Preparedness Notes for Friday — January 1, 2021

Today is the birthday of Jacob Snider (January 1, 1811 – August 18, 1866). He was an American mechanical engineer and inventor. He invented and patented a method of converting existing muzzle-loading rifles into breech-loading rifles, notably the Snider-Enfield. (Pictured.)

And, speaking of gun designers, this is also the birthday of John Cantius Garand (January 1, 1888 – February 16, 1974) was born in St. Rémi, Quebec. John Garand designed one of America’s best-known battle rifles, the M1 Garand. General Patton praised Garand’s design, writing to Chief of Ordnance Lt. Gen. Levin H. Campbell, Jr., (January 26, 1945): “The M1 rifle is the most deadly rifle in the world.”

We wish all of our readers a joyful, prosperous, and peaceful  New Year, with renewed liberty for our nation!



  1. Please re-post current IP address. I tried this morning and was unable to connect. With all that is going on right now, to be without your support Jim and Lily, and other Survivalblog family would be very devastating to morale.

    Thank you for all you have accomplished with crying the warning to all of us so that we may be bettered prepared.

    God Bless you and These United States of america.

    [Do NOT miss this “countdown to CW2” essay.]
    BY PUBLIUS VALERIUS | Dec 30, 2020 [Excerpt below.]
    The next and most essential question we each must now ask ourselves is:
    Are we better off fighting to defend the properly elected President of the United States of America, to defeat this ongoing coup against the Constitution and the domestic enemies who aided and abetted it, or are we better off staying home, burying our guns, letting the Left complete their theft, and fighting the Federal power in the hands of the Left, as persecuted outsiders?

    How each of you reading this decide to answer this question will determine the course of history. Will the domestic enemies of the US Constitution complete the destruction of the Document and the subversion of the American Republic, or will 70 million Americans fight so that those on the Left are defeated and held accountable? Make no mistake, there are no good choices. We are well past the point of having good options.

    If we choose, as liberty loving people, to resist this communist coup, there will be blood. The Left has promised, and proven, violence if their coup is resisted. Many may die, patriots, tyrants, and innocents caught in the middle in the next few months. Some of us reading this may die. Some of our wives and children may die. The Union may fracture, perhaps irrevocably. The fabric of America will be irrevocably changed, and not for the better. This will start a civil war, and nobody truly wins in such a conflict. Isn’t the alternative better? If we just give in, won’t the Left leave us alone? What does history tell us?

    If we surrender without fighting, as the Left is desperately urging us to do, then history tells us what happens next. Just as in Russia after the Revolution, or Germany when the National Socialists took power, or Venezuela, or in every other country where the Left has stolen the power of government, without exception, Liberty loving folks will be progressively and relentlessly hounded. Using the full force of the Federal government, initially in the ‘blue’ states, but increasingly everywhere, the Left will attack anyone they view as their enemy. Trump voters will be targeted, small businesses will be obliterated, the middle class will be but a memory, and any attempt at resistance will be crushed by the Left using the mechanisms of the Federal government. If you thought that the FBI, the IRS and the EPA under Barry Soetero were bad, then just wait and do nothing, and see what happens next.
    [rest at link]

    1. Vault-walker [seen here with handtruck] — run away at the first sniff of an armed robbery by multiple opponents.
      Driver — after seeing my partner is safe (enough), I accelerate my idling vehicle.

      I have no problem bouncing the goofballs around in the back of my truck.
      I have no problem letting the goofballs fall out the rear door.

      After my vault-walker is safely away from the goofballs, my job description is ‘driver’.


      After examining this video, after seeing the humanitarian zip-ties and instant capitulation by the vault-walker, after seeing the vault-walker blocking the mobility of the truck, I wonder if somebody knows somebody…

  3. From Josh, The Gray Bearded Green Beret

    UPDATED! Green Beret’s Ultralight Bug Out Bag with Gear Recommendations
    569,193 views•Aug 25, 2020

    Tunnel Rabbit comment:

    This is the best ultra light weight bug out bag that can be used in most situations, such as a patrol, as it is quickly modified with additional accessories for particular situations or environments. However, be careful to keep the weight down when doing this.

