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Idaho health board meeting halted after ‘intense protests’. Here is how the article begins:

“Idaho public health officials abruptly ended a meeting Tuesday after the Boise mayor and chief of police said intense protests outside the health department building — as well as outside some health officials’ homes — were threatening public safety.

The request from Boise Mayor Lauren McLean and the Boise Police Department came just a few minutes after one health board member, Ada County Commissioner Diana Lachiondo, tearfully interrupted the online meeting to say she had to rush home from work to be with her son. The board had been expected to vote on a four-county mask mandate in Idaho’s most populated region.”

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And then we heard: State of Idaho issues sealed warrants for people exercising RIGHTS at public officials home

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Fish and Game captures, treats sick cow moose in Hailey


Montana tribe ‘insulted’ TV show ‘Big Sky’ wanted to show landmarks without permission

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Concert shutdowns costing downtown Missoula tens of millions of dollars

Central & Eastern Oregon

Police: Prineville man, 11-year-old arrested; ‘worked together’ to steal Glock

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Biotech Expansion Planned for Bend

Central & Eastern Washington

Spokane: SPD in a Tesla? Beggs pushes for electric police vehicles

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Caught on Camera: Spokane man’s portable charger explodes


Nineteen more Wyo. deaths tied to COVID, active case numbers up slightly. JWR’s Comment:  Beware any “COVID-related” death statistics. As the populace approached the herd immunity threshold, then 50% of Americans will test positive for COVID-19 and that will increasingly taint death statistics. Deaths from nearly all other causes will be attributed to COVID, making the pandemic appear far worse than it really is. I also wonder if someone who is vaccinated might  “test positive.” If that happens, then the “COVID-related” death statistics will soar.

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National Guard is on assignment at MHSC through Dec. 16

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In Liberal-Trendy Jackson, of course: Wyoming’s First Electric Buses

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Oh, and speaking of Jackson Hole: Jackson Hole Wyoming USA Town Square Live Cam – Note that the large arch that you see at the corner of the park is constructed of hundreds of shed elk antlers! These antler arches are at all four corners of the public square.

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  1. Report Claims Dominion Error Rate of 68%, ‘Intentionally Designed to Create Systemic Fraud’

    A forensic report from the Allied Security Operations Group of election results from Antrim County, Michigan concluded Dominion Voting Systems is “intentionally and purposefully designed with inherent errors to create systemic fraud and influence election results.”

    Read the entire report, it is a jaw dropper. Ever feel like you are in a Tom Clancy novel and it is called The Hunt for the Chicom Traitors.

    1. As soon as I heard about a plane-load of foreign currency being sent to Iran a few years back, I thought I was either in the twilight zone or a Tom Clancy novel.

  2. Re: Wyoming Covid and all other ‘covid’ deaths. The numbers are going to go up so that Biden will look like a savior after pushing the vaccine protocols that Trump has in place and call it his own. This is the same reason that Dem states are pushing lockdowns, ruining the economy and then make it look like Biden and the Whor@ brought it back.

    1. This just in:

      “Donald Trump said during the second and final presidential debate on October 22 that he was optimistic a vaccine would be ready‘within weeks’… The media could have accepted that the President probably has better insight into the timeline of vaccine development and approval than those not involved in the process. Instead, they roundly mocked his prediction…

      “Just a couple of weeks after that final presidential debate, Pfizer announced that it had completed its third phase of vaccine trials successfully. The FDA issued its first emergency use authorization for a COVID-19 vaccine last week, nearly a month ahead of the end of the year…

      “It’s no wonder that the media wanted to undermine Trump’s successful vaccination fast track program, Operation Warp Speed, ahead of the election. Many Americans cited the handling of the pandemic as a key voting issue. It would have hurt Biden immensely if Americans were made to be optimistic about Trump delivering a vaccine so quickly.”
      Amber Athey, Spectator USA

      Carry on

    2. @Kevin J Kelly- You are absolutely correct. Except that when you (the dems) are TRYING to destroy the economy, as the democrats did leading up to the 2008 Presidential elections, you may go too far. The dems created the Greatest Recession back then, and may create the Greatest Depression this time. Not only for their political motives, but because of their belief that everyone should get everything provided to them for free, and they will be printing even more dollars than the republicans (not our friends either) have been printing. They will try to enact a Basic Universal Income- free money for all- plus give state and local governments all the money they want to repair the damages from the rioting that took place this summer. And then there will be the bailouts to all of their friends and the airlines, hotel industries, cruise lines, theater owners, and a few Trillion to their BEST friends- the Wall Street bankers. \If Slo-mo Joe and the Ho are installed, WATCH OUT. We are on our own.

