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Here are JWR’s Recommendations of the Week for various media and tools of interest to SurvivalBlog readers. The focus is usually on emergency communications gear, bug out bag gear, books, and movies–often with a tie-in to disaster preparedness, and links to “how-to” self-sufficiency videos. There is also an emphasis on links to sources for storage food and a variety of storage and caching containers. You will also note an emphasis on history books and historical movies. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This week the focus is on your last-week-with-certain-shipping-before-Christmas shopping — especially tools that are Made in USA. (See the Gear & Grub section.)


Here’s a book by Joel Skousen that you might not know about: The High Security Shelter – How to Implement a Multi-Purpose Safe Room in the Home, 5th Edition [2017]

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Illustrated Cabinetmaking: How to Design and Construct Furniture That Works (Fox Chapel Publishing) Over 1300 Drawings & Diagrams for Drawers, Tables, Beds, Bookcases, Cabinets, Joints & Subassemblies

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Building a Shed (Taunton’s Build Like a Pro)

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Minimalist Homeschooling: A values-based approach to maximize learning and minimize stress

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Clanlands: Whisky, Warfare, and a Scottish Adventure Like No Other

Movies and Television:

Battle Los Angeles. Your basic Hollywood special effect-laden alien invasion film. I had expected to be disappointed but surprisingly found this film was engaging and fairly likable. It is available free for those with Amazon Prime.

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I’ve never recommended a movie before based on just a trailer, but this one looks promising: Greenland Official Trailer 2 (2020) – Gerard Butler Movie

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This television series is available free for those with Amazon Prime: Backroads USA

Instructional and Comedic Videos:

Cookin’ at the Cabin — A Week of Dinners (Simple Living Alaska)

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Mrgunsngear Channel: Oil Filter As A Silencer: Does It Really Work? (Proviso: All NFA rules apply…)

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Reid Henrichs of Valor Ridge: Reid’s AK Rifle Setup

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Dry Bar Comedy (Mostly quite clean humor that is family-friendly.)

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The latest from J.P.: How the Media Wants You To Think

Web Sites and Vlogs:

Long-time SurvivalBlog reader Dr. S. Hans Paine recommended the NutritionFacts.org web site. There is a profusion of very well-documented information on foods, vitamins, and mineral supplements at this site that is curated by Dr. Michal Greger. You may remember seeing him mentioned here as the author of the New York Times bestselling book How Not to Die.

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This vlog by a British-born American commentator has a fast-growing viewership: Sarah Corriher (The Crusader Gal)

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I’ve previously mentioned this Bozeman, Montana-based sociopolitical vlogger: Matt Christiansen. It is good to see that he now has more than 220,000 subscribers.

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Also growing rapidly in viewership is this off-grid homesteading vlog by a family that recently relocated to North Idaho: Good Simple Living.

Gear & Grub:

Palmetto State Armory (one of our affiliate advertisers) is having their AR-15 Days of Christmas Sale with some great prices on guns, AR parts, magazines, and ammunition. For instance, if you want a Palmetto AR-15 Complete Classic Stealth AR Lower at the $199 sale price, just enter the SKU “5165457978” in their search box.

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Want a watertight caching tube for a pistol, ammo, or some precious metals?  These are very sturdy and watertight: MTM SAC Survivor Ammo Can.

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Need something bigger? These caching tube kits work with standard 8″ PVC pipe of any length: Timberlake Safe Cache Dry Box Survival Tube – Ammo Can – Gun Burial Tube

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Here is a nice tool set, made in USA: Chapman Manufacturing 7331 All-Purpose Standard Screwdriver Set – Includes Phillips, SAE Allen Hex & Slotted/Flathead Bits, Complete Set Offers 24 USA Made Insert Bits + Mini Ratchet Hand Tool (Desert Tan Case)

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And here is another that is suitable for a gift, also made in USA: Channellock TOOL ROLL-3 5 Piece Pliers Set | Fast Release Handy Vinyl Pouch Features Long Nose, Diagonal Cutter, Slip Joint, and Tongue and Groove (2) Pliers | Forged from High Carbon Steel

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Made in USA: KA-BAR Full Size US Marine Corps Fighting Knife

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RIDGID 31020 Model 14 Heavy-Duty Straight Pipe Wrench, 14-inch Plumbing Wrench. (Made in USA.)

