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Precious Metals:

Lyn Alden: Gold Price Forecast 2021: On a Bullish Track

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Billionaire Investor Thomas Kaplan says gold prices to move ‘way past’ all-time highs

Economy & Finance:

Deloitte: Weekly global economic update. Here is a snippet:

“Third, a disproportionate share of the increase in equity prices this year stemmed from the performance of technology companies. Investors have bet that, in the aftermath of this crisis, the transition to more remote interaction will continue. Thus, if large numbers of people continue to work, shop, and be entertained remotely, then technology companies will be the principal beneficiaries. Thus, their high share prices might make sense.”

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At InvestmentWatchBlog: Mapped: The Risk of Eviction and Foreclosure in U.S. States

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Over at Seeking Alpha: Inflation Is Here Right Now And Interest Rates Are Headed Significantly Higher

Companies Bound For Texas:

This trend started long ago, but seems to be accelerating: Texas No.1 destination for companies leaving California for last 12 years.

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Oracle is moving its headquarters from Silicon Valley to Austin, Texas. JWR’s Comments:  Unlike the gun manufacturers that are relocating to Texas, this move will not improve the politics of Texas. As a former Oracle employee who worked at the corporate headquarters in Redwood Shores, I can vouch that Oracle’s management is ultra-liberal, and most of its employees are left of center. This was from mid-1999 to early 2001. I found their pandering to every liberal cause and bizarre sexual orientation was sickening. So, for Texans, this particular announced move is not good news.

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And, similarly, there is this news about H-P: The company that literally started Silicon Valley is moving to Texas

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Elon Musk says he has moved to Texas

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California “Techsodus”: Tech Companies, Billionaires, Millionaires, Tech Employees Flee San Francisco & Silicon Valley

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Incora (Wesco) Moving to Fort Worth

Forex & Cryptos:

Pound heading for a crash if Britain fails to get a Brexit trade deal

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I missed this news about the Turkish currency from late November: Lira slides back to 8 vs dollar as Turks buy up gold

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Zimbabwe brings different meaning to ‘money laundering’. JWR’s Comment:  Perhaps this is where the U.S. could get rid of its unwanted Sacagawea dollars coins!

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Jim Cramer bought Bitcoin while ‘off nicely from the top’ in $17,000s

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NewsBTC Asks: Is Mining City a Ponzi Scheme?

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From mom’s house to warehouse: Bitcoin mining is going industrial

Tangibles Investing:

How Many Guns Did Americans Buy In November 2020? JWR’s Comment: This confirms that Americans are very well-armed. Just pray that folks have the courage to use them when the time comes…

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You may have noticed the current shortage of stripped AR-15 and AR-10 lower receivers. Before Wu Flu pandemic, we were able to buy stripped Anderson horse logo (“Poverty Pony”) AR-15 lowers for $29 each, and occasionally blemished finish ones for as little as $19.  But as of early December 2020, ANY stripped AR-15 costs at least $79. In my region, $90 to $120 is the norm for generics, and $150+ is the norm for name brands. And expect to pay twice as much, if and when anyone is offering one for private party sale, sans papier.


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  1. Your worried about lowers, try finding uppers!

    Remember, Biden’s plan will shut down even parts production for AR’s. So get those lowers fully populated ASAP!

    Covid has the manufacturers shuttered in many cases, so they may not be producing parts.

  2. A good magician uses mis-direction to fool my eyes:
    * “Watch my main hand, ignore my hidden hand…”
    Does the behind-the-scenes action occur in the main hand?
    Usually not.

    On the one hand, I enjoy getting fooled by a great illusionist.
    Except for my mental gymnastics trying to figure it out, a magic show is harmless entertainment, and I am fine with that.
    On the other hand…

    I think the words ‘leftist’ and ‘progressive’ and ‘liberal’ are mis-used by marxists as a mis-direct, a diversion so their planned devastation seems palatable… and inevitable:
    * “ThePlanet© is dying, so we need PopulationReduction©!”
    * “MoreThanTwentyFiveSpeciesGoExtinct© every minute/hour/by the second… so we need PopulationReduction©!”
    * “WeatherChanges© so we need PopulationReduction©!”
    * “BovineFlatulence© destroys TheOzone© so we need PopulationReduction©!”
    and my favorite, hilarious because of the vulnerability of TheElectricGrid©:
    * “ElectricVehicles© are our future because of population!”

