so as days go by. But there is a crack in their armor.
    We will defeat them.

    Semper Fi

  30. Thank you for such a fine article. The words from an old favorite song posted twice above are ones I never thought would apply to my country:

    “Teach the children quietly
    For someday sons and daughters
    Will rise up and fight
    Where we stood still…”

    That they now may be the best advice for 50% of the country is heart-breaking.
    I thank God that I heeded the words on this forum years ago and moved to a bright Red state. I have been practicing the Gray Man principle in my daily life for most of my life but I am not fool enough to believe that I am not on numerous lists somewhere. It is a fact of life for most citizens who have not jumped on the Leftist bandwagon in the last 15 years or so.
    My USA will never die in my heart and I hope my sons will be able to say the same. President Trump just said he does not give up; neither do I.

  31. By the way, in response to discussion ref. bolt action rifles, I find them quite remarkable. If I had to make a choice, that’s what I’d choose.
    I’ve owned several dozen and possess a few now.
    A Marine is first and foremost a rifleman.

    Semper Fi

    1. I saw recently that Henry Repeating Arms has a lever action, magazine-fed rifle now. It’s available in .223/5.56, .243, .308 and 6.5 Creedmore. Even with a shortened lever stroke it will not accept standard AR magazines, unfortunately, but maybe a factory re-design will change that.

      1. BinWY
        I’d love to have a Henry of any caliber. Especially now that there are the calibers you mention. I have friends with Henrys and they are very accurate.
        Guess I’ll own one some day.


        Semper Fi

  32. Great job SaraSue I share many of your view points . I live between Communist Seattle and Communist Portland and I will never move . I am fully aware when the Liberals gain the reins of power they will skew everything far , far Left . The days of elections are over , those that want to regurgitate the quaint polite Tea Party of yesteryear are wasting their time. The Left can cook the ballot box at will so I will not be bothered .
    I have pre purchased Andy Ngo new book on AntiFa because I want to know absolutely everything I can about these Communists . I watch very closely the monthly sales of firearms and I use that as a barometer . Since Deplorable’s control the electrical grid from soup to nuts Dementia Joe is correct , it will be a “Dark Winter “

  33. Thank you SaraSue! Very well written and insightful. Or inciteful? Having had three spinal surgeries over the last seven years the pain issue. I have been offered strong drugs/narcotics to control pain but have refused them. I also think Gray man with two exceptions, flying the flag and I will take any opportunity to share the Gospel of Christ whenever I can. As for the future, I seek the Lord daily and trust Him to show me His will for my life. Isaiah 26:3-4.
    Grace to you from the God of all grace!

  34. SaraSue – kudos to the progress you have made, your family has a lot to be thankful for.

    I’m kinda surprised no one has made the pitch that ” even if ” Biden is in office Jan 20th – it is NOT him who we are expected to agree with – it is the Marxist, Socialistic agenda being pushed by his soon to be replacement – Kamala H. and her puppet masters.

    I have read an affidavit posted by a whistleblower from PA and must say that the ” EVIDENCE ” for fraud is there, ” having eyes to see ” is more than a slogan . As I said, the evidence is there, don’t look the other way when it is in plain sight.

    What will I do … IF ! — more effort into my garden, orchard, homestead, Scripture, and ….now this may seem silly ….. but find a way to bless those who may have a rough time of it, for they will.

    1. “ What will I do … IF ! — more effort into my garden, orchard, homestead, Scripture, and ….now this may seem silly ….. but find a way to bless those who may have a rough time of it, for they will.”

      Absolutely!!! My thoughts exactly. The Lord puts us each in our times for a reason!

  35. Great article and timely to boot. I’m a couple of days from my 70th year on the planet and like many of the posters wonder what will happen in the next weeks. Will DJT pull a rabbit out of the hat and prevail or will the forces of evil put the final nail in the coffin that used to be the United States? Numerous blogs tout “Trump has this, trust the plan” Most of us haven’t got a clue what will happen, me included. If Biden does get in on January 20th, I believe there will be a steady drip, drip, moving even faster towards full socialism and it won’t matter where you live. In this day and age and with the technology available to the government it would be very difficult to be completely gray. We will all have to, at some point and time, stand up openly and defend our rights as a free people and say ENOUGH. This is our country, we outnumber them and we probably outgun them as well. There was a quote from the time of the revolution that said something about licking the hand that enslaved you ( can’t remember the whole thing). This old vet still remembers his oath and will not be licking any hands.

    1. My speculation, not Jim’s. If Trump goes to war with Iran, and it erupts beyond the Middle East, he will stay in power. Intel has said that Iran has placed it’s missiles in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Yemen. If the US or Israel strikes Iran, Iran will retaliate with their missiles from those sites and will attack Israel, aiming for Tel Aviv and Haifa, and/or the USA or Israel will take out those Missiles in those countries and cause more retaliation. You had better believe that China And Russia Are watching very carefully. Furthermore, Iran is in relations Venezuela, as well as Russia and China. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have missiles in Venezuela aimed at the USA. Frankly, this can explode into WWIII in a heart beat. Speculation is, that Israel has it’s country on a third lockdown, not truly for Corona, but because they want everybody close to home if/when war breaks out. This strike on Iran is speculated to take place at any moment now. Pray for all of the people and Christians in those nations. Further more it’s been said by General Clark, that the powers that be, wanted to take down seven nations during a certain time period, Iran is the last one that need to be taken out.

