Preparedness Notes for Monday — December 28, 2020

December 28, 1793 is the day that Thomas Paine was arrested in France for treason. The charges against him were never fully detailed, but he was tried in absentia on December 26 and convicted. Best known as the author of Common Sense, he moved to Paris to be part of the French revolution. Initially welcomed, the tide soon turned against him, because he was opposed to the death penalty and the French revolutionaries were sending hundreds to the guillotine.

I just heard of the passing of bluegrass guitar legend Tony Rice.  He will be missed!

Today, another product review by the industrious Pat Cascio.  There are currently 17 more reviews in the queue, from Pat. It is our great pleasure to employ him as our Field Gear Editor. He’s now in his late 60s, and we’ll keep renewing his contract as long as he willing to continue writing. I believe that we can all benefit from his many years of experience. – JWR


  1. One book I have always enjoyed and actually was able to acquire as a first edition was an 1817 compilation of 10 of his writings. Outside of a few original letters and papers from other founders, this was a prize of note. Sadly, like many of the fine things I have owned, it was sold following my disability. I still retain every one of his works, he was a brilliant mind and a truly good person.

    1. Interesting, indeed… We have been watching this too. Is it simply because she is not sure she’ll be “installed” as the Vice President, or is she preserving some other forms of legal protections?

  2. Which is the better lot, to give it all up, or to have it all taken away?

    When Jesus died, he didn’t even have the clothes on his back anymore. Just a loincloth and a crown.

    When your time here on earth is done, what do you plan on taking with you?

    Now you know what is truly important in life, and what is just a burden in a bag over our shoulder for as long as we breathe.

  3. Speaking of treason…

    Here’s an interview well worth hearing (or at least reading the translation). Ukrainian authorities are not amused by what they say are criminal activities involving Biden family members and Burisma. They are further not intimidated by threats of sanctions coming from the United States which should, frankly, want the truth.

  4. Free PDF download of Dr. Alton’s Survival Medicine Handbook.

    As you may see, I have a useful depth of knowledge about radio, yet I have not limited myself to only that field. The most important experts on the future battlefield will be radio men, and medics. And these persons will be rare examples. As I am an old crippled up man, I will use my brain instead of my trigger finger.

    To maximize our potential we must first break free of the intellectual constructs of modern society. Become autodidacts like our forefathers. My grandfather only had a 6th grade education, yet taught him self and rose to the top of then, the largest corporation in the world. This is when the business of American was business, and the spirit of pioneers still existed. Sadly we have become a nation of specialists, and a society that only recognizes those with issued credentials, and shuns those who think for themselves and learn on their own. We have become ants when we should be multi-skilled human beings.

    The coming kinetic part of the war will require us to stretch ourselves and become our own experts. We will not be able to rely on experts including those doctors supported by the wonders of modern medicine. Even medical doctors will have to leave their specialty behind, and become general practitioners, and without the aid of high tech medical testd, and equipment. We must all strive to become self reliant.

    At some point modern medicine of any kind will not be available, therefore we who have the most knowledge will become the last resort, the available expert for our friends and family. Just know that you can do it, because you can. Again, without the aid of doctors, I have for decades kept me self out of a doctors office, and the hospital many many times by treating myself using the same manuals as do doctors. I have also successfully treated my pets and livestock. However, I do not recommend avoiding modern medicine. If you have it, please use it. The point is, that we can learn and improve ourselves to the best of our abilities, and rise the occasion saving lives with simple first aid, and basic nursing skills. We can also support the patient with OTC (over the counter) drugs, and fish antibiotics. I may publish a list in the future, but get the books and get your own list in a paper back form with the instructions of how to use them.

    This is written specifically for the survivalist in mind, and is full of tips and tricks that most doctors would not dare to risk sharing.

    Here is a free PDF download of Dr. Alton’s Survival Medicine Handbook, and buy it on Amazon or directly from Dr. Alton.

    I have exchanged many emails with him. He and his wife, Nurse Amy, are exceptional persons, and are very willing to help. You may also purchase medical gear and supplies from their store.

  5. Two articles, presented without comment because my brain just can’t parse Bizarre-Land any more at the moment.

    1. An early experiment toward using sun-dimming technology to cool global warming has opponents fearing a slippery slope toward engineering the climate:

    2. Small drones will be allowed to fly over people and at night in the United States, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said on Monday:

    (Am I reading correctly in the second article that the new permissions will kick in in March, but the ID requirements won’t be binding for over a year? Hmmmm.)

    1. Yes, I believe that is correct. Licensing leads to tyranny, always. I wish we could go back to a true free market society, I have several abilities that would make good money if I could do them without the massive fees for licensing standing in the way.

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