    Based on my experience, I think the correct term for a tyrannical lying thieving murderer is ‘marxist’.
    I think any party to election fraud is a ‘marxist’.
    I think initiating force or the threat of force to collect taxes is marxist.
    I do not particularly care to keep company with marxists.

    And furthermore!, I think anybody using a ‘dash-title’ such as:
    * “Hello, I am a homosexual-dash-American!”
    * “Hello, I am a Afro-dash-American!”
    * “Hello, I cis-identify as a marxist-dash-American-dash-globalist and I am here to re-distribute your wealth!”
    is not my friend.

    And I think, similar to the survival number of this latest chinese sickness, about 99.7-percent of bureaucrats are marxists.
    I include politicians in the ‘bureaucrat’ category.

    And I think marxists are getting better at fooling more folks everyday.
    Is the day coming the marxists will try fooling me?
    Oh, that ought to be fun.

    1. Agree!! Sad thing is… one of my grandsons self-identifies in his delirious early 20’s as a democratic socialist… wherein his father started referring to him as “the little Socialist is coming for dinner tonight…” While we can make fun, it breaks this gramma’s heart to hear that a child reared in the Christian faith as a patriotic American was wooed by outside sources into believing that “democratic socialism” is a valid idea. I pray for his soul and mind constantly, but I have shed many tears. I’ll never forget that scene in the Sound of Music wherein Liesl’s admirer had joined the Hitler youth/brownshirts and when the family fled, he was one of the people tracking them down and he blew the whistle on them. This type of thing will surely happen, and why I too won’t allow any Marxists or Socialists or Communists into my home nor will I maintain friendships with them. The betrayal is real.

      1. Once A Marine,

        Great post. I picked spruce tips for years long before it became the rage. The tips (which should be picked just as they emerge) make a good survival tea full of vitamin C. It was kind of like sipping hot Pine Sol. I also used them for flavoring beer which I did brew decades before they were popular.

        In my local town there is a major pick-a-thon and I allow people and kids to pick my land as a donation to local youth. Well, I hope the money went to the youth.

        Anyway, thanks for posting that one.

  3. Texas will be blue before too much longer. These California moves are only accelerating the transformation. Texas has 6 of the largest US cities out of a list of 21 and the voting blocks they become will eventually mean the rural red votes mean little. Pack Dallas, Ft Worth & Austin with California transplants and San Antonio, Houston & El Paso with illegal aliens and it becomes a Hillary dream come true.

    1. Doug in OK… Red / Blue ain’t gonna matter… elections will be meaningless except on maybe the local / community level… a spiritual problem exists and and these have only one answer … an Awakening needs / must take place… Psalms 118:8-9

      1. A follow up to the conversation… It’s interesting to consider what happens in terms of political leanings when Democrat voters disperse from the concentration of blue cities into smaller communities and/or migrate from blue cities in blue states to blue cities in traditionally Republican red states. Will their numbers be overcome by the increasing number of people who are voting with Trump Republicans? Will there be an awakening among them, and will they leave liberalism behind? What factors will be the greatest influence in the politics of these domestic or internal migrants moving, for example, from California to Arizona or California to Texas? Texas is an especially interesting area to consider.

        1. Unfortunately, don’t bet on it. I live in a western red county in nj where we get liberal transients from eastern blue counties, they bring their leftist voting with them. Same goes for northeasterners moving south – see N and S Carolina case in point. Floridians will also attest to this..

      2. RCB5472TN…you nailed it! A spiritual awakening is the only event that will turn this ship around. God’s people must apologize (repent) for the apathy and sin in their lives. THAT is the only way out.. John 14:6. Relying on Trump or anyone else to preserve this great nation will end in failure.