    1. Cowboy… TY for posting the link to Voddie Baucham discussing Cultural Marxism… this topic NEEDS to be addressed in every pulpit across America … many, many people have no idea this is taking place … WHY is this happening ??? … Hosea 4:6

  3. A question came up yesterday at work that I found totally appropriate.

    So if Covid is killing 2 people in a thousand it’s a pandemic, and we need mask mandates, and to lock everything down and ruin our economy. But what if the vaccine kills 2 people in a thousand – is that an acceptable number to get the “cure” for this terrible virus?

    What if the cure for the disease is almost as bad as the disease?

    1. You may be right. This may offer a different perspective:

      “Six deaths did occur during the vaccine’s Phase III trial, but most of them occurred in the group that received the placebo. There were two deaths in the vaccinated group, one of which was caused by pre-existing arteriosclerosis while the other was caused by cardiac arrest, which occurred 60 days after receiving the vaccine…

      “These six deaths represented 0.01 percent of the 43,448 trial participants, and the briefing notes that ‘All deaths represent events that occur in the general population of the age groups where they occurred, at a similar rate.’ The briefing report does not suggest that the deaths are connected to the vaccine in any way, and only 0.6 percent and 0.5 percent of the vaccine group and the placebo group reported serious adverse events, respectively.”
      Alec Dent, The Dispatch

      Carry on

      1. “Six deaths did occur during the vaccine’s Phase III trial, but most of them occurred in the group that received the placebo. There were two deaths in the vaccinated group, one of which was caused by pre-existing arteriosclerosis while the other was caused by cardiac arrest..”

        This sounds like the argument that lots of people are dying FROM covid and many more are dying WITH covid. They won’t admit this with the actual disease but they’ll go to great lengths to be sure we know all about it when talking about the vaccine: they didn’t die from the vaccine they died with the vaccine.

  4. The protest in Boise looked very peaceful from what the video showed. The district health including Boise is left-leaning politically. The idea of what disturbing the peace consists of is sometimes highjacked for political purposes. Idaho is supposed to be conservative but beware of Ada county. The PCR test that is the gold standard for testing for the virus uses a cycle threshold which is set too high so an unknown number of false positives are being generated. If a person shows no symptoms and has the test done and it comes back positive then the person has asymptomatic COVID 19. That is what drives the rationale to make people mask. The only mask that will give good protection from this virus or any airborne virus is an N95 mask. That is per OSHA regulations. Check it out per a google search. The seniors and the general public cannot get them. If you are a senior or vulnerable then request a prescription from your doctor to get some. The VA still has not got enough of them as of last week. The cloth masks and the prevalent blue surgical type masks do not stop virus incoming or outgoing. The Pfizer vaccine ends up in the cells and it is a piece of virus like genetic material which once it gets inside the cells it is amplified meaning it creates many new copies of itself inside the cells. The cells will die as they will be considered sick by the immune system and the vaccine genetic material could be released so there could be a potential of a positive virus test from a vaccinated person. People who take the vaccine need to be aware that it can cause genetic modification as a side effect. The AstraZeneca vaccine uses a DNA type genetic material which ends up in the cell nucleus and that one could get incorporated into the cell DNA and that would be not good. My take away is that people are being told to mask by uninformed politicians and the drive to get people vaccinated is being driven by politics and greed. The numbers of positive virus cases have been inflated and if the PCR test result is used to to define someone dying of the virus then the deaths numbers are being inflated. If 45 million seniors could and would wear N95 masks the number of them becoming ill and dying of this virus should decrease. If the doctors would be allowed to treat this virus with Hydroxychloroquine and zinc or Doxycycline and zinc or Ivermectin and use Vitamin D as they all are credible treatments for this virus. Our doctors have been politically compromised and intimidated by their state medical boards for doing what is right by their patients. What a year of 2020 for us all and may we all accept and deal with the challenges of 2021. ;

  5. The most interesting article was the Boise arrest warrant situation. It proves the point that law and leadership is one sided.