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EZ Grip 360 Degree Rotary Stainless Steel Sharp Blade Fingernail Toenail Clipper, Trimmer And Cutter

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  1. I would never recommended a movie based on a preview (aka ‘trailer’).

    However, based on the YouTube preview (aka ‘trailer’), I think I would pay cash money to watch Francis McDormand in NOMADLAND.

    This new movie looks like a small-town woman loses everything — including her family — then hits the road in a van-conversion.

    I can relate.

  2. Nomadland is based on a nonfiction book of the same title. It’s an interesting read about how many people get creative and persevere when life gets tough. I’m excited to see the film adaptation.

    1. Speaking of perseverence, check out this book: Pearl Harbor Christmas by Stanley Weintraub. In that time, people had great uncertainty and fear. The outcome of the war war unknown. Enough people chose to stay in the saddle for our country to survive.

      Carry on

    1. Check this out.

      I found a helpful website (usalovelist.com) that had lists of American made products, and selected a company from there.

      Let us know what great things you find as you use this site. I haven’t bought anything online for a long time.

      Carry on

  3. Just an observation on my part, to do with the birthday of Philip K. Dick, and the disclaimer that went with it. Often when talking about famous authors, and actors as well, we see lives of creativity marred by substance abuse in one form or another.

    It makes you wonder if it’s the fame that leads to the substance abuse, or the substance abuse that allows the creativity, that leads to the fame. You see so many people in the arts and other creative fields that struggle all their lives with addictions and failed relationships.

    I guess I should be thankful that the good Lord made me so dang pretty, and not talented.

    1. It appears to be the case that the very creativity of artists seems so often to be their downfall in their personal lives. Alcohol and drug usage often produce artists who enter the swinging door at rehab centers. We only hear about the most prominent of them, and so many others simply fade into obscurity with their trips to rehab no longer meriting a mention in the press, being classified in the “dog bites man” category.

    2. It is my observation that people who are bi-polar are particularly likely to become addicted to drugs. Additionally throughout history most musicians and artists were bipolar.

  4. Chapman screwdrivers are an essential part of any gun owner’s maintenance kit. Buy extra bits in smaller sizes, as for scope rings. The bits are designed to fail before they damage the screw head.
    Another ‘must-have’, Otis gun-cleaning kits are also made in the USA. Their flexible rods will actually remove bore obstructions such as bullets. They offer kits to fit every need. Years ago while working for LL Bean I met the folks who developed them. Very nice folks!

  5. After being censored by YouTube Dr.Chris Martenson is providing valuable information on the use of Ivermectin to treat the Covid Disease on his PeakProsperity.com website.

    Another great source for facts and data on Ivermectin is Dr.John Campbell on YouTube. After what happened to Dr.Martenson Dr.Campbell is somewhat guarded in what he says by
    carefully choosing his words but the message is still clear.

    Dr.Pierre Kory recently testified before the Congressional Committee on Homeland Security
    in reference to the benefits of Ivermectin.The word he used to describe this medicine was

    These doctors and scientists are the real deal.

    1. I’m just waking up to the use of Ivermectin. Other than contacting one’s doctor, does anyone have a source. Normally animal dewormers are more potent than what a human would take, so I’m hesitant to purchase it in animal form. There are also significant warnings for people who could be sensitive to the drug. Thoughts?

      1. SaraSue: There are some side effects in the area blood thinning. We contacted our doctor who is a internal medicine specialist. She is all in for using Ivermectin and wrote us a prescription. You might try south of the border if you know anyone down that way. Canada
        is Rx. only. The pills are the only way for treating humans.