    I would take your version of this to the Trump rally, but add a foam pad to insulate yourself from the cold cement. One pad might be enough for sleeping spread out, if the temperature is not too cold, and provide a few hours of precious sleep, before the cold wakes you up. It could be folded and used to sleep when sitting up right if two layers of insulation is needed. A cheap blue or brown tarp can be a substitute for the poncho/tarp. We can also leave out the hammock and the light weight bivy featured, and take the Gortex bivy ( the outer bag, or patrol bag) from the Army’s military sleep system. This would be a good choice, because there are no trees in a city for a ridge line. It is also a very stealthy way to sleep in the bushes. Do take a water filter of some kind. You may have to drink out of mud puddles. Use 5 layers of cotton material as an initial and course filter before using your Katadyn, or Life Straw. Take a total of 1 gallon of water, more snacks and winter clothing and the pack will quickly reach my maximum load out weight of 30 pounds for cold weather conditions.

    I’d rather go in heavy, and if I did not need it, I would give it away to someone who did not plan well enough. If you do not have all the fine gear in the video, no problem, there are inexpensive substitutes if you just give it a little thought. We do not need to look Kool, but we should be well prepared. Gear that matches the urban environment would work just as well for a few nights than expensive gear that is made for the woods. Take a look at what the thrift stores have, and then shop the hardware store . I was able to outfit a guy who lost his van with a tent, sleeping bag, and all the gear for woods camping for less than $50.00 bucks. If you take disposable gear, you won’t cry if you need to loose it, and run for your life.

  4. Trump has a duty…Call and we will answer
    60,638 views•Dec 24, 2020

    Is your gear ready for the chaos and civil strife that is coming.
    16,831 views•Dec 31, 2020

    Wild Rumors Flying Around Washington Pre Jan 6th, 3435
    21,101 views•Dec 31, 2020

    Matthew Bracken

    Senator Rand Paul insisted that people who commit voter fraud, or allow it to happen, should face punishment in order to ensure elections are considered “legitimate.”
    During a Thursday appearance on Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria,” Paul said:
    “[T]here is a serious point here: And I think if you want less fraud in our elections, you want elections to be legitimate, and considered legitimate, you have to punish those who committed fraud,” Paul told host Maria Bartiromo.
    Whoever did that needs to go to jail,” the senator added.”Four thousand illegal aliens voted,” he said. “They need to not be allowed to vote, but whoever allowed it to happen needs to go to jail,” Paul continued.

    Happy New Year…..
    I, and other physicians who are resisting “The Jab”, are currently under intense peer pressure to submit. We are well aware that this will increase. Coercion will rain down from government (too cowardly to overreach just yet and outright mandate it), professional associations, malpractice carriers, and hospital staffs. A friend is an administrator at our state DOH. The state medical officer (head of DOH) has STRONGLY encouraged all DOH employees to accept the Moderna vaccine. Among the 75 employees subordinate to my friend, only 5 (my friend not included) have agreed to comply. Interesting that the head of a state DOH is pushing vaccine that is yet to be FDA approved.
    [read it all at the link]

    Matthew Bracken

    Mr. Trump has called for a gigantic assembly of his supporters on January 6 in Washington. He didn’t call them there to watch him get humiliated. Something is up. You can feel it in the air. I’ll give it a fair chance that Donald Trump is the one with his hand on the bible come January 20. One caveat to all that: 2021 is going to be very rough sledding, with many discomforts, traumas, and things left behind for America. Whoever occupies the Oval Office is going to be buried in trouble. In theory, I would have preferred to see a Democrat left holding that awful bag, if only as payback for all their bad faith and dirty fighting of the past four years. But Mr. Trump is apparently willing to shoulder that burden, and, in such an existential emergency, he’s likely to be a better leader than the corrupt and feckless Ol’ White Joe.

    Okay, I’m going to just come right out and splatter a bunch of individual forecast predictions up-front in this lead chapter, and if you’re interested, you can continue on to the finer points and arguments below.

    What to do with the prisoners from the chaos…Paint them .
    8,382 views•Dec 31, 2020

    Tunnel Rabbit
    Tunnel Rabbit

    A Suggested Event plan for January 6, 2020 Trump rally.

    A flexible, yet simple commo plan could be the key to staying alive, because it could allow you to coordinate with a larger group of at least 25 individuals that protects each other. Staying together could prove to be difficult. If the group knows it is unified with radios and a plan, there will be more cohesion. There could be instant ‘Espirit de corps’. Be the man with the plan, radios, maps, and bright color surveyors tape for arm bands to hand, can help make it happen. Handing out a few disposable FRS radios would be good to go, and you can use a Boafeng as more powerful base station should the group become separated.