      3. I agree 100% RCB & GWH. However, our chances of bringing GOD back into ALL the institutions which He has been kicked out of diminish even further with the election of every ‘democrat’ that comes into power. In that sense it does matter. On the other hand I’ve accepted Christ as my savior and I have an everlasting home at His side no matter what the politicians do to this country.

      4. Well said, GWH. Let us remember to stand in the light of the Holy Spirit, together. No politician will save us. We must do so together, with divine guidance.

        Carry on

      5. You are correct, RCB … this is sooo very much bigger than political and idealogical. It is a good v evil dynamic. Funny how that sounds rather ‘simple’ – and yet, it is.
        God said, ” I set before you life and death – choose life”. Not that difficult. But we see the consequences today as so many have made the wrong choice.
        In my view, Father is giving America yet another chance to turn to Him … what I wonder is, have enough of us done so, and is there a large enough remnant, that He’ll spare us the coming misery?
        I believe! He is faithful.
        Keep praying – trusting – expecting!

  4. Problem is, when texas goes blue, conservatism is dead in the entire US. There will never be another Red president. If texas secedes, same deal. Only way it works is for texas, ok, ks, ne, sd, nd, mo, id, etc…. to kick the rest of the states out and go back to ruling our country with limited govt by the constitution. That would make the left’s move to TX less attractive. Especially if we outlaw abortion and make the boys use the boys restroom, etc…., but if we wait 4-8 years we all go down together.

  5. “JWR’s Comment: This confirms that Americans are very well-armed. Just pray that folks have the courage to use them when the time comes…”

    Which time? Hunting? actual classes?
    Self Defense? if so from which side?
    Lots of libs bought them as well as what remains of old school dems if its politics y’all speak of on sides but it’s much deeper than that with sexual affiliations, religions, economic status etc.
    I’ve seen and heard blustering from all sides about what they’ll do to the other.

    It’s not too simple these days

    1. Libs may be buying them, but do they know how to use them effectively? I started shooting when I was seven years old giving me, well, many years of experience. Most of my friends have many years experience including military service. Also, with the cost of ammo new buyers won’t be spending much time practicing. This will give a certain advantage when the “time” comes.

  6. Regarding the numerous companies that are relocating to more “economically friendly” areas, specifically Texas in this case, here are some thoughts. While it is true places like Texas have more available and affordable land, larger pool of potential employees and generally a lower cost of living for the employees. Increasingly companies and the elites that run them have other company goals than just running a profitable business. Expressed goals now include how to be a good community partner, how to promote social justice, (justice as defined by them, not the rule of law or God’s law).

    Therefore companies see these moves as a win win for them. They pick an area that has all the economic advantages listed, plus an area that in their mind could use a cultural makeover. Far from the cultural changes these corporate moves bring being unintended consequences, they are very much intended consequences. This social reengineering is right out of the Assyrian empire that would capture peoples, then relocate them to other areas to force an assimilation.

    1. I include the term ‘SocialJustice©’ as another softer way the MARXISTS say ‘MARXISM’.

      Each time some MARXISTS say anything about ‘SocialJustice©’, my tiny brains automatically translate that to:
      * “We MARXISTS are instituting MARXISM to re-distribute your wealth to us… and we MARXISTS are quivering with enjoyment for the PopulationReduction© (aka ‘genocide’) and destruction during the process!”

      Ergo, I do not particularly much care to keep company with ‘SocialJusticeWarriors©’ neither.

      And furthermore!, any time I see ‘blue city’ or ‘blue state’, my tiny brains automatically translate that to ‘MARXISTS criminally conspiring to rob (aka ‘re-distribute my wealth to them’) me and destroy everything I cherish’.

      Based on the constant continual advertisements by the MARXISTS, I think:
      * ‘PopulationReduction©’ translates to ‘genocide by MARXISTS’.
      * ‘SocialJustice©’ equals ‘genocide by MARXISTS while destroying everything I cherish’.
      and I am pretty sure
      * any bureaucrat issuing a dictate (or ‘mandate’, regulation, code, guideline, ruling, order, but mostly dictate) translates as ‘another MARXIST dictator dictating unenforceable violations of Natural Law’.