        I would suggest that you call in any favors that friends/relatives owe you. Try your doctor.
        He may say no but at least you tried.Do not give up!!. Your life is too important

    1. U-tube recently has banned all videos that dispute the stolen election of Joe Biden.
      I have DELETED all of my U-tube bookmarks on my computer, and have deleted U-tube from my Roku TV. I still get Newsmax on Roku for my news, plus the internet. I am NO LONGER supporting U-tube in any form. BTW, they banned me from commenting on their videos and banned me from subscribing to any U-tube channels three years ago. I am also banned from Twitter- not just tweeting, but from viewing all Twitter pages. (They don’t just ban famous people. )

  6. Hmm, I got something on my mind and it isn’t related to any of the above articles. But I’m of two minds or ideas of thoughts about this ” virus “. One is that it accidently did get released by accident from the chinese lab by mother nature in her scheme or things to thin the world population out or thin the heard so to speak and the second thought that I have is , did the chinese really ” accidently or accidently on purpose ” release the virus from their lab as test run to see how far, how quick and how many people this virus would effect and what the world reaction would be and how fast the world would react to fighting the virus.also there are too many unknowns about this virus that they don’t know about and are still finding out about. Just my two cents and I probably don’t know my rear from a hole in the ground. about any of this. Take care and stay well, if possible

    1. alphie: When the virus first appeared my thought was: If I had developed a biological weapon (not Covid, but a real weapon) I would want to test delivery methods and see how far, and in what amount of time it would spread. Computer models may sound great, but how would it work in the real world. The answer that I came up with was that I would use something that I could track (or have other countries track for me) that wouldn’t necessarily set off alarm bells as a biological weapon, and that had a low enough mortality rate that even if I didn’t have a cure that it wouldn’t wipe out my own country.

      If you really look at it Covid-19 is almost a perfect test of a biological delivery system, complete with feedback as far as numbers, response, response time, etc. So no, you’re not the only one that has thought about along these lines.

      1. Alfie and The Lone Canadian…
        I have had these thoughts too (and I can’t quite move beyond them), although I still lean toward the idea that SARS-COV-2 was accidentally released (prematurely). In either case — whether the release was accidental or intentional — what we now know is that we are at great risk of a future biological warfare event. Our own preparation planning includes enhanced efforts in this arena. We encourage everyone to consider the same. It’s not the only risk, but it is one that we should evaluate closely and act on thoughtfully and with an eye to the dangers — present and future.

        1. Telesilla of Argos,

          One thing I learned which really struck home from the MED CRAM videos was that the very nature of RNA is its propensity to mutate and proliferate.

          SARS-CoV2 has already mutated into several strains, and those mutations were obscurely reported as far back as April, then quickly hushed up so the media could magnify the hysteria by focusing on their arbitrary numbers reporting.

          I call it arbitrary rather than false, because I know the disease was here many weeks and probably months before CDC and others admitted it. And yes there are many causes of death now getting loaded into the COVID statistics. But SARS-CoV2 is a mere precursor towards what we can expect in the future.

          In our lifetimes I anticipate a SARS-CoV3, SARS-CoV4, and so forth.

          As you touched on, those of us who will fight on must adapt our survival strategy with an intellectually mobile, technically agile, and adaptive defense plan.

          I recommend that we consider our resentment to masking and our slamming the obviously erroneous systemic reporting, are merely extensions of the foreign and domestic enemy success in distracting us from actions we need to take to win.

          Success will only come from networking now, with built-in safeguards to our exposure to the network. Moving to the Redoubt is more a strategy to emplace yourself among a populace who will have a greater affinity for like-minded networking, but it doesn’t get the job done by itself.

          As many others point out, a focused community even outside the Redoubt will survive far better with a higher standard of living than a lone wolf or lone family can.

          This low-level plague kills, but praise the Lord it is not as deadly as a virus with Ebola’s capability of killing through transmission to others.

          Crisis In The Red Zone is a book which details how bad it can/will be in the future.

          Friends, don’t let your self be lulled into a lower level of readiness by SARS-CoV2’s transmission and mortality rate. Prepare for worse.