    Leftists are allowed (actually encouraged) to dox and show up at conservative homes; conservatives are arrested for the same tactic.

    As my now deceased Father-in-Law would have said: “Those leftists have enough guts for two sets of false teeth’.

  6. re:
    peaceful demonstrators seeking redress from the government agents

    According to OfficialsAndAuthorities:
    * “Of course, we need to impose limitations…”


    Javonte and his exploding charger

    Despite years of testing by consumers, some appliances are still in the ‘development’ phase.

    [Any attempt by your humble correspondent to correlate Javonte’s experience to any vax dujour is purely coincidental and hardly intentional.]


    statistics about 2020 deaths

    According to statistics from OfficialsAndAuthorities, deaths from common pre-2020 diseases are way dow:
    * deaths from heart disease are way down.
    * deaths from liver disease are way down.
    * deaths from lung disease are way down.
    * all common pre-2020 diseases are way down.

    Folks are healthier!

    Oddly, deaths from the latest chinese sickness are up by an equivalent amount.
    The 2020 and pre-2020 numbers of deaths are identical…

    …leading an astute observer to wonder:
    * could some unknown somebodies be manipulating numbers for some unknown purposes?

    1. Large Marge-
      From the Oregon Health Authority statistics at… (this might have already been yanked after this went public)

      Total deaths in Oregon from ANY cause:
      2015- 35,709
      2016- 35,799
      2017- 36,640
      2018- 36,191
      2019- 37,397
      and 2020- drumroll please….. 32,330

      So, to recap, LESS people have died in the Platypus state in 2020 than in any of the preceding five years… from EVERY cause.

      Insurance folks speculate there have been dramatically fewer accidents because of quarantines, but I also remember Kate Jong Un and the conservative male bashers stating domestic assault and deaths would skyrocket because all men are abusers.
      The numbers are clear. SARS CoV-2 Chinese Bat Disease is not the end of civilization!

      Peace to you, neighbor

      1. S4H,

        The 2020 number is for Jan-Oct, which if extrapolated to 12 months is 38,796, an increase of 1400 over previous year.

        2020 vs 2019 = +1400
        2019 vs 2018 = +1200.
        2018 vs 2017 = – 400
        2017 vs 2016 = + 840
        2016 vs 2015 = + 90

        It bounces around so much that this year’s increase means nothing.

        1. Mea Culpa. Thank for pointing out my statistical deficiency Don… Yes, there will be a slight uptick, though not so statistically significant that it can be exclusively attributed to the SARS CoV-2 phenomenon.
          As of today, OHA reports a total of 1262 deaths ostensibly from the ‘rona, with 15 days remaining; and extrapolating a very liberal 50 deaths per day for the remainder of the year, we would finish the year with 2,012 China virus deaths for the year. I recall projections in the tens of thousands being bandied about in the spring. So, the fears have not been realized as they were not based on any fact or science, but rather fear mongering projected the governess and her minions.

          As you mentioned below, numbers do indeed get manipulated; either by horrible mathematics as in my case, or intentionally for nefarious purposes.

      2. We must compare apples to apples. The 2020 figures are for 2020 year to date (January – October). So, we need to add November and December to these figures. If the death rate is constant per month (likely is not) it is 3233 deaths per month. So, we need to add 6466 deaths to finish the year. The total for 2020 should be in the neighborhood of 38,796 for 2020. (6466 + 32330).

        Comparing apples to apples, the total deaths in Oregon for 2020 will be higher than any of the years from 2015 – 2019).

    2. “could some unknown somebodies be manipulating numbers for some unknown purposes?”

      That never happens, in public health issues, elections, or anything else.

  7. 1) The Philippines have an interesting approach to enforcing public health orders:

    2) Yet with a population of 109 million people their low income economy and frugal health care system only has 8,812 deaths. If they had the US death rate, they would have over 100,000 dead.

    3) The attacks on the US public health authorities is going to cause more deaths — does that respect God’s commandments? Is that survival?

    4) The US high death rate from the China virus is not a myth. We have detailed statistics going back decades for how many people die each year — and we have definitely had a spike this year.

