Preparedness Notes for Monday — December 14, 2020

December 14th is the birthday of the late John Warren Wadleigh (born 1927, died September 24, 2013). Wadleigh was better known to many SurvivalBlog readers by his pen name– Oliver Lange. He was the author of the best-selling resistance warfare novel Vandenberg. He is pictured with his son.

This is also the birthday of Air Force General James H. “Jimmy” Doolittle, who died September 27, 1993.

I spotted two new listings of interest, over at my #1 Son’s site:


New log home with creek frontage adjoining USFS land, in Montana

Today, another review by our loyal Field Gear Editor, Pat Cascio.


  1. Another recycled Gab post.

    Radio, Improvise, adapt and overcome. A basic skill that will help an RTO live off the land.

    As a poor boy living like my hillbilly kin, but in the mountains of Montana were there are more wolves and Griz than there are rabbits or squirrels, I continue to learn ways to get by.

    One thing I found is a lack of coaxial cable and PL259 connectors. If you run out of your pile, cause their ain’t no more store, then watta ya gonna do? There will be old radio in boxes, but no cable or antenna. For myself, I’ve learned how to use TV coaxial cable for all frequencies, and get the lowest possible SWR across the entire band use 75 ohm RG59. Even if you are not entirely successful, you can tune the antenna so that you will get 1.5 to 1 at the center frequency. It will be a usable cable, and antenna, and therein, is enough success to call it good enough. Just strip the wire and stuff it in the hole, and secure it will a zip tie or cordage.

    Getting a SWR meter for making CB antennas would be good, because folks will dig out their dusty old CB’s, yet not have an antenna. Unfortunately, they may not have the proper 50 ohm cable for an antenna. To make a simple dipole antenna using 75 ohm TV coaxial cable for CB, use the center frequency of 27.205, ch 20, to make the calculation 234/27.205Mhz X 12 = 103.2″ for the radiator, and add 5% to the ground plane number, that should be another 5.16″, for a total of 108.36″. This should be attached with a wire nut to the aluminum outer shield of the cable. A dipole will be a 72 ohm antenna fed by a 75 ohm cable. No miss match there. To make the cable match a 50 ohm radio, cut it into half wave lengths. At CB frequencies, the RG59 cable is not lossy, so we can use lots of cable to get it out of the house and up high. Lets start with 40 feet and cut it down into 1/2 wave length sections to make it match a 50 ohm radio. A dipole is a 1/4 wave antenna. If the radiator is 103.2″, double it to 206.4″ for a length that is a 1/2 wave. 40 feet x 12 inches = 480 inches/206.4 inches = 2.32 1/2 wave lengths. Yet we need only full half wave lengths, and only 2 full 1/2 waves lengths can be cut from 40 feet, or 480 inches. Therefore, 2 x 206.4 = 412.8″. Cut the cable to 412.8 inches. Even if there is no SWR meter to check, you will likely be close enough to use that antenna on Channel 20, especially if the transmission times are as brief as possible, and as they should be. There should be no long conversations anyway.

    A country boy can live off the land and survive when most cannot. It could be a war of attrition. Good enough, is good enough. Snobs will insist on the best, but if we cannot improvise, we may not adapt and overcome. War can take away our stuff and leave us with next to nothing, or we may start out with next to nothing just like the pioneers that built this country. Low budget means we are more inclined to learn the basics, like how to skin a rabbit, sharpen our saws, and to hit what we aim at.

    1. TR, you’ve been throwing out some great radio info. Having just passed my Tech exam, this got my attention. Don’t suppose you’re near Dallas? My Tech license is not much though. Plenty of practical info and experience is needed. Being 70 and not ex military I’m not sure what use I can be. Perhaps in comms but I’ve got much ground to cover. I’m going to revisit your antenna advice as our cabin is kinda down in a hole surrounded by forest.

      1. Hello Red Cabin Steve,

        I have attempt to post the original post that included link 3 times and have been unsuccessful. There appears to be something wrong with a computer. I have removed the links in a 4th attempt.