          Establishment of a neighborhood/combined treatment/care location makes sense. A neighbor with a large heatable space can fit it in. Other neighbors can prepare resources and have ready lists of items to bring to set it up. Not everyone can buy oxygen accumulators but they can have selected items ready to go when the need arises:

          Bleach and soap and sanitizers
          Distilled water
          Cleaning rags
          Blankets sheets and pillows
          Washing machine
          A box of 1,000 paper towels
          Rolls of plastic and painters tape to make rooms,
          Porta-pot thrones and TP
          Vomit pans
          Fans to create positive pressure
          Boxed rolls of bags
          Cases of Canned Chicken Soup ^_^
          Gas masks and filters
          Hand sprayers
          Plastic or rubber washable aprons and boots
          Volunteer CNA type help

          And more.

          The idea here is to enable group care and share the 24/7 duties of SARS-CoV care which we now know can go on for weeks and possibly months.

          This is our training pandemic. We all gripe about the government restrictions and loss of freedoms, but when we do that we should remember who is really in charge and who planned our world. God Almighty. He is giving us the time now, and stimulating newcomer prepping interest

          Let’s prepare for worse during this time remaining to us. Matthew 24 and the Book of Revelations have some clearly specific warnings in them and when you couple those with both common sense Doctor and other medical personnel warnings, and now Solar Physicist warnings, it is the time to modify plans for far worse than we have experienced to date.

          Don’t be scared but be prepared. If you are in a stage where you don’t have others to help, reach out now. The Christmas period is the one most likely for you to make connections.

          God Bless and thank you everyone for all you contribute to us in our SB community.

          1. Wheatley Fisher: You plan is very good. I guess my concern is finding enough folks that will
            come together to do any good. We are rural but most neighbors are very private people that
            keep to themselves, ourselves included. I’m not inclined to just go knocking on doors.It seems as things get worse people are more withdrawn which I suppose is to be expected.
            Any ideas?

          2. Hello Wheatley Fisher!
            Such an excellent post, and thank you for sharing it. You make many excellent points.

            Among them, and from your message: “I recommend that we consider our resentment to masking and our slamming the obviously erroneous systemic reporting, are merely extensions of the foreign and domestic enemy success in distracting us from actions we need to take to win.”

            This is the truth. We should focus in on the actions we must take to win — not only the battle of the day, but the war itself.

            You are also right about this as an opportunity to train for the future, and we will be reading the Richard Preston title you’ve recommended, Crisis in the Red Zone. This is a great suggestion. My husband and I have been long time Preston readers, and other work including The Hot Zone and Demon in the Freezer were also very informative — frightening, but informative.

            We simply do not know how much time we will have, and so every day before us is an important day — and we should all invest ourselves wisely. Lin Wood “tweeted” a message that raised our level of immediate concern as it came on the heels of the weekend cyber incursion followed by the discovery that the Pentagon required a security patch mid-day just yesterday (something that has never happened). Does he have more information that might be especially sensitive and therefore not more fully detailed, or is this a gut-response to the events that reached the widely broadcast news?


            Take note of the supplies and actions Lin Wood has focused on… Water, food, flashlights and batteries, candles, radios, 2A supplies, and a plan to meet with leaders of our communities.

            By this afternoon we were learning that the intelligence analysts wouldn’t be preparing the report required by the President’s Executive Order and due on Friday of this week — until January of 2021. Perhaps they’re trying to prevent action on the President’s Executive Order or a possible Declaration of Insurrection. They may be trying to impair any next steps he might be planning to make — and running out the clock in the process.

            My impression is that the present threats are severe, and made more so by how close we’re coming to the truth of what happened in the 2020 election. The danger is real, and the stakes are high. No wonder Sidney Powell said some of the affiants would require WITSEC level protections.

            Remain steady. Stay well. Be safe everyone.