    5) Although I am not sure in the recent spike how they distinguish Covid from Flu now that the Flu season has arrived.

    6)What the Democratic news media has not reported until recently is that about 40 percent of the reported Covid deaths have been in nursing homes. Of people who probably did not have that long to live anyway.

    5) What has also not been reported is:
    a) The role that Bill Clinton’s globalization and Democrat opposition to guarding our borders has played in spreading this virus here from the far side of the world

    b) The enormous misery and poverty caused by the lockdown orders — destroying millions of small businesses while the Big Banks and Corporations get big bailouts.

    c) Why we spend $1 Trillion a year on “defense” and yet keep getting hit with disasters like 911, the nonexistent Iraq nukes and now this virus.

    1. The flu and covid19 are both part of the coronavirus family. Reports I have heard, including from people I know in the medical field, is that covid testing is not coronavirus specific. If that is true then people being tested could have covid19 variant or influenza variant. That would really screw up the numbers.

      1. Not true. COVID-19 is caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus which is in the Ccoronaviridae family of viruses while influenza is in the Orthomyxoviridae family of viruses. PCR and Antibody tests will not cross-react.

    2. Excellent points, brother:

      b) The enormous misery and poverty caused by the lockdown orders — destroying millions of small businesses while the Big Banks and Corporations get big bailouts.

      c) Why we spend $1 Trillion a year on “defense” and yet keep getting hit with disasters like 911, the nonexistent Iraq nukes and now this virus.

      The banks and corporations are members of the same racket as the military/weapons mmakers.

      General Butler told us about all this a hundred years ago.

      And the beat goes on…

      Carry on

  8. Those of you in the zone from Black Hills, eastern Wyoming to the Big Horns, and north to the Missouri River, be advised most hospitals are full and at capacity now. My SIL works health care management for the region.

    We are all discouraged at how little fact has been pushed to the public about how to build immunity and manage the disease while media keeps pushing bad and mostly conflicting advice which is pretty useless except to meet their goals of creating hysteria and confusion, both tools to keep us ignorant and pliable, and actually cause further infection.

    That all said, for people whose bodies are more vulnerable to disease, take cautionary measures and prevention measures.

    Get sleep. Use Melatonin. De-stress. De-stress. De-stress. Cortisol can help you be combative but it trashes your immunity so avoid making it.

    Supplement with the combination of Quercetin and Zinc (up to 40mg/day). They must be used in tandem.

    NAC is critical for reduction of any flu-like symptoms, proven to reduce symptoms up to 70%.

    Vitamin C and D. Both critical for immunity.

    Do you have access to an oxygen accumulator? I took Tunnel Rabbit advice last February. We are ready to that level, including lots of spare hoses and pieces.

    Our SIL just returned from overseas with his unit.
    An idiot roommate defied orders to remain on post during their demobilization outprocessing period. The roommate went out and caught COVID, then shared it liberally with everyone who WERE following orders to stay at the demob station until returning home.

    Now SIL and many others brought it home to wives and their very young kids. They all flew on commercial aircraft last week across the US to their home states. BTW, the Fort Hood staff refused to test the demobing Soldiers last week when the exposure was diagnosed. They just spent the next three days shipping people home without further testing.

    Once again, folks, the hospitals are already almost full in the eastern Redoubt. Avoid if possible needing to go to them this winter. Time to practice your survival medicine.

    God Bless you all (AKA ” You-uns)

    1. Wheatley Fisher… All excellent guidance and recommendations. The story you have shared is not surprising, but it does raise serious concern.

      An anecdotal story… Two members of our family (not in our household) contracted COVID-19 recently. Neither are in a high risk age group. One had to be hospitalized twice, and is still recovering with severe diffuse pneumonia and digestive issues. The other landed in the ICU, and because the virus attacked not only this person’s lungs, but also the heart, this person is now in heart failure.

      It’s grim, folks. COVID-19 is a serious matter. Don’t be fooled by poorly assessed “statistical” data. The perfusion rate is not being correctly reported.

      I have often said that I do not agree with mandates or lockdowns, but I do believe in a human civilization in which people are appropriately considerate of others. Take REAL precautions. Be safe. Keep others safe. Let’s get to the other side of this with as many survivors as possible. We can address BOTH political tyranny AND a nasty biological weapon in the form of the COVID-19 virus at the same time.