    If you go to Washington, you should have radios as the cell phones could be easily jammed. The best choice for license free radio operation are the MURS frequencies. We should also have 3 frequencies selected, and recorded on paper, and designated as Primary, Alternate, and Contingency. Our emergency way to communicate is best served with a whistle as all have easy access, inexpensive, very portable, and easy to use.

    I suggest using MURS channel 3, 151.940 Mhz as primary, and FRS channel 3, 462.6125 Mhz as the alternate to be used interchangeably if FRS radios are present, and a business frequency as a contingency, 450.500 Mhz. The business band radio frequency is off the beaten path for several reasons. It would be a good place to go if things get nasty, or if the traffic is crowded on the other two frequencies. They will be sweeping the bands with state of the art scanners. The advantage is that there is lots of radio traffic to monitor, and it would be easy to get lost in the noise.

    Simple Codes and Maps.

    Use code words printed out on cards, and use numbers to label ”phase lines” that are streets. Record that information on the maps and brevity codes on ‘cheat’ sheets. Landmarks should also be given a code name, and several rally points should be established ahead of time. Simplified maps with main avenues, and land marks, and locations of public facilities, and water access should be distributed.

    I would go in with a 20 to 30 pound pack, and plan to stay a night or two on the cold cement in the rain or snow. Have an extra closed foam sleeping pad to insulate. I would dress warm and carry extra water. The crowd it’s self could prevent access, as available water might be a long a way, and hard to find in a hostile city that does not want you there. A minimum would be 1 gallon. Refill at every opportunity. You do not want to become separated from your battle buddies when you go looking for water. Have enough to share. MRE’s, granola or protein bars, or a cold can of beans can be eaten without heating.

    And have several 3 routes of escape to safety at a rally point, and an emergency plan to leave area completely ‘mapped out’.

    Here is the link to the map featured:

    Tunnel Rabbit said:

    Posted by NC Scout | Dec 31, 2020
    [Got skills?]

    Not everyone can afford to pay for training, but it would be good if you could. This is to say that we must be self motivated, and learn what we can on our own. I had to turn down an unsolicited offer from a Dean at the University of Copenhagen Med school cause I did not have the money. The tuition was free. And I still do not have money for training. I taught myself radio, auto mechanics, medicine and everything else I know. Anything you can stuff between your hears will be helpful. Learn how to conduct a classic L- ambush, or better yet for preppers without a SAW or RPK, a near and far inline ambush, or inverted V ambush could make all the difference. If you know more than the other guy, you will be far better able to defend yourself.

    Learn first the basics, and learn it good…and also learn enough about radio and medicine. We do not need to be experts. Radio is not where my expertise lies. It is just one of many skill sets. Learn how SF thinks, organizes, and trains. I have cross trained myself as a medic as well. I am not the best, but I am better than nothing. If I were 20 years old, would SF would want me? That is the goal. I am now too old, but I know what I know. As they once said in SF, ”each one should teach one.” And that is also what I do to fight the enemy.

    Become a walking and talking force multiplier. The Tin-man in the Wizard of OZ, did not have a brain, not because he did not have a diploma. He did not have a brain because he lacked confidence and common sense. A piece of paper, or license does not make you qualified. Our God given right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and your ability, are all the credentials you need. My grand father only had a 6th education. He started as a ditch digger, yet retired as a VP of finance from the then largest corporation in the world. He used his brain to teach himself. So can we.

    1. Tunnel Rabbit, First let me apologize for not following your “radio” comments more thoroughly! Second, this is somewhat “off-topic” I am not a “radio person”. However, my husband has been wanting to set up a base system. We purchased an old Washington Base Station years ago at a garage sale. It was in working condition. However, we never set it up.

      Could you please point me in the right direction for reliable information on how to set it up? the other challenge we face is that we are in a very low spot. My husband is thinking that we would need at least 150′ pole for the antenna. We are somewhat in a valley surrounded by higher elevations. Here in Texas, we are in a “hollow”. 🙂 Any suggestions on this challenge would be welcome as well.

      1. Hi Lisa,

        Without seeing the location and knowing exactly the model of radio you have, I can only offer some general information. I am assuming that it is a CB base station that may have SSB. Taking a clue from your husband’s estimate, it sounds like a CB base station would not be the best choice for your location. Sounds like he knows something about radios. Perhaps if it were SSB, it might get out of the holler. Of course you would have to have someone on the other end who also had a CB with SSB, and that is not likely.

