Universal Background Checks and Your Privacy

The prospect of the duo of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris being sworn-in on January 20th does not bode well for American gun owners. Nor does the U.S. Senate runoff election in Georgia on January 5th, 2021. If the two Democrat candidates prevail, then, with Kamala Harris available to break any tie votes, the entire Democrat agenda could be ramrodded through Congress.  (Per the Constitution, as Vice President, Harris would also be the titular President of The Senate.) Democrat control of the Senate is a frightening prospect. In addition to new immigration, tax, student loan payoff, and post-post-post-post facto slavery reparation legislation, the Democrats will surely do their best to enact a raft of anti-gun ownership laws. They are almost too many to list. In a video from TGC News, Jon Patton summarized Biden’s Anti-Gun Plans.

Sneaky, Snaky Words

The new administration’s top two gun-grabbing priorities will almost certainly be an “assault” rifle/magazine ban and what they relentlessly and euphemistically call Universal Background Checks (UBC). The latter should more accurately be called a private party sales ban. That is what it would really accomplish: an end to firearms purchasing privacy, for sales of used guns between two citizens of the same state.

One of the things that I’ve noticed about statists and globalists is that they spend a lot of time devising subtle and devious terminology.  Their goal is to make truly sinister plans sound innocuous and oftentimes downright warm and fuzzy.  The phrase “Universal Background Checks” just about pegs the Warm and Fuzzy Meter. Given what it really means, I have to give credit to the gun grabbers for their clever terminology. These minions of The Serpent really have their Propaganda Terminology Teams working with precision. Just pause and consider each of these now widely-adopted terms and phrases:

  • “Earth Friendly”
  • “Spending Cuts”
  • “Black Lives Matter”
  • “Assault Weapons Ban”
  • “Undocumented Immigrants”
  • “Affordable Care”
  • “Carbon Neutral”
  • “Universal Background Checks”

These are all sneaky and snaky propaganda terms that were designed to conceal the real intent of the leftists. The mass media and corporate hacks repeat these weasel-worded phrases endlessly like mantras until they become ubiquitous and proliferate throughout popular culture. Just a few days ago, I received a package tracking e-mail from UPS, and it had a green “CARBON NEUTRAL SHIPMENT” banner across the top of the page. Seeing that phrase adopted by UPS made me feel vaguely ill. This is nothing more than virtue signaling — to gain the approval of leftists. All very subtle, and all too sinister.

H.R. 8 — a UBC bill — was passed in the Democrat-dominated U.S. House, in 2019. But thankfully its Senate equivalent bill failed.  Apparently, a majority of the Senators had the wisdom to see through the Democrat smokescreen of “Universal Background Checks”.  They could see that it was really just Universal Shackles, for Americans.

Interstate Versus Intrastate

Supreme CourtAny Federal UBC private transfer ban law would be a gross overreach of the Commerce Clause, which limits Federal jurisdiction to regulation of interstate commerce.  Intrastate commerce should of course be entirely outside of Federal control, but the courts have stretched it to include intrastate commerce with a “substantial effect” on interstate commerce.  The key cases for that expansion were United States v. Darby, 312 U.S. 100 (1941), Wickard v. Filburn, 317 U.S. 111 (1942), and United States v. South-Eastern Underwriters, 322 U.S. 533 (1944). The Supreme Court had recently been bolstered with liberal  FDR appointee William O. Douglas and newly-elevated Chief Justice Harlan F. Stone. In the early 1940s the increasingly statist court apparently suffered severe combined fits of “The New Deal Must Be Preserved” and “Don’tcha know there’s a war on?” angst. This wartime Supreme Court was wickedly statist as they stretched the Commerce Clause to absurd proportions that were grossly beyond the Founding Fathers’ intent. In the notorious Wickard v. Filburn case, the court preposterously held that a farmer holding back some grain that he’d grown to feed his own livestock somehow violated a Federal interstate wheat marketing quota law. The court’s convoluted reasoning was that by not selling that part of his wheat into the interstate market that this farmer had somehow indirectly forced some fancifully-presumed buyer to then source wheat from someone else, across state lines!

Thankfully, in more recent years, the Supreme Court has become substantially less statist on the interstate commerce issue.  Most notably, the 2019 Tennessee Wine Aand Spirits Retailers Assn. v. Russell F. Thomas ,18-96, 587 U.S. ___, (2019) decision shows that the court no longer approves sweeping laws that enlarge Federal power, relying on the Commerce Clause. But it may be years before the Supremes take up another Second Amendment case that will fully rein in the Executive Branch’s outrageous overreach via the Commerce Clause.

