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The Fickle ATF Says:
Your Formerly-Approved AR Pistol
Might Now Be a “Short-Barreled Rifle”
If it is Too Long, Too Heavy, “Impractical”, or Too Large a Caliber.
But We Won’t Define Those Terms Yet.
Because We’re “Biden” Our Time.


  1. In regarding to the picture with a vertical foregrip. I recently read an article (Sept 2020) on building a legal AR15 pistol. One of the stipulations was:
    Use an angled foregrip like the Magpul AFG that is less than 26 inches from the unadorned tip of the barrel to the end of the buffer tube. A vertical foregrip is not allowed on a pistol.
    Any comment?

  2. When the ATF decides to make it a SBR, what difference does the angle of the foregrip make, Under the new Socialist regime the ATF may decide to call a semi-auto a machine gun. Trekker Out

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