      It is being said that Iran has the fasted growing Christian population in the world at this moment. Pray that the Lord God will have mercy on His people.

  36. I expect that the CW-2 will first be more of an attack on the energy infrastructure , gas pipelines and the electrical grid. (think Aspen, CO) This will hit the blue cities on both coast the hardest.
    We are in the middle of the 4th turning, these always end in war and economic problems, more likely hyperinflation, you will still get your social security or pension payments, but they will buy very little. Paper money over time will turn to paper.
    Have Faith in God, however, also remember the 5 wise bridesmaids, they had extra oil, they were prepared ahead of time, God expects us to be prepared both spiritual and with extra oil.

  37. I understand your urge to “go grey.” In many ways, I’ve gone grey by purging my main social media accounts of past comments, posts, groups and search patterns, deleted all interests, unfriended hundreds of people. I’ve gone very quiet on all platforms except for Gab, which is a free speech haven. I no longer talk to my neighbors (I don’t dare … I live in a deep blue state).

    I am SO FURIOUS that I don’t dare open my mouth because I’m afraid of what may fly out of it.

    But it’s no longer possible to believe they will EVER leave us alone. They intend to subjugate us — every one of us — completely. There is nowhere to run. There is nowhere to hide. There are NO measures you can take to stave off the inevitable, only delay it while the rest of the nation gets smashed like bugs first. They WILL come for you. Once they burn through the easier pickings resources, they will come for YOU, and blame YOU for their shortages, claiming you have and they have not because you are GREEDY (and not their own short-sighted stupidity).

    So much as I’d like to go full grey-man, and in many ways, it might appear that is what I have done, at some point, we will all have to stand up and fight.

    I’ll be at the Stop the Steal rally on January 6th. The fascist DC mayor has ordered all hotels, restaurants, convenience stores and gas stations to close to “discourage Trump supporters from coming,” and also closing down all the port-a-potties and bathrooms in the parks, so I’ll be camping outside the city, bringing my survival gear, and put the corrupt politicians feet to the fire. They will probably ignore us, but there’s no way I can look at my children and grandchildren in 20 years when they ask, “Where were YOU when America died?” and say that I sat at home.

      1. Glad some fellow preppers and Christians will be there. Judging from people who went to the prior rally, AntiFa won’t bother you during the day, but then get out of the city as soon as things start to wrap up because that’s when they start targeting Trump supporters.

      2. Thank You, to you and everyone else going to the Stop the steal Rally. It definitely needs to be done. I wish i could be there in more than just spirit. As others have said watch your back and stay together after dark as the leftist wolf packs always get bolder after dark.

  38. Cheeky correction, WWIII happened in early Jan 5 2020 upon the death of Iranian Maj. Gen. Qasem Soleimani, so the next big war-to-end-all-wars would be WWIV by the numbers. Just saying. (so said Memes Snapchat and Twitter) Iran responded to misselling down a Ukrainian civilian airline ‘on accident’. … as you were.

  39. Dear SaraSue, Sorry for your trouble. I will pray for you as you come to mind. You asked the question….” What will I do on inauguration day? “, ….Well, my wife had surgery on the 28th, Dec, been helping her with her recovery here at home, ( California, Central Valley). Doing a lot of catching up right now. Like reading the past weeks posts on SurvivalBlog. Yours it turns out I left conspicuously in the tray on my browser. So I’d be sure to read it. So… For Inauguration Day, I plan on watching Biden and Harris take the OATH very carefully. We will see how much they respect the OATH OF OFFICE. At best it will be lip service,….at worst they will say something strange or snir at the idea of upholding and defending the CONSTITUTION, right in the middle of a freaking OATH. That’s Jan, 5th. Apparently, on Jan, 6th, there is supposed to be a rally in Washington DC. We’ll see how that plays out. I don’t have a lot of time to post. Lots of stuff to do today. If I could move to IDAHO tomorrow I would, but other matters keep me here. As Alistair Begg is fond of saying…” Grow where God plants you “…I suppose someone has to man the ramparts here. I’ll be looking for your posts in the future. God Bless You.

  40. Please read about Weld County CO. A group of citizens are preparing to initiate secession procedures in order to separate from Colorado and join Wyoming. They are angry over the now blue state policies of reducing oil drilling, agricultural controls, and the general ruling of Denver/Boulder over rural areas. I have no idea what the people of Wyoming make of it, but it’ll be interesting to see what transpires.
    And, SaraSue, Bless you and I believe you are right. Now is the time to watch and pray.

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