Just Like California

Presently, private party intrastate secondary sales of guns are legal in about 34 states. In these states, you can buy a gun from a local classified ad or from a private party seller at a gun show and just walk home with it. But enactment of a Federal UBC private party transfer ban law would effectively make the entire nation just like California. There, all modern guns have to be transferred through Federally licensed dealers, complete with a National; Instant Check System (NICS) background check blessing from the FBI. In California there is no more private party gun acquisition privacy.

For any new Federal UBC private party transfer ban law, I believe that the current Supreme Court will eventually find that someone selling a used gun to their neighbor would be an entirely intrastate transaction.  But that would of course have to await a test case and multiple appeals court rulings before reaching the Supreme Court. And the Supreme Court is notorious for only rarely taking up any Second Amendment cases.

Here is some ground truth: Casual private party intrastate sales with no FFL dealer involved are essentially the last bastion of true firearms freedom in the United States. Without this freedom of intrastate private commerce that we’ve enjoyed since the nation’s founding, gun ownership would become transparent rather than opaque. And it is the opacity of widespread gun ownership that makes the tyrannical rule almost impossible. Among other things, the passage of a federal UBC law would mean that gun shows would never be the same. They’d be more like those pathetic gun shows in Europe, where you can go look at guns, but you can’t buy them and take them home.

The logical extension of any UBC private party transfer ban law will be the leftist claim that “people are cheating” and continuing to sell guns privately, without going through dealers. The only way to stop this, they’ll say, would be nationwide gun registration. They aren’t calling for it yet. But I predict that just a few weeks after a Federal UBC law is passed, they surely will!

My conclusion is that UBC private transfer ban laws are something to absolutely dread.

“Lighten Up, Francis”

During the final months of his 2020 presidential campaign, Joe Biden promised to make Francis “Beto” O’Rourke his Gun Czar. This is the same Francis that promised to take my AR-15. Francis wants to impose a mandatory “Buy Back” (read: confiscation) of detachable magazine semi-auto rifles. But, logically, the government cannot “buy back” something that it never owned. And Ironically, any such buy-up program would be funded by our own tax dollars. Such an affront would come close to the Nazis forcing Jews to buy their own train tickets to the extermination camps. Yes, in the early stages of The Final Solution, that really did happen.

If Francis “Beto” O’Rourke does indeed become Biden’s Gun Czar, then Lord help us. He will surely do his best to encourage congress to pass anti-gun bills. And almost certainly Beto will draft executive orders that will unconstitutionally expand Executive Branch control of gun ownership and carry.  There is also a very high likelihood that the excitable Prince Francis, Master Beto, Overlord and Gun Ownership Inquisitor of The Realm(TM) will draft executive orders that will restrict the importation of most firearms, gun parts, ammunition, and gun accessories. We can count on it.

I also predict that Prince Francis will maneuver to make ammunition sales also require a background check. This would again mirror legislation that is now in effect in California. (Oh, and California legislators are attempting to do the same, for  “precursor” gun parts. We can probably add that to Beto’s list of goals.)

A UBC private party transfer ban is a key part of what the Biden/Harris/O’Rouke cabal have planned. Their general goal is to disarm us, piece by piece. We cannot allow that to happen!

Pre-1899 Freedom

Any new Federal UBC law will probably be an almost word-for-word clone of the failed H.R. 8. That bill was an expansion of Section 922 of Title 18, United States Code. Like almost all other Federal firearms laws, section 922 refers to the Federal definition of “firearm” found in section 921. That section states:

“The term “firearm” means (A) any weapon (including a starter gun) which will or is designed to or may readily be converted to expel a projectile by the action of an explosive; (B) the frame or receiver of any such weapon; (C) any firearm muffler or firearm silencer; or (D) any destructive device. Such term does not include an antique firearm.”

That last bit refers to the “antique” definition found in 18 USC § 921(a)(16). Thankfully, this definition excludes any gun with a receiver or frame made in or before 1898. (Commonly called a “Pre-1899” gun, or sometimes mistakenly called a “Pre-1898” gun.)

So, the only exceptions to the planned Federal UBC private party gun transfer ban will be:

  • Air rifles and air pistols,
  • Muzzleloaders,
  • and any antique guns.