      These are my thoughts about the infestations of idjits I call ‘MARXISTS’.
      What are your thoughts?

      Before you answer, remember one point above all:
      * the MARXISTS never ask your opinion.
      Any ‘two-way communication’ translates as ‘acknowledging your existence as equals’.
      That sort of behavior is beneath their MARXIST dignity.
      Their MARXIST pride would never allow it.


      And do not get me started on ‘consensus’.

      [suddenly remembers to breathe]

      1. I agree with you 100%. I’m adamant about it and speak loudly within my own family. I continually connect the dots for them:
        All interchangeable. Don’t get me started on consensus either!
        I can’t even handle people saying we live in a Democracy. I say NO WE DON’T. THIS IS A CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC!!
        [also remembers to breathe]

    2. Everyone please note: Silicon Valley is not moving to Texas to avoid high taxes and the California collapse. They could change that if they wanted. They are moving to Texas so they can turn it into a blue state.

      Always look a step beyond the obvious with a jaundiced eye.

  7. To anyone wanting to dabble in cryptocurrency with minimum fuss, you can now use your existing PayPal account to purchase as little as $1 of four popular cryptocurrencies. I started with a $1000 investment a week ago, split equally between Litecoin and Bitcoin. As of this morning, I was up $340 for the week. Not too shabby for doing nothing. Of course, it could go to zero tomorrow but we’ll see what happens. Fees apply as dictated by the rules of capitalism. Rates for buying and selling per PayPal website:

    1.00 – 24.99 USD 0.50 USD
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  8. We are considering leaving Texas (very hot and dry, close to the border, the sand only yields cactus, mesquite and thorns—and the political changes of the big cities). As homeschoolers, we have no requirement to even notify the local school and no requirement to turn in any sort of testing, curriculum, etc. We have looked at SD, but homeschool is much more regulated there. Anyone homeschooling in SD? What about neighboring WY?

    1. Rachel I surely understand why you would want to move. Having said that I urge you to pray about it. I don’t know you or your history but if you’ve never lived in an area that has snow and a real winter it can be a challenge to adapt to the demands of the climate. I’ll pray you find what you need.
      Peace and Blessings

    2. If you would prefer a state that is so conservative that every county in the state has voted red in the presidential elections since (I think) the mid sixties, then cross over that big red river to your north and settle in Oklahoma. There’s nowhere you could possibly go that’s more conservative. I wouldn’t be telling you this if I thought you were a liberal.

    3. Rachel, we home schooled in Meade county western South Dakota up until three years ago and then moved to Montana. During that time all we had to do was to inform the school district of our intentions and administer a standardized text to not kids every two or three years. The test could be the one provided by the school system or one from a reputable online homeschool testing vendor. We were involved with the local homeschool association WRSA and participated in many of their co-ops and programs. I don’t think much has changed since then and with Kristi as governor it’s possible it might get better. Either way I would recommend joining the national homeschool legal defense organization . About 100 well spent dollars a year. Good luck.

    4. Hi Rachel,
      We homeschooled in MO. No paper work, no notifying school districts.
      But I would recommend checking the HSLDA website. They have the requirements for every state.

      I would do my homework about weather, what you can grow, taxes and politics of any area you are considering moving to. We did extensive research before leaving the left coast for MO.

      Praying for wisdom for your family!

  9. All these companies leaving Ca. is good for those of us stuck here. There will be a lot less liberals with money running around corrupting politicians. Perhaps we will experience a return to conservative policies when this well runs dry. (Wishful thinking on my part).

    1. My brother and I were discussing the peril that Texas will face with all the lib companies moving to Texas that have lots of money to force their life as on the locals. He quipped that all the conservatives should move o California and then we could have the great climate, the 5th largest economy, and dictate to the rest of the country. : )

      1. TeresaSue! Now this is an idea I hadn’t considered, although I do like your thinking! I am not sure it would work out well, but it’s nice to dream on it just a little bit!