        2. TofA
          On numerous occasions Fauci has called the current virus, CoVid-2/SARS. Personally I can recall at least four separate instances. Also for those in doubt, Look for the interview with a Wuhan viraolgist Dr. Meng-Li or something like that, whom states that it most certainly is an bio-wep and was intentional released. Also during a symposium back in December of 2019 when I was in Japan, the agreement was that it was “a well designed and engineered virus.”

          1. Hi K-Bay!
            The SARS-COV-2 virus causes what we are calling COVID-19. I wasn’t sure about your reference above, so thought to clarify.

            You are right, and no one should be in doubt about this virus. Dr. Li-Meng Yan’s interviews have been excellent. She’s appeared on numerous programs, and she has also published some outstanding papers. She speaks the truth we all know — that SARS-COV-2 is a biological weapon. At great personal cost, she is trying to get the truth to the world — and has said that she is trying to save humanity. She knows that this virus is an existential threat, and that Chinese based scientists are working on multiple variations on this theme.

        3. TofA
          On numerous occasions during the current situation, Fauci has call this contagion, CoVid-2/Sars, I personally recall at least four times, all on video. Additionally, I you seek out the interview with a Dr, Li-Meng, a chinese virologist from the Wuhan Lab, she states that this is a bio-wep and it was released intentionally. When I was in Japan in December of 2019, a symposium of doctors of virology, epidemologist from Hong Kong, Japan and the WHO, stated that “…it is a well designed and engineered virus.” In addition just to clear the air, read the side panel of the surgical masks box. It tells that the mask should not be worn for prolonged periods of time and that these are ear-loop mask which will not protect you from Covid-19 or any other virus.

      2. It is also possible that this was designed to be only lethal to a small subset of the population, with the express intent to force vaccinations. Genetic engineering is becoming a mature science. Look at all of the GMO (genetically modified organism) foods found in your supermarket. There is much speculation that the COVID-19 vaccines include genetic modifying elements. If this is true, your DNA could be changed in every cell of your body and it could quite possibly never be reversed. Worse still, children born to you after the vaccine would inherit your altered DNA. This coupled with the legal liability exemption granted to the pharmaceutical companies by congress has convinced me to not seek the vaccine. You must decide for yourself which path you wish to follow.

  7. JWR, ditto for me with “Battle Los Angeles.” While the enemy certainly wasn’t conventional, the script was sound, the action scenes were exciting, and the banter of the Marines captured their culture.

    I highly recommend “The Outpost” on Amazon. It is an extraordinary telling of an incident in Afghanistan, and it is more faithful to the actual incident than most Hollywood treatments. Move over, “Black Hawk Down.”

  8. Hope everyone was able to tune-in to Stephen K. Bannon’s War Room, and the Senate Hearings related to election integrity and election fraud. I am writing to ask that everyone who sees this give a quick call and leave a message of support for each of these Senators, and any others you can think of whose support is needed now, but will also be needed again on January 6th to oppose the selection of electors chosen on the basis of fraud. These Senators need to know that they not only have the support of their own states, but that they have the support of a grateful nation. High call volume probably means you’ll get voice mail. Leave a message. Courage and conviction is contageous, and support in the political fox hole means EVERYTHING in a fight like this one.

    Senator Ted Cruz: 202-224-5922
    Senator Josh Hawley: 202-224-6154
    Senator Rand Paul: 202-224-4343
    Senator Ron Johnson: 202-224-5323
    Senator Tom Cotton: 202-224-2353

    1. The one mailbox currently “full” is that of Senator Ted Cruz. All others could be reached via voice mail. Consider an email for the good and honorable Senator from the Great State of Texas!

  9. I have a book recommendation that is down a different path.

    Take a look at this. Stories of Manhood: Journeys into the Hidden Hearts of Men edited by Steve Biddulph. Published in Australia so you may have to look hard to find it.

    Not only entertaining. Also, emotionally touching and insightful.

    Carry on

    1. Hey Marine, please quit recommending books. I’m going to have to file for bankruptcy if you recommend any more and I need the money for other preps and projects.