It is pre-1899 cartridge guns that most interest me, because many of them are repeater designs capable of fairly rapid fire. (That is: Lever, pump, and bolt action repeaters.) Many of them are quite accurate and capable of dropping a deer — or in extremis, a man — just like modern guns. In contrast, muzzleloaders are mostly single-shot guns that  can take up to 30 seconds between shots, to reload. In retrospect, I’m glad that I launched Elk Creek Company, in February, of 2020. My timing of that launch was unintentional, but it turned out to be propitiously perfect.

S&W Top Break RevolverGiven the likelihood of passage of a Federal UBC law, I encourage my readers to buy a few pre-1899 cartridge guns, as a hedge. With a Federal UBC law, and a Federal “assault weapons” and magazine ban now on the horizon, pre-1899 antiques are very likely to double or even triple in value in the next two years. And they may turn out to be the only guns that you can safely take to the range, or for hunting, or even for self-defense.  (That is, assuming that you have to make your other guns temporarily disappear.)

Help Stop the UBC Law!

I also strongly encourage SurvivalBlog readers to do everything that you can to stop the coming deluge of Biden/Harris/O’Rouke anti-gun measures.  Please contact your congressman and senators repeatedly, through multiple channels: phone calls, e-mails, faxes, and snail-mail letters. Please mark your calendar to contact them monthly. Keep the pressure up, folks! – JWR


    1. Many of these guns, like the Swedish 1893/36 Mauser Jim reviewed on Wednesday, were designed to use cartridges still available today. (Or at least were prior to the “Great Ammo Shortage”.) That gun is chambered for the 6.5 x 55 Mauser cartridge and I saw it often at some of the major ammo outlets. It’s also very easy to reload and components were readily available until recently. Most of these use ammo that may not be on every WalMart shelf but it is available.

  1. God bless you JWR for being one to sound the alarm for how truly bad this is likely to get. I guess at some point in time, if things get bad enough, I always have my framing hammer to fall back on. I can drive nails very quickly with great force and precision. I would have no guilt for using it to crush the head of a tyrant, whatever the level of tyranny they may be involved in. Been in a few fights now in this life, and the adrenaline excites me in a neat kind of way. If we, the American people who proudly stand and say the pledge of allegiance, are born from free men who sacrificed and risked everything, and are the most armed population on the face of the earth, submit to skinny armed wimps like Beta Male O’rourke, then we get what we deserve. Does anyone here actually think that Beta could take anything by himself?? He is a weakling. These people need a good old fashioned a$$kicking. I will consider it an honor if I am one of the first to go in all of this, putting these traitors where the belong.

  2. Oh ya, I had the pleasure of shooting with author “Boston T. Party” who penned BOSTON’S GUN BIBLE. I watched him outshoot about everyone. He walked the walk and talked the talk. One thing he said rings true…”All we really need is the simple ferocity of a dog protecting it’s food bowl”.

    1. His original book “bulletproof Privacy” is awesome A little outdated, but still a great primer. Everyone waited for years for his expanded newer version, which became totally prophetic regarding Skype, AOL, etc. all being owned by the FED’s.

  3. A commonly used Propagandistic phrase devised by the Left to describe an AR, AK, etc. is “weapon of war.” This is usually followed by “they have no business on our streets.” Implying that a semi-auto, like a deer rifle is a “civilian‘s gun“, and therefore OK, even though that was a state of the art design for WW2.

    Fact be told, every firearm design ever conceived Throughout history was at one time a “weapon of war.” However, note that when the founders wrote the 2nd amendment, they didn’t say, the common citizen may own rocks and spears and bows, but only a soldier could own a musket. Even though this idea will cause a snowflake to wet their pants, the Essential idea was that the common man could and should resist a tyrannical government, with state of the art weapons equal to that of a military.

    Naturally the Left will take offense, and rebut this point with, “ok, so that means you can have a nuclear weapon?” The best explanation is to think of gun rights the same way you would regard the right to vote. One man one vote. One man one gun. One man cannot overthrow a government with his vote, just as one man with a gun can’t overthrow a government. However, thousands of men working together can pressure a rogue government back into compliance. So, no, the nuclear weapon argument starts with a false premise that misunderstands the basic nature of civilians bearing small arms in a collective action.

    Switching subjects here: the Left loves Australian gun laws. Hillary was a big proponent of Australian style gun laws until the handlers told her to cheese it. In short, after a mass shooting they banned ownership of all semi-auto rifles. They required that you belong to a hunting or target shooting club and you need a new permit for every gun purchase. They also allow police to make surprise unannounced checks of your gun safe. If you want to know our future, do some research on Australia.