        Basic knowledge that a tech license provides could enable you to be of great service. It is not rocket science. I learned how to ski, and speak another language, and to be a police dispatcher all by the sink or swim method. It is now my preferred method. I was running jail, when told one day that I was now a dispatcher on grave yard. The only training received was 5 minutes of orientation. When Norwegians in Norway taught me how to ski, the only instruction provided was how to get on the lift, and how to get off the lift. They then took me to the top of the mountain and left me there. At the end of the day I could keep up. Sort of. This is also called the Viking Method. Normanner er vikinger. I learn another lingo cause they refused to speak English. I guess it is viking blood in me, but it works. Just dive on in, and you’ll learn how. Use YouTube instructional videos and website to answer questions. I could also point in the right direction, even tho I might not be able to answer a specific question. If at the moment you need a good antenna for the house, I would get this antenna and follow in the installation method detailed on the web site. These are excellent antennas. I’ve built and tested a pile of these, and others.

        I recommend the slim jim. If you go for the j-pole, be sure to use an air choke, a coil of cable, 4 turns, 3 to 4 inches in diameter. Otherwise the SWR will be bad. Get an SWR meter and test all antennas after they are installed. Gotta have one.

        Also test the slim jim/j-pole for a low SWR on 70cm. It should be resonant and radiate well enough to work a repeater.

        You’ll want to install a 2 meter antenna at least 4 feet from any vertical oriented metal object to avoid coupling, that will reduce it’s performance. This is a high gain antenna, at least 1.5 dbd. One can figure an addition 50 percent increase in power out. If 10 watts to antenna, figure 15 watts and then deduct for line loss. If the gain of the antenna 1.5dbd, but the line loss is also 1.5, the net ERP (effective radiated power) is 10 watts. Use a coaxial cable line loss calculator to make sure you’re running heavy enough cable. A high gain antenna can offset the loss somewhat..

        These do perform at their best when at least 20 feet off of the ground, or higher. Attach it to a vent pipe on the roof, run RG213 or LMR400 if the cable length would much longer that 20 feet. It is very important to use RG213 if you’ll be using UHF, as at those frequencies RG8x is horribly lossy. Height is might, so even if you are using only RG8x, if the extra length of cable is getting an antenna much need additional height, especially if it would clear an adjoining building or small hill, an obstruction to the radio’s line of sight, the line loss is acceptable and not as bad if you are only using 2 meter. Run the heaviest cable you can afford. I would expect a good installation could use 40 feet of RG213. You may need LR400 and a higher antenna to get out of your radio hole, or use more power. Try using your mobile in your vehicle before installing a base station antenna. This way you have some idea of how high it needs to be. If you are in a dead spot, you might have to resort to a yagi pointed at a repeater to get out. That would be in an extreme situation. I’ve had a situation where I had to angle a slim jim roughly 15 degrees, so that it was perpendicular to a hill crest to get 1 watt over the hill.

        Feel free to ask questions.

  2. @Matt_Bracken I have no idea why Guilani was not made AG. Sydney Powell believes there is more than enough reason for Trump to use the E.O. from 2018 (foreign interference) to take action. Trump must take action, if he does indeed intend to, prior to Jan 5., even if there is the appearance of impropriety should he make the wrong move cause additional division. Will he do nothing, and step down based upon electoral votes derived from a fraudulent vote count? Is that what he meant? Or will he only step down based upon a legitimate count? January 5, 2020, the nominal certification date, is not set in stone if the courts will accept the facts and act. However, the courts are proving to be corrupted, intimated, and other wise derelict, and likely complicit.

    If there is as Powell believes, more than adequate evidence of foreign interference, and more than adequate evidence of election fraud that obviously is actionable, yet will not be recognized and addressed by the courts, or the AG, why run out the clock? Will we not take action? I believe the best move for us is to show Trump that he is not alone, that he has the power of the people behind him. What better way to impress upon Trump, the military, and all involved, that we mean business. We, The People, are the actual and only power behind Trump. We need to demand that Trump invoke the Insurrection Act. There is zero down side, and this is the only remedy we can demand if in fact Trump is demoralized.