      Your best recommendation of the year was Homecoming. I bawled my guts out, not on the chapters about the abuse many soldiers suffered when they returned home, but the chapter called “We Wanted a Soldier at Our Table.” We humans can be mean rotten creatures mindlessly following the whims of others, so people spitting on soldiers seemed pretty normal thing for humans to do and struck me as unfortunate, but expected. But when humans act like angels and go out of their way to invite complete strangers, like soldiers stranded at airports, into their homes for Thanksgiving, or just to have an experience with a family, well that always gets me to blubbering. It nice to be reminded every now and again that we humans can act decently towards one another.

      Did you see the movie Antwone Fisher? It’s based on a true story about an inner city kid who joins the navy. It’s a major tear jerker in the last five minutes and again proves that people can be wonderful when we choose to.

      1. StF, I will keep recommending books with one word attached–Library.

        That part of the book was where I wept a long tome, too. Such generosity and kindness.

        I haven’t seen that movie. Thanks for the tip.

        Carry on

  10. On the subject of cleaning weapons. While working two years in Iraq, my unit of DOD/DOS contractors, not Marines or US Army that we were embedded with, had a routine to clean both AR’s and 92’s at the end of each day.
    Safariland Break Free CLP was used almost exclusively. The routine was to first use a dry rag to quickly wipe off sand and dust and other debris. The weapon was then sprayed/flushed heavily inside and out with CLP and stood barrel down in a safe corner (which may be in the shower of your “can”).
    After draining for a few hours, the weapon was wiped with a dry cloth, and a wet CLP rod through the bore.
    Not saying this is the best or only way, but the USMC armorers told us our weapons were the cleanest they saw.
    We were outside the wire every day with our military partners and our weapons became just as dirty as theirs.
    Of course if your weapon was dropped in river mud then you would use a different course of action.
    If storing in a safe with a heating rod I use a dab of white grease or Vaseline on pertinent parts to prevent stickiness.

    Semper Fi

    1. The method you describe is what I do, with the exception that on AR15s I sometimes stand it barrel up so all the oil intentionally goes into the BCG and fire control system area, preparatory to a thorough cleaning out of those and the buffer tube assembly.

      One lubrication frustration for me is the lost art of Vietnam Veteran Drill Sergeant lubrication of trainee weapons. We would stand at port arms with bolt to the rear and dust cover open before going onto the firing line.

      Our instructors would then start down the line with a full quart spray bottle and throughly lubricate the internals of each upper receiver (and everything else in a 6 inch radius) while repeating the admonition of what happens when you allow your hot weapon to seize up due to lack of lubrication.

      The lesson was repeated when we were waiting belly down for our introductory lesson on M60s, with feed tray up. This time our heads were within six inches and it really drove home the lubrication lesson.

      Now it is so exasperating to see kids overseas running mags thru their bullet launchers without the training to lube in combat, even in hardened emplacements, and their weapon seizes. People die.

      I suppose now is the time to repeat the tip that for cold weather, REM oil or something in that weight group is better to use for firing operations than CLP is. We used it in biathlon down to -15F.

      1. I actually admire the M14, and we scrubbed them with soap and water for a good cleaning, and let them dry before oiling.
        I also use REM oil on some weapons. I’ve never had a problem with it or CLP.
        Thanks for your input.

        Semper Fi

  11. Well everyone, where is our hero savior Donald Trump to put a stop to what the BATF is doing to gun owners right now over pistol braces and 80 percent lowers??? He could get rid of the head of the ATF tomorrow morning if he wanted and put someone better in

  12. Here is an interesting variation of a KaBar that I found at a gun store in AL. The thing I like about it, is that it has a lanyard hole on the lower part of the pommel and the upper handguard is shorter so you can get your thumb on the blade a lot easier and comfortable. The knife was a special run of KaBars that fell through and Wholesale Hunter bought them up. There is a Dogs Head emblem on the blade and stamped into the sheath. https://www.wholesalehunter.com/Product/Details/11094118?fs=1

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