      1. How does the Australian government enforce such laws?
        The answer is, it does and it doesn’t.
        When the law was passed, most people dutifully handed over their prohibited guns. There are photos of mountains of guns that were to be melted down.
        Predictably, there are always those who will defy the law. Last time I looked I think about 10% of confiscated weapons were of the full auto, garage special type. After all, if you intend to break the law why not go all the way?
        I suppose there are probably people who are still hiding Prohibited weapons, but they can’t bring them to a range, or out in public without fear of being reported. Depending on what kind of gun, they may not be able to buy ammo for it.

        If the day ever comes that our betters outlaw “weapons of war” or magazines over 10 rounds, unless you paid cash for everything, there are plenty of ways to track down the information and put pressure on you to comply without breaking your front door down. Orders to appear in court, freezing bank accounts, etc. etc. etc. if they want to, they can break you.

  4. Frankly expecting Socialists (the smiling, nice lying Communists) not to include every firearm including pre 1899’s seems foolish. Muzzle loaders will be next due to false flag bomb events. Arguing that pyrodex is NOT black powder used in terrorism will fail in dear Joe 6 Pack ears via mass media.

    Disarmament means DIS-Armed.

    They WILL NOT go Door to Door. They know the police will not support that risky actions. Be ready to have your electronic life shut off to enforce gun and ammo ban. Ask yourself honestly What did I buy using a credit card or through an FFL?

    Make realistic plans, Pray for wisdom.

    Know there is NO privacy on the internet. Your ISP has an real name-address so using an fake name alias is as dumb as “Burner Phones” to hide. Boastful words can and will be used against you in the Socialist Kangaroo Court as “Hate Crimes”.

    Ecclesiastes 10: 20 Don’t bad-mouth your leaders, not even under your breath, And don’t abuse your betters, even in the privacy of your home. Loose talk has a way of getting picked up and spread around. Little birds drop the crumbs of your gossip far and wide.

    Proverbs 22: 24Do not make friends with an angry man, and do not associate with a hot-tempered man,25or you may learn his ways and entangle yourself in a snare.…

    Folks eager to “Start Something” are either angry fools OR Fed’s on a time line to get some action for a arrest and promotion.

    Far better a few quiet trusted friends who do not brag on the internet what they are going to DO.

    Ecclesiastes 4: The Evil of Oppression
    …11Again, if two lie down together, they will keep warm; but how can one keep warm alone? 12And though one may be overpowered, two can resist. Moreover, a cord of three strands is not quickly broken.

    Spiritual preps are as important as any other. We will all die and meet our Creator, best be in good terms with Him.

      1. Big Mike that explanation would be a whole article about cell phones, stingray towers and super computers. If you really want a good article about that go to American Partisan and use their search feature.

        I had an Uncle that worked in a 3 letter agency who taught me much about 2000’s technology to defeat burner phones. Way too popular with Drug Runners so they developed ways to trap users.

        Now with supercomputer processing power and such they HAVE to be a One Call then destroy to be effective. That assumes you used cash and no names used. If not then it’s not a burner phone.

        BTW if your a person of interest or simply in an interesting area they CAN turn on a OFF Cell Phone to listen and track you. No it LOOKS OFF but it’s not. Battery out is the only way and some cell phones have a built in extra battery so in emergencies you might not be able to call BUT you can TXT. So they *still* can be turned ON by Law Enforcement.

          1. Jerry MOVIES are a POOR way to plan your life and the lives and Freedoms of your Family.

            I’ve “tested” more than a few ideas for faraday bags for cell phones before 5G and I understand from my geek friends 5G is far harder to “Block”.

            It’s really simple. DON’T bring your self purchased Government Approved Surveillance Devices with you when you have things to talk about in private. That BTW includes most modern smart cars as well as Alexas and such. Even your smart TV listens to you for Nelson Ratings and such. You’d be amazed how well even cheap electronics can be used to listen in from a different room.

            You’d think folks would have NOTICED when Courts ALLOWED Alexas and Siri “Recordings” as EVIDENCE in criminal cases a couple of years past…. Or that credit card purchases of gun related supplies used as proof of criminal intent.

            Stalin only dreamed of such a surveillance state. And our 3 letter agencies got up to BUY it ourselves…

        1. Thank you for the link, looks like an excellent website. I’ve wondered about the supercomputers processing locations of burner phones in correlation with location and other information. Thanks again, it is nice to have another good site to gain info from.