    The clock is ticking. Time is a key factor on this, or any battlefield. Warriors should know this. Doing the same thing expecting a different result is suicide. Saying, oh well, Trump is going to acquiesce, nothing to do here business, just does not hack it with me. I am safely tucked away on a mountain somewhere in Montana, prepared to watch the country burn for years and years. They will deal you before they get to me, yet am I sitting back doing nothing? I am only a poor and old crippled up hick in the sticks who now has to go now and clean out the chick coop. I am use to dealing with lots of chicken schitt, but this is getting old. We should be impatient. If you are not then you are not fully appreciative of the fact that we are at war.

    At the very least, send a strongly worded email to somewhere. Howabout Trump, or just your friends!? Doing nothing is accepting failure. Trump cannot save us, we must save ourselves. Pray hard, and demand that Trump invoke the Insurrection Act. Fight now while the cost in blood is low. If we do not take strong action of some kind, any kind, then we are derelict ourselves, and deserve what we get.

      1. Folks under estimate themselves, the power of the pen, and the power of the Holy Ghost when He flows though us. Trump only got in, because the Holy Ghost moved in an amazing ways.

        I was right in the middle of that battle, and barely slept for 6 months, because I was fighting for Trump’s election that kept raw evil out of the White House. If you were not in that fight with thousands coordinated together, it would be hard to understand how the Holy Ghost was involved. It was the most amazing experience in my life, and I was not in control, but driven to write and fight. Trump only got in because of the Holy Ghost. You can tell me otherwise, but you were not there in that fight and speak with zero authority. What I experienced, and saw was awesome. I am a participant and witness. How could anyone argue with the result? Just how did Trump win last time? How could Trump win this time?

        The evil empire is attempting it again. And it may be successful, yet just like last time we got a big surprise. It occurred not because we did nothing. And just like last time, I feel the Holy Ghost rising to meet the challenge. If we do not pray hard, petition the Lord, then there is no way he would grant us victory. He would do so only if He saw it fit to do so. After Trump is out of the Presidency, the reprieve would be over. I do not worship Trump, yet he can be an instrument that exposes the evil for all to see, and further justify the Lord’s judgement that will follow. More are coming out of their zombie trance. It would give more souls the opportunity to accept or reject the Lord, and Christian’s more time to prepare for the Judgement. This nation is over due and more than deserving that ever, I do get that.

        If I am incorrect for taking action in this way, and evil wins the Presidency, the Lord will know that I have tried to fight evil, and take on Goliath. I am not afraid of the death and suffering. Been there too many times to fear it. In fact I tried dying but could not, because the Lord would not allow it. I got a peak at the other side. It is wonderful! I am more afraid that I will not act in accordance with His spirit. I want to be filled with His Spirit, and act accordingly. We should not fear those who can take our lives, but fear the Lord. The Lord would spew out the those who are indifferent. Faith without works is dead.

        1. Tunnel Rabbit… what an awesome testimony… there are no limits to what can be done when we choose to be led by The Holy Spirit… May The Lord continue to bless you and may you continue to hear His voice and follow

      1. Yes, that is it. I’ll let Sydney Powell explain at least most of what Trump could do with it.

        The 2020 election fraud was anticipated, and this EO resulted for the purpose. The 305th Battalion, some sort of Cyber intelligence operation, was used to gather information on participants leading up to the event, and reportedly actually monitored the data transmitted to the CIA back up servers in Frankfurt. Again, reportedly, Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) to took these servers from the CIA by force on the night of the election. 5 died. Mike Adams put all this forth. Of course it cannot be verified.

    1. TR, I agree with you: I believe the best move for us is to show Trump that he is not alone, that he has the power of the people behind him. What better way to impress upon Trump, the military, and all involved, that we mean business. We, The People, are the actual and only power behind Trump. We need to demand that Trump invoke the Insurrection Act. There is zero down side, and this is the only remedy we can demand if in fact Trump is demoralized.