      1. T of A,
        You are absolutely correct about this virus being a serious matter. I personally have had family members (in another locale) who have had multiple members of the family test positive & come down with it. All survived because they were young and didn’t have health issues. I also know of another family outside of my family who had 5 members sick with the Wuhan Flu. two were in the ICU and eventually recovered but have been effected, probably long term.

        This is serious s_it! There’s a reason why effective treatments include Hydroxycloroquine (an anti-parasitic for Malaria) and Ivermectin (an internal and external anti-parasitic for heartworm, mange, mites, etc.) . This virus isn’t naturally occurring. It was ‘engineered’ using different species genetic strands. Otherwise, why would these ‘new’ viruses suddenly appear in a city of 15 million people (Wuhan), when it has never been encountered before? And why would the CCCP take the actions it took after it became known? (travel restrictions, lockdowns, destroying research, bleach fogging a city of 15 million with industrial dispersal trucks 5 abreast for days) .

        Stay safe out there, for yourselves and your families. Keep the faith, educate yourselves continually, think independently, and prepare to do what we must.

        As always, hoping we all…
        Seymour Liberty

        1. Well said, Seymour Liberty…and let us not forget that some people, perhaps many people, were welded into their homes, and left to die. …or that industrial grade crematoriums were set up. …or that people in China who attempted to convey information (citizen journalists) via the internet were disappeared or otherwise shut down when authorities simply turned off their access.

          While on the subject of China and Chinese influence, how is it that we — as a country — can even be allowing the possibility of a President compromised by a foreign country, and particularly one that is clearly an adversary. The theft of this election cannot be allowed. It simply cannot be allowed. Please continue to pray for the courage, conviction and strength of President Trump, the team of patriots who surround him, and all of us who stand with him in the fight to preserve our Republic.

      2. Wheatley Fisher: Good information! Since Dr.Martenson got censored and his Ivermectin recommendations taken down by YouTube we are paying close attention to Dr.John Campbell and Dr.Pierre Kory at FLCCC.
        These doctors and scientists have told us what the cure is and I believe them.However they
        are battling extreme pressure from the NIH and the CDC. The print media has called their
        research “fringe”.

        You and I and some others know that Ivermectin saves lives but many people have never heard of it. Why is that? It seems odd to me that influential people that run influential websites that have millions of views have not made an effort to get this information out to
        their followers.

      1. Patti,
        Something we do is when we get too stressed (which seems to be more and more frequently- we consume a large amount of information and news), is tune out for a few hours with something totally unrelated.

        The key is knowing when you’re overloaded. Sometimes it’s as simple as you realize you just can’t watch anymore news or when you find yourself yelling at the news (tv or radio). Sometimes it’s blood pressure related. Whatever the signal is, recognize it and tune out.

        We usually use that time to do something productive (canning, organizing, cleaning), or something entertaining like an old favorite classic movie (DW is partial to The Ghost & Mrs. Muir, Meet Me in St Louis, etc.), a comedy routine (Laughter is THE best medicine), an old tv show (I personally like westerns and action movies, both tv series or big movies), or music (The net is a virtual music library – Bluegrass, western, Classic Rock, R&B, etc, – whatever makes you smile).

        And an occasional glass of wine or sippin’ beverage helps also if you are so inclined. Everything in moderation, keeps everything in balance.

        As always, hoping we all…
        Seymour Liberty

        1. I destress in the garden. Which is non-existent this time of year. So I walked to a neighbors house about 1/2 mile away while it was snowing, all bundled up, catching snowflakes on my tongue, making silly footprints while being careful not to slip. I left magazines on her porch and walked back. It helped with this eye twitch I get when I read the news.

          1. @S.Lynn
            Great de-stressor gardening! When I can’t garden, I love to plan my garden. I usually use excel or sometimes graph paper. I make beds and use color pencils to shade them the beautiful colors of eggplant, ripe tomatoes, green beans, pumpkins and corn. My real garden has weeds and insects but my beautiful winter creations never have either. LOL I find planning my garden and choosing seeds from the many websites and seed catalogs a great way to forget about the current problems for a spell and look forward to spring.