      2. As of Jan.1, 2021, my Trac Phone service ended. I don’t have much need for a phone, so I will attempt to live without. At one time Trac Phone may have preserved our privacy somewhat, but I no longer believe that is the case. And besides, these new phones are outside of my price range. And are no where as handy and rugged as the old flip phone.

        Any one who wants to talk to me has got to stop by, use their radio, or send me an email. My internet connection has unique features as well. To turn into a total ghost would be easy, but that is not necessary…yet. Making our selves smaller and ready to disconnect is a good way to go

  5. I’m embarrassed to say that Francis is from my home state of Texas.

    I’m hoping that our Governor, Greg Abbot, will protect our state using the 10th amendment and other possible legal tools.

    I feel other pro 2a Governors would maybe follow along the same route.

    PS. Sorry if this is a dup post, my laptop froze up.

  6. I live between lawless Seattle and lawless Portland Oregon . They both have lawlessness in common . On the west coast of the United States the district attorneys and the attorney generals will not enforce 90% of crimes in 2021 . In Seattle for example you can steal up to $900 in groceries and plead “Hunger” and face no jail time . Grocery stores are closing as fast as possible , making Seattle a food desert.
    In 2021 we are living in one large Tombstone Arizona where all property crimes go unpunished . Mail theft and Porch Pirating, burglaries are rampant .
    I have little patience for new firearm laws and I will ignore them all. If arrested for a new Beto law I will demand a jury trial and since there is already a one year backlog on trying to seat a jury and millions will be reluctant to volunteer to sit in tiny airless jury rooms it will be a decade before my case comes to trial . So in 2021 think Tombstone and when loading rounds use gloves to avoid DNA and fingerprints .

  7. I believe the BATFE did us all a grand favor by posting its intent to make braces illegal and not following through.
    Though this a regulatory agency is hated by many – there are good people in its midst who just kike our military – follow orders – like’m or not.
    What this allowed is a signaling of the Biden (owner of the make believe “0ffice of the President Elect”) Teams intent once in office.
    Take that information and act accordingly.

  8. All laws passed as gun control, including background checks are simply Unconstitutional. Lipstick on a pig changes neither the pig or the issue. There is talk of a global reset, the people proposing this might be mindful of the saying “Be careful of what you wish for.” There may be fewer sheep out here than you think.”

  9. Anyone here have experience with a gun trust? Seems like it could be good insulation against the gun grabbers. Atleast would allow transfers within the family.

    1. Hi HP. No personal experience, but I get advertising for them from Lawshield sometimes.
      Duckduckgo has a couple of links, just need to check for one local to your state.
      On a personal note, if those you need to protect your guns from have no problem ignoring the Constitution, I don’t think they will hesitate to ignore a legal designation. Laws only seem to work in one direction these days…

  10. Illinois already and for some time has regulated private transfers. To be legal you must obtain the buyers FOID card number. Then you log into your own FOID account. You enter the buyers FOID to verify they are not a prohibited person and their FOID is valid. You must retain the “approval” number and information for 10 years. So the gov here already fully regulates transfers. Doing this background check does not tell the gov what exact gun is being transferred. It will allow them to know you transferred a gun to someone and who that someone is.

    Another item is that you must be internet savy and have an “account” to transfer any firearm privately.

    1. All correct Bones, if you follow the letter of the law.
      I`m also in the PRI (peoples republic of Illinois) and got my first FOID card at age , the first year they issued them.
      I`m not aware of current laws about record keeping by FFL`s. I know the PRI had paperwork laws about private sales before they went full commie and demanded “official” backround checks. Once upon a time we exchanged FOID and basic info for the receipt including valid FOID numbers and that was that. FFL`s once upon a time, (having been told this by numerous FFL holders) had to keep the records for 10 years, then they could turn them in, keep them, or burn them.
      I used FFLs that I knew, some brick and mortar, some “kitchen table”. At the 10 year anniversary we had a little “cookout” and burned a lot of paper products from their business. Due to private sales, and “expired” paperwork I don`t papered guns. Other than 2 muzzle loaders about 16 years old.
      Which brings me to a point. My guns are over 26 years old except for the 2 smoke poles. There is no paper (at least legally) for them. So how do they enforce this paperwork law?
      For example, a very close friend wanted to gift his daughter with a rifle, she`s 16 and quite the shooter. I had a new in the box in a small centerfire caliber I bought a long time ago and never got to it. The gun is about 28 ears old, like new. He has the valid FOID card as do I. I simply handed it to him, and he handed me cash. Who is to say (other than this email) that the exchange didn`t happen over 10 years ago? Can they prove it? How?
      I`m not giving legal advice, or advocating breaking the law. I give the example to illustrate that no matter how unconstitutional a law is, how it violates property rights, privacy, all the amendments or a few, most of the laws are unenforceable. Not the end of the world stuff, but they can be mighty inconvenient.
      And if SHTF and we need these Liberty Teeth for real, who is going to give pause to the technicality of these laws in the first place? The law of survival, God`s own laws, are far above anything man can impose.
      Just consider your options. I`m not going to get worked up about what might, and likely will, come our way. I`m trusting my Lord and doing what I have to for Him, Family and Country.
      I pray this nation repent, and that no one reading this ever have to fire a shot in anger.
      God Bless.
      Dan Janssen