      This especially: We, The People, are the actual and only power behind Trump. Indeed, we are responsible for the well-being of our republic.

      Now that second part: We need to demand that Trump invoke the Insurrection Act. There is zero down side

      I repost this from yesterday. The only downside is losing our republic to martial law.

      Employing the Insurrection Act has great danger. Read it below.

      Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That in all cases of insurrection, or obstruction to the laws, either of the United States, or of any individual state or territory, where it is lawful for the President of the United States to call forth the militia for the purpose of suppressing such insurrection, or of causing the laws to be duly executed, it shall be lawful for him to employ, for the same purposes, such part of the land or naval force of the United States, as shall be judged necessary, having first observed all the pre-requisites of the law in that respect.

      Now, tell me, what incentive do the military commanders have to turn power back over to Congress and the president? If you fear the “end of free and fair elections” under a Democratic president, you can count on it under martial law.

      I assure you, in the Marine Corps, we were not given a vote in what policies were enacted. That means NO elections.

      Many countries have instituted martial law to manage times of great stress. Few later held free and fair elections in the next ten years. Myanmar is a recent example.

      Carry on

      1. We are not in normal times. The our crony Commies were backed by the Globalists and Chinese, and the coup is almost complete. The lack of awareness in this country was planned. They control the media. Big Tech controls the internet, thus they control the people’s perception of reality. They used gas lighting, and many other methods to brain wash, to soften minds, to distract, to cause doubt. It worked, to a lessor or greater extent, on most Americans.

        We are not faced with Democrats taking power, and can simply vote in our man in next time. Once Trump leaves the Presidency, there will never be a fair and free election again, and we will be turned into Venezuela in short order, impoverished, demoralized, and unable to fight back. I would rather risk a potential military dictatorship enabled by the Insurrection Act, rather than face what I believe is a certain communist coup organized in a big way by China. Do you want to live in China?

        China wishes to clean out ’round eye’, and claim the world for themselves. We would then have to fight our own treasonous troops, supported by hordes of Chicom troops. Reportedly, they might be training and staging now, and are begin welcomed in by either Commie Coasts, probably Komifornia, and maybe Washington. They need port cities, and already own Long Beach, the deepest in world. Biden is planning on being sworn in virtually. If Trump is successful at invoking the Insurrection Act, the treasonous politicians, and that is most of them, must have a safe haven that will need to be protected by Chicom troops!

        We must support Trump in some demonstrative way, and do this immediately, so that He would use the EO as an alternative to the Insurrection Act. He may have to make this decision by Dec 18., then only the Insurrection Act might be his last resort. He listens to us via the internet. It is so easy to make your sentiment known. Not to brag, but to illustrate how closely Trump listens to the people, he has actually used my words several times. Apparently he had been listening very carefully to be able to quote me. I was shocked! He listens to America, because he truly cares. Yet he is alone, and has a sacrifice much of his enormous wealth, and gave up his life of privilege for a hellish existence. It is not over for him when, or if he leaves the Presidency. He is no saint. I disagree with his politics, the lying, and the bad mistakes, yet he is more of an American Patriot, than most Americans, even some libertarians. ”By their fruits shall ye know them.”

        We either fight now while Trump is in, potentially fight a military dictatorship that refuses to relinquish power, or we will have to fight for our lives against a military supported by Chinese troops, and controlled by a domestic communist defacto dictatorship dead set on make us all dead. I do not trust the military either, but we may have to fight them, or those in the military who do not defect. We are on Sun Tzu’s ”death’s ground”. We cannot retreat, we are forced to fight to the death, today, or shortly there after. The longer we wait, the worse it will be for us. As a Marine, you understand. Others may not. Yes, it is that serious. If we fail to fight now, I will be on my Montana mountain where even tanks cannot roll in. I will happily watch your cities burn, because you will deserve it. Yes, this a crass and hard core. Harden your hearts, it gets much worse, and pray to the Lord that He will train your hands to war.

