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Here are JWR’s Recommendations of the Week for various media and tools of interest to SurvivalBlog readers. The focus is usually on emergency communications gear, bug out bag gear, tools, books, and movies–often with a tie-in to disaster preparedness, and links to “how-to” self-sufficiency videos. There is also an emphasis on links to sources for storage food and a variety of storage and caching containers. You will also note an emphasis on history books and historical movies. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This week the focus is on books, instructional videos, shelving, and lights for indoor gardening and sprouting.


Gardening Under Lights: The Complete Guide for Indoor Growers

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Year-Round Indoor Salad Gardening: How to Grow Nutrient-Dense, Soil-Sprouted Greens in Less Than 10 days

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The Sprout Book: Tap into the Power of the Planet’s Most Nutritious Food

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Starting & Saving Seeds: Grow the Perfect Vegetables, Fruits, Herbs, and Flowers for Your Garden

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Antique Firearms Assembly/Disassembly: The comprehensive guide to pistols, rifles & shotguns

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NOLS Winter Camping (NOLS Library)

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Reader Tom in Oregon suggested this novel by Jack Carr: The Terminal List: A Thriller. (By the way, Jack Carr and I have both had manuscripts edited and published by the great Emily Bestler.)

Instructional Videos & Vlogs:

Growing Salad Greens Indoors is Financially Sustainable!

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Indoor Grow Lights | $ vs $$$ Comparison

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Everything A Beginner Needs to Know About Grow Lights


Firstly, and most importantly, some music from the late bluegrass guitar legend Tony Rice:

Tony Rice – Church Street Blues

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Tony Rice: Manzanita

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The Tony Rice Unit – Blue Railroad Train

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Tony Rice Plays And Sings Bluegrass

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Guitar Teacher REACTS: “Freeborn Man” Tony Rice, Mark O’Connor, Bela Fleck & MORE!

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Guy Clark – Homegrown Tomatoes

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Cajun Music: The Savoy Family Band

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Crowded House – Don’t Dream It’s Over (live from home, 2020)

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It’s Over – An Original Song by The Petersens


Sandusky WS721874-C Chrome Steel Heavy Duty Adjustable Wire Shelving, 2400 lbs Capacity, 72″ Width x 74″ Height x 18″ Depth, 4 Shelves

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AOPO LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants, Plant Growing Lamp with LM301B Diodes & Dimmable Mean Well Driver Sunlike Full Spectrum Plant Light for Seedling, Greenhouse

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Kitchen Crop VKP1200 Deluxe Kitchen Seed Sprouter, | 6″ Diameter Trays, 1 Oz Alfalfa Included

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Recreational Barrel Works 60L Canoe Barrel


Harmony Gear Dry Storage Barrel Harness 60 Liter

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Condition 1 25″ XL Waterproof Protective Hard Case with Foam, Ranger Green – 25″ x 20″ x 8″ 839 IP67 Watertight Dust Proof and Shock Proof TSA Approved Portable Trunk Carrier

Featured Antique Gun of the Week

Our featured antique gun of the week is a very rare 1898-dated Swedish M1896/38 Mauser Short Rifle. Like most other pre-1899 guns, it can be mailed or shipped directly to your doorstep without any paperwork or FFL dealer involvement. (Be sure to check your state and local laws before ordering.) Take a look at the many recently-added guns at the Elk Creek Company store.

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  1. A few days before Christmas, JWR suggested a book entitled “The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve.” Intrigued by the intrigue of the FR, I ordered said book from Amazonia. After anxiously awaiting the arrival for 7 days, I check the status of the shipment. It says…”Unfortunately, a problem occurred during shipping and we had to cancel your delivery. The package is being returned, and we will issue a refund within 3 – 5 business days after the return is processed. We’re very sorry for the inconvenience.”

    Could it be that this book has been censored?

      1. Yes, the library. Almost all our household books come from the public library. My sweet spouse finds great reading in the Little Free Library. Then, when done, she puts it in the LFL for someone else to enjoy.

        We both have more books on our shelves than we need.

        Carry on

    1. Gayle in Ohio – bet you’re right. Truth doesn’t interest communists.
      This is the main reason I’ve kept many of my older, less common books, just in case…
      I also often check goodwill book section, ’cause, “you never know…”

  2. Thank you for reminding me about sprouts. I haven’t had them in years. I decided to buy from a small family run company and am looking forward to adding them to sandwiches and just munching on them.

  3. I purchased the Gardening under Lights book using your link. I purchased for my food storage: Salad Mix of Sprouting Seeds, 3 Pounds – Broccoli, Clover, Radish, Alfalfa, Kosher, Raw, Vegan – 3lb bag. I have experimented with seed sprouting in mason jars, but would like to try it in soil. I want to become proficient in growing greens under lights since I have space in my basement for that. There are lots of YouTube videos on the topic.

    1. Sprouts are so easy, delicious and nutritious! We add a liquid mineral supplement to the sprouting and growth phases. We buy ours through Mike Adams’ Health Ranger store — linked at his Natural News site. We think of this as growing our own vitamin supplements!

  4. As you consider your sourcing, with the SB store at the top of your thinking, please remember that how you use your wallet makes an important economic statement.

    Senator Josh Hawley, standing up to election fraud, is taking criticism from WALMART.

    Walmart is now officially OFF my supplier list. They’re convenient, and they ship, but this is criticism gone too far. BOYCOTT WALMART.


      1. Spotlight, I think you are missing the point – not seeing the forest through the trees, so to speak. Take note that Wal-Mart did not publicly disclose any intention of firing that “rogue employee.” The response was milquetoast at best. Wal Mart is a terrible organization that Sam Walton would be ashamed of if he could see what it has become; it hollows out communities and destroys local businesses, and most items there are made in China – cheap cr*pola! Remember, we are not so wealthy as to be able to afford to buy cheap things. Buy something made well (hopefully made in America) somewhere else and leave Wal-Mart twisting in the wind.

  5. Supposedly Josh Hawley is announcing now that is is standing up on Jan. 6 with Mo from Missouri.
    Turtle Mitch is furious and now in meeting with Pelosi to change rules. She is asking for meeting with Lindsey who may stand with Hawley.

    1. I always thought he was only a singer!

      Just went on a lovely rabbit trail of listening to Jimmy Durante songs.

      Thank you, Once a Marine, for the link. Blessings to you and your family, Krissy

  6. FYI-In regards to Wal Marts tweet re:Sen Hawley, they responded that the tweet was done by a rogue staffer basically. It didn’t look like a corporate style tweet so that i’m not surprised.

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