      2. Hearing about the border-jumpers illegally violating the Mexico-fUSA border to get into fUSA, I thought a similar swap was a great idea:
        * The border-jumpers get the whole rest of north America including that Detroit-Chicago-Baltimore-District Of Corruption mess.
        * In exchange, my chums and I get the lush tropical beaches and year-round productivity of the warm rich soil.

        I don’t see any down-side.

  10. Look what has happened to colorado the past 20 year or so. They move because they dislike the state policies/taxes where they are and then turn the new state for them to where they left.

    1. Exactly, they, politically speaking, s–t in their own back yard, then complain about high taxes. Instead of seeing the errors in their ways, and try to fix or clean up what they did, they move to a red state and start the process all over again. Typical liberal, leave the garbage they created and do the same thing somewhere else…

  11. Acting Secretary of Defense Chris Miller meets with President Donald Trump at 3:30 this afternoon in the Oval Office. This meeting is on the public schedule, and comes as the DNI’s intelligence report on election interference comes due (a deadline that will be missed by the intelligence community).

      1. We’re praying too… Watching for news of that meeting and the next decisions that will be made on a couple of very important fronts. Let’s continue to pray, and keep the faith!

    1. If the Supreme court* does not rule in favor of free and fair elections, this ruling will be as important as the case deciding whether or not college basketball and football players are elegible to be paid. Chickenshit Justice John Roberts is worried (he claims) about causing riots. He SHOULD be worrying about causing a civil war.
      *The Supreme court is like regular court with sour cream and tomatoes.

  12. I’ve heard that drawing the vaccine into the syringe is difficult because the darn chip is
    sometimes too big for the needle. I saw it online so it must be true.Right?

    1. I…
      Well, if…
      They could…

      You know, the more I think about it, that seems about as workable as anything else the MARXISTS propose!

      Points for giving me a chuckle!

      1. ThoDan, maybe you might reread the article, and understand how the medical opinions about Covid-19 were formed.
        1. Covid-19 is a new problem.
        2. “Pfizer COVID vaccine trial shows alarming evidence of pathogenic priming in older adults.” =

        (Natural News) In the development of vaccines against coronaviruses like SARS-COV-1 and MERS in the early 2000’s, researchers found evidence of a serious problem. Teams of U.S. and foreign scientists vaccinated animals with the four most promising vaccines.
        At first, the experiment seemed successful as all the animals developed a robust antibody response to coronavirus. However, when the scientists exposed the vaccinated animals to the wild virus, the results were horrifying. Vaccinated animals suffered hyper-immune responses including inflammation throughout their bodies, especially in their lungs.”

        “Early in the COVID-19 scenario, Dr. Peter Hotez, of Baylor College of Medicine, testified before Congress about the dangers of accelerating coronavirus vaccine development, saying “(The) unique safety problem of coronavirus vaccines” was discovered 50 years ago while developing the Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) vaccine.”

        He went to register that this “‘paradoxical immune enhancement phenomenon’ means vaccinated people may still develop the disease, get sicker and die.”
        Some caution might be advisable for people. … There is evidence that therapeutic treatments are very ~successful for people contracting the Covid-19 aliment. There’s a huge number of people that have recovered from the Covid-19 flu. (The vast majority don’t realize that have it.)

        A medical doctor with medical experience in the ‘coronavirus’ field is a good witness to the possible side affects of a possible vaccine.
        There’s evidence a number of businesses, hospitals and people will make a lot of money administering this ‘preventative’ (maybe) vaccination.
        As the Good Book says, =
        “For the love of money is the root of all evil.”

        FYI information: I’m not an anti-vaxxer. I just belief people should be cautious in accepting this vaccine, ‘that might be dangerous’ as a preventive vaccine (maybe), for an aliment dangerous as a seasonal flu from China.
        ……. The death rate for Covid-19 is mostly from old people. The deaths of younger people seem to involve co-morbidities. The actual death rate from Covid-19 for the general population is small.
        [A reading of the accounts of the co-morbidities actually used on death certificates, should make a person cautious, for accepting the vaccine.]

        America is a free country. Flu shots are NOT mandatory. There are NO restrictions (that I know of) for travel, restaurants, churches, bars etc for people without Flu shots.