        Here is a meme to use. The last part you may recognize, because Quayle made it up. It has proven to be effective, but a bit more has been added : ‘ The Commies are coming! The Commies are coming!’, ” A shot in the arm, or a shot in the head, either way you are dead.”

        Or simply demand the extreme remedy Lincoln used in 1862, The Insurrection Act.
        Trump would far more justified to use this last resort option than did Lincoln. I believe it is the only way to preserve and clean out the Republic. I was once a fatalist to some extent, yet if we a headed into the Tribulation, I would want to fight the good fight. I would probably not be apart of the Remnant anyway, but what I do today would perhaps assist the Remnant in some way tomorrow. We are here on earth to be sifted, to be witnesses, and to preserve His word on this planet. We are apart of His divine plan. Hope is not a plan. Do not simply do not hope Trump will prevail and save you. Have faith, and act.

        1. TR, you write eloquently. You may be right about Chicom troops. They would do well to remember what Admiral Yamamoto said, arguing against invading America in 1942, “There will be a rifle behind every blade of grass.”

          Your final words stay with me, “Have faith, and act.”

          May the Holy Spirit continue to guide and protect you, brother.

          Carry on

          1. You are kind. Usually I am a butcher. Just ask our editor.

            Sadly the Chicoms sent us a Trojan Horse, or perhaps more appropriately, a puppet, and it could be et fait accompli. They would likely have a beach head in the Port of Long Beach, and possibly Seattle. Who knows for sure. Rumor is that they are installing missiles in Cuba. It appears China is a major player in this election fraud, greasing the skids so to speak, so that we are defeated within. Even without this speculation, we have problems.

            Pray for Trump and the country. I believe Trump wants to fight, yet most of his staff has reportedly left, and bureaucrats are not likely to cooperate allowing him to use the EO. Will a significant part of the military risk conflict with another part of the military? How tight is Trump with the USMC, and newly formed JSOC? Could he even invoke the Insurrection Act? We should prepare for all out war. The plan is to inaugurate Biden virtually. Leave the blue states immediately.

          1. That is evidence! If they control the internet, do they also control our phones? My old Trac phone becomes obsolete at the end of the month. I will try to live without a phone. Good thing I got radios (transceivers) and email.

          1. It seems so. My first heart attack was at 42. It was not all that painful, but I lost a small portion. Years later, I had 6 extremely painful heart attacks. Unbelievable pain, the kind of pain that drives a person to wish for death. And I did, and asked to die. These lasted more than 30 minutes each occurrence. I do not really know how long it lasted.

            The blood pressure readings were too high for the machine to register. The doctors were amazed that I was alive, and that there was so little blood flow to the heart. After a quadruple bypass where they can inspect the heart tissue, I was told that there was ZERO damage to the heart. Pain is the heart tissue suffocating and dying, yet there was ZERO damage. Cardiology said that there should have been at a minimum 60 percent damage. Their estimate of what could have been the maximum damage they have seen in similar cases might be a percentage that is not survivable. They had no explanation. I had not recounted my experience to them.

            This is the short story, there is much more. In short, I got kicked back. What I experienced was an amazing feeling of intense love and acceptance that cannot be described, because it cannot be compared to anything on this earth. I did not want to come back.

  3. Tunnel Rabbit… can’t speak about phone control… I did know about internet… I shared this with my students when I was teaching 12th graders… and just posed a very simple question … WHY ??? … why turn something we controlled over to Communist control ??? … oh that’s right… “ we are 5 days away from fundamentally transforming …” and “ we are what we have been waiting for “ … you remember these statements ???

    1. ”… you remember these statements ???”. Sorry, I do not, but I believe Obama could running a shadow government, and behind what is occurring. Listened to the latest from Mike Adams. There is some very good news there. Swing state legislatures are sending two set of electors to for Pence to accept or reject. One set is for Trump as determined by the legislatures, and the other set, the original electors as determined by the fraudulent vote. Which set would Pence choose? And there is much more good news. It ain’t over until it is over…. time to hit the sack…

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