        If it is a CB with only 4 watts of transmitting power, it is not likely to talk but a short distance as the radio waves that do make it over the ridge of a hill are perhaps as little as only 10 percent of the transmitted power. What is usually needed to get out of ‘radio hole’ like a hollow, is a high power VHF set that transmits with up to 70 watts of power. or more This transceiver may require a 50 foot tower for it’s antenna as well. This combination is your best choice. However, it is possible to invest hundreds of dollars, and time and yet be unsuccessful. An Amateur License would give you access to a repeater that have antenna on a tower, or on top of a hill. These are the easiest to talk to. I would then try to use that repeater to talk to the area. If I can not talk to the repeater with a standard antenna mounted at least 15 feet of the ground and above the peak of the house, then I would install a 50 foot tower, or try a high gain directional antenna to boost my power out enough to ‘push’ the signal over the hill, and to the repeater. However, I would rather not be dependent upon a repeater.

        Trail and error is sometimes needed. Start with the lowest cost option and what you have, and see if it works before investing more time and money. We must also decide what we would like to accomplish with a radio, that is, who would we talk to, and what needs to be accomplished.

        1. Thank you! I will get the exact model of the radio and post it tomorrow. I don’t think it is just a CB base. I remember when we purchased it, my husband got really excited because it was a well recommended HAM unit. As I said, I’m not a radio person. My husband is former USAF SAC (many, many moons ago). He has a number of physical limitations and I’m really trying to get him into something he can enjoy without over-taxing his challenges as well as “trying to view into the crystal ball of 2021”.

      2. Hi Lisa,

        To solve you particular issue, the best way to go is with the higher power Amateur transceivers. If taking a test, and programming radio is not your thing, GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) offer a no test license for a fee of $70.00 that includes the entire family, and the dog. However, this type of radio would be my distant second choice and UHF frequencies and radio waves do not travel as far in undulating terrain. And the radio is lower in power, 40 watts verses 70 watts that can be found in some VHF Amateur radios such as Yeasu and others.

        Here are all the main components that will help do a cost benefit analysis. Also, check to see if there are any GMRS repeaters in your area.
        If there is, you could be in luck, as you might be able to get weak signal out of the hollow, and use that repeater to talk to you neighborhood and beyond without installing 150 foot tower. Ideally you’ll want 2 mobile Midland MXT400, one for the house, and one for you vehicle.

        GMRS Mobile, and Handheld Transceivers.

        Midland MXT400 GMRS 2-Way Radio
        8 Review(s) | Add Your Review
        The Midland MXT400 MicroMobile™ 2-Way Radio is the GMRS transceiver designed exclusively for use in your vehicle! The MXT400 has a full 40 watts of powerful communication the option to add your choice of external mobile antenna for maximum range and and power on the GMRS!
        Free Shipping Best Seller
        Availability: In Stock


        Wouxun, GMRS hand held, true 5 watts, repeater capable

        Midland, GMRS, Two each, hand held radios, 1.5 watt, not repeater capable

        Antenna and cable for base station radio

        Slim Jim for GMRS

        Heavy coaxial cable for shorter runs, custom order by the foot

        Very heavy coaxial cable for long runs, custom made, order by the foot.

        For vehicle mounted mobile radio.

        GMRS, magnet mount and high gain, 6dbi, antenna for the Midland MXT400 mobile.

        1. Tunnel Rabbit, you must be psychic! I was about to say you were absolutely right on the Washington being a “base CB”. Deep sigh, I’m not sure why my husband got so excited when we purchased it but we do live close by a highway so maybe he was thinking of monitoring the truckers for information? I don’t know (or he could have watched Live Free or Die Hard with Bruce Willis too many times! Smiles)

          Thank you so much for the information above! I will be printing it out AND checking all of them out! I too agree with you that getting his license and getting a set up for HAM would be great for him!

          Thank you again!

          1. Hello Lisa, since your located down this way in the Lone Star would like to pass on a small bit of info to help with getting you folks started.
            Net meetings can be located and this is covering ground now that stretches to the DFW area and as far east as the other side of Little Rock. Good group of folks there.

    2. *face palm*
      Also remember urban settings. The four sided key square could afford you water in many situations.

      Duct tape

      Here’s a thought, get clear packing tape, and tape the inside of your windows(remove with rubbing alcohol?). This would add a very effective obstacle for anyone attempting to break your window.

      As far as “hardening” your vehicle goes, If I KNEW I was going to wind up in a crowd of people, I would green slime my tires ahead of time. If you are moving at slow speeds I would find, or fabricate a hub to protect my sidewalls. And lastly, I would assume someone would stuff something in the tail pipe. (Maybe drill additional holes(facing down) 8 inches upstream on the tail pipe)

      Fire extinguisher.
      -Fire extinguisher
      -Stand off device
      -Melee device
      -Visual deterrent
      – Signalling device

      Duct tape and paper can quickly be combined to harden anything, or even self protection.