      1. All correct. How can they prove it? People still do transfers face to face and don’t involve the commie IL gov. Good on them. We all know/believe that a national revival of any kind is not going to happen. The best we can hope for is that the correct side remains at 50% and grows. Even then elections solve very little. It’s bad that the most qualified and electable person for the job of elected official is usually the worst.

  11. First, @ Michael’s comment above- I believe a sizable portion of police will “follow orders” and the massive taxpayer funded armor-clad minions will work for their promised pension.
    I think the republican senators held the line on gun legislation simply to appease their base. Very few, in my opinion, have the best interest of the American people and our right to freedom in their hearts but rather always have an eye toward the next election and their corporate owners.
    Other statist buzzwords or outright lies repackaged for the masses: women’s health care, gay people ( I prefer the scientific term homosexual), and stakeholder capitalism. The latter one is gaining traction like a grass fire among the “gimme free stuff” crowd and will certainly be leveraged by those elected.
    Oh yeah, happy new year. :/

    1. I believe a sizeable portion of law enforcement will NOT comply with confiscation orders. Law enforcement and Military in the family and they’re as patriotic as they come. So many retiring on the West Coast and getting out of it altogether.

      1. Sara,

        They’ve always enforced unconstitutional laws before. They’re retiring because they’re “not getting funding etx” it has nothing to do with laws.

      2. I respectfully disagree. When cops are given all types of military gear and weapons and their egos are stroked and they’re told how that they’re just like real soldiers, they will go and do as they are told. Their egos will get the best of them. Besides most cops have the “it’s us against them” mentality anyway. They will do as their commanders tell them and they always stick together and cover for one another even if one of them has murdered, raped, robbed or assaulted.

    2. Delroy, I concur. The law “enforcement” public employee will kick your door down to get your guns just as quickly as he smashed in the doors of so many other American homes. My grandson is a trooper in the Second Infantry Division. I asked him about the attitude of the younger troops toward the Constitution. “Most of them don’t even know what it is.” was his reply. When we had the draft, every American home had a veteran or active duty member. These days, the working class provides the cannon fodder.

    3. Yes, Sir, I know that you are from the government and are merely here to help me, but please stand on this tarp while you are talking to me, please.

  12. I lost all my Fram© oil filters in a ‘carbon-neutral’ boating incident.

    I also lost all my ‘solvent traps’ and all my ‘precursor parts’ in that boating incident.
    My mill, drill-press, bits, and files were lost, as well.
    My reloading equipment, my reloading powder, and any other ‘insurrection contraband’ went to a watery grave.
    So sad.

    I never owned a ‘bullet-proof’ vest nor helmet.
    I cannot afford night vision devices nor radios to listen to Alex Jones, Ferfal/Bracken, or other prohibited speakers.
    Poor me.

    And I never saw any need for a library card because all my information comes from televisionprogramming.
    Cash was always a tool of ‘tax-evaders’ and ‘international drug cartels’ so I would never use any.
    Stands to reason.

    I support president harris/pelosi in ‘voting per TheConstitution’ (as noted in the first paragraph of this article).
    It’s the least I could do.

    Any signed-n-witnessed six-hundred yard paper targets with one-hole groups were a figment of my vivid imagination.
    I made it all up to impress people I don’t know on TheWorldWideWeb.
    I swear.

    And I am such a fumble-fingers around ropes and knots.
    And I wouldn’t know a lamppost from a hole in the ground.

    1. And of course, you were first in line for your doses of The Vaccine as soon as OurBenevolentOverlords said it was your turn. See? Got your FullyAuthentmatic papers right here…..