        There is a suspicious push for people to receive a Covid-19 vaccine, and make it mandatory. …. Maybe, Covid-19 REALLY IS a biological weapon released by China on the world! (Based on the circumstances a very reasonable doubt about the vaccine has been created)
        China and their political cronies in the USA are very duplicitous when it comes to Covid-19.

        There’s a lot of information that Dr. Fauci (Our (USA) Fire-Alarm for Covid-19) has been WRONG about panicdemics numerous times.

        Avalanche Lily is recommending ~caution. (A lot of people, including many medical experts, agree with that recommendation.)

        1. 2 What is parthogenic priming? [Pathogenic]

          All I found was this

          “When we vaccinate people, allergic reactions are not uncommon, they do occur. And sometimes even severe reactions, but they’re extremely rare. We’re talking on the order of one in a million,” Hotez said.

          “We had the vaccine ready to go,” the doctor told lawmakers about a vaccine his team developed to protect against a strain of coronavirus in 2016, but “by then nobody was interested in a coronavirus vaccine.”

          but i found nothing about the words the article link said Dr Hotez said.

          Recovered from corona can mean many things, including losing at least temporarily 50 % of your lung capacity, being permanent exhausted for a long time maybe even permanently…

          Yes medical service costs a lot in the US, you pay 100s or thousands of dollars for what we here pay cents

          //America is a free country. Flu shots are NOT mandatory.//
          Spare me your the US is THE free country propaganda, the difference to europe is in this case?
          Last time I looked US citizens were quarantined for europe, because corona runs wild in the US

          Has Dr Fauci been wrong, was that a case of best available information at the time, were that words said he´d said but misinterpreted by people who didn´t get the context and nuances for friction of communication or hearsay

          Whatever i follow Prof. Drosten and the Robert Koch Institute

          AFAIK the EMA has tested the corona vaccines at the same standards as other vaccines, with the exception that the different stages were run reasonably parallel .

          1. Tho Dan, I’ve had this type of conversation before with you in the comment section. [What’s up?]

            1. We have advice here at SurvivalBlog, in this comment section, for people to have caution about taking the vaccine.
            A. Your response seems to be the encouragement of a Willy Nilly approach to accepting the vaccine.
            B. The words What is parthogenic priming? = The words might understood by deciphering each word.
            I found this: “Pathogenic Priming Likely Contributes to Serious and Critical Illness and Mortality in COVID-19 via Autoimmunity.” At reachgate(dot)com.

            2. Statements in the Comment links might require some ~more diligent Internet Search on your part.

            3. We always hear about the virtues of European healthcare. FYI: advances in medicine because of medical research, come from MAINLY two places: = the 1. USA and 2. Israel.
            The USA provides the market for medical discoveries. [A lot of people are motivated by money.]
            President Trump has enacted some laws, that prevent companies from overcharging US citizens, in order to provide cheaper drugs in Europe.
            Hopefully, our future will entail the USA ~NO LONGER giving~ Europe a Free Ride in the environmentally friendly rickshaw!

            4. The cases of Covid-19 deaths are a ‘maybe’ public record. But, the information I have seen does not support your conclusion for all of Europe.
            [The Germans do seem to have lower mortality from Covid-19 than the USA and other countries.]
            Here in the USA, people with fatal gunshots are sometimes tabulated as a Covid-19 death. The Covid-19 crisis has been turned into a money-making opportunity for some people.

            [One snide comment deleted by the Editor.]

          2. [One snide comment deleted by the Editor.] = A decision made by SurvivalBlog. Not by GGHD. With apologies: =

            GGHD, will confess to a less than Western USA attitude; even though I was raised in the Far West.

            “A greenhorn walked into a Western Saloon and looked over the bottles behind the bar.” … The barkeep looked at the greenhorn and asked, “Do you want a drink stranger?”

            The greenhorn responded with, “What are my choices?”

            The barkeep took a long breathe and said, “The choices are, Yes or No.”

            Sometimes, forthright statements and questions are NOT meant as a snide remark.