      Duct tape runs out really fast get 4 (Gorilla tape heavy duty is GREAT stuff!)

      Irritants can back fire. Like pepper spray… That being said, they make great area deterrents. Also, if I was getting beat on by four people, I’d rather we all had a hard time opening our eyes and breathing. But generally, I would stay away from anything that is used offensively. This is an item I might have in my car, and have in bulk in case I got stuck.

      1. *sigh* I lost a rather comprehensive response it looks like to you Tunnel, which I reiterate what you said(good comment), the biggest take away to my response was three modes of communication.
        I suggested using chalk as a mode to leave messages at a location if you miss your group.

        1. Chalk could be used in a different situation as an indication to check one of many dead drops in an area. The situation discussed is about a protest march. The more ways, the better.

    3. Tunnel Rabbit is assembling advice about traveling within Washington DC on January 6, 2021.
      TheConservativeTreehouse linked this advice from: threader(dot)app ………….
      SheNerd the Deplorable (thread/1344294437065814016) [I recommend viewing her link at TheConservativeTreehouse. ~President Trump Reminds Everyone of January 6th MAGA Rally, Details and Links to Event Resources~ January 1, 2012]
      For those traveling to DC on Jan. 6th, I’m a native to the area and I would like to share with you what I will be doing this time and what I have done for the last two rallies…

      1/I will be taking the Metro from Maryland. I strongly recommend taking the Metro from either Maryland or Virginia because I expect roads to be closed 5 blocks around the event site. Since it is midweek, I also do not trust the garages to be open to the public.
      2/If taking the Metro, I recommend coming from the Virginia side over the Maryland side. Virginians are significantly nicer and there will be more rally attendees coming from that direction.
      3/If taking the Metro, plan on purchasing a pass from machines that are in questionable working order. If you can do this ahead of time, you will save yourself time and frustration.
      4/Living in this area, I do not put anything on my vehicle indicating that I am a conservative and leave it unattended simply because my car would be vandalized. Do so at your own risk.

      5/I have attended the last two events and I have felt perfectly safe (granted, what I lack in size, I make up for in attitude). Have a plan. Decide when you are arriving and when you are leaving. I plan on leaving around 4pm for safety and traffic reasons.

      6/DO NOT ENTER BLM PLAZA. If the Proud Boys show up this time like they did last time, there shouldn’t be an issue, but please,

      ~~~>7/Do not plan on having cell service.
      During the last 2 events, there were so many people there, I was unable to send any outgoing messages.
      Plan accordingly by having meet-up times & locations with your group if you get separated. 8/Summary:- Take Metro if possible.- Have a plan.- Stay with a group.

      – Avoid BLM Plaza-

      Have fun!
      This is going to be historic!#FightForTRUMP #FightForFreedom #MillionMAGAMarchJan6DC
      END/Addendum:Screenshot a map of DC with metro stops marked in case you’re not able to pull it up on your phone. .wmata(dot)com/schedules/maps/upload/2019-System-Map
      [A picture of the Map, placed here] 

      …Update to previous thread: Please note that I have prioritized answering DM’s in case our gracious Tech Overlords decide I am no longer deserving of their platform. That being said, here are some answers to FAQ’s
      …For those flying in:-Dulles (IAD): There is a Metro bus that runs from the Rosslyn Metro Station to Dulles. Shuttles, cabs and Uber are also available. rosslynva(dot)org/go/metrobus-5a-dc-dulles-airport 
      …-Reagan: There is a Metro stop at this airport. Uber and cabs are also available.-BWI: Amtrak and MARC have trains that take you directly to Union Station, which is very close to Capitol Hill and where you can then take to Metro, and Uber or cab to other destinations in DC.Metro

      tips:If you want to ride like a local, stand right, walk left. This means that while riding the escalators, stand on the right in order to allow those walking down them to pass on the left. You may even hear locals yelling this.
      Remember, this is a normal workday for many in DC. Millions rely on the Metro system for their daily commute and while they are accustomed to tourists, they also really appreciate being able to get to work on time.
      Metro Fare:You will be required to purchase a SmarTrip card. These are now available online through their app. I highly encourage using this method. The machines are very confusing to use.  wmata(dot)com/fares/mobilepay/ 