  13. To make the ammo shortage worse, STAY AWAY from Winchester bulk shotgun ammo! Pulled out a batch of target loads to do a feeding of the Saiga’s, and had nothing but problems. The Federal bulk 3 dram tossed hulls 5-6 feet away, the Federal pink pussycats 2 3/4 dram about 5 feet. The Winchester either mashed in the action, stovepiped, or dropped at my feet if they cycled. All three were stored up in 2013. These were not 3 dram loads as marked!

    A Saiga 12 should cycle at 3 dram with little or no work. Smooth out the action and 2 3/4 dram will cycle reliably with a 4 port gun. (Assuming no vodka was involved during manufacture) Out of 5, I have only seen 1 that handled 2 3/4 out of the box.

  14. My two cents… We just won’t comply. Some people might even take it as their solemn duty to “defend against all enemies foreign and domestic”. The gun grabbers are ignorant and naive. America is already in a powder keg moment right now so they should get out of their bubbles and take heed.

  15. Nothing infuriates me more than the idiotic “I lost my guns in a boating accident.” If you don’t have the courage to openly support the Bill of Rights while we still have them, then why pretend you will suddenly defend them when they are removed from us?

    1. I concur. The initial humor of the comment has worn off, yet it seems some people treat it as an actual strategy.
      “I’ll just hide my guns and quietly go along with what the Authorities say. Someday I’ll dig them up…someday.”
      Maybe I just need to lighten up, but current events have me so wound up, I’m almost at a hover.

    2. The point is to engage your enemies on YOUR terms and on your time, not theirs. If they come for your guns and ammo and you respond with anything other than “I lost them in a boating accident years ago” or some other excuse that cannot be checked on, you are engaging the enemy when they are at their strongest, and likely when you are outmanned and outgunned. We are heading to the opening shots of a brutal war. To win, you have to stay alive.

      “The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his.”

      George S. Patton

  16. Another thing in Illinois is that any device which propels any projectile 700fps or greater is a firearm and subject to regulation. Therefore black powder are FFL 4473 items. Noncompliance among friends is widespread. I can post a link to the law describing this.

    “Firearm” means any device, by whatever name known, which is designed to expel a projectile or projectiles by the action of an explosion, expansion of gas or escape of gas; excluding, however:
    (1) any pneumatic gun, spring gun, paint ball gun, or

    B-B gun which expels a single globular projectile not exceeding .18 inch in diameter or which has a maximum muzzle velocity of less than 700 feet per second;
    (1.1) any pneumatic gun, spring gun, paint ball gun,

    or B-B gun which expels breakable paint balls containing washable marking colors;
    (2) any device used exclusively for signalling or

    safety and required or recommended by the United States Coast Guard or the Interstate Commerce Commission;
    (3) any device used exclusively for the firing of

    stud cartridges, explosive rivets or similar industrial ammunition; and
    (4) an antique firearm (other than a machine-gun)

    which, although designed as a weapon, the Department of State Police finds by reason of the date of its manufacture, value, design, and other characteristics is primarily a collector’s item and is not likely to be used as a weapon.


  17. On the availability of ammo calibers used pre 1897 weapons or thereabouts, I find it hard to believe that 7.62x54R cannot be found anywhere. Can’t even reload if you’ve only got access to 20-40 rds. Haven’t even found much on the local shelves, even shotgun 12g is in fairly useless shot count (as in #9). And the few online sources I’ve been able to access don’t list much of anything being available….. But then it probably doesn’t matter anyway cause last time I looked my gun safe was empty. I think maybe someone snuck in and stole em all, but can’t even report it cause I do’n t have a phone and every time I go to town I forget cause my face diaper is so tight I can’t remember what I went to town for.

    Sneaky snaky words put out by any gobbermint institutions are to be treated as a joke, don’t believe a word of them, even if Trump pulls off the impossible and remains in office. This gummint is corrupt to it’s very core and nothing out of it should be believed. As in the recent 5600 page bill authorizing everything under the sun to every country on the planet…… 1776.2 it will take to straighten it out. We don’t need another Constitution, all we need is people with the cahones to follow the one we got….

    I haven’t been able to verify it, but FWIW dept, I read somewhere a while back that jar jar kneepads is not eligible for even vice presidential office as she is not a “Natural Born Citizen”. Her father a Jamaican and mother an East Indian her father must have been a naturalized citizen BEFORE she was born. Hence her standing as not a natural born citizen as per Article ll US Constitution, as I recall her father not being naturalized until after she was born. Does anyone have, or able to find more info on this?