          3. @GGHD

            A My response was that this article didn´t deliver facts with sources and the sources i found, American Sources don´t match the article quite contrary,
            B I know what Pathogenic is, i don´t know what it means in context with priming

            2 No, i must definitly not, if somebody say something to me he must prove his words,

            3 Biontech is a german enterprise it´s Headquarters are in Mainz.
            Yes the US provides a market, , we sell a lot of our pharmaceutical products to you
            Your own healthcare industry is so very expensive.
            What does a blood test or screening cost you?
            Btw we pay more to support 3rd world countries medical aid.

            Even for germany this barkeeps customer service is very substandard

  13. I just called my United States senator’s office and asked pointedly (voice message) why she has not objected to the stolen election. I did not use foul language, but I made it abundantly clear that I was very upset and disappointed by her lack of action. We only need one senator and one representative to object and I suggest that EVERYONE call your senator and representative and put their feet to the fire.

    1. Thank you, Nathan Hail! We have done the same… In fact, we’ve contacted not only our own Senators, we’ve contacted others who are likely to support the objections to express our appreciation of and support for them!


    2. Good advice, Nathan Hail (not to be confused with generic Nathan). If we want to save our democratic government, we have to become more politically involved.

      Unfortunately, I ignored the excellent advice from SurvivalBlog about moving to the Redoubt Region, or some other safe location.
      I still live where, one US Senator is old enough, she could have helped babysit Old-Senile Joe, when he was still a (physical) baby. … (Senile Joe might be entering his second childhood as we watch!)
      This particular US Senator has a public record of her family making ~millions of dollars through their investments in~and~with Communist China. … It’s also a public record that, that the old gal had an actual Communist China Spy working as a paid staffer for her (for 20 years). The China Spy also chauffeured the old gal around town.

      The second US Senator from my State has a questionable reputation for her political decisions. The libtards say she’s a political opportunist for her politics of harming minorities, to win votes. (The information is publicly available.)
      The Great RushLimbo has referred to the 2nd Senator has as ‘a very public escort and mattress,’ for the sake of her own political and job career advancement.’ (This information is also publicly available.)

      This gal (Senator from my State) has been designated as the successor to Senile Joe, if he becomes President.
      A rhetorical question: Does my Senator want Trump to become our President for his second term, or does she want Senile Joe to become President, and shortly there after slip one of the numerous banana-peels scatted about; … she might just cry crocodile tears if something happened to Old Senile Joe.

      But who can really judge the 2nd Senator’s conscience. Maybe, she would like to see Trump declared the winner of the 2020 election, and Senile Old Joe safely enter a Rest Home for the elderly.

  14. I really enjoy everyone on this blog. Y’all make me laugh and think.
    Now I have to get back to roasting the meat for our Christmas tamales. The house already smells good with the carne guisada simmering on the back of the stove.
    Keep your joy!

  15. Don’t be fooled, Georgia Patriots. Raffensperger may not be allowing Republican observers in the signature verification audit.

    Lin Wood is tracking this actively. Contact Kemp and Raffensperger, your local and state GOP leadership, and PROTEST VIGOROUSLY. There is no reason not to provide transparency, and there is no reason a qualified CPA firm shouldn’t be handling the audit. Why choose an accredited university? Strange, right?

  16. Yesterday I visited my favorite gunsmith and he pointed to the prominent sign on the counter. He is closing his shop effective January 1. He said guns will soon be a losing proposition.

    After I explained that it might get interesting if gun owners stood up for themselves, he disagreed by saying that people are too comfortable to do that. And he just wants to retire and enjoy the social security that he deserves.

    Too bad. The guy was a fantastic machinist and smith. I hope he does enjoy life. I hope we all enjoy the new life.

    But I doubt we will.

    1. Tominak,,,,,,,,the person with a FFL that rented space in my trading post is giving it up on Dec 31 sold out of firearms in a week , sold half million rds in two weeks ,


    This podcast from Lin Wood is outstanding and short. For those who don’t know, as an attorney, he represented Nicholas Sandmann the Covington high school kid that was targeted by the media. He also is representing (I think) Kyle Rittenhouse, the young man who shot Antifa in self-defense. He is working with Sidney Powell on the election fraud lawsuits. He is a Christian and a truth teller.