      …Navigating Metro: Either screenshot or print a hard copy of the Metro map. The system is very easy to navigate, some of the stations, however, are not. Pay attention to the signs on the walls and pillars indicating which line you need to access. This may require going up an escalator and then back down another. Do not rely on the station managers to be on site or helpful. 
      wmata(dot)com/schedules/maps/upload/2019-System-Map[A picture of the map placed here] 

      …Metro Accessibility: For those that require an elevator to access the Metro, please check the stations you will be riding to/from ahead of time to make sure that the elevators are working so that you can plan accordingly.  wmata(dot)com/service/elevators-escalators/Elevator-Escalator-Service-Status(dot)cfm 
      …If you have any concerns about being “targeted” on Metro (or anywhere else in the city), I suggest carrying a backpack for your MAGA gear and to “de-Trump” as you leave the event site. I believe that this event will be historic and Patriots will be the majority. I have asked my local law enforcement sources, and they have no knowledge that Metro might shut down. T
      he Mayor only has jurisdiction over DC and metro goes into MD and VA. Certain stations may temp close due to overcrowding but a whole system shutdown is improbable. Many Patriots are staying at hotels in or near the following locations:- Convention Center (Mt. Vernon Sq. Metro)- Capitol Hill- National Mall- Navy Yard- Crystal City (Metro stop same name)- Arlington (near Ballston metro)

      There are many, many Patriots traveling solo to this event. If this applies to you, please know that you will not be alone. Chances are that you will be staying somewhere with many other Patriots. Connect with them, I am sure they will be happy to include you with their group.

      Not sure about the restroom situation, but others have recommended the following apps:Sit or Squat apps apple(dot)com/us/app/sitorsquat-restroom-finder/id511855507 …Flush – The Toilet Finder apple(dot)com/us/app/flush-toilet-finder-map/id955254528 … (Source: threader(dot)app/thread/1344294437065814016)
      (This is a woman ~ obviously)

        1. Tunnel Rabbit is right.

          Even though Antifa will wear Trump Logo Gear, the Antifa crowd will still have the Bug-Eyed, and drugged-out ~> hysterical look. … … Antifa wears Masks as a disguise. The crazed Bug-Eyed look will be as easy to spot as large facial tattoos.

          Trump people need to look for Antifa wearing new clothes with the factory creases still in them. They’ll have sunglasses to hide their crazed Bug-Eyed appearance. Their masks will be stained with rabid frothing from the mouth.

          Often people on certain drugs will have a herky-jerky movement. The muscle motor centers are affected by the type of drugs they take. [Maybe will be lucky; the Antifa types might take an opioid drug instead and forget to show up.]

          We live in dangerous times. … There’s a baseball cap insert to protect Old Duffers when they play softball. [Check out: Amazon ~> Customers who viewed Universal Safety Bump Cap Insert, Lightweight, Fits Into Any Baseball Hat… also viewed~] This type of plastic cap insert is sold in sporting goods stores.

        2. More information from theconservativetreehouse(dot)com.
          ~President Trump and Dan Scavino Confirm “The Elipse” Before 9am January 6th, Also Plan For DC to Shut Down Metro.~ January 2. 2021.

          People going to Washington DC could take a look at the site.

          In part: “The January 6th rally in Washington DC is shaping up to be the largest ever assembly in Washington DC history. Millions are inbound. From what can be ascertained from social media and grassroots communication to CTH, the scale is growing exponentially now; and with it some warnings and insider tips.”

          “The primary venue for assembly and speaker content will be focused on The Elipse, a 52-acre park south of the White House fence and north of Constitution Avenue and the National Mall; however the recommendation is now to arrive before 9am on the date of the event. [See Map Below]

          President Trump has confirmed that he will be participating at the massive event. Additionally, for those traveling to Washington DC for the rally on January 6th, here’s some insider advice and helpful tips from a person who lives in the area – SEE HERE – Links to more information: – SEE HERE – and – SEE HERE – and SEE HERE.

          Also an additional warning. Be prepared for the DC metro to be SHUT DOWN as part of a crowd control strategy. If as many people arrive as we are currently anticipating to see, literally in the millions, you could/should expect DC Mayor Bowser to order the DC metro rail system to shut down. It would be prudent to plan for this.”
          [More information at the site. Just good information. ~ No information on whether the Mayor of DC plans to wear a Chinese Military Uniform that day. (My less than polite joke.) ]

          [God Bless America. …. January 6, 2021 is turning about to be a ‘Do or Die’ moment in American History. … Godspeed to those that will attend.]

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