      2. “We” as in you and I?

        First reduce stressful factors. Stop stressful behaviors.

        Turn off every single cellphone and communications device. Turn off all WiFi and other items that are cordless or communicate without cords.

        Cuddle with a loved one or pet substitute.

        Do deep breathing exercises.

        Read Gods word daily.

        Pray earnestly for others.

        Hand down items to family or others who value them.


        Walk in fresh air.

        Live a life where love supplants anxiety… now THERE is a challenge, right? Always is for me, anyhow.

        I forgot one key issue on my list…..High Fructose Corn Syrup elimination. It renders the Vitamin D in your body into a formulation which prevents you immune system from using it. Look at all labels like ketchup, syrup, ginger ale, etc., and stop using anything with HFCS. One MEDCRAM video detailed how this happens. Avoid HFCS.

        I mentioned once before that my nephew died in August from blood clots, while in a TriCities hospital. My kids had just messaged him that morning while he was an inpatient and by 230pm he was gone. Zachary was just 32, born in Miles City Montana. He was an intelligent, robust, strapping young man 6 feet 5 inches tall weighing about 320 pounds, who loved animals. We don’t know if it was COVID that killed him but he is dead. He was cremated.

        SARS CoV2 doesn’t kill everyone. Maybe it will only take a few of your family, friends, or others important to your life. This phase is still a warm-up period, and merely a precursor to the tribulation ahead.

        God Bless you all. Eyes wide open. No Fear. Don’t be scared, but be prepared.

      3. Patty,
        If those suggestions don’t work for you, a little (or a lot) of well placed high-octane lead, or black powder can work wonders for your spirits. Draw a representation of your least favorite stress producer on a surplus pumpkin, or an unwanted tree stump, add lead, or in the case of a tree stump- black powder and a long fuse, and, Wah-Lah! Instant laughter! (Hey, I’m a guy! But I think it can work for a woman as well)

        Just be sure not to mix your sippin’ beverage with black powder or lead activities. That seldom ends well! Be careful and enjoy whatever de-stressing activity you choose!

        As always, hoping you…
        Seymour Liberty

        1. I generally find that a little “Long Range Therapy” works for me. There’s something about the necessary concentration, and controlling your breathing, that seems to shut out everything else. A little tannerite at 500 yards always brings a smile which helps relieve stress as well.

          1. The Lone Canadian,
            Great minds think alike! A little tannerite always brings a smile to my face!

            There’s nothing quite like blowing something up!

            As always, hoping you…
            Seymour Liberty

    1. Hmm,

      If you have an Apple computer, you need to highlight the link, hit command C, go to your comment, put your cursor where you want the link pasted and hit command V. If you have any other computer, I don’t know what to do. However you can email me the link and I can put it into the comment for you if you’d like?

      Or you can e-mail me the title of the article and it’s site that it’s coming from and I can go find it and post it in your comment.


  9. Even here on SB we are getting conflicting information. LargeMarge says there are no more deaths in 2020 than in preceding years. Don Williams says there have been 200,000 more deaths in 2020 than in preceding years. Is it possible to get accurate information?

    Some folks are encouraging others to “take action” against government injustices and encroachment on our constitutional rights. But who in particular must the action be taken against? We must have accurate information. Folks can’t go off half-cocked. This must not end up like the French Revolution where they indiscriminately lopped off heads until they were just too tired to continue.

  10. I know of a hospice patient with cancer with only a few weeks left. He contracted covid and passed a couple of weeks later. The death certificate stated covid as cause of death. You can’t trust the government or the media. The only one you can trust is the Lord Jesus Christ. Isaiah 26:3-4
    Grace to you from the God of all grace!

  11. Ma G poses the question of the hour, “Exactly what action should we take…we do NOT want to go the French Revolution way” (excuse my paraphrase, Ma!)

    SB has been very kind on several occasions in helping spread the word about Tactical Civics…a national organization and staged, lawful, peaceful plan to end the invasions (both metaphorical and real and save our Republic. The oppressions are all local; TC has the local solution.

    Watch this video

    , check out our web-site It is not too late….I hope.

    1. Are the Bloods and Crips active in Alaska as I’ve seen on TV? I saw a video showing them in a shootout in a mall?
      Now there’s a disease that needs curing. A shot of lead would do it.