    1. I had read that also. Still can’t find anything of a provable nature, though.
      I would sure like to see some proof one way or the other.
      I don’t think it would matter much. After all we still got Obama, didn’t we?

  18. I’m not so sure that shifting ones focus on pre 1899 firearms, for the sake of future bans makes any sense to me…This little dance Americans have agreed to engage the Government in since the 30’s is coming to an end. It’s like playing strip poker with a stacked deck, and the next hand is going to make sure we are all sitting around in our underpants.
    What is the logic behind paying thousands of dollars for 19th century technology, If its strictly for the sake of investment, intended as a safe queen, then I get it. But if it’s being tied to exercising your 2nd amendment rights to keep and bear arms, to protect home and hearth, and family. Uncle Sam is going to allow you to do this with an antiquated mosin- nagant, because… 1899! seems so darn silly to me. I hate to be the wet blanket but, There is no such thing as pre 1899 freedom. Further, everyone has lost their friggin minds. This is what I mean:

    If the Top speed limit is 75 MPH in the USA. Why do they make cars with 200 and 300 HP?

    If It’s Illegal to drink and drive. Why do bars have parking lots?

    If gun ownership is a right, why is finding ways around bans the norm?

    My point is this, two of these examples are ‘ privileges’, granted by the almighty United States of America , and yet Somebody had the magentas to keep giving the people what they want regardless of the law.
    The other is a right, and yet, here we are finding ways to comply with their order to disarm, by talking 19th century technology, because 2A!! It just all sounds so darn ridiculous to me.. i own guns, black ones wood ones, poly ones, handguns ,shot guns, lots of bullets and lots of accessories that go with my guns. I suspect millions are just like me and own guns too. If they decide that the black ones need to be banned, Im going to assume that the majority of people are going to thumb their noses at the Government Just like I will, Just like the car companies do and, just like the Restaurant/ hospitality people do. I sure didnt see the car companies scratching their heads when the speed limit was dropped to 55.. and the bars didnt plant grass in their parking lots when MADD started pushing their agenda.. Yet gun owners and the industry rush to punish themselves when politicians want to strip us down to 19th century technology… Let them try to herd cats..

    1. That 19th century technology is as valid today as it was then. The .50 caliber Barret is a bolt action rifle. That brand new Ruger Precision Rifle, in any of several calibers, is still a bolt action rifle. Also that bolt action hunting rifle that you use to shoot deer, or elk, or moose, or bear, is still a very fine sniper rifle, good for tactical use at a long distance. So, that Mauser M1895, in 7×57 Mauser, with that 29″ barrel, was and still is a practical tactical firearm. The same goes for that M1898 Krag in 30-40 Krag or that 1896 Lee-Enfield in .303.

  19. It seems people are borrowing problems that might happen in the future and making your present miserable. And even if they do happen so what, I can only deal with things under my control and I have found over many years of life, I control very little.

    Matthew 6:34
    “Do not worry about tomorrow. Tomorrow will have its own worries. The troubles we have in a day are enough for one day.”

  20. If Biden gets in prices are going higher. I have a number of antique Mausers purchased awhile back for as low as $250. The last one came as apart of a trade and at an embarrassing good deal, but it needed repair. None of mine are as nice as the lowest grade JWR sells.

    Mine would be used as ‘back up’ rifles, and rifles to hand out to friends who cannot handle a semi-auto. It is also good to have a firearm in every room. And they can in some cases be used as precision rifles, or as a rifle in fighting position for long range shots and the taking of game. 5.56 is not good on elk, or black bear. I’d rather use my 8×57 on these critters, but 7×57 is adequate, and would work better than 6.5×55. If all you have is an AR-15, and you intend to hunt, the 7×57 would do the job just fine. If I had to choose between 6.5×55, and 7×57, I would now take the 7×57. If a rifle in 7.62x54R was similar in price, I would also consider that as well.

    There is more than one reason to buy one or more antiques. I still believe the 7×57 Chilean Mausers are the best deal. I would love to have another 7×57. At one time, 7×57 was the most popular hunting cartridge in Europe and Africa. If you do get one, buy reloading dies for it. It shares bullets with all the other 7mm rifles out there, including the popular 7mm Mag, and uses large rifle primers, and common gun powders that are on most reloader’s shelves.

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