    1. Yes! Lin Wood is tracking the election fraud news carefully. He tells the truth, a patriot, and a champion. Same is true for Sidney Powell. These people are fearless and relentless. SB community members… Encourage and support them in every way you can.

  18. Looks as if the name of SCOTUS Chief Judge John Roberts is on passenger list of at least one Lolita flight to the Clintons’ favorite island. Wonder what else he has done to be blackmailed? Can he be impeached?

    I had family in California, Michigan, Colorado, Illinois, Arizona. They now reside in Texas, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee and Arkansas.

    They do love their guns in those states where they moved. My immediate family loves our guns where we live. We all shoot.
    A majority of you good patriots on this site probably grew up like I did, a gun in one hand and a fishing pole in the other. And a couple of dogs trailing along. Somewhere recently I saw an article about how it felt to hold that firearm in your grip, carry it for hours. That’s it… the “feel” of it. The process of shooting accurately included the mental “willing” of the bullet to target. You’ve had that feeling haven’t you? Like you could not miss. You can’t forget it can you? Is it the love of it all coming together that creates that feeling?
    Well, the city dwellers don’t have it. Never have, never will.

    We should be prepared to defend at all times, and to be on the offensive if necessary.

    Merry Christmas to all.

    Semper Fi

  19. A good elderly friend that owns several patented gold mines in Arizona told me that the (small) mining industry was crooked as the devil.

    I helped the friend out over the years. One particular shipment of ore was assayed and trucked to a smelter with the expectation as a certain amount of gold and subsequent payout. Somehow the shipment gleaned a whole lot less.

    The friend swears he is consistently ripped off. This is anecdotal information and I would be curious to know if others have experienced this.

  20. The longer we wait to start this silly war, the harder it is gonna be on us, and the longer it will take to finish it. We wait long enough, and it won’t be winnable, or at least not worth the effort.

    We are a frog in a pot. We’d better start realizing the water is getting warm.

  21. I do not know why people are concerned what State is going to turn blue or even the runoff elections in Georgia.
    I mean the Supreme Court has decided already that election fraud on a massive scale is ok.
    Their refusal to even see the evidence of fraud should be a wake up call that our Republic is gone.
    I do not say that as a defeatist but it’s reality.

    The liberal Marxist have found a way for their coup and all future elections will be political theater and nothing more.

    We should use our time to build closer relationships and preparing for the tyranny and coming depression in the next year.

    I have learned not to worry about what I cannot change and change the things I can control.

    But ultimately the world system is changing just as Almighty God has planned epochs ago. Our simple responsibility is to worship Him and stay in His Word.
    I bid all SB readers to have a blessed Christ-centered time with your loved ones next week.

    1. @Skip- There are other cases before the Supreme court. They MAY decide to hear some of them, and even ONE of them could right the election IF John Roberts does not manage to stop it. He hates Trump so much that he will twist and bend, even BREAK the law or rewrite it to stop Trump from gaining another term as President. And the President has other options- like the Executive order of September 2018 concerning foreign interference in our elections. It looks dire, but don’t give up yet. And don’t quit PRAYING. Remember, God plus one is a majority.

  22. There’s one concept that I’ll throw out there that really hasn’t been discussed and that is Texas invited all these companies to come to their state and they get to bring their high dollar salaries with them. It.s all about tax incentives and which state gives these companies the biggest break. The rich just get richer. Austin and Dallas have been blue and left as can be for years; old-timers don’t want to admit it but it’s true. California ruined Colorado the same way and invited the blue in and now it is an obnoxious state. Stand up America the wave is coming and needs to be put in its place

  23. My son in-laws mom just got a 9mm pistol for concealed carry (a first for their family). Then the husband asked for some ammo to go along with it!!! I was told he politely informed them that they were out…when asked if they could be put on the waiting list the salesman responded they didn’t have one because everyone in the city would be on it! Needless to say, the parents were upset! I guess I know what they’ll be getting for Christmas from me…

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