      Semper Fi

  12. That Idaho thing sounds a lot like everywhere else and not different at all in the redoubt. Hopefully it’ll get fixed like some other places have done. Seems we’ve all had or got some fixin to do

    1. It’s just Boise. A bit in Moscow (college town). Most everywhere north of Boise is sane. Our town mayor (halfway up the state) said “Personal Responsibility!” We aren’t shut down and live in relative freedom.

  13. A good infonugget to tell people. To date, there have been 4 known cases globally of persons that have contracted covid-19 twice in the >68million recorded cases.

    1. In the US, the D614G mutation became the overwhelmingly dominant mutation around May/June. I wonder if the rare cases of “reinfection” follow the pattern of contracting COVID (old mutation) before May and being reinfected with the new D614G mutation after May. I have yet to find a symptomatic case that doesn’t fit this pattern.

  14. I am not sure that the Redoubt is as safe as Arkansas, down here in the South. People may want to consider moving. We are living in an area north of Little Rock where there is generally little enforcement of any mask mandate, although people generally mask up going into supermarkets and similar type shops, and where there has been no lockdown since March, despite the raise in Covid infections. It sounds to me as if Idaho is less conservative than Arkansas. I am not sure if Idaho joined the Texas case or not – but if not, that is also not a good sign I think.

    1. @Naomi- if I was you, I would be very careful about telling your state’s biggest secret- that the state is a wonderful place and the people are friendly and warm. I have never lived in Arkansas, but every time I have been there I have been very impressed. You don’t want to be attracting a bunch of nasty liberal Californians (sorry) to your state.

  15. Covid-related deaths in WY: In Fremont County they are careful to specify each case (nearly all of them) in which the person had co-morbidities that contributed. It’s much more informative than the fear-porn of MSM.

  16. The Idaho Governor is more of a “RINO” republican. The mayor of Boise and the city council are very left leaning democrats and the Boise police chief is from Portland. Ada county is very much a blue political county. Idaho could go the way of California sooner than one might think. I lived there for 15 years and then retired to Tucson, Arizona. Tucson is more Blue than Red. Here we think the election was a fraud. I have not met one person who has had Covid and many people I have talked to have not met anyone who has had it either. The symptoms mimic the flu. Most of the people being hospitalized and dying are coming from nursing homes and assisted living facilities. The only way the virus gets into nursing homes is by the staff and vendors. Friends and family are not allowed to visit in person. The only effective mask to wear is an N95 mask. Try and find one. Have any mask questions look up masks and flu on google in relation to OSHA mask regulations. Take 2000 mg of quercetin and about 50mg of zinc and 5000 units of vitamin D and a 1000mg of vitamin C. NAC and selenium are recommended. These are supplements but do have research behind them that seems to show some good results with dealing with this virus or even the flu viruses. Stay safe and happy holiday.

    1. The most effective mask is a P100 respirator. N95 only blocks 95%. Add to the respirator P100 acid vapor filters, and any virus trapped in the filter is killed by the sodium hydroxide impregnation in the filter. Self decontaminating filters, can’t beat that!

      I work in the entertainment industry. Everything has been shut down since March. No work PERIOD! We may not see anything until maybe September of 2021. Next month, I’m going to have to hit the investments for money, cause the cash is gone.

  17. Idaho CDH voted today. It was a tie so there will be no face diaper mandate. At least a few individuals had balls to vote for science. Masks do not work. Look at the states with the mandatory mask mandates. Their whu-flu cases are the highest.

    1. I’ve been traveling. We’ve been slapping on the same dirty masks when required (although I did wash the cloth one I have at night). I’ll tell you this tho, LOL, hotels haven’t been this clean in a long time!! If nothing else, people have been trained better. Back in the day, “cleanliness is next to godliness” was the order of the day. People stayed home when they were sick etc. People were conscientious and polite. Maybe the fake pandemic has some redeeming qualities. The loss of freedom, the stress, the financial destruction, has not been worth it for most people. In my opinion. I think it was weaponized for political purposes. Since I’m immune compromised, I always take precautions but I don’t stop living. I don’t invalidate the virus. I invalidate the tyrannical methods employed.

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